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IWill KK266Plus Motherboard Review

Planet Savage has gotten hold of the IWill KK266Plus Motherboard for your viewing pleasure. here's a snip:


"The KT133A chipset is still probably the most popular chipset for Socket A processors right now. It has now matured well and with its usage of normal SDRAM, it made upgrading of people from older SDRAM systems pretty easy. Those coming from a 440BX133 system can still make use of their old memory and other peripherals when they switched to the KT133A and AMD."


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MSI 850 Pro2 Motherboard Review

Intel Pentium4... You either love them or hate them. But whichever way you choose to go, there still has to be boards to support them. Enter the MSI 850 Pro2 Motherboard. With most 850 chipset based boards being nearly identical performance-wise, can the MSI board bring something new to the table? Head on over to PC Hardware and find out! here's a snip:


"A surprising thing at this motherboard is the RIMM slot which is parallel to the AGP slot. MSI had to use this design to reduce the number of layers. I don't take this as a disadvantage, but the design may seem strange to many people."


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Tyan Tiger MP Motherboard Review

With multi-processor Athlon support becoming all the rage nowadays, someone just has to check out the MP boards. accelenation has taken up the gauntlets and reviewed the Tyan Tiger MP Motherboard. here's a snip:


"The reason the Tiger MP has me going is because it is the first Dual Athlon board that is truly affordable. At ~$220 online, this board is well within the range of pricing for desktop motherboards. what's more, the Tiger MP hasn't sacrificed very much to get to that price. don't get me wrong, if you want a high-class workstation board, the Thunder K7 is still a better option, but for the average dual processor user, the Tiger MP is much more attractive."


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ECS K7S5A Motherboard Review

This board seems to be getting a lot of press lately, so without further ado, head on over to TweakMax and see their take on the ECS K7S5A Motherboard. here's a snip:


"When the SiS 735 finally was released it turned out to be a really impressive piece of engineering, beating the competition including AMD 760 in most benchmarks. The reliability, stability and performance showed so far, makes the future look bright for this chipset. The fact that it's also a low cost solution puts even more pressure on the competition."


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ECS K7S5A Motherboard Review

When the SiS735 chipset first bacame known, it raised quite a stir in the overclocking community. These boards are now being produced for use by the Power Users, but are they as good in reality as they were in pre-production? accelenation takes a look at the ECS K7S5A Motherboard which uses this famed chipset. So go check it out! here's a snip:


"ECS' philosophy is to design stable, simple motherboards for the masses. Historically, none of ECS' boards have been great for overclocking. However, the selling point is that their boards sell for really low prices without compensating stability or performance.


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EPoX EP-8KHA Motherboard Review

Active Hardware has taken a look at the EPoX EP-8KHA Motherboard which is based on the KT133A chipset. here's a snip:


"Following shortly after its introduction of the KT133A, VIA released the KT266 chipset. When it hit the market, its improved performance and versatility over the KT133A made it an easy choice for inclusion in EPoX's EP-8KHA motherboard. At this point, EPoX already has an established reputation for designing high-performance products geared for the Overclocking crowd. With the EP-8KHA, they seem intent on maintaining that reputation by offering a mainboard that's replete with features."


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IWill KK266 Plus Motherboard Reviews

Well, the IWill KK266 Plus board has been getting an awful lot of press, so I thought I'd go ahead and post several sites who have this board on disply for your perusal:


t-break - Snip:
"The Iwill KK266 was a pretty good motherboard and instantly turned us into Iwill fans. Where other motherboard manufacturers were cutting corners, Iwill offered everything- from performance and features to overclocking and support- and wrapped everything in a package that looked mega cool. And thus, we were quite eager to try the KK266+ which is a tweaked up version of the original."


Accelenation - Snip:
"It is obvious with the release of the KK266Plus that Iwill is not content to be second best. What they've done is added a few new features, tried to fix some shortcomings, and generally make an already good board even better. The KK266Plus isn't without its problems though. Does it have enough to move ahead of the 8KTA3Pro? let's see."


Overclockers New Zealand ("R" version) - Snip:
"Well, well, despite the lack of active cooling of the north bridge, Iwill did very well with its FSB overclocking, scoring a stable 166Mhz operation. Beyond that, the machine becomes unstable. This might due to the OEM ram I have in the machine also the HIGH PCI bus of more than 41.5 Mhz. At that particular frequency, most of the PCI device would stop working, especially if you have network cards installed. However, I do not recommend running your FSB greater than 160 as the PCI is just way off its original speed of 33 Mhz. Many people reported loss of data or damaged HD due to high PCI bus speed."


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