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iOS 7 bug lets you bypass the lockscreen to access photos, e-mail

If you're one of the many millions of people who have just updated your iOS device to iOS 7, you might want to read this news. There is a rather large security hole in Apple's latest mobile OS, which lets anyone access your device directly from the lockscreen.



The video above shows just how easy it is to bypass the lockscreen, where all someone has to do is access your iDevice's "control center" and then open up the alarm clock. It sounds stupidly easy, and that's the problem. Holding the phone's sleep button will bring up the option to power the device off with a single swipe, but instead someone can tap "cancel," double click the home button and access the device's multitasking screen.




This gives the person access to the device's e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, photos, and Flickr account. Apple knows of the issue, and said to Forbes: "takes security very seriously and we're aware of this issue. We'll deliver a fix in a future software update."

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Cyanogen raises $7 million in funding, eyes down Windows Phone

Cyanogen has secured $7 million in venture funding from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures, with the main goal of CyanogenMod becoming a major player in the mobile OS arena.




A major player, you ask? Yes: Cyanogen wants to compete directly with the big boys, and wants to overtake Windows Phone and BlackBerry to become the third most used mobile OS in the world. The statement comes directly from Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster, who talked to The Verge, where he said: "There's always been lot of talk around who's going to be the third dominant mobile computing platform. Windows Phone would probably be No. 3 now. If you look at what our actual user base is, we might be equal to or greater than that."


Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik also had something to say: "The mobile devices out there, they're just not meant for anybody to use. They're essentially mobile cash registers. We want to help you get stuff done, and use these things to their fullest potential."

RumorTT: Samsung to use its Tizen OS on its TVs next year

According to CNET, the open-source OS known as Tizen, would be featured on Samsung's range of TVs in 2014. Co-CEO of Samsung, Boo-Keun Yoon, has confirmed that the open-source OS will work with mobile devices, TVs and appliances, too.




Rewinding back to 2011, where Intel and Samsung joined forces to work on Tizen, with the first release arriving in January of 2012. Intel is working away on its own Tizen-powered devices, but Samsung has been hush-hush about any Tizen devices. I would say this is because of its tight relationship and massive reliance on Google's mobile OS, Android.


The current Samsung Smart TVs, one of which I own, are bloated and slow. Tizen could change all of this, in the hopes of a faster, and smarter TV for Samsung and its consumers in 2014.

Sundar Pichai talks with Intel about their partnership

IDF 2013 - Intel invited Sundar Pichai to talk about Google and Intel's partnership and commitment to working together to ensure that Android and Chrome OS will work beautifully on the Intel platform. Intel has committed some 1000 engineers to Android and Google has committed to Intel on the other side. Watch the video to learn more about their strategic partnership and where Pinchai sees Android heading.


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Apple unleashes iOS 7, arrives on September 18 for most iOS devices

By the end of this month, Apple will have passed the 700 million iOS devices shipped milestone, but before then we should expect the release of iOS 7, the company's next-generation mobile OS.




iOS 7 looks gorgeous when compared to iOS 6, and finally brings it up to the multi-tasking, gorgeous UI that we've come to expect from the various Android 4.x iterations of Jelly Bean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3). It looks great, and has some new features, such as Siri being able to search Tweets, as well as Siri being capable of searching Wikipedia, inline web search and photo search.






We have textured ringtones, and improvements made to system sound alerts. Apple has made it easier to share on iOS 7, with a new "Share Sheet" which lets you push out to Twitter or e-mail, as well as the ability to use AirDrop to share with people close to you over "P2P Wi-Fi". iOS 7 also has iTunes Radio, which Apple describes as "the best way to experience new music."

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Apple to reportedly launch Mac OS X Mavericks late next month

Apple should have a few good months starting September 10, with its next-gen iPhone event, but in late October the Cupertino-based giant will be unleashing OS X 10.9 Mavericks.




The news is coming from anonymous sources, who have said that Apple will stick with its previous tradition and launch the software the day that it releases its fourth quarter earnings report. Mavericks brings a few new features to OS X, such as enhanced multi-display support, browser-like finder tabs, and more.


We should also see Mavericks introduce reduced power state transitions that will take CPU utilization down by up to 72%. OS X Mavericks is also capable of compressing inactive memory to free it up for other applications that might require it. Mavericks will deliver over 200 improvements to OS X.

September Android numbers are in, Jelly Bean takes 45.1% now

Google has released the latest Android platform distribution numbers, where Android 4.1 and 4.2 have taken the lead in terms of Android OS market share. Android 4.1 and 4.2 Jelly Bean combined enjoy being on 45.1% of all Android-based devices.




The previous Android OS that took up the most market share was Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which now has 30.7% of Android users. Android 1.6 and 2.1 have been dropped from active tracking as they don't work with the latest version of the Google Play Store, which is where Google scoops up the distribution numbers from.


Jelly Bean saw increases of 4.6% total between Android 4.1 and 4.2, but all other versions of Android saw drops, showing the dominance of the best version of Android finally taking the lead. We will see more of this as Samsung has just announced some future top-selling devices, such as the Galaxy Note III and the upcoming Galaxy S5.

RumorTT: Windows 9 and 10 specs leak as 8.1 nears retail launch

Everyone loves a good tech rumor, right? More so, everyone loves a good tech rumor regarding future releases of Microsoft's Windows operating system. Today, website WinBeta has managed to beat all the odds and gain insider information on what we might expect to see in Windows 9 as well as Windows 10. Of course, with Windows 8.1 not even officially released to the public, it would be best to take everything you're about to read with a very fine grain of salt.




The leaks come from a source simply named "WZOR" that the website claims has been correct on countless Microsoft leaks in the past. The mysterious--and apparently infamous--WZOR states that Windows 9 will be more closely related to Windows 7 than it will to Windows 8, but no explicit details were given. He says that Windows 9 will continue the Aero-based desktop OS that so many of us techies missed gratefully.


"According to WZOR, Windows 9 will be similar to the desktop OS we know today. He claims that Microsoft is planning to bring the old Aero interface back, but not as we all know it. That's all he teases regarding the Aero interface, but he also claims that Windows 9 will make an appearance in a years time, much sooner than expected," reads the WinBeta article.

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Microsoft confirms Windows 8.1 officially ready to launch

Microsoft confirmed today that it has completed Windows 8.1 and has started releasing it to manufacturers. This means that Windows 8.1 can now be loaded onto systems slated for launch on October 18. Unfortunately, Redmond is still going to make everyone wait until the 17 for their digital download or upgrade.




Unfortunately, those with MSDN and TechNet subscriptions will also have to wait until the general release date of October 18 to download Windows 8.1. And although the updated operating system is technically "finished," Microsoft will use the next few weeks to put the "finishing touches" on the new OS. A Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge that the software giant is "working with a limited set of partners who are building apps that will showcase the new functionality of Windows 8.1; however, we have nothing more to share at this time."


So there you have it; Windows 8.1 is finished and for all intents and purposes is ready to be installed on millions of PCs worldwide. It will be interesting to see what "polishing" Microsoft does to the OS between the preview copy and the released copy. But to be quite honest, Windows 8 still does nothing to excite me.

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