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Partner designed Radeon HD 5800 video cards come in January

We've just received word that ATI have just sent out the design kit to its ATI partners this week. So what does that mean? Well it means that come January we'll begin to see companies offer their own design of Radeon HD 5800 series video cards, this also means that ATI probably have confidence in their supply of chips come early next year as well.




This is good news for everyone, for starters the supply will mean that if you're looking for a HD 5800 series, you shouldn't run into any dramas. Secondly with the launch of the Fermi based boards from NVIDIA, ATI only partners like Sapphire and HIS can work at making a product that will compete with the green teams new model, which is no doubt going to beat a stock HD 5870 for the simple fact that it needs too.


While we can't confirm 100%, come January we should see models like the Atomic from Sapphire, TurboX from HIS and other pre overclocked models from partners producing ATI products.


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Galaxy working on dual GTX 295 GPU video card

With the official introduction this week of the hot ATI HD 5970 video card with dual GPUs, we all knew that NVIDIA would be forced to answer in the continuing war for the high-end graphics crown. I expected NVIDIA to unveil its own dual GPU card soon, but it seems that Big Green may instead be loosening up a bit and allowing its card partners to get jiggy with new designs.




Galaxy is hard at work in a new dual GPU video card that will reportedly cram two of the potent GTX 285 GPUs onto one PCB. The downside to the impressive sounding video card is that it will be in very limited quantities and the price is rumored to be at about $1000. You could almost buy two of those HD 5970 cards for that much loot.


At this point, the cards only exist as CAD drawings and it appears that the drawings show each GPU getting its own fan and cooler. The card is said to be hitting market before Christmas, which is only a month or so away now.


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Maingear crams ATI HD 5970 video cards into Shift desktop

Today marked the official introduction of the very powerful ATI HD 5970 video card. As you might expect the unveiling of a new video card means we also have new desktop computers hitting today that feature the card inside.




Maingear has announced that it is cramming not one, but two of the new HD 5970 video cards into the Shift desktop. When equipped with the dual video cards the Shift has 10 teraflops of visual compute power according to Maingear.


The downside is that adding the dual HD 5970 video cards to the Shift tacks on over $1500 to the selling price of the machine. A fully equipped Shift with the dual cards will set you back over $6,000. As they say, you can have cheap or you can have fast, but not both.


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ATI Radeon HD 5970 Video Card Presentation by David Cummings

Last week a fellow called David Cummings, Director of Marketing for Desktop GPU from AMD, flew into Taipei and gave local press here in Taiwan a solid presentation on the new ATI Radeon 5970 dual GPU video that is being released today around the world.




We headed on over to the AMD offices in Taipei and recorded the presentation for everyone to watch. It summarizes the new video card in AMD speak, but David does go into quite a bit of details, especially the "UNLOCKED" feature of the card that allows for some pretty insane overclocking.


At the end of the video we also get a bit of a hands-on look at ATI Eyefinity technology running DiRT 2, which is an upcoming DX11 rally car game.



For the actual performance numbers of the card, take a look at our review of the Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 video card right here.


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MSI N240T video card supports voltage overclocking

MSI has unveiled the world's first N240GT video card that supports over voltage overclocking with Afterburner. Afterburner is MSI's overclocking application and the company claims that the GPU can be increased by up to 30%.




The app allows the user to adjust the voltage and overclocking configurations. The video card also supports DirectX 10.1 and has an HDMI output. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 GPU used in the video card is built on the 40nm process.


The smaller nanometer process architecture helps the card stay cool when overclocking. MSI also uses Hi-C Cap solid-state capacitors and chokes in the construction of the card to help it withstand stresses of overclocking. Pricing and availability are unknown.


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Albatron Optical Multi-Touch Technology demonstration video

Last week we visited the Albatron headquarters here in Taipei and got a good look at its new optical multi-touch technology with their 42-inch LCD HDTV and 22-inch LCD monitor products.




Robert from Albatron firstly provides us with an introduction to the product and then shows us a range of touch applications and games using the optical touch technology using Windows 7.


The good news is that these products are not prototypes and they are actually shipping right now.



I'll have a touch glass panel for my Sony HDTV, thanks guys! In fact, I'd like a glass panel for all of my displays.


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YouTube going full HD

YouTube is a fun distraction for many Internet users where you can go to watch music videos and see other geeks make a fool of themselves. The thing that is common to many videos on the service is poor quality, and let's face it anything less than HD res is poor quality today.




With the plethora of new, cheap 1080p capable camcorders on the market today YouTube is now set to start supporting the 1080p resolution. That means that you can make a fool out of yourself in 1080p HD glory and let everyone see how bad your complexion is.


YouTube also notes that users who uploaded their videos in 1080p before and had the video changed to 720p on upload will be getting encoded to 1080p for viewing. The 1080p videos will also be viewable full screen, if your TV or monitor supports that resolution.


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Video introduction of the IKONIK Ra 2000 Full Tower case

Today we stopped by the IKONIK office in Taipei and got a look at its near final version of the Ra 2000 full tower case.




Ra 2000 has been a computer chassis in development by the folks at IKONIK for around 8 months or more and after many changes to perfect it; they are very close to shipping.


In fact, it is already for sale in Hong Kong and will go on sale shortly in New Zealand. Australia and North America need to wait till the end of the year. It should go on sale for around $150 USD.


Hit the play button below to see our video introduction.



What do you think of the case? Comment by clicking on the video and going to our YouTube site.


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GIGABYTE's Intel CULV powered Booktop M1305 video'd

When it comes to ultraportables, GIGABYTE like to make sure they're offering something different to capture one's attention. Not unlike their Booktop M1022, the new 1305 also comes with a desktop docking station which gives the notebook a GeForce GT 220 GPU to play with and 1GB of DDR3 memory.




The netbook itself sports a 13.3-inch screen running a res of 1,366 x 768 and uses Intel's CULV processor. Up to 4GB of RAM can be added to the machine, a 500GB HDD and an optical drive. The full feature set is quite wholesome with a combo eSATA/USB port, two USB, HDMI, Gigabit ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and WiFi b/g/n, vGA out, multi-format card reader, 1.3 megapixel webcam and fingerprint reader.


As for the included docking station, that gets six USB 2.0 ports, VGA, HDMI and DVI video outputs, gigabit ethernet and audio in/out, along with that NVIDIA graphics card of course. The standard M1305 battery is a 6-cell 3,800mAh pack which Gigabyte claim is good for up to 6.5hrs of runtime; you can also swap out the optical drive for a secondary battery adding another 4hrs.


Pricing and availability is yet to be announced, we just know it's 'coming soon'.


The folks at NetbookNews managed to get some hands-on with the Booktop M1305 and have put together a video showing it off which you can watch here :-



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Poll Results - Who is your favorite video card maker?

In our most recent poll, we asked our readers who their favorite video card maker is and we have had a voter turnout of over 5,100 people currently.


Out in front, Sapphire is the most popular video card maker of TweakTown readers taking 18% of the votes.


Next up we saw that XFX coming in at a close second with 17% of the votes.


Third place goes to both ASUS and eVGA who have an even split at 15% and forth goes to GIGABYTE.


For the actual numbers, go here.


In our latest poll, we want to know what operating system you use to play games. Let us know! Please go here to vote! We will be using this information to determine what operating system(s) we use for our video card reviews and video card driver performance articles.


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