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Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Motherboard Review for September 21, 2001

Tweakers Asylum has just posted a review of the Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Motherboard for your viewing pleasure. here's a snip:


"As far as motherboards are concerned, Soyo has typically been an "OEM" style of manufacturer. The Soyo SY-K7V Dragon not only breaks this tradition, it completely shatters it. Based on the VIA KT266 chipset, the Soyo SY-K7V Dragon is able to offer the end user several useful features.


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Epox 8K7A+ Motherboard Review

OcPrices has just posted a review of the Epox 8K7A Motherboard which uses some DDR memory with the AMD-761 chipset. here's a snip:


"On Monday we put out a review of the low priced DFI AK76-SN and overall we were happy with it: it provided good performance, decent overclockability and good features. However, today we will take a look at the Epox 8K7A+, a motherboard that has all possible features, even RAID, on board. Reviews and reports about this motherboard have been very positive, so I was looking forward to reviewing it. And believe me, I have not been let down..."


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IWill BD133u Motherboard Review for September 18, 2001

For those who are wanting the Tualatin ready boards, head on over to Active Hardware and take a peek at their review of the IWill BD133u Motherboard. here's a snip:


"The Iwill BD133u motherboard is based around the i815EP B stepping chipset, which makes it compatible with Intel Pentium 3 "Tualatin" processors. The BD133u is in fact the 3rd such board we've received for review, and comes with a reasonable range of Overclocking functions - something we couldn't say about the previous two "Tualatin" boards we received (such as the Intel Easton2). Furthermore, the BD133u comes with an onboard soundcard based on theC-Media CM18738 audio chip which is enough to make the Iwill BD133u a very interesting board to review."


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IWill KD266 Motherboard Review

Rizenet has posted a review on the IWill KD266 Motherboard, but don't be confused by the model number. It does not work off the KT266 chipset, but one from Ali. here's a snip:


"The KD266 from Iwill is a rather unique motherboard, at least in regards of the chipset it uses, the ALi M1649. If you go to the ALi website you won't even find that chipset listed, but you will find the KD266 listed as an ALiMAGIK motherboard. that's right, the M1649 is nothing but a ALiMAGIK without DDR-RAM support. Why would anyone sell a DDR-RAM chipset without the ability to use DDR-RAM? The answer, as it often is, is money. Just like Intel with the i815E and i815EP, its easier and cheaper just to use a design you already have and just change a little bit of the manufacturing process."


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DFI AK76-SN Motherboard Review

The folks over at OcPrices have just finished posting a review of the DFI AK76-SN Motherboard. here's a snip:


"First thing to note is that there seems to be good room around the CPU. The OCZ Gladiator was an easy fit and the way the capacitors are placed, you should be able to stick a large cooler on without any problems. The board has support for coolers that, like the Swiftech MC462 or the Zalman 5000-series, are placed on the motherboard itself through 4 holes."


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IWill DVD266u-RN Motherboard Review for September 17, 2001

Want dual processors? Want dual Intel Tualatin processors? Then head on over to accelenation and check out their review of the IWill DVD266u-RN Motherboard and see if this little beast is the answer. here's a snip:


"I believe the DVD266u-RN was the first dual Tualatin-S board that was announced, and unless something drastic occurs, it should be the first that is widely available in the retail channels. That means that much of the success of the Tualatin-S will likely be determined by how well this board is able to carry them. Iwill have shown with the DVD266 that they can make a fast and stable board that is fairly inexpensive. So the question is - did they fix on the flaws on that board such as the poor layout, and create a board that will rival the 2P Athlon boards like the Tyan Tiger MP?"


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Abit KG7-RAID Motherboard Review for September 17, 2001

The Tech Zone has gotten hold of one a fancy new Abit KG7-RAID Motherboard, and they want ot tell you all about it. here's a snip:


"Abit has been the king of motherboards manufactured with the overclockers in mind. Always innovative, always more feature than the rest. The Tech Zone takes a look at the new Abit KG7-RAID. This is Abit's interpretation of the pinnacle of AMD motherboard development."


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Epox 8K7A Motherboard Review

Mikhailtech has just posted a review of the Epox 8K7A Motherboard for your viewing pleasure. It features the AMD761 chipset and uses DDR Memory. here's a snip:


"These dipswitches are used to control the multiplier (assuming that you have your Thunderbird/Duron unlocked). You can set it from 5x to 10.5x. Some people who are used to Abit's soft menu and similar jumperless motherboards might be uncomfortable with this method of changing the multiplier. As for me, it wasn't a big problem at all. Actually, it was very helpful once. See, I had the multiplier at 10.5, and I set the FSB to 150! The computer won't complete posting and hangs when entering the BIOS. In a jumperless mobo, your only solution is to clear the CMOS and start all over again. But all I had to do was lower the multiplier, and in return, I got a lower speed. The computer worked with no problems. Then I went to the BIOS and backed the FSB a little. See my point?"


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Shuttle AV40r P4x266 Motherboard Review for September 15, 2001

Well, you've been hearing about it, now you get to see it in action. Head on over to accelenation and see their take on the Shuttle AV40r Motherboard. It utilizes the brand new VIA P4x266 chipset that is making huge waves in the headlines. here's a snip:


"The P4X266 chipset has certainly been making waves lately. As a matter of fact, it has been at the forefront of computer hardware news for the last few weeks. This is partly due to it being a good chipset which offers the best price/performance for the Intel Pentium 4. But what has really made P4X266 a headline is the multiple lawsuits that have been filed in relation to its release."


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