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ASRock X58 Motherboard Sets Core i7 950 OC Record

The ASRock X58 SuperComputer motherboard has driven the Core i7 to new heights, setting a new overclocking record for the Core i7 950 processor.


ASRock X58 Motherboard Sets Core i7 950 OC Record


(Click the above image for the large version)


According to the Overclocking World Record Database, George Hsu has managed to overclock the Core i7 to 4431.75 MHz. The 44.5% overclock was acheived on air cooling using 2GB of G.Skill DDR3-2000 and an ASUS 9800GT video card.


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VIA Shows Off EITX-3000 Motherboard

VIA has stated that it plans on showing off the first Em-ITX form factor motherboard at ESC Silicon Valley 2009 next week. Until then they've been kind enough to give some pictures and information on the upcomming motherboard.


VIA Shows Off EITX-3000 Motherboard


(Click the above image for the large version)


The EITX-3000 will be available with either a 1.0/1.3 GHz Nano or a 500MHz Eden ULV processor. It will be paired with a DDR2 SO-DIMM up to 2GB in size.


VIA Shows Off EITX-3000 Motherboard


(Click the above image for the large version)


VIA has integrated Chrome9 graphics, Vinyl VT1708 HD audio, two SATA 3.0 ports, dual gigabit eithernet, one D-SUB and two LVDS outputs, and two USB connectors into the tiny EITX-3000 motherboard. Although there is no price or availability on the board yet, more information should be available next week.


"VIA has repeatedly pushed the thermal design envelope with innovative form factor specifications that allow ever more compact, slim and versatile device designs," said Daniel Wu, Vice President, VIA Embedded. "The VIA EITX-3000 adds the performance-per-watt advantages of the VIA Nano processor to create a truly compelling embedded board for high-end digital media systems."


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NVIDIA Unveils nForce 980a SLI Motherboard

Now that Intel and NVIDIA are butting heads in a legal battle, NVIDIA is focusing a little more on their offerings for AMD fans.


TechPowerUp found out that NVIDIA somewhat silently made the nForce 980a reference board official by adding the board to their product page. The 980a doesn't seem to be anything groundbreaking from NVIDIA, but it does bring AM3 and DDR3 support


NVIDIA Unveils nForce 980a SLI Motherboard


What it does bring is yet another choice for AMD processors. Intel has the Core i7 locked down. If you want a Core i7 chip in your PC, you have but one choice, and thats an X58 motherboard.


NVIDIA Unveils nForce 980a SLI Motherboard


The nForce 980a SLI motherboard has everything you've come to expect from NVIDIA. Dual gigabit LAN, 3-Way SLI support, lots of USB, and onboard video via the built in GeForce 8300 IGP.


NVIDIA Unveils nForce 980a SLI Motherboard


The board pictured is just that of the refernce design. Once NVIDIA's partners get their hands on it, you can bet that their own cooling solutions will make it into the mix.


NVIDIA nForce® 980a SLI® media and communications processors (MCPs) power the most feature rich, high performance motherboards for AMD AM3 CPUs. As a premier enthusiast platform, nForce 980a features SLI technology for maximum graphics performance and are specifically designed to harness the power of GeForce® GPUs for gaming and beyond.


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Foxconn Announces Renaissance II X58 Motherboard

Foxconn has announced another Intel X58 based motherboard, the Renaissance II.


Foxconn Announces Renaissance II X58 Motherboard


(Click the above image for the large version)


As far as specifications are concerned, the Renaissance II is identical to that of the first iteration of the board. It still has 4 PCIe X16 slots with support for CrossFireX and 3-Way SLI, still has room for 24GB of triple channel DDR3, and still has the same black and orange layout.


Foxconn Announces Renaissance II X58 Motherboard


(Click the above image for the large version)


The few changes that Foxconn has made are simply those that are irrelevant to all but the most avid enthusiasts. The cooling solution has been changed and the heapipe has been removed. Also removed are the onboard power, reset, and clear CMOS buttons, the two SAS ports, and the debug LED, all of which should have absolutely no effect on performance.


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ECS Announces G43T-M3 Motherboard

ECS announced the G43T-M3 motherboard which they are touting "delivers the best HD experience."


The new mATX motherboard features the Intel G43 Express chipset and Intel GMA X4500 graphics, which includes built-in support for HD video decoding without the need for any add-on graphics cards.


ECS Announces G43T-M3 Motherboard


Should more graphics power be required, the board has a PCIe 2.0 slot. The G43T-M3 has support for up to 12 USB 2.0 ports, 6 SATA ports, and sports DVI and VGA onboard. Unfortunately there is no HDMI or optical/coaxial SPDIF on the back I/O panel, which would make the board welcomed by many HTPC users.


There was no mention of price or availability in the full press release, which is available here.


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Sneaky trick enables SLI on non-SLI motherboard

We discovered an article in Taiwanese magazine PC Home Advance that is sure to get NVIDIA's knickers in somewhat of a knot.


The article explains how to enable SLI support on a motherboard without official NVIDIA SLI certification.


If you recall back a little, NVIDIA made a policy that if motherboard makers wanted to add SLI support to their Intel X58 chipset based motherboards, they would need to pay for certification to enable support in NVIDIA's ForceWare drivers.


PC Home Advance in Taiwan managed to work out if you flash GIGABYTE's EX58-UD4 motherboard with the latest F6 GIGABYTE UD4P BIOS (this board has official SLI support) from the GIGABYTE website, it will enable SLI support on the cheaper UD4 model.


Sneaky trick enables SLI on non-SLI motherboard

Since you are flashing your board with a different model BIOS, you cannot just use the BIOS QFlash utility or the Windows based @BIOS. Instead, you need to flash your UD4 board with a DOS BIOS flashing program called SPIFLASH - a quick Google reveals it is readily available online. Once you've downloaded the utility, you need to enter DOS mode with a boot disk and simply type in the command "SPIFLASH EX58UD4P.F6", then the BIOS flash update will proceed. Once you've rebooted and gone back into Windows, you'll have SLI support.


Remember that flashing your board with a different BIOS will more than likely void your warranty and do take care if you wish to try it out. Leave your results and comments over at our GIGABYTE tech support forum.


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New Info On ASUS Rampage II Gene Motherboard

ASUS sent HardOCP some information on the ASUS Rampage II GENE motherboard.


Besides supporting SLI and CrossFireX on the microATX board, it also has five fan connectors, six DIMM slots, seven SATA ports, and onboard X-FI audio.


ASUS Rampage II Gene Motherboard


(Click the above image for the large version)


ASUS says that the Rampage II GENE will hit the shelves with a $259 price tag.


ASUS sent along a handful of pictures of the ASUS Rampage II GENE X58 socket 1366 Core i7 motherboard that supports SLI and CFX in a microATX form factor for your viewing pleasure. We also have a complete list of specs and features to go with the pictures for those of you interested in what ASUS has packed onto this board. MRSP on the Rampage II GENE will be $259.


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EVGA Launches X58 Classified Motherboard

EVGA launched the X58 Classified Edition motherboard, raising the bar on enthusiast level motherboards.


EVGA Launches X58 Classified Motherboard


(Click the above image for the large version)


The new board features never before seen features such as 3-way SLI + PhysX + 1x PCIe device on a single board, 2 8pin +12V connectors capable of delivering 600 watts of power, and 10 phase Digital PWM with a switching frequency of up to 1333KHz.


The board has ten SATA 300 connections, four PCIe X16 slots with support for 3-way SLI and CrossFire, and six DDR3 slots for up to 12GB of triple channel memory, as well as many more enthusiast grade features. Expect to drop US$449.99 on the board once it becomes available.


Many Manufacturers are stuffing the CPU Core Power Circuitry with endless phases without looking at the big picture. We take a very first to very last approach instead." said Peter "Shamino" Tan, Overclocking Evangelist for EVGA. "First the +12v comes into the board through the 8 pin CPU Power Connector. We remove the bottleneck here by doubling the current input capability with dual +12v. Next, the +12v is processed through a beefy 10 phase Digital PWM with a switching frequency of up to 1,333KHz, twice the speed of typical Digital PWMs and three times the speed of typical Analogue! Furthermore, you can adjust the switching frequency through the BIOS from 800KHz to 1,333KHz, deciding between power efficiency and heavy overclocking or benching.


Next, a super-low ESR and ESL film capacitor placed right behind the CPU socket ensures the cleanest power goes into your CPU. This finally passes on to a high quality CPU socket with three times the normal amount of gold content for the lowest impedance and highest current transfer, and of course, the socket is anodized a slick shiny black!


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MSI Unveils AMD DDR2/DDR3 Combo Motherboard

Until now, users with AMD's AM3 processors have been forced to choose between motherboards that supported only DDR2 or DDR3. Now you can choose both. MSI showed their 790GX-8D motherboard at CeBIT, which is aimed to give users an easier upgrade path with AM3 CPU's.


xxx - content title here - xxx


(Click the above image for the large version)


The 790GX-8D has four DDR2 slots as well as four DDR3 slots, two PCIe X16 slots, two PCIe x1 slots, and a single PCI slot. The new board supports CrossfireX and Hybrid CrossfireX using the onboard graphics.


It also featurs MSI's APS power saving technology and DrMOS voltage converters.


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Asus shows off seven PCI-E Slot mainboard

Folding@Home and Multi-GPU users rejoice. Asus in a fit of creativity has created a mainboard based on the X58 chipset with...Seven PCI-e slots, that's right I said Seven.


This board which will be called the P6T7 WS Supercomputer, is related to the amazing P6T6 WS Revolution. It will have a whopping four x16 PCI-E slots and three x8 Electrical slots.


Other specifications are similar to the P6T6 WS.


Pricing is not mentioned but with the P6T6 WS running at almost $400 you can bet the P6T7 will be quite expensive.


Read a little more here at Fudzilla.


Asus shows off seven PCI-E Slot mainboard

The ASUS P6T7 WS Supercomputer is a newly announced X58 motherboard that sports no less than seven PCI-E 2.0 slots controlled by two nForce 200 SLI chips. More specifically, four of these slots are x16 and three are x8 electrical, and 3-way SLI and CrossFire are also supported.


Additional features of this board include six memory slots for up to 24GB of DDR3, six SATA II ports, two SAS ports supporting RAID 0, 1, 10, two eSATA ports and the usual 7.1 onboard sound and dual Gigabit Ethernet.


Obviously, this board brings some optimistic hope for Folding@home enthusiasts, as it has been said to be the "best choice for intensive parallel computing demand."


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