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MSI Wind PC gets Turkish video preview

MSI's upcoming Atom powered Wind PC has gotten some Turkish video preview treatment by Uruninceleme.


Good luck to you if you can understand Turkish speak otherwise just have a look at the video and the occasional close-ups of the small notebook. It's a tad insane posting this on ANZAC day but we all move on, I guess - Aussie's and Kiwi's will only get this.



We will have our own exclusive look at the Wind PC very soon - stay tuned!


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Atom Mobile Internet Devices on video

Intel ultra mobile man, Uday Keshavdas, gives us a preview of a whole range of upcoming Mobile Internet Devices based on the Atom platform and processor which are being displayed at IDF in Shanghai. Uday states that they should be for sale this summer.


"Crack an Atom" video has been uploaded to YouTube which is rather interesting. It shows the physical size of an Atom processor and where it would sit inside one of the devices on show.



Have you got all those pennies (well, notes) saved up for one of these? Start researching, as there will be a heck of a selection to choose from in the ultra mobile product market in a few months.


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HIS card aids in video noise reduction

It's not April Fools today, is it? On first inspection, this is the type of product I thought we were dealing with here.


HIS has just released its newest product called the "iClear" which is said to aid in noise reduction from graphics cards and TV tuners.


It provides up to 10% increase performance on SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) which is said to offer a better gaming experience by reducing the distortion and noise generated.


The HIS iClear card is HIS latest solution to video card noise reduction. It has an excellent implement of state-of-the-art design and technology and give you a better gaming experience by reducing the distortion and noise generated from graphic card. It reduces the noise distortion generated from high-end graphic card (from both Radeon and GeForce) or TV tuner card, which provide up to 10% increase performance on Signal-to-Noise Ratio.


For example: The SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) is up to 10% (SNR 38 vs 34.3) better in ATI X1300XT model.


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Compro intro VideoMate Vista U2800F

Compro have just forwarded on details of their latest VideoMate Series TV Tuner; the VideoMate Vista U2800F Hybrid D/A Stick.


This compact USB 2.0 device carries hybrid support for DVB-T and analog signals, including FM reception. The tuner is bundled with a Microsoft certified remote and USB IR receiver for Media Center. Furthermore, the U2800F features advanced PIP/POP capabilities, allowing for up to one main and three sub digital TV channels to be viewed simultaneously.


For further information, grab Compro's official announcement here.


Have you ever enjoyed the ease and comfort from entertainment of Microsoft Media Center? Only the latest VideoMate Vista U2800F for laptop or desktop PC will let your dreams come true! Compro Technology, a leading developer and manufacturer of multimedia products, today presents VideoMate Vista U2800F Hybrid D/A Stick, a USB 2.0 interface hybrid DVB-T and universal analog TV/FM reception tuner stick, which provides 1080i HDTV quality digital TV and worldwide analog TV watching/recording and FM radio listening on your desktop or laptop PC. Bundled with card-design Microsoft certified Vista/MCE remote control, USB IR receiver, and Microsoft certified MPEG-2 encoder can directly support DVB-T or universal analog TV watch/record in Media Center of your Vista Premium/Ultimate.


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Optimus Maximus video presentation

Russian design studio Art Lebedev were in attendance at CES this year; these are the guys behind the fancy OLED keyboard known as the Optimus Maximus.


A six minute video presentation has been posted up onto Youtube which gives you a good idea of its functionalities and how the software works. It's been reported that initial samples of the keyboard will be shipping out in just a few weeks.



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Thermaltake DuOrb Debut on Youtube


Thermaltake is constantly innovating to get its message across to its gamer fan base. One of the steps it has taken recently is to introduce videos onto the Youtube platform so that the ever demanding gaming audience can get glimpses of the latest technology before it hits the shelves, or even before the products are reviewed. This unique and forward thinking strategy is making the already steep competition between the big chassis and cooler manufacturers a one horse race.


Undoubtedly Thermaltake is almost the only brand name "in the game" with stalwarts like Zalman and Cooler Master having to re-invent themselves just to keep up. It used to be that Zalman would not budge from its predefined strategy, since its name is already synonymous with solid, reliable, quiet systems. Cooler Master on the other hand are more aligned with mainstream offerings, catering for businesses, System integrators and such like, with only a few of their products geared for gaming. Thermaltake is the only company that has consistently targeted the mainstream and high-end gamer, they consistently focus on lots of flash and plenty of features that keep the gamers coming back for more.


This latest move to Youtube sees the DuOrb CPU cooler: Thermaltake's most innovative and stylish cooler yet, with lots of LED's and flash; debuting in its entire attractive splendor. As a side note, the music is reminiscent of Africa, and might have something to do with the film clip director having spent some time in Africa. But that's just a guess, the main point is check out the link and judge for yourself.



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Qingbar GP300 video glasses

Now, normally we wouldn't make a big fuss about something like a portable media player, but the Qingbar GP300 takes portable to a whole new level. YellowMosqiuto, the company behind the Qingbar GP300 has managed to incorporate everything into a pair of rather unsightly video glasses, so forget about needing a DVD player or something else to plug into them, as they're ready to go as they are. Apparently the Qingbar GP300 features two LCOS displays with QVGA resolution - that's 320x240 to you and me - which are meant to simulate the image of a50-inch display at 2 meters distance.


We've sadly had the pleasure of testing similar products in the past and they're far from great, although we haven't seen any using LCOS technology before. But the very low resolution on these glasses seems like a limiting factor, as even the poor quality modes we've tried has had 640x480 or 800x600 resolution LCD displays. The Qingbar GP300 accepts mini SD cards for media storage, as it incorporates all the hardware needed for video playback.



It also has a built in battery and a headphone socket is located at the end of one of each of the arms. It can also be connected to other devices such as a TV-tuner or a DVD player if you must. For some reason it also comes with an IR remote, which indicates that there wasn't enough space to add all the needed buttons to be able to control the features available. It also has a mini USB connector so you can connect it directly to your PC for file transfers.


The Qingbar GP300 will play Mpeg 1/2/4 files encoded with most common codects such as DviX and XviD. It also plays back MP3, WMA9, IMA and AAC audio files and JPEG still images. No word on battery life, but the supplied battery is only rated at750mAh, which is no more than your common or garden verity of mobile phone. We don't expect it to last much longer than a couple of hours. Another downside is the fact that the whole contraption weighs in at 100g, not exactly something you'd want perched on the top of your nose. Finally, if you order one now, you can get away with paying US$299, as the SRP is no less than US$399.


If you're still interested, then you can find out more here


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Compro intro VideoMate E800 PCI-E Tuner

Compro have just announced a new member to their range of VideoMate series TV tuners.


The new VideoMate E800 is a PCI-E x1 based card which is a hybrid design with support for both DVB-T and analog TV signals.


The card also sports hardware MPEG-2 encoding which opens the doors to many other features and capabilities such as seamless timeshifting during the recording of programs thanks to freed up CPU cycles.


For full details on the new VideoMate E800 PCI-E tuner, grab the official PR here folks.


What kind of TV card do you need in these digital times? Compro Technology, an innovative leading manufacturer and developer of PC multimedia products, launched VideoMate E800, which is a hybrid advanced PCI-E interface DVB-T and analog TV/FM tuner card with powerful real-time hardware MPEG-2 encoding. You can hardware record DVD full-D1 / MPEG-2 TV shows and hardware timeshift for instant replay of live TV without heavy CPU loading as a high-end DVD recorder.


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AMD OverDrive in action (videos)

World reknowned overclocker and AMD chipset guru Sami "macci" Mäkinen has kindly posted up two short YouTube videos which shows AMD's new "OverDrive" application in full swing with a Phenom at 3GHz. He goes into a lot of detail about its features and just how easy it is to overclock and tweak your AMD 790X or FX based system on the fly.


This looks to be a terrific application which would serve the overclocking and enthusiast community extremely well. I hope it won't be too long before we see Intel adopt something similar.


Definitely check out these videos, they're well worth the 10 minutes of your time.




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