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Dinar2 motherboard pictures popup

Last week we told showed you a couple of CPUz results for AMD's Magny-Cours K10 CPU. These had some interesting information but in reality did not tell us anything more than what we already knew (although there are rumors of thermal issues at full speed and 100% load).


Today we have a picture of the board that was used for the testing. This is a dual socket board that showed up as Dinar2 (Dinar is a form of currency used in the Middle East).


The picture does not show us much other than the name and the edges of the CPU sockets and RAM slots.


I have to wonder if the name is in anyway representative of the money that AMD received for the purchase of their foundry operations. If so that would be odd after all the money can from Abu Dhabi, a country that uses the Dirham as currency.




Thanks Jason


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First look at the ASUS Sabertooth 55i motherboard (video)

During the Intel Lynnfield and P55 Express chipset launch press conference earlier today in Taipei city, we managed to spot what we believe is an unseen motherboard from ASUS.


The ASUS Sabertooth 55i motherboard is obviously based on Intel's recently launched P55 Express chipset for the Socket LGA-1156 Core i5 and Core i7 processors and includes dual channel DDR3-1333 memory support.


What is interesting about this board is that it is part of the Ultimate Force brand from ASUS, which we have heard little about in the past. Sadly we couldn't find any ASUS reps during the event, so we are a little unclear on details, but you can get a good look at the upcoming motherboard in the video below.



That concludes our Intel Lynnfield and P55 Express chipset launch video coverage - we hope you enjoyed it!


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ACC BIOS feature may unlock more than cores

Ok we all know about the ACC trick to enable locked cores on Phenom II X3 and X2. But what would you say if you found out that ACC could be used to enable L3 cache on some Althon II (Propus) Quad Cores?


According to some interesting news out it seems that although the current pictures of the Athlon II X4 Propus does not show any L3 cache there is a person that claims they have found a way to enable it.


Xtreme Systems forum member Chinook has posted some screen shots of an Althon II X4 620 with the L3 cache enabled and disabled. It is interesting as if this is true it would give credence to the rumors that the Athlon II X4 is simply a failed Phenom II X4 with the L3 disabled somehow.


There are some odd things about this though; the first is the missing L3 in the die shots. The second is the very odd date that shows on the HIS for the CPU Chinook used. It shows as 2008, this is odd as the date should be 2009.


ACC BIOS feature may unlock more than cores


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DFI's Lanparty Dark P55-T3eH9 details emerge

DFI has a new P55 board that looks to be specially designed for Halloween.


The Lanparty Dark P55-T3eH9 is decked out in all orange and black with an eye watering design on the heat-pipe covers. However the rest of the board despite its aesthetic challenges looks to be pretty nice.


The CPU is powered by a 6+2 Phase VRM, four DDR3 Dimm slots, three x16 Mechanical PCI-e slots (these could be dual x16 or dual x8 with an additional x4 electrical slot)


There are eight SATA II ports, a single PATA port and the usual items you would expect on a an ATX board. One nice item is the large amount of room between the two main SLI/CrossFireX ports.


It should be interesting to see how this performs once Lynnfield hits the streets.


DFI's Lanparty Dark P55-T3eH9 details emerge


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eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup spotted (with pics)

With the launch of Intel's new mainstream Lynnfield platform based around the P55 chipset and LGA1156 processors just around the corner, we're seeing more in the way of sneak previews and info as far as the various upcoming P55 motherboards from well known manufacturers goes.


eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup has been disclosed to the folks over at HardwareCanucks who have managed to get a bunch of snaps of their P55 Classified, P55 FTW 200, P55 FTW, P55 SLI, P55 LE and P55 Micro mATX boards along with a heap of info on their respective feature-sets. Quite an opening line-up, indeed.


eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup spotted (with pics)


eVGA's P55 motherboard lineup spotted (with pics)




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Asus Maximus III Genie details emerge

If you are one of those people that loves to stick as much power into a little space as possible then Asus may have a great board for you. This is the Maximus III Genie. It is a P55 microATX board that is still part of the high-end Maximus ROG line.


There are some early pictures out of the board and it is looking to be a great package. The new Maximus III Gemie will have two x16 PCi-e slots with enough room for some decent sized GPUs for SLI or Crossfire.


The Maximus III Genie will also have 10 phase power, four DDR3 slots, 6 SATA II ports and the Supreme FX X-Fi sound codec built onto the board.


It should be a lot of performance in a small package.


Asus Maximus III Genie details emerge




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Rumor says Intel's Braidwood put on the shelf

We have more Intel rumors today. This one is surrounding the Turbo Memory successor Braidwood. Intel Turbo memory was a method of increasing I/O performance through the use of an NVRAM module. This feature showed up in a few notebooks but never really took off. On the whole the performance gain was not measureable so it was deemed as un-needed by many people that tested it.


Braidwood was supposed to bring this technology to the P55 in the form of the P57 chipset.


All of that is out the window if the rumors being reported are true. You see they claim that Intel is shelving the whole Braidwood project until a later date. This means that since the P57 is not much more than a P55 with Braidwood there is no reason to release the P57.


Of course again the problem with Turbo Boost (Much like Ready Boost) did not have any real measurable effect on performance. Did they help? Yes, they did but not in a way that was visible to the consumer. This coupled with rumored problems with the software side of Braidwood could be the main reason for shelving it for now. It is possible that like HyperThreading Turbo Memory will reappear when the technology is viable and the platform it is run on can really benefit from the technology.


Rumor says Intel's Braidwood put on the shelf




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MSI to have Lucid Hydra chip on new P55 board

Many people have heard of Lucid Technologies Hydra chip. Most have discounted it as vapor ware or nothing more than an interesting demo.


They cited a lack of any real adoption of this chip into any existing product. Well those doubters will not have much of an argument anymore.


Microstar International has announced that they are going to put a Lucid Hydra on to an upcoming P55 board for the Core i5. The board will be dubbed the "Big Bang". The MSI Big Bang will join ELSA's HPC rack system that also utilizes Hydra.


According to Lucid by using the Hydra you can achieve an almost linear scaling by adding multiple GPUs. The technology does not use the standard AFR or even ALR. Instead it dynamically allocates the render load across the GPUs.


Also unlike SLI and Crossfire you do not need identical GPUs you, in threory, could even use one GPU from ATi and one from nVidia.


We will be keeping an eye open for this new board to hit so we can see what it can really do.


MSI to have Lucid Hydra chip on new P55 board




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Asus rolls out their 785G boards in style

With the lifting of the NDA on the 785 is not s surprise to see everyone announcing mainboards with this new chipset from AMD on it.


So it is no surprise at all that Asus has let slip what they have planned.


According to the Asus Website (and a small blur on Fudzilla) There will be three 785 boards that have support for the AM3 and one with AM2+ support two of the boards are the same model except for the memory and CPU support.


The models are as follows


M4A785D-M Pro (both AM2+ and AM3)
This is a microATX board that features the AMD HD 4200 IGP but no extra sideport memory. CPUs of up to 125W TDP are supported.


M4A785TD-M EVO (AM3)
This is a microATX board that has the additional 128MB DDR3 sideport memory and also support for up to 140W TDP CPUs.


M4785TD-V EVO (AM3)
This is a full sized ATX board that is identical to the M4A785TD-M except for its size and additional slots.


All of these boards look to be pretty good, but as we found out earlier today they will not have full 7.1 Surround from the HD 4200IGP. This means they will lose out over existing Intel and nVidia based boards for the high-end HTPC and SFF market.


Asus rolls out their 785G boards in style


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PCIe 3.0 Protocol Delayed until 2010

Well if you were waiting for a new PCIe standard before upgrading you are in for a long wait. If you did not know that a new standard was due out and has now been delayed, well you are not alone. The PCI-Special Interest Group has announced that they are going to delay PCI 3.0 until sometime next year.


The new protocol would have enabled faster data rates (32Gigbits/second) and better (lower) power consumption. According to the PCI-SIG the new protocol is a bit more work than expected, but that is ok as, well apparently we do not even need it yet.


You have to wonder about these new standards that keep getting delayed. After all USB 3.0 got dropped for now, SATA 6Gb/s had stability issues and now PCIe 3.0 is being pushed back. One possibility is that slow economic times could delay development of products that can actually support the new interfaces. This would realistically delay adoption of the new standards by OEMs, but that is just speculation on our part.


PCIe 3.0 Protocol Delayed until 2010


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