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Screenshots and Video of latest Ruby tech demo

By: Array

The lads over at PCGamesHardware have managed to get a hold of a bunch of screenshots and video footage showing off the upcoming Ruby tech demo for HD 4000 series graphics cards. It's highly impressive and well worth checking out.


After Nvidia released the GT200 yesterday, AMD took the chance to advertise for their next graphics card generation. Thus AMD introduced the Cinema 2.0.


The Cinema 2.0 is based on the Teraflop performance of the RV700 chip. For the presentation AMD used two of those cards, which supposedly were running in Crossfire mode, a Phenom X4 processor (X4 9850) and a 790 FX chipset.


The short sequence from the Ruby tech demo can be found below and we also made screenshots. The tech demo shows several effects, like depth and motion blur. AMD believes, that such sequences could be integrated into games in real-time.


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IKONIK show us Ra X10 with 13 cooling fans (video)

By: Array

While we were visiting IKONIK this afternoon, we also got an early look at the Ra X10 computer case.


Keep in mind that the sample we saw was not finished yet and it still needs some work to polish things up before its release in early August.


Check out the video we recorded today from the IKONIK HQ in Taipei and then read on...



This case is a beast! It includes no less than 13 cooling fans located in the right spots (front, back, top, bottom and sides - air flow shouldn't be an issue...), it comes with CPU water cooling as well SIM (System Intelligent Management) allowing you to monitor many aspects of what's happening inside the case. IKONIK really pushed the fact that it is a tool-less designed case with many "one click" features for ease of use - everything from side panel, fans and front panels.


One feature we really like is that the power supply, fans and hard drive mounts also feature anti-vibration technology to help reduce noise. You can fit up to 10 hard drives inside and the drives that are mounted in the front storage area with the clip-in feature are able to be mounted with the HDD facing either way for cable management reasons - this will help keep the front side area of the case cable free for nice presentation, just run the cables around the back side area instead.


Still not enough for you? At the front top of the case is a water flow meter for the water cooling setup and the I/O panel at the top for front access is covered by a magnetic cover which helps protect the ports from dust when not in use. There is not a whole lot this case doesn't have... it packs in just about everything we could think of and probably more.


This case will go on sale in August and the fully optioned out model (with 13 fans and CPU water cooling) will set you back a rather expensive $400 USD but when you consider what you get, it's probably worth every penny.


We'll have our full review online just as soon as it reaches us!


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VIA demo Crysis on Nano 1.8GHz Mini-ITX (video)

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Now that VIA has officially announced its codenamed Isaiah processor called Nano, it can begin showing off just exactly what it is capable of doing.


On Thursday during Computex VIA held a press conference with CJ Holthaus of Centaur Technology, who demonstrated the power of this small VIA EPIA SN computing platform.


Using a VIA Nano processor clocked at 1.8GHz on a Mini-ITX CN896 based motherboard with an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT graphics card in its PCIe x16 slot and Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, CJ showed that it is able to run Crysis with a relatively good frame rate. Here is a very blurry shot of the specs shown in Windows.


We were present at the event and got some footage which we've just uploaded to YouTube for all to see.



Hopefully VIA will send us one of these chips and boards soon for us to put through our paces - we can't wait to see how it stands up to our benchmark suite!


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VIA's Mini-ITX 2.0/Nano can play Crysis (video)

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 VIA held a press conference yesterday during which they announced their new Mini-ITX 2.0 concept; this further advancing on an already well regarded platform in the embedded market.


As a solid example of where Mini-ITX is now heading, a demonstration was run on an optimized PC based on the VIA Nano platform along with an NVIDIA graphics card (thanks to the residing x16 PCI-E slot) in which Crysis was then fired up and shown to be ticking along quite nicely.


The folks at Technovoyance were there to witness the action and kindly uploaded a video so we can see it for ourselves.



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Albatron showcases multi-touch LCD panel (video)

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 We caught up with Sam from Albatron earlier in the week at their booth in Nangang and he was kind enough to give us a exclusive preview of its multi-touch IR 22" LCD panel.


If you recall a movie called "Minority Report", this tech will blow you away. In the upcoming Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft will introduce multi-touch finally that basically allows multiple input detection where as XP and Vista is still single.


Albatron had a special driver made for Vista which allows multi-touch and while it is nowhere near fine tuned at this stage, it does work surprisingly well even now.


Albatron's Optical Touch Panel is 22-inches in size, has a widescreen resolution of 1650 x 1080, has touch accuracy up to 90 frames per second and uses DVI. Here is a video of the amazing technology that we uploaded to YouTube.



The future is on our doorstep and it's exciting!


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Intel Nehalem system demo video from Taipei

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 During Day 1 of Computex we got a chance to sit down with Intel in its hotel suite and get a one on one look at the progress of its forthcoming Nehalem processor.


From what we saw today, we think things are progressing just nicely. Intel setup a Nehalem demo system but we weren't told what clock speed it was running. It did have a pair of Intel's 80GB SATA-II SSD drives in RAID 0. Intel demonstrated the speed of Nehalem and SSD in RAID 0 by opening various applications under Vista and even if they were cached in local memory, everything that was click popped up instantly almost with no delay - responsiveness was amazing.


To demonstrate the raw power of Nehalem, Intel first started encoding raw HD footage into 1080p Blu-ray format and while we didn't get any numbers, it handled it without a sweat at all and was on track to complete in record time with solid CPU utilization over all eight threads.


Next up we got a look at a program called Deep Viewer which brings a new way at how we could be looing at old photos in the not so distance future. Intel had a monitor setup with touch capabilities and were showing off how Nehalem handled accessing and processing huge amounts of data in terms of photos and mapping in real-time.


We made a video and uploaded to YouTube for all to view - take a look, it's pretty damn cool actually.



While Intel did not mention anything about clock speeds to us at all, word from other press around Computex is that it could be running at 3.2GHz and it could be ready to rock and roll sooner than expected but you didn't read that here.


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MSI Wind PC gets Turkish video preview

By: Array

MSI's upcoming Atom powered Wind PC has gotten some Turkish video preview treatment by Uruninceleme.


Good luck to you if you can understand Turkish speak otherwise just have a look at the video and the occasional close-ups of the small notebook. It's a tad insane posting this on ANZAC day but we all move on, I guess - Aussie's and Kiwi's will only get this.



We will have our own exclusive look at the Wind PC very soon - stay tuned!


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Atom Mobile Internet Devices on video

By: Array

Intel ultra mobile man, Uday Keshavdas, gives us a preview of a whole range of upcoming Mobile Internet Devices based on the Atom platform and processor which are being displayed at IDF in Shanghai. Uday states that they should be for sale this summer.


"Crack an Atom" video has been uploaded to YouTube which is rather interesting. It shows the physical size of an Atom processor and where it would sit inside one of the devices on show.



Have you got all those pennies (well, notes) saved up for one of these? Start researching, as there will be a heck of a selection to choose from in the ultra mobile product market in a few months.


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HIS card aids in video noise reduction

By: Array

It's not April Fools today, is it? On first inspection, this is the type of product I thought we were dealing with here.


HIS has just released its newest product called the "iClear" which is said to aid in noise reduction from graphics cards and TV tuners.


It provides up to 10% increase performance on SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) which is said to offer a better gaming experience by reducing the distortion and noise generated.


The HIS iClear card is HIS latest solution to video card noise reduction. It has an excellent implement of state-of-the-art design and technology and give you a better gaming experience by reducing the distortion and noise generated from graphic card. It reduces the noise distortion generated from high-end graphic card (from both Radeon and GeForce) or TV tuner card, which provide up to 10% increase performance on Signal-to-Noise Ratio.


For example: The SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) is up to 10% (SNR 38 vs 34.3) better in ATI X1300XT model.


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