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Zotac intros new High-End ION based ITX board

Zotac is improving their ION line up by offering a high-end ION based Mini-ITX board.


The new board will be dubbed the ITX-F will have the inclusion of a PCI-E x16 slot. It also includes an Atom 330 CPU which should give you enough power to run your Nettop or HTPC. The NVIDIA ION features HDCP outputs through VGA, DVI and HDMI, 802.11n WiFi, Gigabit Lan and two slots for RAM. There is no word on pricing just yet and no mention of any overclocking features that might be hidden in the BIOS but this still looks like it might be an excellent choice for an HTPC.




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Poll Results - Who is your favorite motherboard maker?

In our most recent poll, we asked our readers who their favorite motherboard maker was and we had tremendous feedback.


We had a very good number of voters totaling around 9,100 votes. Out in front, 40% of our readers prefer ASUS motherboards, while 28% of our readers prefer GIGABYTE motherboards.


Next up we saw MSI getting 7% of the votes with eVGA coming in at 6%. DFI and ASRock share 4% of the votes.


For the actual numbers, go here.


In our latest poll, we want to know your thoughts about DirectX 11 (DX11). Let us know! Please go here to vote!


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Asus Launches its new TUF (The Ultimate Force) motherboards

Asus loves its high-end customers. First they dropped out the "RoG (Republic of Gamers)" line as their high-end products, now they have their "The Ultimate Force" (TUF) boards.


The first of this new line of board is being called the Sabertooth 55i. This is going to be a P55 with quite a few unique features and improvements over even their RoG boards. The first is the implementation of what Asus is calling E.S.P. this stands for Efficient Switching Power. This is intended to provide clean power to the CPU and memory as well as the PCI-e Slots and controller (now on the CPU). According to the hard-sell from Asus it raises the efficiency of power conversion from 60% to an impressive 90%.


But the fun does not stop there.


Asus has stuffed in extra goodies like ceramics based heatsinks, direct memory cooling (with an optional cooling fan), "military-certified" MOSFETs, and more.


The new color scheme for the board gives it a decidedly military feel. I am sure this is to allow it to compete (in advertising) against Foxconn's military themed products. No word yet on retail availability or pricing but, given its redesign and high-end components you can bet it will not be cheap.




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Pheonix BIOS pormises POST times of about one Second

One major complaint with modern computers is the time it takes to get them to a working state. Even the fastest system takes time to boot up and get all the devices in the system checked and working.


Pheonix is working on a BIOS that can speed up the POST time by a considerable marign. How fast? Well according to some of the reports it can actually cut the POST (Power on Self Test) down to one second.


That means that if you combine Windows 7 and its speed up boot time you could be ready and working in around 10-20 seconds. This is extremely fast and something to be seen in action.


What is it I keep saying? The future of computing is looking awfully bright.



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Dinar2 motherboard pictures popup

Last week we told showed you a couple of CPUz results for AMD's Magny-Cours K10 CPU. These had some interesting information but in reality did not tell us anything more than what we already knew (although there are rumors of thermal issues at full speed and 100% load).


Today we have a picture of the board that was used for the testing. This is a dual socket board that showed up as Dinar2 (Dinar is a form of currency used in the Middle East).


The picture does not show us much other than the name and the edges of the CPU sockets and RAM slots.


I have to wonder if the name is in anyway representative of the money that AMD received for the purchase of their foundry operations. If so that would be odd after all the money can from Abu Dhabi, a country that uses the Dirham as currency.




Thanks Jason


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First look at the ASUS Sabertooth 55i motherboard (video)

During the Intel Lynnfield and P55 Express chipset launch press conference earlier today in Taipei city, we managed to spot what we believe is an unseen motherboard from ASUS.


The ASUS Sabertooth 55i motherboard is obviously based on Intel's recently launched P55 Express chipset for the Socket LGA-1156 Core i5 and Core i7 processors and includes dual channel DDR3-1333 memory support.


What is interesting about this board is that it is part of the Ultimate Force brand from ASUS, which we have heard little about in the past. Sadly we couldn't find any ASUS reps during the event, so we are a little unclear on details, but you can get a good look at the upcoming motherboard in the video below.



That concludes our Intel Lynnfield and P55 Express chipset launch video coverage - we hope you enjoyed it!


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ACC BIOS feature may unlock more than cores

Ok we all know about the ACC trick to enable locked cores on Phenom II X3 and X2. But what would you say if you found out that ACC could be used to enable L3 cache on some Althon II (Propus) Quad Cores?


According to some interesting news out it seems that although the current pictures of the Athlon II X4 Propus does not show any L3 cache there is a person that claims they have found a way to enable it.


Xtreme Systems forum member Chinook has posted some screen shots of an Althon II X4 620 with the L3 cache enabled and disabled. It is interesting as if this is true it would give credence to the rumors that the Athlon II X4 is simply a failed Phenom II X4 with the L3 disabled somehow.


There are some odd things about this though; the first is the missing L3 in the die shots. The second is the very odd date that shows on the HIS for the CPU Chinook used. It shows as 2008, this is odd as the date should be 2009.


ACC BIOS feature may unlock more than cores


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DFI's Lanparty Dark P55-T3eH9 details emerge

DFI has a new P55 board that looks to be specially designed for Halloween.


The Lanparty Dark P55-T3eH9 is decked out in all orange and black with an eye watering design on the heat-pipe covers. However the rest of the board despite its aesthetic challenges looks to be pretty nice.


The CPU is powered by a 6+2 Phase VRM, four DDR3 Dimm slots, three x16 Mechanical PCI-e slots (these could be dual x16 or dual x8 with an additional x4 electrical slot)


There are eight SATA II ports, a single PATA port and the usual items you would expect on a an ATX board. One nice item is the large amount of room between the two main SLI/CrossFireX ports.


It should be interesting to see how this performs once Lynnfield hits the streets.


DFI's Lanparty Dark P55-T3eH9 details emerge


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eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup spotted (with pics)

With the launch of Intel's new mainstream Lynnfield platform based around the P55 chipset and LGA1156 processors just around the corner, we're seeing more in the way of sneak previews and info as far as the various upcoming P55 motherboards from well known manufacturers goes.


eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup has been disclosed to the folks over at HardwareCanucks who have managed to get a bunch of snaps of their P55 Classified, P55 FTW 200, P55 FTW, P55 SLI, P55 LE and P55 Micro mATX boards along with a heap of info on their respective feature-sets. Quite an opening line-up, indeed.


eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup spotted (with pics)


eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup spotted (with pics)




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Asus Maximus III Genie details emerge

If you are one of those people that loves to stick as much power into a little space as possible then Asus may have a great board for you. This is the Maximus III Genie. It is a P55 microATX board that is still part of the high-end Maximus ROG line.


There are some early pictures out of the board and it is looking to be a great package. The new Maximus III Gemie will have two x16 PCi-e slots with enough room for some decent sized GPUs for SLI or Crossfire.


The Maximus III Genie will also have 10 phase power, four DDR3 slots, 6 SATA II ports and the Supreme FX X-Fi sound codec built onto the board.


It should be a lot of performance in a small package.


Asus Maximus III Genie details emerge




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