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ASRock packs a tight punch with mini-ITX based A75M-ITX

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Here's a lovely candidate for pairing with the SVD-NC11-4 we mentioned a little earlier, as well as being a quick eye opener for HTPC or LAN builders looking to get a compact, budget build underway. A new Mini-ITX sized A75 chipset motherboard has reached shelves in Japan from ASRock, dubbed the A75M-ITX.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20494_05_asrock_packs_a_tight_punch_with_mini_itx_based_a75m_itx.jpg


Japanese tech site Akiba PC has managed to get some hands on with it and ascertain what ASRock have packed onto this confined space. It's got a 4 phase power arrangement with two DDR3 memory slots, four SATA 6Gb/s ports and a dedicated x16 PCI-E slot.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20494_06_asrock_packs_a_tight_punch_with_mini_itx_based_a75m_itx.jpg


The I/O area doesn't look to be lacking for a board of this stature with a combo PS/2 port, four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA port, both VGA and HDMI (w/ 1.4a support) display output and ASRock's XFast USB technology on tap.


We're yet to see it emerge in other markets, but to give you an idea on price, it's now shifting in Japan for about 8980 Yen ($116 US).

ASUS announce F1A75-I DELUXE motherboard, includes wireless USB remote control

By: Array

ASUS today have announced the launch of their new Mini-ITX motherboard based on the AMD A75 chipset, the F1A75-I DELUXE motherboard. Powered by the Fusion APU, the F1A75-I DELUXE has the power to deliver amazing graphics performance when combined with a discrete GPU for Dual Graphics capabilities. Built on the Mini-ITX format, the board is only 170x170mm and ships with a convenient wireless USB remote control that also has a full keyboard for typing on the backside.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20487_34_asus_announce_f1a75_i_deluxe_motherboard_includes_wireless_usb_remote_control.jpg


A first, for sure and something like this is a huge bonus for HTPC builders. The F1A75-I DELUXE also fills out with DIGI+ VRM, a first on a Mini-ITX board. As well as ASUS throwing in its unique UEFI BIOS, flexible and user friendly, mouse-controlled graphical user interface and ASUS Exclusive EZ mode design can help tune a HTPC easier.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20487_35_asus_announce_f1a75_i_deluxe_motherboard_includes_wireless_usb_remote_control.jpg


The F1A75-I DELUXE also includes built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet. PCI-Express 2.0 16x slot is included as well as four SATA 6Gb/s connectors, with one an eSATA port and four USB 3.0 connections.

ECS releases a trio of A55 based FM1 boards for budgeteers

By: Array

If you're on the hunt for an aggressively priced A55 chipset motherboard, budget conscious motherboard maker ECS could well be the go with three models introduced today.


These FM1 socket motherboards, suited to the AMD A-Series APUs (Llano) include the full ATX sized A55F-A for the home/budget gamer crowd, microATX sized A55F-M2 which would be a good little base for a HTPC, and also the mATX sized A55F-M3 that looks to be more so aimed toward office desktop machines.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20453_01_ecs_releases_a_trio_of_a55_based_fm1_boards_for_budgeteers.jpg


All three have a single PCI-E x16 slot for discrete graphics options if more VGA grunt is needed down the road, but many will find the quite capable integrated GPU core in the A-Series APUs more than decent enough for a budget build while also giving the ability to get a bit of 720p gaming in too.

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Sapphire give Intel's Z68 the Pure Platinum treatment

By: Array

Since Sapphire jumped on the Intel chipset wagon early this year producing boards of their own under the Pure series, we've reviewed several models from the company and been impressed overall. With each consecutive iteration in the lineup, Sapphire is doing a little more tweaking and fine tuning to give a more competitive enthusiast board to consumers.


We most recently checked out Sapphire's Pure Platinum A75 offering for the AMD Llano platform and had nothing but good things to say about it, and so the news today of an upcoming Z68 chipset offering under Sapphire's Pure Platinum lineup comes much welcomed and anticipated.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20436_01_sapphire_give_intel_s_z68_the_pure_platinum_treatment.jpg


The folks at eTeknix have managed to catch a sighting of the board on video camera along with a couple shots of the boxing and board itself.

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All GIGABYTE 6-series motherboards will support Ivy Bridge, PCIe 3.0

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GIGABYTE has today announced that their entire 6-series of motherboard are set to support the next-generation Intel 22nm CPUs on the LGA1155 socket, as well as providing support for PCI Express Gen 3 technology which delivers the maximum data bandwidth for future discrete graphics cards. GIGABYTE have enabled PCIe 3.0 support across the entire 6-series range, including the recently launched G1.Sniper 2 motherboard.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20423_10_all_gigabyte_6_series_motherboards_will_support_ivy_bridge_pcie_3_0.jpg


All that is required is a new BIOS to be installed and users can rest assured that they are ready to power the latest and greatest when it becomes available. If you're packing a 6-series GIGABYTE board, grab the latest BIOS update for your motherboard.

GIGABYTE arms up with the G1.Sniper 2 Z68 motherboard

By: Array

GIGABYTE has extended its enthusiast class G1-Killer series of motherboards today with the launch of the Z68 chipset based G1.Sniper 2.


Like the original G1.Sniper based on the aging X58 chipset, the new model looks similar at first glance with the same black and green color scheme going on. But apart from the improved 'locked and loaded' heatpipe cooling system onboard, the simalarities don't extend much beyond that point.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20400_04_gigabyte_arms_up_with_the_g1_sniper_2_z68_motherboard.png


Designed for "extreme gaming", this motherboard has had pretty much everything thrown into it, including future Ivy Bridge support with its PCI Express Gen 3 setup (the first implementation from GIGABYTE), ready and waiting for upcoming PCI-E 3.0 cards requesting additional bandwidth.


The board boasts a 12-phase power setup, GIGABYTE's Ultra Durable 3 design, a couple PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots (backward compatible with PCI-E 2.0/.1 of course) enabling 2-way SLI or CrossfireX, and also LucidLogix Virtu GPU virtualization support for dynamic switching between the built-in graphics and discrete graphics, resulting in reduced overall power consumption.

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ASUS goes BIG with Mini-ITX sized F1A75-I Deluxe AMD A75 board

By: Array

ASUS are readying up a standout AMD A75 powered motherboard for launch very soon which HTPC and SFF builders will primarily be attracted to. The new F1A75-I Deluxe is a Mini-ITX based Socket FM1 board which packs a ton of features given its stature.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20363_03_asus_goes_big_with_mini_itx_sized_f1a75_i_deluxe_amd_a75_board.jpg


Using a 4+1 phase CPU VRM setup, it also has a couple DDR3 slots supporting dual channel DDR3-1866 memory and a dedicated PCI-E x16 slot for discrete add-in GPUs should you not already be satisfied with the kickass built-in GPU on the new A-series APU's.


Looking elsewhere on the board, we've got four SATA 6Gbps ports, one eSATA 6Gbps port, 6-channel HD audio with optical S/PDIF, four USB 3.0 ports (two in the form of headers, the other two on the rear I/O), built in WiFi b/g/n support, Gigabit ethernet, Bluetooth and a range of USB 2.0 ports.

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Biostar intros updated budget oriented Z68 board w/ improved CPU VRM

By: Array

If you're looking for a decent entry level Z68 on the cheap, you may be interested to know that Biostar are delivering what looks to be a fairly well rounded budget board in the new TZ68K+ that they've just launched this week.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20338_03_biostar_intros_updated_budget_oriented_z68_board_w_improved_cpu_vrm.jpg


Biostar actually already has what looks like an identical board in its current lineup, the TZ68A+, however the new TZ68K+ differs in that it sports a stronger CPU VRM arrangement with 8 phases vs. the 4-phase VRM setup on the TZ68A+, making it a bit more attractive if you want to get a decent overclock. As a result of the chunkier VRM setup, it now has its own heatsink to assist in keeping temps at bay.

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ASRock wedges Z68 into mini-ITX and adds some HTPC frills

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ASRock seem to be pumping out an astonishing number of feature packed motherboards these days, with most of them looking quite respectable indeed and select models even getting some additional support from Mr. Fatal1ty these days. Gone are the days when everyone was so fast to think ASRock was all about budget level 'dodgey' offerings any enthusiast wouldn't go near.


If you're not up to date on the type of quality assurance and attention to detail ASRock has peaked at these days, just check out the large batch of ASRock motherboard reviews here at TweakTown over the past few months. Our picky motherboard reviewing extraordinaire Shane generally finds they're leaps and bounds ahead compared to years past.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20296_04_asrock_wedges_z68_into_mini_itx_and_adds_some_htpc_frills.jpg


Having said that, ASRock has just dished up another very attractive board for those looking to build a compact high performance system or HTPC. Their new Z68M-ITX/HT was revealed to the world today which is a mini-ITX motherboard using the Intel Z68 chipset. As far as we're aware, only two other Z68 based mini-ITX offerings are currently on the market, both of which are from ZOTAC.

Continue reading 'ASRock wedges Z68 into mini-ITX and adds some HTPC frills' (full post)

EVGA lift the skirt on their X79 Express motherboard, stand over a vent and it blows in the air, oops!

By: Array

EVGA have just pulled a Marilyn Monroe and teased the world with their latest X79 motherboard. The picture below shows off the LGA2011 socket as well as two DIMMs on each side. These four DIMMs are part of the new quad-channel, 256-bit memory controller which will require all four DIMMs to be occupied to take advantage of it. The advantage? DDR3-1600 memory support with a theoretical system bandwidth of an insane 50GB/sec, DDR3-1866 will see 58.3GB/sec whilst those who want to live life on the edge and want DDR3-2133 will see 66.6GB/sec.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20248_11_evga_lift_the_skirt_on_their_x79_express_motherboard_stand_over_a_vent_and_it_blows_in_the_air_oops.jpg


EVGA's spice on their board is an 8-pin CPU power, 24-pin angled power plug, nickel-plated heatpipe leading to an aluminum heatsink. EVGA reps are keeping their mouths zipped, but this board should arrive in time to dance along side AMD's upcoming Bulldozer which is expected to arrive in Q4 2011, unless delayed into 2012.

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