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YouTube to try its hand at OnDemand Content

Alright, it seems the content distribution market is becoming like the netbook market. Everyone has or wants something to offer for download.


The latest in the game of low priced content is YouTube, fo course this means Google in reality but hey who's checking


Youtube the spawning grounds of more Mind Numbing viedos that just about any other in the history of the internet is looking to ink a deal that would allow they to provide premium (pronounce that new release) video content at a pay per view pricing rate.


This is an interesting change and would put them into competition with people like Netflix. For starters the films will only be Standard Definition but maybe with Google's bank account they can entice the studios into allowing some streaming HD content soon




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Zune HD UI video leaks out

There are a lot of cool things about the new ZuneHD. One of the biggest is that it is going to use nVidia's Tegra under the hood. It should also have native support for Flash and a few other Codecs that are commonly used for media playback.


These differences have propelled it into the mantel of "iPod Killer" This is really quite a possibility as it certainly has the hardware and the Codec support to back up its bid for the throne. The problem is, how to beat Apple Marketing.


But all that aside one of the things that people are looking to see if can MS improve the interface on the Zune HD. Well someone has managed to get a sneaky little video of the new Zune HD in action. If nothing else we can see some of what we can expect from the new PMP from MS.





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PhotoFast "Quad" SSD exclusive video preview

Today we had a chance to visit the PhotoFast office here in Taipei to take an exclusive look at one of its upcoming SSD products.



The product in question is the PhotoFast 'Quad'. It has available internal slots for a total of four CFast 32GB SATA cards - and no, they aren't compact flash cards despite how similar they look! They are actually tiny flash cards with SATA connectors. Maximum read and write times inside the video.


PhotoFast Quad SSD exclusive video preview from Taipei


Milton from PhotoFast told us that they will go on sale in around 2 or 3 weeks time. We'll have a review of the PhotoFast Quad on TweakTown around that time, too.


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Cool Tech Toys Video at Hong Kong Computer Market

What do you do when you have a stopover in Hong Kong while waiting for China visa processing? You visit the local computer markets, of course!


We visited the Golden Computer Market with our friends from Zotac. After spending time with them at their roadshow, which showed off its newest products to the general public, we walked around the crowed yet impressive computer market to find all of the latest cool tech toys that we could see.



As you'll see in the video above, right around the corner from the Zotac roadshow area we spotted a 'sexy optical mouse', a tiny NVIDIA ION based nettop system by an unknown company and another nettop type all-in-one Intel Atom based system from Averatec.


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Zotac Roadshow Video at Hong Kong Computer Market

During my recent trip to China, I stopped over in Hong Kong to visit our friends at Zotac at the Hong Kong Golden Computer Market center.


In what was pretty impeccable timing, during my visit, Zotac in conjunction with NVIDIA had a roadshow up and running and one of the most popular computer markets in Hong Kong and we spent some time looking at what was on display.



Hope you enjoyed this event coverage from Hong Kong, we'll have another video online soon from the computer market looking at other random new goodies we discovered during the visit.


Just a side note to personally thank Jojo and Tiffany for treating us so well during our quick visit to Hong Kong! We'll be back again, for sure.


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New Viral Video truly Viral

Someone has decided to make the term Viral Video literal. After a tragic breach of privacy, where an ESPN reporter was filmed nude through a peephole then the video posted on the internet. Malware writers have thrown up toxic web pages claiming to host the footage.


While this move is not really new (anyone remember the Anna Cornacova Virus?) it is still disturbing. According to Sophos the toxic pages contain code that can infect both PC and Mac systems (despite Apple's claims of viral immunity).


Reports are surfacing that some of the pages are spoofing legitimate sites like CNN and other news sites. There is no word on the identity of the person that illegally recorded the video or who posted it on the internet but I do hope they find them and do something terrible to them.


New Viral Video truly Viral


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Cheap PCI-e x1 Video Cards Emerge

In the world of graphics you are usually stuck with x16 mechanical (and electrical) add in boards for your GPU love. This makes it a little rough on many an HTPC builder. Sure you can get a half-height card and even ones with an extra tang for the low profile cases but unless you want to shell out a ton of cash you are still getting an x16 card.


Thankfully, that all may be changing; HIS and Club3D are offering x1 PCI-e cards that won't break the bank.


HIS is offering an ATi Radeon HD 4350 with 512MB DDR2 (Core clock 600MHz Memory Clock 800MHz). The 4350 is a great card for and HTPC or for anyone looking to run just business graphics and features DVI and HDMI out as well as the typical VGA. If you go half height you still get to keep HDMI and DVI.


From Club3D we find an offering from the green team. This is the 8400 GS, again another card with a small foot print in terms of usage. It does not feature an HDMI port only DVI and TV. It also only has 256MB of memory. The benefit to the 8400 GS is passive cooling.


As far as choices between these two the HIS 4350 is better for an HTPC but the 8400 GS can keep your rig quieter. Both cards seem tailor made for the Atom platform as many existing ITX Atom system boards only have a PCI-e x1 slot. A couple of dollars in this area can get you some extra horse power in any Atom Based Nettop or HTPC.


Cheap PCI-e x1 Video Cards Emerge


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Poll Results - About our video content

In our most recent poll, we asked you all what you thought about our new video content push at TweakTown.


Less people voted than usual, but we did get some useful numbers from the poll. 22% said that they love our video content and 9% even want more, making the total in the positive area 31%.


6% said that they do not like the video content and 22% said they prefer standard text content, making the negative 28%.


6% also said they aren't sure yet, which puts them on the fence and 34% of you didn't even realize we have video content. That's fine - it is still a new thing for us, but we will work on making it more visible.


For the actual numbers, go here.


In our latest poll, we want to know what type of computer system you primarily use. Let us know! Please go here to vote!


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YouTube Doubles Size For Uploaded Videos

YouTube has announced that they have increased the size limit of uploaded videos.


The new limit for standard videos is set to 2GB, twice that of the previous limit. YouTube says the change means that users will be able to upload longer videos at higher resolutions, and maybe even some large HD files direct from the camera.



For those that are linking to YouTube videos, the YouTube team has also offered a tip concerning how to make sure a link starts playing a video in HD should it be available. Simply tack an "&hd=1" to the end of the URL and when it is clicked on it will begin to play in HD instead of standard definition. Follow the directions and you get a beautiful video just like the one above.


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Deal of the Day: Sony Walkman 8GB Video MP3 Player

Our Deal of the Day today is the Computer Geeks - Sony Walkman 8GB Video MP3 Player for Only $59.99.


Offer: Refurbished to be new, this is a very very nice price that gives you 8GB of space for your music and video goodies! These guys carry limited supplies of their product lines so if you want it, get it now because I don't think they have the supplies to outlast the coupon this time around. Knock $10 off by using coupon code: WALKMAN (6/30/09)



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