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Rumor says Intel's Braidwood put on the shelf

We have more Intel rumors today. This one is surrounding the Turbo Memory successor Braidwood. Intel Turbo memory was a method of increasing I/O performance through the use of an NVRAM module. This feature showed up in a few notebooks but never really took off. On the whole the performance gain was not measureable so it was deemed as un-needed by many people that tested it.


Braidwood was supposed to bring this technology to the P55 in the form of the P57 chipset.


All of that is out the window if the rumors being reported are true. You see they claim that Intel is shelving the whole Braidwood project until a later date. This means that since the P57 is not much more than a P55 with Braidwood there is no reason to release the P57.


Of course again the problem with Turbo Boost (Much like Ready Boost) did not have any real measurable effect on performance. Did they help? Yes, they did but not in a way that was visible to the consumer. This coupled with rumored problems with the software side of Braidwood could be the main reason for shelving it for now. It is possible that like HyperThreading Turbo Memory will reappear when the technology is viable and the platform it is run on can really benefit from the technology.


Rumor says Intel's Braidwood put on the shelf




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MSI to have Lucid Hydra chip on new P55 board

Many people have heard of Lucid Technologies Hydra chip. Most have discounted it as vapor ware or nothing more than an interesting demo.


They cited a lack of any real adoption of this chip into any existing product. Well those doubters will not have much of an argument anymore.


Microstar International has announced that they are going to put a Lucid Hydra on to an upcoming P55 board for the Core i5. The board will be dubbed the "Big Bang". The MSI Big Bang will join ELSA's HPC rack system that also utilizes Hydra.


According to Lucid by using the Hydra you can achieve an almost linear scaling by adding multiple GPUs. The technology does not use the standard AFR or even ALR. Instead it dynamically allocates the render load across the GPUs.


Also unlike SLI and Crossfire you do not need identical GPUs you, in threory, could even use one GPU from ATi and one from nVidia.


We will be keeping an eye open for this new board to hit so we can see what it can really do.


MSI to have Lucid Hydra chip on new P55 board




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Asus rolls out their 785G boards in style

With the lifting of the NDA on the 785 is not s surprise to see everyone announcing mainboards with this new chipset from AMD on it.


So it is no surprise at all that Asus has let slip what they have planned.


According to the Asus Website (and a small blur on Fudzilla) There will be three 785 boards that have support for the AM3 and one with AM2+ support two of the boards are the same model except for the memory and CPU support.


The models are as follows


M4A785D-M Pro (both AM2+ and AM3)
This is a microATX board that features the AMD HD 4200 IGP but no extra sideport memory. CPUs of up to 125W TDP are supported.


M4A785TD-M EVO (AM3)
This is a microATX board that has the additional 128MB DDR3 sideport memory and also support for up to 140W TDP CPUs.


M4785TD-V EVO (AM3)
This is a full sized ATX board that is identical to the M4A785TD-M except for its size and additional slots.


All of these boards look to be pretty good, but as we found out earlier today they will not have full 7.1 Surround from the HD 4200IGP. This means they will lose out over existing Intel and nVidia based boards for the high-end HTPC and SFF market.


Asus rolls out their 785G boards in style


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PCIe 3.0 Protocol Delayed until 2010

Well if you were waiting for a new PCIe standard before upgrading you are in for a long wait. If you did not know that a new standard was due out and has now been delayed, well you are not alone. The PCI-Special Interest Group has announced that they are going to delay PCI 3.0 until sometime next year.


The new protocol would have enabled faster data rates (32Gigbits/second) and better (lower) power consumption. According to the PCI-SIG the new protocol is a bit more work than expected, but that is ok as, well apparently we do not even need it yet.


You have to wonder about these new standards that keep getting delayed. After all USB 3.0 got dropped for now, SATA 6Gb/s had stability issues and now PCIe 3.0 is being pushed back. One possibility is that slow economic times could delay development of products that can actually support the new interfaces. This would realistically delay adoption of the new standards by OEMs, but that is just speculation on our part.


PCIe 3.0 Protocol Delayed until 2010


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Asus Maximus III Formula details surface

There is some new information on the Asus ROG Board the Maximus III Formula. For those of you that do not know the name the Maximus has been the name of one of Asus' top end enthusiast boards for some time.


The newest is the third generation (hence the III in the name). If the information we are reading is correct this board should have external overclocking controls.


Other nice features are 19 phase power, SLI and Crossfire support, SupremeFX sound (just like others in the line) and san EZRAID type setup.


This board should be quite a performer if it is anything like its two older brothers. There is no word on availability or pricing yet. But I would say that this one will hit alongside the Core i5 release.


Asus Maximus III Formula details surface

Picture courtesy of Fudzilla


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Biostar P55 mobo details hit the internet

News of Biostar's P55 line up has hit the internet. As with most other vendors Biostar will have more than one board ready at launch. There will be two mid-range products (T-Series T5 XE and T-Series TP55XE) and one high-end (T-Power I55) offering.


At the mid-range level the T5 XE is going to be a run of the mill offering with not much extra thrown in. While the TP55 XE will offer a little more with angled SATA ports, 4+4 phase power, firewire, and digital outputs.


The top end will feature a lot more with overclocking features, three phase power for the memory, CrossfireX and SLI, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, e-SATA, and 12-phase power for the CPU.


The Biostar products should be available by the end of September.


Biostart P55 details hit the internet


Check out more here.


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MSI P55-GD65 motherboard preview by windwithme

One of our forum members, windwithme, has posted a picture preview of the P55-GD65 motherboard over in our forums.


MSI P55-GD65 motherboard preview by windwithme


What is probably most interesting about this board is that it has overclocking buttons - yep, you heard right. There are plus and minus buttons which allows you to adjust the base clock speed of the Core i5 processor.


You can see all the pictures of the mobo right here.


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EVGA Launches X58 SLI Micro Motherboard

Those looking for a Core i7 motherboard in something other than a full ATX format will be pleased to know that EVGA has just launched X58 SLI Micro.


EVGA Launches X58 SLI Micro Motherboard


The EVGA X58 SLI Micro is an Intel X58 chipset based motherboard shrunk down to the mATX size, yet doesn't lose much in the process. The board still packs enough features to satisfy many enthusiasts' needs, providing triple channel DDR3 and two-way SLI support.


EVGA Launches X58 SLI Micro Motherboard


It also has six SATA ports so that you can pack a case full of hard drives and optical drives. EVGA has also left a single PCI slot for expansion should users require something beyond the options that are available on the board itself.


EVGA Launches X58 SLI Micro Motherboard


The X58 SLI Micro motherboard also supports EVGA's E-LEET tuning utility software and EZ Voltage for easy overclocking and power testing. EVGA is backing the board by a two year warranty and it retails for $199.99.


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Foxconn also shows us its P55 Inferno Katana mobos

Today we visited the Foxconn Channel office in Taipei and got a look at its upcoming range of motherboards to be released in the coming future. We got a look at what was being shown behind closed doors during Computex. You've already seen the Foxconn Cinema 785G board, now we get a look at a couple upcoming Intel boards.


Zach Ko, Quantum Force & Digital Life motherboard product manager, gave us an early look at its upcoming Quantum Force Socket 1156 boards based around Intel's P55 Express chipset for the upcoming range of Core i5 mid-range processors.


The Inferno Katana is the big daddy and comes loaded with all the features. There is a slightly cut-down version called the Inferno Katana GTI. The main difference being that the GTI only has eight CPU power phases and the Inferno Katana has 12. Each board has two dedicated power phases for the dual channel DDR3 memory. Both boards support NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossfireX.


Watch our video below:



We got no details on price or availability, but you can expect Foxconn to begin selling these one Intel starting selling the compatible processors to match the boards. There are plenty of exciting features on this board, especially to do with power. We look forward to testing it fully when it comes out.


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Foxconn shows us its Cinema AMD 785G mobo

Today we visited the Foxconn Channel office in Taipei and got a look at its upcoming range of motherboards to be released in the coming future.


First up Zach Ko, Quantum Force & Digital Life motherboard product manager, gave us an early look at its Cinema motherboard. It is part of the popular Digital Life line and is based on the upcoming AMD 785G chipset, which includes the DX10.1 ATI Radeon HD 4200 GPU. Overclocking is one of the features which hasn't been forgotten on this small board and there is an option in the BIOS to increase the graphics core up to 1100MHz - and that enables it to hit a 3DMark06 score of around 2700 3DMarks. On the Deluxe version of the board, 128MB DDR3 1333MHz onboard SidePort memory is included for an extra performance boost.


Watch our video below:



It's capable of supporting both AM2+ and AM3 based AMD processors and comes with Dual Channel DDR2 667/800/1066 support. There are a total of five CPU power phases to keep things stable and 100% solid capacitors are used as well as ferrite choke power delivery for basic overclocking and increased reliability.


Audio is a strong point with this board and that makes sense since it is targeted at users wanting to build a home theater PC. Surround sound 7.1 channel audio is added along with DTS CONNECT and Dolby Digital Live certification.


As far as price goes, Foxconn reckon it will go on sale at a little under $100 USD and it will go online in early August first in China and then around the rest of the world at the end of August.


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