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(Video) ASUS Rampage II Extreme X58 preview

By: Array

We've seen plenty of pictures/previews of ASUS' dazzling Rampage II Extreme X58 motherboard floating around the web in recent times and normally I would try not to bore you all with more of the same.


However, HardOCP has gone to the effort of posting up a video preview allowing us a better look at it, whilst also discussing some of the unique features on tap including ASUS' ProbeIT which should be a much welcomed addition for overclockers.


Check out the video below :-



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Video coverage of the GIGABYTE GO OC 2008 event

By: Array

GIGABYTE's GO OC 2008 overclocking championship in Taipei concluded a couple of weeks ago but due to typhoon storms passing through Taiwan and other issues, it's only now that we can get some coverage of the event online.


Video coverage of the GIGABYTE GO OC 2008 event

We were at the event with cameras in hand and managed to put together a six minute video of the event show the good, bad and ugly (look for the dancing in the video!)


This text will be replaced

You can download the HD high-definition version of the video here - it weighs in at 354MB.


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NVISION recap HD video by Modders-Inc

By: Array

I wasn't personally able to attend NVISION, but luckily the folks over at Modders-Inc have published a rather good recap event of the first IDF-like event held by NVIDIA a little while back.


The video has great coverage of the GeForce LAN, case mod competition and the famous Mona Lisa rendering by paint ball and more.


Have a look for yourself below:


If you love HD (and who doesn't?), you can check out the high def version of the video over here.


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VIA shows off its robotics at Taipei show (video)

By: Array

Lynn from VIA sent us a link to a video they've uploaded which features robots using VIA Embedded parts such as systems based on the Pico-ITX form factor.


The video was shot at the Taipei International Robot Show which was held last week. We weren't able to make it but lucky VIA had a camera in hand and took some pretty cool video for us all to see.


Taiwan hosted the Taipei International Robot Show this past week and it was certainly an exciting event, with over 60 international academic and industrial developers attending.

VIA's commitment to the development of extremely compact form factors, such as the VIA EPIA Pico-ITX boards has placed the company at the cutting-edge of technological progress within the robotics industry. As the world's most compact x86 mainboard, VIA EPIA Pico-ITX boards have become an essential component in modern robots due to the remarkable heat dissipation and robust performance engineered in to the compact design. From hobbyists building kits to military robots, VIA processor platforms can, quite literally, be found at the heart of these amazing machines.

Here's a short video featuring the already very well-known "Johnny 5" building kit robot from Lynxmotion and BEAR, a highly intelligent military robot the Vecna Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot . BEAR has been designed to rescue military personnel out of combat situations and pushes military robotics to new heights of intelligence and mobility.



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Ruby 2.0 tech demo - video and screenshots

By: Array

AMD displayed some jaw dropping photorealistic characters at a press conference in New York yesterday, using the power of a Radeon HD 4800 series GPU with their latest Cinema 2.0 technology.


AMD Cinema 2.0: Photorealistic characters with Radeon HD 4800


The folks at PCGamesHardware have since posted up a bunch of exclusive screenshots as well as a video showing off AMD's latest tech demo in action. The video shows Ruby having it out with a nasty big Robot on a mission.


Ruby 2.0 tech demo


This is the first time we see Ruby doing her thing in some all-black attire.


You can view the video and the rest of the images here.


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(Video) VIA's Nano kills Intel Atom at 1080p

By: Array

VIA have kindly forwarded us a link pointing to a new video they have produced which demonstrates the raw power of their latest VIA Nano processor when playing intensive 1080p HD video content.



With Intel's Atom being its direct competitor, the video shows the 1.3GHz Nano up against an Atom-based ASUS EeePC 1000H (1.6GHz) playing the same 1080p video. The outcome is quite conclusive with the VIA Nano based mini-note hammering through the playback at a smooth pace whilst the Atom shows signs of being brought to its knees.


Video playback is an excellent indicator of the performance of a CPU and 1080p HD video is an especially taxing format for mini-notes to play. We wanted to make it easy for end users to "see " the actual performance differences so we put a VIA OpenBook Prototype mini-note, powered by the new VIA Nano processor, up against an Intel Atom-Bassed Asus EeePC, 1000H. Both devices are playing the same 1080p HD video and the results are conclusive. The VIA Nano processor by far out-performs Intel's Atom, processing the HD video format very smoothly, while the Atom stutters and staggers along!


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MSI Wind and GIGABYTE M528 UMPCs (Video)

By: Array

UK e-tailer eXpansys has performed a 10 minute video presentation covering both the MSI Wind and GIGABYTE M528 Atom-based UMPCs. Like the ASUS Eee PC before it, the MSI Wind has been generating a lot of interest, and it doesn't disappoint. The GIGABYTE M528 is more like an OQO model e2 with a touch screen and slider keyboard, running Linux instead of Windows.


Check it out below :-



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Screenshots and Video of latest Ruby tech demo

By: Array

The lads over at PCGamesHardware have managed to get a hold of a bunch of screenshots and video footage showing off the upcoming Ruby tech demo for HD 4000 series graphics cards. It's highly impressive and well worth checking out.


After Nvidia released the GT200 yesterday, AMD took the chance to advertise for their next graphics card generation. Thus AMD introduced the Cinema 2.0.


The Cinema 2.0 is based on the Teraflop performance of the RV700 chip. For the presentation AMD used two of those cards, which supposedly were running in Crossfire mode, a Phenom X4 processor (X4 9850) and a 790 FX chipset.


The short sequence from the Ruby tech demo can be found below and we also made screenshots. The tech demo shows several effects, like depth and motion blur. AMD believes, that such sequences could be integrated into games in real-time.


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IKONIK show us Ra X10 with 13 cooling fans (video)

By: Array

While we were visiting IKONIK this afternoon, we also got an early look at the Ra X10 computer case.


Keep in mind that the sample we saw was not finished yet and it still needs some work to polish things up before its release in early August.


Check out the video we recorded today from the IKONIK HQ in Taipei and then read on...



This case is a beast! It includes no less than 13 cooling fans located in the right spots (front, back, top, bottom and sides - air flow shouldn't be an issue...), it comes with CPU water cooling as well SIM (System Intelligent Management) allowing you to monitor many aspects of what's happening inside the case. IKONIK really pushed the fact that it is a tool-less designed case with many "one click" features for ease of use - everything from side panel, fans and front panels.


One feature we really like is that the power supply, fans and hard drive mounts also feature anti-vibration technology to help reduce noise. You can fit up to 10 hard drives inside and the drives that are mounted in the front storage area with the clip-in feature are able to be mounted with the HDD facing either way for cable management reasons - this will help keep the front side area of the case cable free for nice presentation, just run the cables around the back side area instead.


Still not enough for you? At the front top of the case is a water flow meter for the water cooling setup and the I/O panel at the top for front access is covered by a magnetic cover which helps protect the ports from dust when not in use. There is not a whole lot this case doesn't have... it packs in just about everything we could think of and probably more.


This case will go on sale in August and the fully optioned out model (with 13 fans and CPU water cooling) will set you back a rather expensive $400 USD but when you consider what you get, it's probably worth every penny.


We'll have our full review online just as soon as it reaches us!


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