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NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder Approved By TiVo Inc

In a fresh press release from NVIDIA, they let us know of their PureVideo Decoder (implemented on the 6 series of graphics cards) to have been recently approved by "TiVo Inc." for content playback using the "TiVoToGo™" feature.


New this year, the TiVoToGo feature allows TiVo® subscribers to transfer recorded television programs from their TiVo Series2™ DVR to their PC for viewing anywhere, anytime. Watching a program on a PC that has been recorded on a TiVo DVR requires the use of an MPEG-2 decoder, such as the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder which employs sophisticated algorithms to decode and enhance television content.


Further details within the full PR over at NVIDIA's press room.


The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder combines the high quality DVD and MPEG-playback with rich Dolby® Digital surround sound. Also featuring hardware-accelerated video on all Microsoft® DirectX®-compatible graphics processors, the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder delivers unmatched color fidelity and smooth DVD, video, and TV viewing.

The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is the best way to experience NVIDIA PureVideo technology-a combination of hardware and software technologies that raise the video capabilities of today's desktop and notebook PCs. PureVideo on a NVIDIA GeForce™ 6 Series GPU enables such features as spatial temporal de-interlacing, inverse telecine, and bad edit correction-all of which eliminate jaggies and blurriness for a sharp picture, even in scenes with a lot of motion.


- Articles and Reviews from around the Web

- MSI NX6200TC-TD32E Geforce 6200TC Videocard @ PCStats
- ATI quietly launches Radeon X550 @ Toms Hardware
- Vendors announce cards on RADEON X550 GPU @ Digit-Life
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- Corsair XMS XPERT 3200XL Memory @ LegitReviews


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QuakeCon 2004 - Live Video and Radio coverage

I have just had a chance to take a walk around the QuakeCon floor this morning at the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, Texas and noticed a company called Radio ITG broadcasting live video and radio coverage from QuakeCon - is it really the start of e-sports going mainstream? How long before ESPN get in on the act? Not long I imagine!



Go here for radio coverage and here (you will need to register) for the video coverage live from the event!


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Daily News Round #1 (Video Edition)

A mass of fresh video card related reviews and articles have gone live over the past 24 hrs, all of which i've rounded up for you below. Enjoy!


- MSI FX5900XT-VTD128 @ PC Stats
- Visiontek Xtasy Radeon 9600 256MB @ VR-Zone
- ATi Radeon 9600XT @ Gruntville
- Power Color 9600XT @ The Tech Zone
- Sapphire RADEON 9600XT Ultimate @ Bjorn3D
- MSI FX5700 Ultra-TD128 @ ViperLair
- nVidia NV40, NV41, NV45 & Co. Informations (+ NV19, NV37, NV39,NV42, NV43) @ 3DCenter
- More ATI R420 details emerge @ The Inquirer
- Integrated VGA & How Good Is ATi's Radeon 9100 IGP? @ Toms Hardware
- PowerColor Radeon 9600XT Bravo @ Hardware Hell
- Geforce FX 5900XT vs Sapphire Radeon 9600XT @ Driver Heaven
- Hercules 3D Prophet 9600XT @ Trusted Reviews
- Volari Duo V8 Ultra 256MB DDR2 for less than $200? @ Digit-Life
- 256 MB ASUS V9570 TD GeForce 5700 & 128MB V9560XT/TD (64bit) GeForce FX 5600XT @ Digit-Life
- GeForce FX 5700 Ultra Reference Card @ OC Tools
- ATI Catalyst 4.1 Driver Round Up @ Driver Heaven


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nVidia Flow FX Video

I downloaded this video from our friends over at nV News only a couple minutes ago. Remember when the NV30 reviews were released and only hours later all the dust buster type pictures emerged on the web? Well Steve Sims and company from nVidia have posted a three minute video which basically owns themselves - you'll see when you watch it.


I have mirrored the 4.6mb file on our servers for you all, grab it here!


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Quake 4 Videos?

First up I noticed talk of Doom 4 videos over at Warp2Search. Before you get too excited, users commented these videos are merely a mod for Quake3 called Q4Gladiators. Nevertheless, the faked Doom 4 videos and wallpaper are pretty cool and worth a look.


There are more videos than what is listed on the earthlink page, just follow one of the directories from the earthlink downloads and you end up here
More information @ Warp2Search


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Intervideo releases WinDVD Platinum

Intervideo has released WinDVD Platinum. It includes all the great features included in previous versions with the addition of DivX playback, Dolby Virtual Speaker which uses advanced algorithms to replicate 5.1 surround sound over two single speakers and more, if the latter was not enough for you.


WinDVD Platinum is InterVideo's latest version of WinDVD which is a simple-to-use DVD player that combines all the features of a standard consumer DVD player and offers much more. WinDVD Platinum is the ultimate DVD player with advanced audio and video functions, not found anywhere else.
More information @ Intervideo


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Three GeForce FX MPEG Videos

Our friends over at Warp2Search have a link to Japanese Watch Impress with three MPEG videos show casing nVidia's new GeForce FX. They appear to be camcorder rips from an nVidia press conference of some sort with somebody explaining how each piece of footage is achieved through the new technology of shaders. The quality is quite good, so ensure you make time to download these for the archive.


More information @ Warp2Search


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GeForce FX - Games, Demos and Videos!

Words cannot describe what I am thinking right now... stunned, I guess could be one of them. Anyway, I followed a link from our friends over at Warp2Search to the nVidia website (hmmm, that's a new one for today - heh) which shows demos and such of its new GeForce FX in action. You'll also find information on up and coming DX9 games supporting the GeForce FX and a couple videos which we had already known about for the past few days.


Power and performance, the two elements every gamer craves, are the heart and soul of the GeForce FX. Powered by pure adrenaline and engineered with a passion for perfection, the GeForce FX delivers cinematic effects beyond imagination. Its CineFX engine produces gaming effects on par with the hottest motion pictures. Combined with the industry's first true 128-bit studio-quality color processing technology, 3D worlds and characters are more real than anything that's come before.



Yes, this is for real!

More information @ nVidia GeForce FX Homepage


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Video Cards, Monitors & Misc

This dose should keep some of you busy for a while and as I've got to go and see a doctor here it is.


Video Cards


- ATI Radeon 9700 Pro @ PCStats
- Argos GeForce4 Ti 4200 SE @ The Guru of 3D
- Prolink PixelView GeForce4 MX440-8X @ PCStats
- Gainward GeForce4 PowerPack! Ultra/650 XP Golden Sample and Ultra/650 TV/DVI Golden Sample @




- Cornea Systems MP704 17" LCD Monitor @ OCAddiction
- BenQ FP567 15" LCD Monitor @ Overclock Intelligence Agency
- CTX PV720A 17" TFT Monitor @




- Philips MMS306 5.1 Speaker System @ The Tech Zone
- Zalman Multi Connector 1 @ Modtown
- SkyHawk Jupiter Case @ OCModShop


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