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AMD's upcoming 790GX mobos get an early showing

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 AMD is not due to officially release its codenamed RS780D named 790GX chipset (along with SB750 chipset and AMD Overdrive Extreme overclock tweaking utility) until a little later but several companies were showing off their early design boards at Computex Taipei 2008 this week.


Our first stop was at MSI who had its K9A2GX-Digital motherboard on display for all to see. The MSI rep we spoke to mentioned that the board is nowhere near finished and the product we saw on display actually only arrived from the factory in China a couple days before the show began.


AMD's 790GX chipset is a new version of the 790FX with onboard graphics card better overclocking ability according to the folks we spoke to during Computex. MSI's K9A2GX-Digital gets a couple PCIe x16 slots for CrossfireX support, as well as generation two of Dr.Mos and five phases of power just for the CPU.


As far as I/O goes, you get all the usual goodies in addition to a single eSATA port and HDMI output with an optical port above it, in case you aren't using the HDMI cable to output audio into the same device as the video part.


Next up we saw DFI who had a couple rather interesting AMD 790GX based mobos on show. First up is the LANPARTY DK (stands for Dark) 790GX-M2RS which DFI is targeting towards "hard-core gamers and overclockers". They say it will offer excellent performance but not cost a bomb.


The 790GX-M2RS is the full-sized ATX option from DFI and it gets four + one phase digital PWM, Hybrid Graphics support of course, ALC885 HD eight channel sound, DFI's Auto Boost System (ABS), fanless cooling for 0db operation and six stacked 90 degree angled SATA-II ports. It gets two PCIe x16 slots for CrossfireX but if you have two cards installed, each slot will operate at x8 electronically.


Next up is the DFI LANPARTY JR (stands for Junior) 790GX-M2RS which is the little brother of the other one you just saw. It is a Micro-ATX based motherboard and the big thing with this product is that it manages to squeeze in dual PCIe x16 slots for gamers looking to build a small system which is still able to offer good performance.


It gets pretty much most of the features as the LANPARTY DK 790GX-M2RS but with the addition of an even more attractive price tag.


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MSI makes combo memory P45 mobo to the max

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Normally combination memory motherboards mean you have to compromise on the total capacity.


Traditionally we have either two slots for one type of memory and two for the other. In some cases, you have two slots for one type and four for the other, depending on which technology is newer gets the extra slots.


Well here comes MSI, aiming at giving you the best combo board without compromising on anything. The new P4S8D is an Intel P45 Express based motherboard with single graphics card option but with memory capacities of 8GB of either DDR2 or 8GB of DDR3.


Eight total memory slots are given, four of them are for DDR3 (blue and purple) and four for DDR2 (Green and Orange). This makes MSI's board the highest capacity combo board out there. Way to go.


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MSI and Foxconn displays upcoming Intel G45 mobos

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 MSI and Foxconn were both showing off their upcoming motherboard products at Computex out in the new Nangang hall and a couple that got our attention were mobos based on Intel's upcoming G45 Express chipset. This chipset will be package in Intel's GMA-X4100 graphics chip for onboard graphics support.


First up we have the Foxconn Concerto (which I assuming means concert in some other language). It is part of Foxconn's new Digital Life motherboard portfolio which is designed for boards with onboard graphics.


The Concerto will feature an ICH10R Southbridge, support for all Socket 775 45nm processors, it officially supports an FSB of 1333MHz but claims it will be overclockable to 1600MHz FSB, unofficially of course. The big feature with this mobo is the fact that it supports DDR2 and DDR3 memory up to 8GB in total. It gets two PCIe x16 2.0 slots but if both are in use, they will split down and work at x8 electronically.


Next up we move onto MSI who were showing a stack of motherboards at its booth but agan our focus is back on its G45 products.


First up we have the MSI G45 Platinum which will be MSI's flagship most high-end G45 product and it looks rather impressive. It basically uses a similar design to MSI's P45 and X48 boards but of course with a different chipset under the impressive Circu-Pipe 2 cooling setup. Differing from the Foxconn board, it just gets a single PCIe X16 2.0 slot that works at x16 and to us this makes more sense since people buying this board will probably not be a gamer but something looking at building a high-end HTPC setup or fairly well equipped office PC.


It will see generation 2.0 of Dr.MOS power saving technology and MSI claims it will operate at 10 watts low power usage using its GreenPower technology. For a board with onboard graphics, it really seems like MSI is still pushing good overclocking with it with 2-phase dedicated power supply for memory and chipset systems.


The final G45 based mobo MSI were showing was its G45M which is a Micro-ATX version and cheaper than the previous board - it is pictured above.


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Intel Atom based Mini-ITX mobos get flash action

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Intel had many people gathered around the Atom area of its booth with obviously much interest in something very small.


Our attention was focused on a small wall of Mini-ITX Atom based motherboards from Intel, Foxconn, Gigabyte and J&W.


Before we show you the pictures of these boards, take a moment to get an understanding at just how small the Atom CPU chip is from the small picture we created below.


People have been mixing up the Northbridge and Atom CPU but probably for good reason.


Now we get a close-up look at the boards displayed on the wall.





These boards will be placed inside systems such as the ASUS Eee Box and MSI Wind Desktop as well as another unit that we are about to write about from ECS. Stay tuned!


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A couple Intel X58 mobos up close and personal

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Intel has the largest booth here in Nangang hall at Computex Taipei 2008 and they were showing off all their latest goodies including the obvious Atom based netbooks and other related products.


On it's Great Wall of 4 Series Motherboards, we spotted two Intel X58 samples on display to the public.


The first was an early MSI X58 sample. Intel was hush hush on anything remotely related to it but we did get some close up shots for your viewing pleasure.





These boards will see many changes before they go on sale but it does give you a basic idea of what to expect.


1366 pin LGA socket for the upcoming Nehalem CPU and triple-channel memory support are the major things to take away from these picture.


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GIGABYTE shows us full range of new mobos at 101

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 For my first meeting of 2008 I was invited to the GIGABYTE suite in Taipei 101 and what a view from the 36th floor but being the computer geek I am the sight from within was even better.


On entering the suite we were greeted with all of GIGABYTE's new and up and coming boards.


First on the tour was a G45 based system. This little beauty was playing Blu-ray movies through the integrated graphics.


For the elite users the EP45-Extreme comes equipped with three PCI Express graphics card slots, DDR3 memory as well as a hybrid water cooling for the mosfets, NB and SB.


If you're not keen on getting DDR3, there is a DDR2 version.


With Atom launching today, GIGABYTE's GA-GC230D Atom powered motherboard was on display. We are really looking forward to getting this one in for review.


For a more budget conscious option to the DQ6, DS4 has the same six PCI Express GPU slots but runs less voltage regulation system.


GIGABYTE was only showing one AMD board at its suite, but what a board, based on the new AMD 790GX chipset with Hybrid Graphics support.


As for graphics cards, the only really exciting part (apart from the new ATI graphics card we couldn't photograph due to NDA) was a 9600GT based board is a new three heat core passive cooler onboard.


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XFX Black Edition Graphics and NV motherboards

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 XFX loves to show off and this year was no disappointment. But scantily clad booth babes aside, they had to show some interesting new products.


Just now out at the new Nangang hall they introduced their "Black Edition" which is a no cost consideration ultra high-end level of products for XFX, above XXX.


The GeForce 9600GSO made its debut from the XFX labs at this press event; they talked about increased memory speeds upwards of 1.5GHz DDR and then had a competition to win one.


Next in line are two new motherboards and with XFX new to the motherboard game one thing is clear, they won't be doing budget boards.


A full sized ATX AM2 8300 GeForce and a micro-ATX AM2 750a series. Featuring Dual BIOS with one normal and one preset to OC through three easy BIOS settings. When quizzed they said that you can achieve up to 70% improvements depending on CPU.


Back ports include VGA, DVI and HDMI as standard, P.O.S.T LED display and a CMOS clear button. Clearly this is aimed at the overclocking gamer market.


I had a chance to talk to one of the guys backstage and we got the opportunity to see two up and coming LGA775 boards, one ATX and one micro-ATX.


Unfortunately no photos for now, but I can tell you they will follow suit of the AM2 boards and be loaded with the same sorts of features. We can expect to see these boards around the August timeframe.




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An early look at DFI's P45 Lanparty mobo

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Ahead of its launch next week in Taipei, pictures of DFI's upcoming Lanparty DK P45-T2RS7 motherboard have found their way onto the Internet before it is due to go on sale sometime in June.


It is based on Intel's soon to be released P45 Express chipset and introduces a new cooling heatpipe setup which not only cools the Northbridge but also the eight phase digital PWM.


It has two PCI Express x16 slots which both electronically work at x8. You get a total of eight SATA-II ports powered by a mix of the Intel ICH10R Southbridge and Jmicron JMB363 chipset.


Here is how it looks...


We'll bring you a closer look at this product next week from the show floor.


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Foxconn launches Green Series G31 mobo

Foxconn has today taken the covers off its newest motherboard and it comes under their new Green Series of products.


It will be a rather affordable motherboard based on Intel's G31 Express chipset with onboard GMA 3100 graphics and support for the latest Core2 Quad and Core2 Duo processors up to 95W power rating and FSB rating of 1333MHz.


The new motherboard includes FOXCONN's proprietary 3G technologies which are designed to reduce power consumption, typically by around 68%*.


3G technologies comprise of GPS (Green Power Saving), GoD (Green on Demand) and GSM (Green System Mode).


GPS reduces power consumption in standby or 'power off' mode by around 95% by combining with a special GREEN Series power supply which reduces the power draw from the computer.


GoD technology intelligently manages the multi-phase power distribution on the motherboard, reducing the number of power phases in operation during low-loading periods, and increasing the number of phases when the computer is under heavy loading. This technique improves energy efficiency when the computer is operational, especially during light usage, where energy savings from single-phase power distribution are significant.


Finally GSM (Green System Mode) combines a number of BIOS and system settings to further enhance energy efficiency in all usage states.


You can read more information over at the Foxconn website.


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GIGABYTE 790GX mobos get pictured early

One of the motherboards you'll get a look at Computex next month in Taipei is the GIGABYTE MA79GP-DS4H and it is based on AMD's upcoming 790GX chipset.


It of course supports all AM2+ processors and DDR2 memory and gets five phases of power and from the looks of things; it appears to be using all solid capacitors made in Japan.


From the pictures that have been posted up by Hicookie over at the Xfastest forums, it appears that the onboard ATI HD Radeon 3300 graphics chip will provide not only VGA and DVI display output but also HDMI. It will be interesting indeed to find out if it is HDMI 1.3 which is a requirement for the latest in HD audio from Blu-ray movies. It also supports AMD Hybrid Graphics.


Head on over to this forum website to check out the rest of the pictures of the mobo - it has been translated from Chinese to English.


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