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ABIT shows us their X38 mobos in Taipei

During our visit to the ABIT HQ today, we managed to snap photos of their upcoming Intel X38 chipset based motherboards. These shots are of boards which are almost ready for mass production.


First up is the IX38-MAX Tiger Force which is the high-end motherboard fully loaded with some impressive features - this one is DDR3 only. Besides the options offered by the X38 chipset, ABIT have included 100% Japanese solid capacitors, Dolby Digital Live and DTS sound via optical connection, improved digital PWM, external clear CMOS button, two eSATA ports along with very impressive copper cooling.


They are even bundling additional RAM and dual graphics card coolers called RAM Flow and SLIP Stream.


Let's allow the pictures to do the talking, shall we? Take note that the fan included on the PWM heatsink is not included - you will need to buy that separately.







Now we move onto the cheaper of the two, the IX38 QuadGT and this one is DDR2 only. It is a cut down version of the MAX Tiger Force but still packs some pretty good features.


For starters, it features a completely silent cooling design which is rather impressive considering we are talking about X38 here. This motherboard is not fully finished yet and will have some refinements to do with the onboard reset and power off switches as well as the clear CMOS button on the I/O panel.


Like the Tiger Force, it included five power phases which may not sound like a lot but each phase is rated at 1MHz whereas most of the competition is only at 250KHz. So while some companies may have 12 phases total (3000KHz), ABIT is able to produce 5000KHz with fewer components.




ABIT expect to start shipping these motherboards at the end of this month - exact pricing was unknown at press time.


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Palit intro N61S motherboard

As many of you now know, Palit have decided to start producing motherboards as well as graphics cards; they introduced their first motherboard just a few days ago which is based around Intel's 945GC all-in-one combo chipset. We made mention of it here.


Just a short time later, and now they kick off another new board, the N61S. This too is a lower-end budget oriented board but it's for the AMD AM2 platform, it relies on the NVIDIA MCP61S chipset which carries with it an embedded GeForce 6100 DX9 graphics solution and integrated 7.1 channel HD audio. The board is also compatible with future AM2+ based processors.


Let's hope it won't be too long before Palit start to shift some high-end / enthusiast motherboards at the uber-competitive prices we're used to seeing slapped on their graphics cards.


More details can be found on the N61S within Palit's press release, or you can head straight to the product page on Palit's website.


Palit Microsystems, the leading graphics card manufacturer, today presents another art piece with incredible economical all-in-one AMD solution with great hardware and software compatibility- Palit N61S. It supports not only all AM2 based processors, but even provides a forward compatibility with the future AM2+ based processors.


The embedded GeForce 6100 hardware DX9 graphics engine and integrated 7.1 channel HD audio assure you to meet the requirement of the Microsoft Vista requirement without extra cost of add on card.


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Anandtech tests Gigabyte X38 motherboard

Anandtech has got its hands on a Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 motherboard and has run some benchmarks on it. This is an early engineering sample and we're not quite sure why they bothered testing it, as looking at the benchmark results, the board is hardly any faster than the Abit P35 board that they've compared it to.


Although the board apparently was happy to run all the tests they threw at it, it wasn't a good overclocker and had to be run at stock speed. Although they managed to get some tests to run at a 510MHz bus, it wasn't stable enough, so the best they could do for a complete run of benchmarks was 400MHz.



It looks like Gigabyte is almost ready with its X38 boards though and it's good to see that even an early engineering sample is up and running without any major problems. Oddly enough, Anandtech tested the board with a single GeForce 8800GTX and considering that the X38 should be every Intel CPU owners Crossfire dream board, well, you get the idea.


If you're considering buying one of these boards and you live in the UK, you'll be happy to know that Overclockers is listing stock availability for the 14th of September. It's not a cheap board though at £187.99, that's close to US$378, which is a steep price for a motherboard.


You can check out the Anandtech preview and benchmark figures here


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Palit launches 1066MHz bus 945GC mobo

Palit has moved into the motherboard market and has launched its first motherboard, the 945GC1066. It's a budget micro ATX board based on the 945GC chipset with a few tweaks which allows it to operate at 1,066MHz bus. It's compatible with all 65 and 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processors and it has two DDR2 memory slots which supports 667MHz memory.


Other features include integrated Intel GMA950 graphics, Realtek 10/100Mbit Ethernet and 7.1-channel HD audio. It's got a single x16 PCI Express slot, a x1 PCI Express slot and two PCI slots.



Although this is a pretty basic board, it should be very affordable. Palit is known for its affordable graphics cards and it's also the owner of Gainward and Xpertvision, so there's no coincidence that Gainward has launched motherboard products as well. Hopefully some more high-end products will appear in the not too distant future from both Palit and Gainward.


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Palit to start selling motherboards!

Palit are reknowned for shifting good quality graphics cards at very competitive prices, and i'm sure many of us will be glad to know that they are making a move to enter the motherboard industry and continue their tradition of bringing us terrific value alternatives to comparable products on the market.


No actual details of new boards have come to light yet, only that they will be selling a range of motherboards for both the AMD and Intel platforms.


Established in 1988, Palit Microsystems is famous for its stable, excellent, and innovative graphics cards. Today, Palit officially announces its entry into motherboard market; this information must shock the industry. Famous for its Sonic and Super versions graphics solution with excellent price / performance ratio, Palit never satisfied with its achievements. Palit, the graphics giant, now announces to extend its product portfolio to include motherboards at full product line from AMD and Intel, bringing users a whole new experience to the desktop!


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MSI shows K9A2 Platinum (AMD RD790) mobo

Today we got the chance to visit the friendly folks at MSI and they showed us some of their upcoming products.


We got a chance to see their working Intel X38 Diamond motherboard but since it is not quite ready yet and waiting to be suited up with a new heat pipe cooling solution, we will hold off on showing you the board we saw today.


The board was a combo version with DDR2 and DDR3 DIMM slots but MSI has decided to remove the DDR2 slots due to RAM compatibility and performance issues. MSI commented that they may produce a combo board based on the X38 at a later date but they are still unsure when and if they will even do it or not.


The star of this news post is their K9A2 Platinum motherboard based on AMD's upcoming RD790 chipset which will support among other things their new range of processors and PCI Express 2.0 graphics cards - whenever they become available.


The shots of the K9A2 Plat you will see today are of a board which is basically done, there will just be some minor adjustments to the silent operating heat pipe running from the Northbridge to Southbridge - it is sitting up a little too high right now and MSI intend on changing so it is sitting lower to the PCB.


You will notice that the rollercoaster type heat pipe which we saw on MSI P35 boards has gone and been replaced with a more placid looking design which cools the PWM area, Northbridge and Southbridge via its copper material. There are a total of four PEG slots and when all are in use, they are at x8 but when only two are in use they run at x16 each.


We asked the need for so many PEG x16 slots and asked if it had anything to do with Quad Crossfire and were told that we will see three-way Crossfire first and Quad version later (we would assume next year). There are a total of six SATA 2.0 slots (four onboard and two eSATA on the I/O panel) from the SB600 Southbridge and an extra two are added through a Promise add-on controller (they are colored blue).



Release date and pricing was unable at time of publishing but we suspect the board will be ready and shipping late September or sometime in October.


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Final version of the Foxconn X38A mobo

A little birdie sent us along some Foxconn marketing shots of the final revision of their X38A "Digital Life" motherboard based on Intel's soon to be released X38 chipset.


It is basically the same as the one we saw a few months ago at Computex in Taipei but here for the first time you get a first look at the final shipping revision.


We did not get a spec sheet, so we will just need to let the pictures do the talking and here they are...




Our little birdie spy is working on more shots from different companies as we speak!


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ASUS X38 motherboard spotted

The Dailytech have managed to get both details and a nice image of ASUS' upcoming P5E3 Deluxe motherboard, this based around Intel's next big gun chipset, the X38.


ASUS claim that this baby will begin shipping early next month, great news for people holding out for X38.


What's interesting (and perhaps a little dissapointing) to note though is that rather than ASUS going with three PCIe x16 slots they've stuck with two x16 slots and used the additional space for standard PCI slots (and a couple PCIe x1 slots).


Apart from that it all looks pretty tidy though. More details here.


ASUS is finalizing its X38 Express based motherboard for shipping early next month. The upcoming P5E3 Deluxe supports all LGA775 socket processors, including the upcoming Penryns. The board only accepts DDR3 memory.


ASUS opted to implement two PCIe x16 slots for ATI CrossFire multi-GPU support. Unlike some other X38 Express based boards with three PCIe x16 slots, the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe is unable to take advantage of three-way or even four-way ATI CrossFire configurations. However, in exchange for less PCIe x16 slots, the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe has three standard PCI slots. The P5E3 Deluxe also has two PCIe x1 slots.


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ECS roll-out new Bearlake motherboard series at Computex 2007

With Computex now just around the corner, ECS are excited to tell everyone about their full-range of Bearlake motherboards they plan to display at their booth.


The press announcement provided from them today details two boards, the G33T-M variant which incorporates Intel GMA 3100 graphics, and also the fully-fledged P35T-A model which boasts 2x PCI Express x16 slots for CrossFire goodness.


Both boards are said to be DDR2 based only, though i'm sure ECS will bring a model out with DDR3 support once the memory itself reaches down to earth prices.


Grab the PR here for full details.


ECS Bearlake motherboards have improved performance and efficiency thanks to the Northbridge chipset they feature. The only chipset supporting the forthcoming 45nm-process microarchitecture CPU, the Northbridge chipset ensures that users are future proofed for future technology upgrades. These chipsets feature a 1333 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) to work seamlessly with Intel's new ICH9 Southbridge I/O chip. The ICH9 Southbridge will have at least three different versions, the ICH9R with added support for RAID storage, the ICH9DH which supports an additional 2 SATA ports and the ICH9 which will offer a useful new feature called 'Intel® Robson Technology', which not only improves system responsiveness while saving power but also allows users to boot and quickly system recover. The Bearlake chipset also allows support for DDR3 Memory.


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GIGABYTE Push More Out Of their P35T-DQ6 Motherboard With Micron DDR3 Modules

An update from GIGABYTE brings more success after having already achieved a world record 2080MHz overclock using some Micron DDR3 memory in conjunction with their new P35T-DQ6 motherboard.


They've managed to squeeze some more out of the platform, with the memory now at 2200 Mhz, and also the FSB hammering along at 549.99 MHz.



The results were provided both in this powerpoint file and also as an entry in the official CPU-Z database.


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