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Compro Announce VideoMate T750

Word has it from Compro today that they've extended their VideoMate lineup of TV tuner cards with the "VideoMate T750", a dual DVB-T and analog TV/FM PCI tuner card with features-a-plenty.


To learn all about it incl. a full feature-set listing, grab Compro's press release here.


Compro Technology, a leading manufacturer of PC multimedia products, announcing her VideoMate T750, a dual DVB-T and analog TV/FM PCI tuner card, which brings high quality digital terrestrial TV and universal analog TV/FM broadcasts to your desktop PC, and turns your computer into a home entertainment center by bringing digital/analog TV viewing, video/audio capturing, and personal digital video recording (PVR) capabilities.


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NVIDIA ForceWare 92.21 Beta PureVideo HD drivers released

NVIDIA have just released a new beta ForceWare driver which is the first to include support for their "PureVideo HD" technologies.


[H]ard|OCP have scored some time with NVIDIA's Multimedia General Manager, Scott Vouri, regarding PureVideo HD and also try the drivers out themselves.


Head over to nZone to grab them!


Today NVIDIA is launching Beta drivers containing their newest NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology. But if you think this is all you are going to need in order to watch HD DVD or Blu-ray movies, think again. Below are ten questions we asked of NVIDIA's Multimedia General Manager, Scott Vouri. After those ten questions, we follow up with our hands-on experience using NVIDIA PureVideo HD, an HDMI/HDCP equipped video card, a HD-DVD payer, and various displays. We do our best to cut through the BS and get you solid answers about your hardware needs with these new mediums.


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Compro Announce VideoMate U500 DVB-T Stick with remote control

Compro have just released yet another funky little TV tuner device as a member to their VideoMate series, dubbed the VideoMate U500 DVB-T Stick. 'Tis a tiny little piece o' work with a remote control, and is capable of providing SDTV and high-definition 1080i HDTV reception on your PC.


For full details, grab the official PR folks.


Compro Technology, a leading manufacturer of PC multimedia products, announcing it's VideoMate U500 DVB-T Stick, a thumb size digital TV tuner stick with remote control. With the high speed diversity signal receiving capacity and miniature box design, it's easy to put into your pocket or laptop bag and plug it in anywhere at anytime to receive free-to-air digital terrestrial TV broadcast. Even while you are on the move! VideoMate U500 using the Plug & Play USB 2.0 transmission and USB powered design to provide SDTV and high-definition 1080i HDTV reception on your PC. VideoMate U500 provides digital EPG, subtitle, teletext features, and up to 5.1 audio channels selection for more convenient in available area.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - - TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder (TCD540080) for FREE after Rebate with FREE Shipping!

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: Circuit City has this 80 hour Series 2 TiVo for FREE after rebates (expiring 7/8/06). Service, as usual, not included.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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NVIDIA Introduces PureVideo HD Technology

Today marks the launch of NVIDIA's newly improved "PureVideo HD" technology which brings crisp high definition movie player integration and HDCP feature support to their latest GPUs.


The official annoucement can be read here, and the product page found here folks.


COMPUTEX, TAIWAN-JUNE 8, 2006-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) today unveiled PureVideo HD technology, which delivers outstanding HD DVD and Blu-ray movie playback on PCs. PureVideo HD combines hardware acceleration from an NVIDIA graphics processing unit, high definition movie player integration and HDCP feature support to make it easy for manufacturers and consumers to build powerhouse PCs that can play HD DVD or Blu-ray movies. As a result, consumers will be able to enjoy a stunning high-definition movie experience on their PCs.


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E3 2006 video interview with Epic's Tim Sweeney

Unreal Tournament 2007 is one of the most anticipated multiplayer FPS gaming titles to hit the scene in the near future, and with E3 in full swing at the moment, it's current state of progress is something almost everyone wants to know about.


If you're desperately hunting for any information you can find on this upcoming blockbuster hit, you cant look past this recent video interview posted up on the nvnews forums for all to take in.


The interview was conducted by a Jacob Freeman as he catches up with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games to gather up a bunch of exclusive info about the game and some of the highlights we can expect to see implemented in the final release.


Dial-up users should be aware however, the video weighs in at 87MB!


A few of the topics that were covered:
- UT2007 and Ageia Effects. Should you expect a performance hit?
- Havok on SM3.0 GPU's, what are Tim's thoughts?
- Will PC users be able to play against console users in UT2007? You may be suprised by his answer...
- Sweeney on Unified Shader Architecture's
- Sweeney on megatexturing.
- Sweeney comments on DX10 in UE3.
- Sweeney's prediction for technology... 10 years from now.
- Sweeney's thoughts on Conroe, and his BOLD statements on Pentium 4.


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Aerocase Announce Passive Video Coolers

An announcement from Aerocase today supports the release of two high-performance passively cooled video card coolers which are both members of their new Cool-Wings GPU cooling family. These two passive video coolers, named the Raven and the Condor, embody new patented thermal engineering technology called Vectored Heatpipe Attachment (or V-Degree TM).


Grab the press release for more info.


The Condor is the only passive video cooler currently available for high-performance video cards such as the ATI x1900 and the nVidia 7900 series. The Company's largest cooler has three heatpipes and an innovative "winged" heatsink design, providing incredible cooling power to the hottest of today's gaming cards. The Condor cools ATI's new, 120-watt, x1900xt at nearly 6◦ C better than the loud stock cooler.


The smaller Raven is a single-slot, double heatpipe video cooler, which easily handles the mid-range ATI and nVidia mainstream cards. Both coolers utilize a unique double heatsink arrangement, mounted 90 ◦ above and away from the video card. The Raven is designed with mATX motherboards and HTPC home theater systems in mind. Additionally, it may be ordered in either left or right facing, which opens it up for use in dual video card, SLI and Crossfire systems.


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NVIDIA Delivers H.264 HD Video Processing Acceleration

Further enhancing their PureVideo hardware acceleration technology, NVIDIA have issued out a press release which highlights that through support of new drivers, GeForce6 and especially 7 series cards will now handle high-definition video including hardware acceleration for content based on the advanced H.264 specification.


To learn more about the H.264 advanced video codec and its connection through PureVideo, read NVIDIA's announcement over at the NV press room.


PCInpact have also constructed an article with an analysis of H.264 HD playback using NVIDIA's 84.12 Forceware drivers and how it compares to ATI's cards.


SANTA CLARA, CA-MARCH 2, 2006-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processing technologies, today announced the immediate availability of new NVIDIA® PureVideo™ technology enabling comprehensive support for high-definition video including hardware acceleration for content based on the advanced H.264 specification.


H.264, which is also known as the Advanced Video Codec (AVC) specification or MPEG-4 Part 10, is one of the digital video codecs specified for the Blu-ray (BD) and High Definition DVD (HD DVD) formats. H.264 delivers two to three times the compression efficiency of the MPEG-2 standard, which is used to create current DVD videos. H.264 has been adopted by both the DVD Forum for HD DVDs and the Blu-ray Disc Association for Blu-ray Discs, and VC-1 has also been adopted by the DVD Forum for HD DVDs.


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Compro Technology Intros the VideoMate H900

Compro Technology have just unveiled their most recent "VideoMate H900" digital TV tuner/capture card which features a real-time hardware MPEG-1/2 encoder by use of the Conexant CX23418 video process chip. This gives one the ability to easily record hardware compression DVD full-D1 TV shows or VCD/SVCD/DVD formats and do hardware timeshifting for instant pause/replay of live TV without massive system loading.


For further info, grab Compro's announcement here.


Taipei, Taiwan, 4 January, 2006 - Compro Technology, an innovative leading manufacturer and developer of PC multimedia products, launched VideoMate H900, a powerful TV tuner and capture card. It features real-time hardware MPEG-1/2 encoder, new generation high-quality universal silicon TV tuner, 2D/3D Y/C separation, TV Stereo/ SAP selection, FM radio listening, MP3/WMA/WAV recording, low-profile card design, Compro exclusive remote power on/off and Power Up Scheduled Recording.


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Video of PC submerged in mineral oil!

Hows this for daring? A master modder of Australia's popular Atomic magazine has just finished his latest masterpiece, a fully functional Super-cooled liquid PC which is completely submerged in a tank of mineral oil and further assisted by nitrogen pellets.


The motivation for such an out-there project is due to Atomic's upcoming tutorial/guide which it will be running through the Jan/Feb issues next yr, and to help show it off they've kindly uploaded a video onto their site for everyone to check out.


Who said liquids and electronics don't mix? Here, in its full glory, you can see the Atomic Oil PC built by our own master-modder Ron Prouse -- a completely submerged, fully functional, computer (power supply included!) cooled by a pump system with mineral oil and a little help from nitrogen pellets. The result? An incredible -61 degrees celcius inside the tank!


Watch video of this remarkable machine!


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