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Hands-on with new wireless CoolIT cooling toys at CES

CES 2010 - We stopped by the CoolIT booth during CES where we got an solid introduction of all the new cooling products that the company is introducing at this time.


Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT goes over the Maestro which is a wireless monitoring system that can display temperatures as well as control fan speeds and adjust LED colors and so on. CoolIT went wireless to reduce cables inside the case, hence improving air flow and performance.


Next up there is the Eco which is similar to the Domino, but does away with the LCD display and of course lowers the price down to a more affordable level. And finally we have the Vantage which is rather similar to the Domino, however it adds in Maestro support.



A rather solid presentation from the folks at CoolIT and Chad should be getting them in soon enough for review to put them through their paces to see what they can really do.


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Intel gives us demo of WiDi HD wireless display tech

CES 2010 - During our visit to the Intel booth, clearly one of most popular demonstrations was of Intel's newly announced WiDi HD wireless display technology.


So, what the heck is WiDi? This new technology is designed for the newly released Core i3 and i5 laptop platforms along with Intel HD graphics and using wireless and a small box from Netgear and other network companies; you are able to wirelessly transmit your laptop image to a television connection with one of the WiDi boxes.


Garry from Intel was kind enough to give us a rundown of the technology in the video we recorded below.



Goodbye cables, again!


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TRENDnet talks about new battery-powered 3G/4G travel router

CES 2010 - We just got done covering the latest TRENDnet home router, but now we move onto the mobile side where these folks are offering up a brand new TEW-655BR3G battery-powered 3G/4G travel router.


The device is designed to accept many different USB 3G or 4G modems from various different service providers and share that mobile connection while you are on the go. What is nifty about this product is that it comes with a removable battery that provides a connection for around 1.5 hours.


In the video below, Zac from TRENDnet gives us a full-down on the device which should hit the market soon with a MSRP of $99.99 USD.



Again, Sean will be getting one in for review and he is excited to check it out.


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TRENDnet TEW-673GRU 802.11n router adds color LCD and more

CES 2010 - Yesterday we met with Zac from TRENDnet at their hotel suite here in Las Vegas and they were showing off a full range of their new networking goods.


One product that got our interest was the TEW-673GRU 802.11n router that adds in a color LCD network management screen, a couple of 4dbi antennas (usually 2dbi), WPS and more. This router also supports concurrent dual band wireless and has a very reasonable price tag of around $150 USD.

Watch the video below that we produced as Zac provides us with a good understanding of the product and what it can do.



Sean will be getting one in for review soon to see what it can do when he puts it to the test in his lab.


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Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station breaks cover

I am a big fan of wireless computer gear; I have more cables running across my desk than I want. It would be great to shed all those cables and go wireless. Iomega has announced a new external storage interface device called the iConnect that will cut some of those wires.




The device has built-in wireless connectivity and a pair of USB ports that allow the iConnect to be used as a wireless print server and a wireless network storage device, assuming you plug an external hard drive into one of the USB ports. The device supports 802.11b/g/n networks and has a wired gigabit Ethernet port as well.


The iConnect is compatible with Apple Time Machine backups and works with Windows computers as well. It supports CIFS/SMB/Rally (Microsoft), AFP/Bonjour (Apple), HTTP, HTTPS network protocols and can be configured for remote access from anywhere in the world. The device will ship in February for $99.99.


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WirelessHD 2.0 is coming - 4K res support and much more

WirelessHD will be given an update in the near future and the companies backing it up have already outlined the goals for this 2.0 revision.




The WirelessHD Consortium says the next-gen WirelessHD specs bring :-


- Data transfer speeds in the range of 10 to 28 Gbps so as to provide enough bandwidth for higher resolution content


- 3D over WirelessHD


- Support for 4K resolution for digital theater-like visuals


- Support for sync'n go file transfers at 1Gbps for portable and fixed devices and for IP connectivity


- Added support for streaming and connectivity in portable devices like media players, netbooks and smartphones


- HDCP 2.0 content protection


The 2.0 standard will be backwards compatible with existing WiHD hardware, whilst as mentioned above, bandwidth increases from the previous 4GBps - theoretical 25Gbps to 10 - 28Gbps. This additional bandwidth gives the ability to handle all of the aforementioned tasks.


But while the pricing for wiHD is still up in the sky, this doesn't mean too much for most of us. Hopefully the group can bring it down to earth in reach of mainstream buyers before too long.


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Ralink to show off world's first single chip 450Mbps 3x3 802.11n AP and client at CES

One of the ways that computers can get smaller and consume less power is by going to more efficient and integrated chips inside. If what takes two chips today can be pared down to a single chip tomorrow out portable computers and device can run longer on a single charge.




Ralink has unveiled the world's first single chip 450Mbps 3x3 802.11n AP and client that uses beam forming technology. The chip will be offered in two styles including the RT3883 and the RT3593. The RT3883 has three dual band 2.4/5GHz radios inside, a 500MHz MIPS74K CPU and a variety of connectivity interfaces.


The RT3593 has a 450Mbps client solution with an embedded media access controller, baseband processor, and three 2.4/5GHz radios on a single chip. Both of the devices use the IEEE optional Beam forming technology.


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McDonalds offering free WiFi in America as of Jan 2010

McDonald's in America are feeling generous for 2010 with a plan to offer free WiFi to customers beginning mid-jan next year, where currently it costs $2.95 for 2 hours of access.




In a recent interview McDonald's USA Chief Information Officer, David Grooms said 11,000 of the 14,000 domestic locations across the country will give the free WiFi lovin' after having sealed a deal with AT&T Inc. the restaurant's WiFi provider.


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WiGig alliance completes wireless specification

We can all agree that more wireless bandwidth is a good thing. The more bandwidth we have the faster we can send HD video around our homes and offices and the faster we can share large files. 802.11n is only recently ratified, but a new specification called WiGig has just been completed with lots more speed than 802.11n.




The specification is called WiGig and promises up to 7Gbps of wireless bandwidth. The spec supplements and extends 802.11 and is backwards compatible with 802.11 standards. In fact, many of the silicon designers for WiGig are well known WiFi companies.


The spec uses beam forming to support distanced of up to 10M, which will allow connectivity throughout many homes. The completed spec will be offered to WiGig members in Q1 2010 and products will probably hit in 2011.


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1Gbps WiFi is in the works

802.11n is a sure benefit over the older b and g standards we were stuck with for a long time, but like all technologies, sooner or later they'll be superseeded in one way or another and there's no doubt even faster wireless capabilities than the 300Mbps on tap at the moment would be widely accepted and embraced by the masses.




Sure enough, we learn today that it is indeed coming, albeit could be as late as 2013 before it arrives. The upcoming new standard is called 802.11ac and it is reported to be able to push wireless speeds of up to 1Gbps; very tasty indeed.


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