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ECS AG400T8-D64 (Xabre 400) Video Card Review

Today Mikhailtech takes a look at a rather controversial video card, ECS's AG400T8-D64, based on the Xabre 400.

All of the outputs are handled by the SiS 301. The DVI connector found on the Triplex card is replaced by the 3DCON1 (3DVR/3D glasses) as well as the RCA1 (TV-out composite). Personally I like the former configuration since dual monitors are a lot more common than either of those. Then there's the usual SCON1 (TV-out S-Video) and CRT1 (VGA). The inclusion/exclusion of various connectors is not driver dependent; you can set video modes via the jumpers and incompatible modes just won't work. Memory is also different on the various cards. Actually only one of the two SiS reference boards uses 3.3ns Hynix memory; the others use 3.3ns EtronTech. Some versions of the Triplex use Hynix while others are equipped with EtronTech. 1000/3.3 = 303, so the memory is rated to hit 303mhz DDR, or 606mhz effectively. Naturally, more than just the memory module dictates exactly what kind of results can be had.
More information at Mikhailtech


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Chaintech A-GT61 GeForce 4 Ti4600 Video Card Review

Explosive Labs has just completed a review on the Chaintech A-GT61 GeForce 4 Ti4600 video card.

Currently if you are an avid computer user looking for the highest performance in graphics your going to lean towards a Geforce 4 Ti4600, why? Because gamers these days and tweakers alike want the absolute fastest gaming experience possible in any given game. So of course they are going to want the best and nothing less. nVidia's Geforce 4 Titanium series is the answer. the nVidia Geforce 4 Titanium series is the top choice among gamers because it provides silky smooth gameplay with beatuiful textures at high resolutions.
More information at Explosive Labs


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PNY Quadro4 900 XGL 128MB Video Card Review takes a quick look at PNY's Quadro4 900 XGL 128MB video card.

PNY has not even been in the video card arena long and already they have taken a big step being one of NVIDIA's strongest partners and now, taking over Quadro from where ELSA left off. In fact, GeForce 3 was PNY first new graphics card launch. Right away, the Verto line has established itself as a strong player in the marketplace and is competing head-to-head with Visiontek as the dominant player in the US market.
More information at


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eVGA GeForce4 Ti 4400 128MB DDR AGP 4x/2x Video Card Review

OCaddiction has the eVGA GeForce4 Ti 4400 in house today and puts it to the test with several different benchmarks at varying degrees of FSAA.

There are 3 flavors of the GeForce Ti series cards. There is the Top end Ti 4600. The middle guy, Ti 4400 and the more budget friendly Ti 4200 version which is the cheapest of the three. All three varied in price ranges with their own specific markets. The Ti 4400 seems to be a favorite card among enthusiasts as it provides the best "bang for the buck". Normally a 4400 can be had for 100$ cheaper than a 4600, yet if your lucky enough to get a quality card, you can overclock the 4400 to near or beyond 4600 default speeds. 4xS is currently nVIDIA's highest offering of Full Screen Anti-Aliasing. Impressive? Yes. Not only do we get smoother visuals than simple 4x, we don't see any additional loss of performance. Quincunx may have been a gimmick, but 4xS is the "real deal". My eVGA GF4 Ti 4400 may not be able to handle games like RtCW and JKII with 4xS enabled, but you can bet I'll be sporting 4xS in games like Diablo2 and WC3. Not only does it run smoothly in both, it looks great as well.
More information at OCaddiction


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ATI Radeon 9000 Pro Video Card Review checks out ATi's latest Radeon 9000 Pro video card.

The Radeon 9000 Pro hit the market last week at a really aggressive $129 USD price. This brings it in direct competition with NVIDIA's Geforce 4 MX series of cards, but with one MAJOR difference. The Radeon 9000 Pro is fully DX8.1 compliant like its bigger brother the Radeon 8500, and this means all those sexy smartshader effects like the rippling water in Morrowind are now available to the mass market. We will look at the technology involved in this card as we go through the review.
More information at


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OC System Enhanced GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB Video Card Review

Explosive Labs has completed a review of the OC System Enhanced GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB Video Card.

At first glance, you'll notice the big orange heatsink. This is Thermaltake's Geforce 4 Highest Performance Cooler designed for the Geforce 4 Titanium line of video cards. It's an all-copper heatsink with a fan spinning at 5500RPM. This will provide sufficient cooling for the GPU core.
More information at Explosive Labs


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Crucial Radeon 8500LE Video Card Review

PC Stats has just done a review of the Crucial Radeon 8500LE video card.

Crucial is not a name you would normally associate with videocards, but they are trying their hand in the market and if all goes well we could be seeing some very cool stuff from them... after all, they control what kind of micron memory goes on the cards! Crucial have teamed up with ATI and Sapphire Tech to produce the Crucial Radeon 8500LE 128MB. With the 8500LE Crucial are squarely targeting mainstream consumers looking for a no-nonsense & economical videocard to extend the life of existing computer systems. In that sense, the priorities of the consumer invariably turn to problem free installation, and knowledge that service and support from the company are there should anything go wrong.
More information at PC Stats


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Video Time

Oh boy is there some stuff in this mailbox today, anyhow here's a few reviews plus some other video card related content.


- ECS AG400 SiS Xabre 400 @ PC Stats
- VINIX VX-3340 Xabre 400 @ VR-Zone
- Radeon 8500 All-In-Wonder 128 MB @ Backshelf
- Anti-Aliasing by Contemporary Graphics Cards @ X-bit labs
- Updated Windows 9x/ME NVIDIA Detonator Driver Database @ Tweakers Asylum
- eVGA MX-440 1U/5v Cooler Mod Guide @ Mikhailtech


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