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TweakTown's Computex Taipei 2015 Coverage direct from Taipei, Taiwan - ALL STORIES!

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TweakTown's 2009 Computex HD Booth Babes Video

Computex Taipei 2009: Alright folks... Are you sure you are all ready for this?!


Back by popular demand, once again, is our coverage of the wonderful lady and gent booth babes of Computex Taipei.


The difference this year is that we've put our great new Sony HD camcorder into good use and produced the same thing, just in wonderfully sexy HD 1080p video.



You can download the 1080p high-def version of the movie here.


IMPORTANT UPDATE - you need to sign up to Viddler before you can download the HD version!!


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Exclusive video look at Thermaltake's Frio cooler

Computex Taipei 2009: Back out at the Thermaltake booth in Nangang, behind closed doors, we got a close up look at an upcoming air cooler called the Frio.


From what we saw and its large size, with dual 120mm fans, it looks like it will be a serious competitor to some of the big air coolers already on the market at the moment.



It should be going on sale in two or three months and if things remain the same, the target price is around $65 USD.


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nVidia's Tegra does 720p HD Video

Just this morning I posed a question about the use of the Tegra SoC chip in netbooks. Well the question still stands but the gang over at Engadget has an interesting piece that comes to them from TechVideoBlog. It seems they have a video showing Tegra pumping out some 720p HD content without breaking a sweat.


My issue with Tegra follows in the OS choices and other performance. Right now the only operating systems that Tegra is being used with are Windows CE (which is awful) and Android. The other factor is system performance, it is being reported that you can only have about four tabs of Firefox open before the system slows down. To me in a machine designed for internet usage that is just not enough.


Maybe if nVidia pushes this into portable HD media players it will fit. But in reality HD video on my netbook is not something I can get worked up about.


Read more here.



If you didn't believe the Tegra hype -- 25 days audio, 10 hours of 1080p video on single charge -- already then pull up a stool, son, NVIDIA wants to tell your a story. TechVideoBlog sat down with Gordon Grigor, NVIDIA's Director of Mobile Software to see Tegra's little Atom smasher in action. So sit back while Gordon smoothly streams a 720p MSN HD trailer off the web (over WiFi) then switches over to Firefox to take Flash for a spin at full-screen. Gordon also clarifies earlier confusion over Tegra's ability to handle HD video; see, the Tegra 600 can do H.264 video at 720p while the Tegra 650 can decode 1080p. Gordon also gives some more insight into memory configurations.


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OCZ intros 3.5-inch 1TB Colossus SSD on video

Computex Taipei 2009: One of the products that OCZ had the spotlight on it suite at Computex this year was the newly announced Colossus SSD which is unique in that it comes in the standard hard disk drive 3.5-inch form factor.


OCZ intros 3.5-inch 1TB Colossus SSD  on video


It truck load of 1TB of flash memory claims to hit read speeds up to 250MB/s and write speeds up to 220MB/s using the SATA2 data interface. The bad boy which is expected to set you back over $2500 USD weighs in at a massive 400 grams (huge for an SSD!) and includes not one but three controllers on board since there is some internal RAID 0 going on inside.


It looks like OCZ continues to go crazy with SSDs and just keeps bringing out new ones that keep attracting attention. More from the OCZ suite later on!



OCZ intros 3.5-inch 1TB Colossus SSD  on video


Thanks go out to Alex from OCZ for the introduction above.


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Computex 2009 introduction video

Computex Taipei 2009: The big IT show hasn't even started yet, but as usual, we've been running around like dogs just let off the leech from Taipei out to Nangang and most places in between.


We've put together an introductory video of the stuff you wouldn't normally see. Watch it below:



We are at the GIGABYTE Reunion Party now and it's about time to kick back and relax a few cold ones.


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MSI X-Slim series notebook launch event video

Wrapping up our coverage from today's press conference held by MSI, we have prepared a video of the lovely ladies showing off MSI's range of new X-Slim series notebooks.


MSI X-Slim series notebook launch event video


Watch the video below:



MSI managed to put on a good show here and it shows just how much effort they are putting into their mobile line-up of products.


Sadly though the Android based netbook was not to be found, we'll just have to spy it out during Computex Taipei in about three weeks time.


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AMD Wants To Show Link to Video Games And Learning

AMD is holding a new contest and wants to demonstrate the link between gaming and learning. According to AMD, this reinforces AMD Changing the Games commitment to advance youth education through digital games.


AMD Wants To Show Link to Video Games And Learning


The A-ha Moment Video Contest asks contestants to create a video explaining how playing video games reinforced something they first learned elsewhere. They also have the My Dream Assignment Video Contest which urges contestants to submit a video with your idea on what would be a gread game to increase learning.


AMD is offering up six 16" HP Pavilion dv6 series notebooks to first place winners of the contests. Each contest has been split into three groups: Middle School, High School, and Post-Secondary education.


"Digital game play as an entertainment vehicle is undisputed, but we believe games can also serve as valuable educational tools," said Andrew Blanco, Director of Program and Business Development for the Learning Games Network. "This contest encourages students to exercise their creativity while sharing their perspectives on games' potential."


"We live in a visual age where gameplay - and game development in particular - can motivate students to learn in ways that can't be matched by non-visual learning mechanisms," said Allyson Peerman, vice president of Public Affairs for AMD and President of the AMD Foundation. "Inspiring youth through social game development is the mission behind AMD Changing the Game and this contest is another vehicle to help advance that mission."


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Augmented Reality Card Trick on YouTube

I found this one on Engadget and have to say it is one of the cooler Augmented Reality vides I have seen.


It is a "card trick" performed extremely well and with special real-time effects added. You get to see the actual scene and the augmented one in the same frame which makes the imagery more impressive.


What really takes the cake though is the fact that all of this was done with open source programming tools.

Read more here



Tempest uses AR to demonstrate what's going on in his fertile imagination as he performs a card trick -- cards levitate, Jokers dance, and the birthday cake? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself. The most impressive part is that the whole thing goes down in real time, and utilizes C++ with OpenFrameworks, OpenCV, ARToolkitPlus, MacCam, "and other Open Source goodies." Nothing's done in post-production.


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Toshiba Developing Video Wallpaper

Alien Babel Tech reports that Toshiba is currently working on a product that we can only hope makes it past the research phase that it currently is in.


Dubbed "Video Wallpaper," Toshiba is trying to take OLED technology and put it on a thin and flexible paper that can then be used as wallpaper. Potentially this could turn any wall into a display that could be used to do anything from display television to simply change colors on the wall.


Toshiba Developing Video Wallpaper


Toshiba said that the project is still several years away from becomming a commercial product, but if they can make it happen, you can add this to the list of science fiction technology that has become a reality.


"OLED is anticipated to become an important light-emitting device for the next generation," Toshiba said in a statement.


The problem that the scientists have had to overcome is increasing the efficiency of existing OLED devices, such as televisions that use the reduced-energy material. To achieve that, the wallpaper uses light that has been redirected by an ultra-fine grating that is fabricated by self-assembled nano particles, said Kaori Hiraki, a Toshiba spokesman.


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