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Hands-on with the nForce 780i SLI mobo

The folks over at BCC Hardware managed to get their hands on an upcoming Nvidia nForce 780i SLI reference motherboard.


As you may know, this is the upcoming chipset to replace the aging 680i SLI chipset which lacks proper support for new 45nm processors from Intel.


It is quite debatable how successful the 780i SLI will be but one of the key features it is touting is 3-way SLI with its three full-speed x16 PEG slots. Nvidia kind of screwed up the whole 3-way SLI thing as only graphics cards with two SLI bridge connectors (that's only GeForce 8800 GTX and Ultra) will be able to support it. It would have surely been more popular and accessible if it were not limited to just those two cards.


Nevertheless, BCC Hardware has a stack of pictures and even get as far as showing you parts of the BIOS. Check it out here.


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Gigabyte adds Xmas lights to motherboard

Ok, ok, we tricked you, it's not actually Christmas lights, but we can't exactly tell you what the lights in the video below are for as yet, but this is an exclusive preview of a new technology that will be featured on just about every new motherboard from Gigabyte starting with their X48 boards which will arrive in Q1 2008.


It might not look like much in the video and we're sorry about the lens glare, but the conditions where we shot this video were far from ideal, as the room was some 40-odd degrees warm as the boards were being stress tested. The first board is revision 1.1 of Gigabyte's X48 board and we're not quite sure what the second board was, as it was too dark to make out the model name, but it's a combo board as you can see from the ammount of memory slots.



As cool as the lights might be, they're not the actual feature, they're just there to give you an idea of how it works and no, it's not a CPU load indicator. The whole thing is really cool and Gigabyte is getting it patented and it's taken them about a year to develop it. Sorry for the large amounts of non-information here, but we had to swear not to divulge anything too early to be able to post this exclusive video.


So please bear with us and everything will be revealed in due time here at TweakTown. For now, enjoy the light show and good luck with trying to guess what it's really all about. Answers on a post card please...


Here's a quick update with a picture of the X48 board, see the little row of lights? Sorry about the odd looking cropping there just had to cut out some messy cables and a few things that didn't look too great in the picture, so don't think there was something top secret that we had to remove. Well, at least that's our story and we're sticking to it.



Note that this was set up in Gigabyte's lab and that the components in the board was strictly unrelated to performance testing of this board.



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abit intro trio of new motherboards

abit have just introduced three new motherboards for the slightly more budget conscious buyer, these catering to both the AMD and Intel crowd.


First up is the AN68SD; this is an AMD Socket AM2+ offering based on NVIDIA's new nForce 520D chipset.



It's a little bit of a mixed bag; abit have made sure to include a few enthusiast-oriented features such as the SoftMenu BIOS overclocking menu, external CMOS reset switch and abit's Silent OTES chipset cooling system, however only four SATA ports and a single PCIe x16 slot is resident on this board.


Next up is the I-N73H series of motherboards based on NVIDIA's GeForce 7100/nForce 630i chipset for the Intel platform.



There is the slightly lower spec'd "I-N73H" model and also a "I-N73HD" board which seems only to differ with its inclusion of FireWire support.


Grab the press material for the AN68SD and I-N73H/I-N73HD to find out full details on them.


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Early peek at abit's X48 motherboard

Whilst doing the rounds in Taiwan at the moment, Hexus have been lucky enough to enter the doors of abit headquarters where they were allowed to grab some details and images of a very slick looking high-end motherboard abit are set to release early 08.


This is in fact a 'cherry-picked' X38 chipset motherboard (officially known as X48) which abit call the IX48-MAX. X48 brings with it official support for 1600MHz FSB Yorkfield processors, 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots, support for XMP memory and no doubt more BIOS tweaking options than the most hardcore of overclockers will ever need.



The size of that northbridge cooler is truely something, isn't it?


Check out the full scoop on it here.


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Palit intro MCP73 IGP motherboards

As many of you would now know, Palit recently entered the motherboard industry with some budget oriented motherboards designed for the AMD platform. Today they expand their lineup with a couple of new boards based around NVIDIA's MCP73 line for Intel LGA775, these being the N73V with integrated GeForce 7050 GPU, and N73PV with integrated GeForce 7100 GPU.


You can learn more about each of the boards in the announcement here, as well as the product pages on Palit's website.


Palit Microsystems, the leading PC components manufacturer, today presents Nvidia's MCP73 line of chipsets - N73V and N73PV. These two motherboard art pieces are Nvidia's first line of integrated graphics solutions for Intel platforms. Do you always feel the embedded graphics of your Intel platform doesn't work on 3D game or cannot satisfy your request towards digital home life? Now, it is time to change the myth.


With built in GeForce 7050, Palit N73V provides you immersive experiences on the latest application and 3D games. You may also enjoy Windows Aero features such as Flip 3D, taskbar preview, etc. For your digital home life, Palit N73PV with the embedded GeForce 7100 mGPU creates brings playback ability of HDCP protected digital content directly from the PC to high-definition televisions and other display.


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Foxconn intro X38A motherboard

With X38 now officially unleashed, Foxconn are quick to let everyone know about their piece of work based on this new flagship desktop chipset from Intel. Foxconn call it the X38A "Digital Life" series motherboard and it packs more features than you can poke a stick at.


The first and most eye-catching aspect of it though is the unique and beefy chipset cooling solution implemented, particularly that mass of copper and aluminum sitting over the northbridge, Foxconn call this their "Cool Pipe" motherboard cooling system.


For the full scoop on it, grab Foxconn's announcement here folks.


Beijing, China, October 10th 2007 - FOXCONN today officially announced the launch of the X38A motherboard, based on the enthusiast-class Intel® X38 chipset. This high-end desktop motherboard is the latest product in Foxconn's Digital Life segment, which aims to bring more connectivity and digital entertainment capability to enthusiast motherboards.


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MSI release P6NGM series motherboards

MSI have issued out a PR today which highlights the release of their new P6NGM series of motherboards, these based on Nvidia's recently introduced MCP73 series chipsets with integrated GeForce 7 graphics and support for 1333MHz Core2 processors.


To learn more about their fresh lineup grab the announcement here.


Taipei, Taiwan - Micro-Star International (MSI), one of the leaders in motherboard manufacturing has launched its latest P6NGM series motherboards based on the new generation NVIDIA® MCP73 series chipset integrated GeForce™ 7 graphics for Intel® processors. The new MSI P6NGM motherboards feature the first HDMI interface and offer its customer to experience the advantage of "Ready for PC2008".


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ABIT and MSI X38 motherboards

With Intel's X38 chipset just around the corner, motherboard makers are getting more eager to show everyone what they have in store for us. As such, we're beginning to see press releases emerge on their latest works of art based around this new chipset.


MSI have issued out a press release on their X38 Diamond motherboard which uses their unique "Circu-Pipe" cooling solution for enhanced fanless cooling and also carries integrated X-Fi 7.1 Xtreme audio.


Taipei, Taiwan ( -- Micro-Star International (MSI), one of the leaders in motherboard manufacturing, launches its latest X38 Diamond motherboards based on Intel® X38 Express chipset and DDR3 structure. The new MSI X38 Diamond motherboards include the most exclusive features designed for PC enthusiast and offer users to experience the amazing advantage of "Ready for PC2008".


The new MSI X38 Diamond motherboards support the latest FSB1333 and 45nm multi-core Intel® processors to bring the most powerful performance at the end of 2007. The X38 Express chipset will replace the 975X in the enthusiast segment. MSI X38 Diamond has combined the basic advantage and complete-tweaking BIOS design to emerge as the best motherboard ever. It is also equipped with several overclocking-friendly design such as LED POST, instant button, and others to match the precise demand of overclockers.


Spotted over at PCStats today, they've also scored a look at an upcoming X38 motherboard, this one from ABIT dubbed the IX38-MAX.


There are two or three motherboard companies whose names are synonymous with overclocking, and ABIT is certainly one of them. The company sent out some shots of the new ABIT IX38-Max motherboard for us to preview.


As motherboards go the ABIT IX38-MAX is standard ABIT stuff - a heavy dose of chipset cooling, digital VRM, lots of space between the PCI Express 2.0 slots, right angle SATA connectors, eSATA, an HDMI audio header and Port 80 card.


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ASUS unveils P5NT WS motherboard

ASUS have announced their new P5NT WS motherboard today, this the first motherboard from them to make use of NVIDIA's 680i LT chipset.


The motherboard supports Intel's upcoming 45nm CPUs, DDR2 800/667/533 memory and of course SLI. Some other highlights are the three residing x16 PCI-e slots, one PCI-X slot, six SATA 3.0Gbps ports, one ATA port, two Gigabit ethernet adapters and integrated Realtek ALC888 8-channel HD audio.


Furthermore, this board also sports solid state capacitors and a unique heatpipe cooling solution.


For full details check out the official PR here folks.


Taipei, Taiwan, September 12, 2007 - The ASUS P5NT WS is built on the NVIDIA nForce 680i LT SLI chipset structure which supports a LGA775 Socket for running Intel Dual-core™/Quad-core™ CPUs and two NVIDIA SLI graphic cards with Dual x16 speeds on the same platform. With NVIDIA's Quadro certification, this motherboard is able to let the user to enjoy the best CPU and graphics. With the addition of the PCI-X interface, the P5NT WS provides much more options in I/O configurations for SOHOs and power users to custom-build their ideal working or entertainment environment.


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AMD RX780 mobo by ECS pictured

We also made time to visit our friends at ECS today who showed us their upcoming AMD motherboard based on the RX780 chipset - a cheaper and cut down version of the RD790 with a single PEG slot running at x16 full speed.


The RX780M-A is expected to launch after the first bunch of RD790 boards sometime mid October with a street price of around $100 - $110 USD. Pretty good for a brand new motherboard with Socket AM2+ supporting AMD's upcoming bunch of processors.


One thing we quickly noticed was that ECS finally decided to ditch the FDD (floppy) connector on this board and depending on how you look it could be either good or bad.


Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure! Take note that while the board is almost finished, the capacitors around the CPI area will be changed to 100% Japanese solid types and the Southbridge heatsink color will be changed to match the other cooler.






Not too shabby at all for the price!


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