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Intel H57 Express powered motherboard from MSI spotted

Swedish website TechSweden has managed to get hold of images and details showing off a H57 chipset based motherboard from MSI. The H57 Express chipset is designed to support the Flexible Display technology which talks directly with the on-die graphics on Intel's upcoming range of LGA-1156 based dual-core processors in Q1 2010.




The H57M-ED65 from MSI is of the micro-ATX form factor with enthusiast oriented features. the CPU gets a 10-phase VRM to play with and what looks to be very adequate cooling all over the DrMOS chips.




The board exclusively supports PCI-Express with no residing legacy PCI slots. The arrangement is two x16 slots (electrically at x16 / x4) and two x1 slots.


Storage wise, the board includes six SATA 3Gb/s ports controlled by the chipset, with two more also resident via a seperate controller and also an eSATA port on the rear I/O. Also included is an IDE connector on the board.




Speaking of the rear I/O, you'll see the board includes DVI, D-Sub, HDMI and also DisplayPort connectivity options. All the other expected features are in place as well; a stack of USB ports, Gigabit ethernet, 8-channel audio with S/PDIF, FireWire and more.


For more images, check out the source link below.


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ASUS' fully fledged Maximus II Extreme takes P55 to a new level

Details with pics have shown up on the web of ASUS' upcoming ROG series P55 board which they call the Maximus III Extreme. The board will make a showing by ASUS at DreamHack at the end of this month in Jönköping, Sweden where some of the best overclockers in the world get together and battle it out for supremacy.




The Maximus III Extreme is a special P55 chipset board not just because of the typical extensive feature-set that comes with ASUS ROG range of boards, but in that it includes an additional PCI-Express bridge chip that allows for dual x16 lanes or the use of x8 lanes across four of the five residing x16 slots on the board, with the fifth being wired to the PCH, electrically operational at x4.




The board runs an 11 phase digital PWM circuit which uses a SuperML capacitor, whilst the four DDR3 slots use a 3-phase circuit.




All the other expected goodies are also in place such as SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0 support, 10 channel HD audio and even the ability to overclock on the fly using Bluetooth.


We're yet to hear of its availability and pricing, but obviously expect a big figure for this one. It's expected we'll be hearing a lot more about it in around two weeks from now.


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Early sighting of ASUS' P57 powered P7H57D-V EVO

The folks over at XFastest have acquired both details and images of ASUS' first P57 powered motherboard in which they share with us all today.


Due in the first quarter of next year, as expected, this Ibex Peak based chipset has a bit more on offer over Intel's current mainstream variant; P55. Such additions include Braidwood support, Coral Harbor volume cache tuning and the return of Quiet System technology.


ASUS' P7H57D-V EVO which gets some spotlight treatment today is said to include both SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0 support. You can get a good idea of the board's feature-set by checking out the screenshots below from differing angles :-








With P57 still under NDA, there's little else we can say about it at this point. We'll keep you posted as more substantial P57 tidbits come in.


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DFI bring out feature-packed mini-ITX P55 board

DFI has just unleashed a tidy looking mini-ITX sized P55 chipset motherboard as part of its feature-impressive LANParty series.


Dubbed the LANParty MI P55-T36, this board of course maintains focus on overclocking and runs dimensions of just 17cm x 17cm. A x16 PCI-E slot is resident for your graphics card of choice and the audio system onboard is better than your average joe with Creative X-Fi technology.




Also inclusive is DFI's proprietory ABSII CPU Auto Upgrade Technology, a digital PWM, Power eSATA support and more.


Whilst availability and pricing hasn't yet been disclosed, further information about the board can be located within the official announcement here folks.


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Sneak Peek at GIGABYTE P55A-UD7 - P55 gets more PCI-E lanes

We managed to get hold of exclusive pictures of the upcoming GIGABYTE P55A-UD7 motherboard. It's labeled as "EXTREME" at the moment, but that's because it's not the final shipping product.


From what we heard from our source, "UD7" is the new name to replace the "EXTREME Series" that GIGABYTE used with a couple of its recent products. Without knowing for sure, we would say that "UD7" is the new name because of the tremendous popularity of the new Windows 7 operating system. It's all about the number seven right now.




So, what's new here and why do we need yet another extreme high-end motherboard from GIGABYTE? Presently the P55A-UD6 is the top dog from the Taiwanese motherboard maker, but the UD7 will introduce some important features for those looking to get full performance out of their Intel P55 Express based Core i5 or i7 Lynnfield system.




Added onto the P55A-UD7, as we can see from the picture above, is a PLX and NF200 chip. Why? NVIDIA's NF200 chip provides an additional 32 PCI-E lanes and the PLX chip provides additional lanes for USB 3.0 and SATA 3 (6Gbps).


So, what is the need for all these additional PCI Express lanes? P55 is a crippled version of the high-end X58 chipset, which comes with loads of lanes. P55 is the cheaper version and hence comes with far fewer lanes. The NF200 chip allows for full speed three-way SLI and Crossfire and as we mentioned above, the PLX chip adds more lanes for the USB 3.0 and SATA 3.




As has been discussed, on the present P55A-UD6 motherboard, there are not enough lanes for the USB 3.0 and SATA 3 to work at full speed, so some lanes had to be diverted away from the video card slots, meaning that video cards will not work at full speed. The fix for users not liking his implementation was GIGABYTE coming out with the P55A-UD7 motherboard.


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DFI first out the gate with a mini-ITX based P55 board

DFI has won the race when it comes to bringing out the first Mini-ITX sized P55 motherboard. UK website has managed to get hold of details and images of the upcoming LGA-1156 board.




With the PCB of the LANParty MI P55-T36 measuring in at 6.7 x 6.7-inch, the board is equipped with a decent array of specs and features :-


• 6 Phase PWM with Japanese made solid capacitors
• High Frequency Multi Layer Inductors
• 2 connectors on board for 4 USB 2.0
• One 16x PCI-E 2 slot
• 3x SATA II ports with RAID
• 2x DDR3 Slots Supporting Dual Channel
• Realtek ALC 885 7.1 Audio
• Intel GBe LAN
• 6x USB 2 Connectors
• 7.1ch outputs
• 1x Powered e-SATA/USB
• Coaxial/Optical SPDIF
• Dump-Proof Clear CMOS Button
• LED Post Code Display




Availability of this board is said to be very near, but a definitive date has not yet been mentioned. Pricing is also yet to be disclosed.


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MSI launches the first in their "Big Bang" series

When you hear the words Big Bang many things come to mind. If you are between the ages of 9-14 you might start laughing (I know I still do), older than that you might have thoughts of galaxies and stars. If you are a computer enthusiast (pronounce that Geek) then you will probably think about MSI and their new Hydra sporting motherboards.


Well MSI is finally releasing one of the Big Bang Series. Unfortunately this one will be without Hydra. The new Hydra-Less board will be called the Trinergy and will have some nice consolations to the lack of the Hydra Chip.


The LGA 1156 board will have support for 4 DDR3 2133 Slots, Active Phase Switching, SuperPipe cooling, a PCI-e x1 Quantum Wave Audio card, dual GbE and true 3 way x16 SLI and Crossfire support. This last one is through the use of an NF200 chip to provide the extra PCI-e lanes.


There is no word on pricing yet and of course no word on when we might see a Hydra version yet. Still this looks like an interesting board to be sure and one that will have the SLI/Crossfire crowd excited about the P55/Lynnfield.




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ASRock announces EuP Ready P55DE3 Motherboard

ASRock has just announced its new P55DE3 motherboard for LGA 1156 Core i5 and Core i7 processors which looks to be a well rounded fully featured offering and hopefully very competitively priced.




Some of ASRock's inclusive features on the P55DE3 are OC DNA, C.C.O. (Combo Cooler Option), Multi-Speed Fan Control, Good Night LED, Intel Turbo Boost Monitor and EuP (Energy Using Product).


You can learn more about each of these features and other specifications within the official press release here.


ASRock has also provided a slide which shows the new P55DE3 up against GIGABYTE's highly popular GA-P55-UD6 in the performance stakes - indicating a win under both 3DMark Vantage and PCMark Vantage.




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GIGABYTE announces 333 Onboard Acceleration Feature on P55 boards

GIGABYTE has today announced seven new P55 based Intel motherboards which include a trio of the latest technologies that GIGABYTE refers to as GIGABYTE 333 Onboard Acceleration.




GIGABYTE's 333 Onboard Acceleration is seen on GIGABYTE's P55 series boards with USB 3.0, SATA 3.0 and 3X USB Power features.


"GIGABYTE is excited to be able to introduce our latest 333 onboard acceleration technologies on our market leading P55 platform," commented Tony Liao, Associate Vice President of Marketing at GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. "Through close cooperation with several industry leaders including NEC Electronics Corporation, Marvell, and Seagate, GIGABYTE is able to provide our customers with several next generation data transfer and storage technologies that will have a far reaching impact on how people interact with their digital media for many years to come."


You can learn more about the seven new P55A-series boards from GIGABYTE in the official announcement, located here.


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Video preview of the GIGABYTE EX-58 EXTREME2 motherboard

Late last week we gave you an exclusive look at GIGABYTE's upcoming P55A motherboards. We promised this week we would also give you a look at the upcoming GIGABYTE EX-58 EXTREME2 motherboard.




As with the refreshed P55A motherboards, the EX-58 EXTREME2 motherboard carries the same "333" theme. The triple three theme means that SATA3, USB3 and triple power USB has been added to the new version of the popular EXTREME motherboard for the high-end Core i7 processors.


We covered the three new additions to a lot of detail (with pictures) in our post last week about the new P55A motherboards, so we won't go over all that again here. Instead, just visit the news post here.


Below you can watch our exclusive video review of the GIGABYTE EX-58 EXTREME2 motherboard.



Will you be buying one? Let us know by commenting on the video. Don't forget to sign up to our YouTube channel, either!


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