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XFX Black Edition Graphics and NV motherboards

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 XFX loves to show off and this year was no disappointment. But scantily clad booth babes aside, they had to show some interesting new products.


Just now out at the new Nangang hall they introduced their "Black Edition" which is a no cost consideration ultra high-end level of products for XFX, above XXX.


The GeForce 9600GSO made its debut from the XFX labs at this press event; they talked about increased memory speeds upwards of 1.5GHz DDR and then had a competition to win one.


Next in line are two new motherboards and with XFX new to the motherboard game one thing is clear, they won't be doing budget boards.


A full sized ATX AM2 8300 GeForce and a micro-ATX AM2 750a series. Featuring Dual BIOS with one normal and one preset to OC through three easy BIOS settings. When quizzed they said that you can achieve up to 70% improvements depending on CPU.


Back ports include VGA, DVI and HDMI as standard, P.O.S.T LED display and a CMOS clear button. Clearly this is aimed at the overclocking gamer market.


I had a chance to talk to one of the guys backstage and we got the opportunity to see two up and coming LGA775 boards, one ATX and one micro-ATX.


Unfortunately no photos for now, but I can tell you they will follow suit of the AM2 boards and be loaded with the same sorts of features. We can expect to see these boards around the August timeframe.




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An early look at DFI's P45 Lanparty mobo

By: Array

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Ahead of its launch next week in Taipei, pictures of DFI's upcoming Lanparty DK P45-T2RS7 motherboard have found their way onto the Internet before it is due to go on sale sometime in June.


It is based on Intel's soon to be released P45 Express chipset and introduces a new cooling heatpipe setup which not only cools the Northbridge but also the eight phase digital PWM.


It has two PCI Express x16 slots which both electronically work at x8. You get a total of eight SATA-II ports powered by a mix of the Intel ICH10R Southbridge and Jmicron JMB363 chipset.


Here is how it looks...


We'll bring you a closer look at this product next week from the show floor.


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Foxconn launches Green Series G31 mobo

By: Array

Foxconn has today taken the covers off its newest motherboard and it comes under their new Green Series of products.


It will be a rather affordable motherboard based on Intel's G31 Express chipset with onboard GMA 3100 graphics and support for the latest Core2 Quad and Core2 Duo processors up to 95W power rating and FSB rating of 1333MHz.


The new motherboard includes FOXCONN's proprietary 3G technologies which are designed to reduce power consumption, typically by around 68%*.


3G technologies comprise of GPS (Green Power Saving), GoD (Green on Demand) and GSM (Green System Mode).


GPS reduces power consumption in standby or 'power off' mode by around 95% by combining with a special GREEN Series power supply which reduces the power draw from the computer.


GoD technology intelligently manages the multi-phase power distribution on the motherboard, reducing the number of power phases in operation during low-loading periods, and increasing the number of phases when the computer is under heavy loading. This technique improves energy efficiency when the computer is operational, especially during light usage, where energy savings from single-phase power distribution are significant.


Finally GSM (Green System Mode) combines a number of BIOS and system settings to further enhance energy efficiency in all usage states.


You can read more information over at the Foxconn website.


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GIGABYTE 790GX mobos get pictured early

By: Array

One of the motherboards you'll get a look at Computex next month in Taipei is the GIGABYTE MA79GP-DS4H and it is based on AMD's upcoming 790GX chipset.


It of course supports all AM2+ processors and DDR2 memory and gets five phases of power and from the looks of things; it appears to be using all solid capacitors made in Japan.


From the pictures that have been posted up by Hicookie over at the Xfastest forums, it appears that the onboard ATI HD Radeon 3300 graphics chip will provide not only VGA and DVI display output but also HDMI. It will be interesting indeed to find out if it is HDMI 1.3 which is a requirement for the latest in HD audio from Blu-ray movies. It also supports AMD Hybrid Graphics.


Head on over to this forum website to check out the rest of the pictures of the mobo - it has been translated from Chinese to English.


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ECS announces X48T-A Black Series mobo

By: Array

ECS alerted us this morning about its latest motherboard - this one is right at the high-end of the list and we are talking about the X48T-A Black Series motherboard based on Intel's X48 Express chipset.


It includes support for Intel 45nm processors as well as Core2 Extreme Quad-Core processors, Intel XMP DDR3 memory technology, ATI CrossFire dual graphics (two PCI Express 2.0 X16 slots running at full x16 speed) and features ECS Qooltech II silent cooler, dual Gigabit LAN and Ultra I/O Rear Panel.


The big feature ECS seems to be pushing with its X48 board is extreme cooling and silence using the Qooltech Generation 2 cooler which is said to adopt a copper tube with a special design providing an excellent heat transfer capacity that efficiently reduces the temperature by up to 20 degrees centigrade. We don't know exactly what they are comparing against but it sounds good.


Utilized the Intel® X48 express chipset from Intel®, the X48T-A supports 1600 MHz front side bus and delivers 45nm Intel® Core™2 family processing power. In particular, the motherboard has the ability to set DDR3 modules to automatically start up a system in an overclocking state using two profiles that are available in the SPD of the modules. When it working with XMP compatible memory modules, users get optimized performance up to DDR3 1600 and keep system stability simultaneously without touching anything, otherwise runs a normal mode using non-XMP memory modules. It is really a simple but intelligent solution for end users to tune up their PC's performance.


Furthermore, it features 2 PCI Express 2.0 X16 slots (running at full X16 bandwidth) for ATI CrossFireTM X technology, providing better multi-GPU support than before. Moreover X48T-A is equipped with the revolutionary ECS M.I.B. (Motherboard Intelligent BIOS) overclocking utility for performance users to get extra benefit through a flexible tweaking tool. The utility integrated all the overclocking functions into one page. It provides the most intelligent and convenient way to adjust the clock/ voltage settings of CPU and memory. Users can easily get the extra performance with this innovative utility.


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ASUS mobos will get instant-on Linux OS

By: Array

The folks over at DeviceVM certainly have something to grin about - ASUS has just announced that it will include its Splashtop instant-on Linux OS software as part of its Express Gate feature on all upcoming motherboards starting with the P5Q family.


While Express Gate is not entirely new, it has seen some changes now. Instead of having to run the software off a HDD or pen drive (where you might as well just use Ubuntu), this time the boards will have a dedicated memory chipset linked to the BIOS. Turn on your system and within a second or so, you have an OS to play around with.


The type of setup is probably more suited to notebooks, but if you are only interested in web browsing, you could save a bucket of cash not having to pay for Vista or waste time setting up another Linux operating system, as it is there ready to go. The video below which was uploaded to YouTube below explains how Splashtop works.



You can see an early preview by Rob Williams over at Techgage and you can check out the full press release here.


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ASUS R.O.G. P45 motherboard pictures

By: Array

There's been a fair chunk of info and images floating about recently in reference to Intel's next big chipset to hit the market, that being P45. You would have seen our exclusive Gigabyte Spring Break coverage a couple days ago which showed off some P45 related goodness, and there's been several sightings in the way of upcoming P45 boards from various vendors recently as well.



The cream of the crop however comes in the form of this ASUS R.O.G. series Maximus II Formula motherboard, sighted over at HARDSPELL earlier today. The pictures well and truely speak for themselves as to just how serious this motherboard is, with bells and whistles to keep the most feature-hungry enthusiasts' expectations fullfilled.



I'll allow these exclusive pictures at HARDSPELL to do the rest of the talking.


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More P45 motherboards from GIGABYTE

By: Array

Last week we showed you the world exclusive pictures of Gigabyte's EP45 Extreme and this week we thought we'd follow up with some more P45 motherboards from Gigabyte. First up we got the EP45-DQ6 which will be Gigabyte's flagship P45 based motherboard and unlike the Extreme, this is a normal retail board targeting high-end users looking for something out of the ordinary. It can't compete with the Extreme when it comes to chipset cooling, but it has a fair few extra features that you won't get with the Extreme board.



As you can see from the picture above, the design is quite different, as this time around Gigabyte has designed a very different PCB for each and every P45 based motherboard, unlike the P35 series which had a few boards that weren't all that different. There are three things that set this board apart and you've most likely already spotted two of them. First up is quad Gigabit Ethernet with teaming support, this means that you can run 4Gbit Ethernet if you have a switch with enough spare ports and something fast enough to connect it to. How useful this is, is a different question all together, but it might be useful on a LAN Party or a similar event or for anyone shuffling large amounts of data over their network. The Ethernet controllers used can also regulate the amount of power used for the signal transmission, so on a shorter length of cable, they'll use less power.


Next up is the small heatsink close to the southbridge. This hides a PCI Express switch for lack of better words, which allows for the two x4 PCI Express slots to share four PCI Express lanes while still operating at near full speed. This is similar to Nvidia's N200 chip that is used on several motherboards and even the 9800GX2 graphics cards. The two x16 slots will operate at x8 when both are used, just as with all other P45 boards. Having a pair of x4 slots aren't that useful at the moment, but hopefully more consumer devices that can take advantage of these slots will appear. The board also has a single x1 PCI Express slot and two PCI slots.


Then there's what Gigabyte calls Smart Backup, it consists of a pair of RAID controllers which can communicate with each other and as such allow for a RAID 5 setup across four hard drives. The key thing here is that it's meant to be very easy to set this up and you shouldn't have to install any drivers, which means that this will work with virtually all operating systems. We don't have any details of exactly how this is done, but it'll be interesting to see how well this works. It's also meant to lower the CPU utilization compared to normal motherboard RAID solutions and the controllers have a small amount of data cache, normally only found on more expensive RAID controllers.


Something you can't see from the picture is that Gigabyte has added seven LEDs around the board which will light up in sequence when you power the system on. This is similar to the debug LEDs found on many motherboards, but this is actually much easier to use, as if the light stops, then there's something wrong with whatever it stops next to. Say for example that the RAM in the system has stopped working, then there will be a static light next to the memory slots to indicate this. If everything is functional then the lights will flash up and then turn off once the system has booted. This board also features an updated version of Gigabyte's DES power saving technology and an onboard TPM (Trusted Platform Module) controller to which Gigabyte supplies a utility in which you can store your passwords.


We're sure you can figure out some of the remaining features of the board by yourself, but it has support for up to 12 USB 2.0 ports, three FireWire ports and it comes with a couple of eSATA brackets as well. It will most likely be an expensive board, but for those that don't need quite all of those features, then there's always the DS series of boards and although we've covered some of those boards before, we've got pictures of one model that hasn't been shown as yet.


The EP45T-DS5 is similar to the board that bit-tech covered a little while back, but the T in the name denotes DDR3 support. With DDR3 prices slowly coming down to a more reasonable level, this board might be interesting for those looking at jumping on the DDR3 bandwagon. The board looks more or less the same as the EP45-DS5, apart from the memory slots which are different. This board also features the same hardware RAID controllers as the EP45-DQ6, but it's only got a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports and no x4 PCI Express slots.



Both boards also feature power, reset and CMOS reset buttons below the bottom PCI slot and although this location might not be ideal, it's a step forward for Gigabyte and a feature we really like to see. Another change from the DQ6 is that the DS5 only has 6-phase PWM instead of a 12-phase design on the DQ6, but they share the 2-phase memory and chipset PWM design with the Extreme board. The one model we've yet to see is the DS4 and this has generally just been a DS3 with improved cooling, but time will tell if Gigabyte has changed this model around this time as well. For now, it looks like Gigabyte has a pretty solid selection of P45 boards with some pretty decent features and it's just over a month until the official launch, so for those waiting, it's not too long to go.


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Foxconn launches $400 BLACKOPS mobo

By: Array

Foxconn has today launched the second motherboard in its Quantum Force series and it's a ripper.


BLACKOPS is the name and this mighty motherboard may even make the most serious of overclockers cringe. It is based on Intel's new X48 Express chipset and is targeted specifically at overclockers. Out of the box, it includes a 4-in-1 chipset cooling arrangement that allows for regular air cooling as well as water cooling and even LN2 or dry ice.


It also features 8 phases digital PWM for solid stability under extreme conditions. You'll also get bundled the SONAR daughter card which includes Realtek's ALC885 chip for 8 channels of High Definition Audio with an impressive 106dB SNR.


Not only that, Foxconn goes much further by providing variable resistors for volt-modding, motherboard tray for convenient workbench access to all parts of the motherboard and the Quantum Flow fan kit - which improves airflow around installed VGA cards. The Quantum Flow fan can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position and is said to lower temperatures around multi-VGA rigs by around 5ºC.


Foxconn are shooting directly for ultra high-end with BLACKOPS and if you are prepared to spend $400 USD (about $450 AUD), you'll get just that.


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