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GIGABYTE All-Solid Capacitor 945-965 Motherboard Series In More Detail

Following a recent announcement from GIGABYTE to support the release of a new complete lineup of 945-965 series motherboards using higher quality "All-Solid" capacitors, they've just forwarded on a complete powerpoint document which goes into more detail about the boards on offer, with particular attention to the benefits from using these higher quality capacitors.



If interested, grab the 2.64MB powerpoint document here.


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GIGABYTE Unveils Whole 945 Series of All-Solid Capacitor Motherboards

An announcement from GIGABYTE today details the release of a full range of 945 series motherboards with high-quality "All-Solid" Capacitors, thus ensuring excellent stability with better electronic conductivity.


For further information on the new high-quality lineup from GIGABYTE, grab their official PR here folks.


Taipei, Taiwan, January 2, 2007 - GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and other computing hardware solutions, today announced the launch of a full range of 945 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards completing a total product line up of All-Solid Capacitor motherboards based on 945 through 965 chipsets. GIGABYTE 965 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards have received much acclaim over the past two quarters for there high quality and reliability, therefore GIGABYTE has introduced solid capacitors to the 945 series of motherboards that targets the mainstream market. The brand new 945 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards qualify GIGABYTE as the first motherboard maker to provide a full range of ultra durable motherboards from high-end to mainstream products.


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abit introduces the AB9 QuadGT Motherboard

Seeking a nice quality mainboard at an attractive price point for your beefy quad core LGA775 CPU? abit's new AB9 QuadGT is definitely worth looking into. It's actually based around a modified P965 chipset (to allow for quad-core goodness) and also comes with abit's µGuru technology for hardware monitoring and control on the fly.


To get all the details on it, have a read of the press material here peeps.


January 2, 2007 - abit today announced their latest Intel® P965 chipset based motherboard for Core™2 Quad/Duo processors, the abit AB9 QuadGT. This motherboard has been specifically engineered for and around LGA775 quad-core CPUs with up to 1066 MHz FSB. It is equipped with abit's powerful µGuru™ technology for extensive hardware monitoring and control. The extreme tuning and overclocking capabilities of this exclusively abit engineered microchip stands unsurpassed in the industry. With the New Year, abit also ushers in an entirely new generation of extreme computing.


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A fistful of nForce 590 SLI motherboards compared

Gathered enough xmas bucks to upgrade your sys? If it happens to be an AM2 based upgrade you're in the market for, perhaps you'd like to check out this fresh roundup over at The Tech Report today where they pit a bunch of nForce 590 SLI motherboards from Abit, ASUS, DFI, ECS, and MSI to give you a clearer picture of which one suits your needs best.


THE NFORCE 590 SLI is easily the most feature-rich core-logic chipset available for Athlon 64 processors. Nvidia takes feature integration further than any other chipset maker, and that's enabled the company to ensure a measure of consistency between motherboards based on its chipsets. Unfortunately, although core logic consolidation has done wonders for promoting a consistent end user experience, it's also made it increasingly difficult for motherboard manufacturers to differentiate their products.

With an eye toward maintaining a measure of unique identity in a sea of boards whose performance and features are largely defined by the chipsets they use, mobo makers are scrambling to break new ground. For some, new ground comes in the form of workstation-specific amenities like PCI-X slots. For others, it's digital voltage circuitry around the processor. Some have even challenged the chipset itself, replacing integrated audio with something a little more exotic.


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GALAXY Now Producing Motherboards!

Galaxy Technology have issued out a PDF formatted announcement a short time ago which highlights their move to enter the motherboard business, and they're making their presence known by having also unveiled a board based around NVIDIA's newest flagship chipset, the nForce 680i for Intel Core 2.


nForce 600i Series for Intel processors Providing you with a comprehensive set of overclocking tools giving everyone from the most veteran enthusiast to the novice overclocker the ability to unleash the hardware in their PC.


Why choose an NVIDIA nForce MCP? NVIDIA nForce® media and communications processors (MCPs) are a key motherboard component providing essential technologies for your PC. Designed with an innovative, highly integrated architecture, NVIDIA-based motherboard solutions provide high-speed system performance, advanced networking, and unparalleled storage solutions to Intel platform.


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DFI Overcomes All Odds to Launch the LANParty UT ICFX3200-T2R/G Motherboard!

Despite the merger of ATI and AMD having brought much friction on ATI's previously healthy relationship with Intel in terms of their motherboard chipset lineups, DFI are the one partner to have stuck by their word in eventually releasing a motherboard based on ATI's much anticipated RD600 chipset, most likely the final Intel chipset we'll ever see ATI produce.


In an announcement from DFI today, the LANParty UT ICFX3200-T2R/G Motherboard is finally here!


Our review of this board will be up very soon folks, we're just as eager as you guys to find out how much it shines amongst the competition.


Taipei, Taiwan -- The merger of ATI and AMD placed the RD600 chipset in an unusual position. Despite all obstacles DFI decided to keep the faith with the eager public, which has been dreaming of the RD600 board, and continued production plans for the RD600. The power of the chipset's graphics processing capabilities with the incorporation of physics processing support has drawn interest from every hardcore gamer and over-clocking enthusiast around the world. Despite a flurry of rumors in the market, DFI's determination to bring excellent products to the market remains unchanged.


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More Info On ASUS 4x4 Motherboard

A few days after the Inquirer having dished up some hot news of an ASUS 4x4 motherboard, The DailyTech have managed to scrape up a few more defining points about the board, along with some more piccies of it too.


DailyTech has obtained a couple of images of an upcoming motherboard for AMD's 4x4 enthusiast platform. The motherboard is an ASUS L1N64-SLI WS powered by two NVIDIA nForce 680a MCPs. Two socket-1207 processors are supported with four memory slots-two slots per processor. With two nForce 680a MCPs the ASUS L1N64-SLI WS features 12 SATA 3.0 Gbps ports and one PATA for storage connectivity. There's also an additional e.SATA port on the back I/O as well.


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NVIDIA cuts support for nForce 2 motherboards

Some sour news for owners of nForce 2 based PCs. It appears NVIDIA has no intent to further support the once dominating much loved chipset. You wouldnt mind so much if it wasnt for Vista taking over the reigns next year, but without some fresh fully functional drivers for the OS you'll be in a bit of trouble.


Dont be too concerned though, apparently some determined clever lads out there are finding ways around it already.


SOME OF you might remember the good old Nforce 2 chipsets from Nvidia. That was before the SLI madness times. Many of you may still grieve for Soundstorm Industries' only Dolby Digital Live motherboard at the time.


Well Nvidia decided to say the final good bye to this chipset as it doesn't want to develop the Vista drivers for it. A colleague tried to install Vista RC2 on an Nforce 2 Ultra400 chipset but the software failed to install SMBuss drivers. Hie query to customer support brouht the following reply:


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First Look: AMD 4x4 motherboard

As the launch of AMD's 4x4 platform draws closer, The Inquirer have managed to get some pictures and info of ASUS's upcoming "LN64-SLI Deluxe", purely intended for the 4x4 platform. Its based around NVIDIA's "nForce 680a" chipset, and is said to become available around the same time as AMD's FX-74 CPUs which is towards the end of this month.


More pictures of it can also be found over at Techpowerup folks.


WITH AMD POSTPONING the 4x4 launch at the 11th hour, readers found themselves deprived of 4x4 reviews hitting the wobbly wibble on the 14th of November, that is to say, yesterday. We asked around and could not get a straight answer to the fact why the launch has been postponed. Some of our sources were muddling around a "fact" that the CPU volume was not ready in order to have anything more than a paper launch.


Regardless of that, we managed to get pictures and details of the Nforce 680a chipset, which will remain the only 4x4 supporting chipset until AMD prepares a revamped RD580 chipset - to be launched at the same time as the R600.


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GIGABYTE's "Ultimate Ultra Durable Motherboard Contest"

GIGABYTE are winding up their new "Ultimate Ultra Durable Motherboard Contest" today, which gives you a chance to send them some pictures of your custom built powerhouse system and send in for your chance to pick up an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, GIGABYTE 6-Quad All-Solid motherboard, and 8800 GTX graphics card.


Grab GIGABYTE's press release for all the details on the comp, or just head straight over to the official website where you can find out how to enter for your chance to WIN some really sweet goodies!


Taipei, Taiwan, November 15, 2006 - GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and other computing hardware solutions, today announce the GIGABYTE "Ultimate Ultra Durable Motherboard Contest"


Have you taken one of the unbelievably high performance, blisteringly overclockable GIGABYTE Ultra Durable motherboards for more than just a test spin? Are you one of those PC modders that takes special pride in creating the most extreme, envy of all your friends elaborate, should be showcased in the Louvre custom PCs?


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