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GIGABYTE Launches Luxury Wireless Mouse

For those addicted to luxury accessories, GIGABYTE's new GM-M7800S wireless mouse is sure to be a must have item.


The GM-M7800S operates on the proven 2.4GHz wireless spectrum and has an ultra portable nano receiver that offers a 10-meter range. As has become the norm for higher end mice,the GM-M7800Sfeatures forwar and back buttons, a tilt wheel, and adjustable resolution for high and low sensitivity.


GIGABYTE Announce the Superior Elegant Wireless Mouse to Accomplish Your Luxurious Fantasy


The real beatuy of the GM-M7800S lies in its construction and the materials used. The mouse is covered in soft leather with subtle two-tone sticting and has several Swarovski crystals along the center of the mouse. Topping it off, the forward, backward, and DPI sensitivity buttons are all plated in 18K gold for a true touch of luxury.


Those interested in the full press release can view it here. GIGABYTE unfortunately did not make a statement on availability nor pricing for the GM-M7800 mouse.


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Bluetooth Over Wi-Fi is Blazing Fast

Gizmodo has the details on perhaps what is one of the most promising showcases of upcoming technology from the 2009 MWC. Officially specified as "alternate MAC/PHY", you will now be able to have peer-to-peer connectivity coupled with Wi-Fi transfter speeds seamlessly and easily. Devices will shake hands via Bluetooth when paired up. Then, when any file transfer begins, communication will take place over the Wi-Fi hardware giving you a speedy wireless transfer. After the transfer is over, the Wi-Fi connection is dropped and communication is resumed via Bluetooth.



The Bluetooth Special Interest Group says that the specification will be official in April. Fortunately we might not have to wait long to be able to use it. Broadcom states that some of their current production chips already have the ability and only a software upgrade will be required to implement it.


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Telstra Offers World's Fastest Wireless Broadband

Austrailia telecommunication giant Telstra has announced plans to roll out the world;s fastest wireless broadband network says


Chief executive Sol Trujillo said that the company will be upping the speed of its Next G network to 21 Mbps for business customers starting next week and should be available to customers in April. He also said the company plans to increase speeds to 42 Mbps in late 2009 and 2010. The catch appears to be that handsets won't be available to take advantage of the increased speeds until later in the year.


Telstra to Provide World's Fastest Wireless Broadband


A faster network increases the products and services that Telstra can offer its customers, and also allows Telstra to handle traffic on its network more efficiently, a benefit to the company even if users don't upgrade.


You have to show leadership and that's what we have been doing by changing this whole game around what a real high-speed wireless broadband world looks like.


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Japan Researches create Wifi Blocking Paint

Some mad scientists in Japan have made a WiFi resistant paint. A group of researchers at the University of Tokyo blended regular house paint with Aluminum Iron Oxide to create a paint that is capable of blocking stray Wifi signals.


What this means is that for the price of a couple of gallons of paint you can add an extra measure of security to your home or office wireless network.


Of course you will still get leakage from windows and other places that you would not normally paint but it should be able to greatly reduce the amount of signal that wardrivers and other WiFi thieves can use to piggyback on your signal.


Read more

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Linksys goes all out with wireless home audio

Linksys has taken a big step forward in the digital home market by unveiling their new Multiroom Wireless-N Home Audio System in time for CES today. This is a complete wireless home audio system that makes use of the latest wireless-n technology to deliver audio throughout the home. Its rich feature-set allow the same music to be played throughout the whole circuit or you can customize what you want played in certain zones.


Linksys Intros Multiroom Wireless-N Home Audio System


The Wireless Home Audio solution also puts millions of songs at your fingertips through integrated Internet services such as Rhapsody, AudioLounge, and RadioTime. An optional Docking Station for iPod enables your content on Apple iPods, including Podcasts, Audio Books, and purchased iTunes content, to be played through any Wireless Home Audio device on the network.


Wireless Home Audio products also work great with the newly announced Linksys by Cisco Media Hub that gathers and presents the available media on a network.


For full information on the new Linksys Wireless Home Audio product family, including its extensive feature-set, availability and pricing, you can read the full announcement here.


The Wireless Home Audio product family includes three available options for playback devices that allow consumers to bring wireless audio to any room - the all-in-one Conductor, the Director with powerful amplifier and the Player which is the ideal addition to existing sound systems. A Wireless-N Controller enhances the Wireless Home Audio experience by providing touchscreen access to all available audio from anywhere in the home. Consumers can easily unleash audio from their iPods by simply slipping it into the available Docking Station for instant access to all of the songs, playlists, and other audio content on the device. In addition, with millions of songs available from Rhapsody in the US and AudioLounge in Europe, Wireless Home Audio users can search for tracks, discover new artists, and create playlists to be sent to any room. A "Favorites" function gives one-touch access to any content from any source.


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"White Space" bandwidth for WiFi

Google has written a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asking to use unlicensed and unused airwaves or "white space" as it is called, for broadening the arena in which the internet can be broadcast.


It seems that the areas between channel 2 to channel 51 on TV sets which are not in use by cable services, or satellite broadcasts will be an ideal playground and a "once in a lifetime opportunity to provide ubiquitous wireless broadband access to all Americans."; according to the Yahoo news article.


The article hints that this move is a way forward for the internet giant to allow its online advertising business to grow as their Android mobile phone software which will be introduced in lots of mobiles begins to take over the world. Others argue that using the white space will cause interference on already pre-existing channels. While we are not sure of the outcome of this letter to the FCC, we are sure that Google never does anything in a small way.


Google headquarters, late one nightÂ…. Pinky shouts in an excited voice "Brain, what shall we do tonight then, hey?" Brain replies in a patient voice "The same thing we do every night, Pinky - take over the world!"


Read the full article here.


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Freedom9 launches Wi-Fi freeStor 400 NAS

Geoff from Freedom9 in Australia alerted us recently that they have released their latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, called the freeStor 400.


It is promoted as a desktop DLNA compatible Media Storage Server more so than just a regular NAS product. It comes fitted with 802.11G/B wireless LAN which means you are not limited to where you can place it in your home or office. If you prefer wires, it has built-in 10/100/1000 Ethernet.


It will accept four SATA II hard drives up to 500GB each and will work in Windows Vista as well as on Linux and Mac computers. For data security, you can setup the drives in RAID 5.


For more information, head over to the Freedom9 product page.


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eStarling WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frames have really taken off; they're one of those devices that could have been quickly considered as a useless gimmick, but a decent flow of sales in the retail market proves otherwise.


I've never put much thought into their usefulness myself, that is until eStarling contacted us recently with details of their new WiFi Digital Picture Frame.



This thing is actually REALLY cool. As it sports integrated WiFi, it is assigned its own e-mail address which opens up the doors to some awesome features.


As an example, if you bought one of these for a distant friend or relative you can take pictures of your latest 'kodak moment' and simply send the image to the specified e-mail addy of the frame; that photo will then be displayed on the frame within just a few minutes.


Here are some other cool scenarios eStarling have mentioned :-


Give one to your wife and logon to eStarling's portal site a few weeks before your anniversary. Schedule a dozen photos of roses to appear, as if by magic, on your anniversary day.


If you've collected digital photos in a variety of online places (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.), eStarling provides a single website that you can login to and manage all those photo assets. You can decide which photos you want to show up on your picture frame and what day you want them to be there.


You can even subscribe your digital picture frame to a photo RSS feed. eStarling's new WiFi frame supports all major RSS photo feeds including Flickr, Picasa, AOL. The company also has a partnership with Photobucket, a subsidiary of Myspace, which allows subscribers to have full access to all of their public and private photos thru the frame.



Specs wise, the 8" frame uses a smooth finish in your choice of black or white, and can display at a resolution of up to 800x600. It also has 128MB of built-in flash memory.


This would be a terrific christmas gift, no doubt. However, the price might scare you a bit. You can pick it up at ThinkGeek or Amazon for an MSRP of $269.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - CompUSA - TRENDNet 54Mbps Wireless Firewall Router for Only $9.99 with $5.00 Shipping

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: Nice cheap buy on a wireless router that comes fully featured with everything you would need from one. Rebate expires 4/28/07.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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DEAL OF THE DAY - CompUSA - TrendNet 54Mbps Wireless 802.11b/g Firewall Router for $9.99 After Rebate with Free In Store Pickup!

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: Here's your chance to pick up a new router if yours is getting all messed up like mine! TrendNet has actually been given a whole bunch of awards for their routers recently, so these guys should be pretty good. You can all the details on their website. This rebate expires 3/3/07.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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