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EVGA lift the skirt on their X79 Express motherboard, stand over a vent and it blows in the air, oops!

By: Array

EVGA have just pulled a Marilyn Monroe and teased the world with their latest X79 motherboard. The picture below shows off the LGA2011 socket as well as two DIMMs on each side. These four DIMMs are part of the new quad-channel, 256-bit memory controller which will require all four DIMMs to be occupied to take advantage of it. The advantage? DDR3-1600 memory support with a theoretical system bandwidth of an insane 50GB/sec, DDR3-1866 will see 58.3GB/sec whilst those who want to live life on the edge and want DDR3-2133 will see 66.6GB/sec.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20248_11_evga_lift_the_skirt_on_their_x79_express_motherboard_stand_over_a_vent_and_it_blows_in_the_air_oops.jpg


EVGA's spice on their board is an 8-pin CPU power, 24-pin angled power plug, nickel-plated heatpipe leading to an aluminum heatsink. EVGA reps are keeping their mouths zipped, but this board should arrive in time to dance along side AMD's upcoming Bulldozer which is expected to arrive in Q4 2011, unless delayed into 2012.

ASRock and Fatal1ty merge once again in 990FX style

By: Array

Mr. Fatal1ty has certainly been rather busy in affliation with ASRock of late, with quite the range of Fatal1ty branded motherboards hammering out one after the other. And now we have another to add to ASRock's fast growing portfolio, the new Fatal1ty 990FX Professional that has launched today.


As the name denotes, this is an AMD 990FX based enthusiast class full ATX board crammed with plenty of goodies, ready and waiting for a nice new 8-core Bulldozer to be slid right in.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20189_02_asrock_and_fatal1ty_merge_once_again_in_990fx_style.png

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ASRock unveils entire "Gen3" Series PCI-E 3.0-ready motherboard lineup

By: Array

Folling an announcement from ASRock a couple weeks back which unveiled the world's first PCI-E 3.0 equipped motherboard in the form of the Fatal1ty Z68 Professional, ASRock has now provided us with some details of their entire new "Gen3" lineup sporting next-gen PCI-E 3.0 architecture.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20161_03_asrock_unveils_entire_gen3_series_pci_e_3_0_ready_motherboards.png


As you can see, PCI-E 3.0 provides up to double the amount of bandwidth possible from the current 2.0/.1 standard, with a raw bit rate of 8.0GT/s.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20161_02_asrock_unveils_entire_gen3_series_pci_e_3_0_ready_motherboards.png


As you can see above, ASRock is kicking out five Gen3 Series boards.

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GIGABYTE X58A-OC Mobo takes X58 Bclk World Record @ 276.42

By: Array

TweakTown image news/2/0/20135_1_gigabyte_x58a_oc_mobo_takes_x58_bclk_world_record_276_42.jpg


Today the new GA-X58A-OC motherboard has proven itself to be a supreme overclocking board, breaking the long standing X58 base clock world record. After seeing Ed's third place entry last week of 269.28 Bclk with the new X58A-OC motherboard, we knew he would soon secure the first place position, overtaking the previous record of 271.51 held by PSYCHO a.k.a. "kurumi" since September of 2010.




Anxiously wanting to secure that top position after seeing it within his grasp, TweakTown Forum helper Lsdmeasap quickly got to to work and began overclocking, and ultimately reached a record breaking 276.42 Bclk. This result was emblazoned on his LCD screen over the past weekend, using the extreme temperatures of dry ice cooling. Ed was able to achieve these results only days after our previous news post last week on his Bclk ventures...

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GIGABYTE X58A-OC takes the Intel X58 platform to a new Bclk plateau

By: Array

Today we have seen a new record set for Bclk (Base Clock) with the X58A-OC board, this was done by TweakTown forum helper Ed a.k.a - Lsdmeasap. He accomplished this feat using the new GA-X58A-OC from GIGABYTE and this was done using phase cooling, an Intel 920 processor and Mushkin memory.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20119_1_gigabyte_x58a_oc_takes_the_intel_x58_platform_to_a_new_bclk_plateau.jpg


On May 5, 2011 the GA-X58A-OC motherboard started shipping to retailers worldwide from the Gigabyte factory in Taiwan, since that time, and before, it has been breaking motherboard benchmarking records around every corner. Pushing the boundaries of motherboard design, Hicookie and GIGABYTE have designed the GA-X58A-OC from the ground up with extreme overclocking as its designated purpose.


Ed was able to reach 269.28 base clock, which is quite an amazing result considering that in the past many motherboards have only been able to reach a limit of 222 Bclk without needing hardware modifications... and many still have this limit...

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GIGABYTE unleashes a wealth of A75 motherboards

By: Array

Hot on the heels of AMD's much anticipated LLano APU launch, GIGABYTE has gone all out in diversifying its range straight off the bat and kicks out no less than seven accompanying A75 chipset, FM1 socket motherboards.


THe boards in question are the GA-A75-UD4H, GA-A75-D3H, GA-A75-DS3P, GA-A75M-UD2H, GA-A75M-D2H, GA-A75M-S2V and GA-A75N-USB3, with the non "M" branded models being of full ATX stature, and the others mATX based.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20047_06_gigabyte_unleashes_a_wealth_of_a75_motherboards.jpg


To give you an idea on A75 GIGABYTE style (at least, as good an idea as one can have minus the actual APU that's still under wraps until the 30th of this month), Shane recently checked out the A75H-UD4H variant in detail with plenty of pics and info on all the incorporated and exclusive features GIGABYTE pairs it up with.

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ASRock and Fatal1ty first to the PCI-E 3.0 party with Fatal1ty Z68 Professional

By: Array

While PCI-E 2.0 has been more than kind enough to us since its inception in early 2007 with its gobs of available bandwidth on tap, looking over 4 years beyond and now PCI-E 3.0 is becoming the talk of the town.


While it's been said that current gen high-end video cards can be used to their maximum potential on existing PCI-E 2.0/.1 equipped boards, PCI-E 3.0 gives far more headroom for future super bandwidth hungry graphics cards inevitably to come, boasting a bit rate that effectively "doubles" PCI-E 2.0 at 8GT/s.


On that note, it's been rumoured that the benefits of PCI-E 3.0 could be utilized for some folks straight off the bat, providing you are lucky enough to have one of those super duper PCI-E based SSD solutions, such as one of these monsters from OCZ.


WIth that said and done, make way for the world's first PCI-E 3.0 equipped enthusiast motherboard, from none other than ASRock along with Fatal1ty's influential touches.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20044_13_asrock_and_fatal1ty_first_to_the_pci_e_3_0_party_with_fatal1ty_z68_professional.jpg

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MSI's A75 mATX solution launches with a champion's smirk

By: Array

Jumping aboard the llano bandwagon ahead of the APU launch, MSI has announced its A75 powered mainboard today in the "A75MA-G55" which has been given the Military Class II treatment (comprising MSI's Hi-c CAPs, Super Ferrite Chokes and Solid caps) which both improves overall lifespan and helps in lowering power consumption as well as giving a more solid, reliable platform.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20035_02_msi_s_a75_matx_solution_launches_with_a_champion_s_smirk.jpg

TweakTown image news/2/0/20035_01_msi_s_a75_matx_solution_launches_with_a_champion_s_smirk.jpg


Using the mATX form factor, the board packs a good array of features for its size including enough USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps ports to keep you content, HDMI and DVI output, 7.1 channel audio and proprietory features from MSI including their UEFI based Click BIOS, OC Genie II for easy one click overclocking and i-Charger Apple friendly charging support.

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ASRock follow suit with a lead on AMD's APU Revolution

By: Array

Alongside the likes of ASUS, MSI and ECS, ASRock have also launched their first Llano optimized A75 chipset motherboards ahead of the official APU launch in just a few days.


The particular boards ASRock have first let out the gate include their top-of-the-line option in the A75 Extreme6, as well as the A75 Pro4 (also a full ATX sized board) and three mATX boards in the A75 Pro4-M, A75M and A75M-HVS.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20034_06_asrock_follow_suit_with_a_lead_on_amd_s_apu_revolution.jpg


All boards of course carry support for FM1 APUs, have two or four DDR3-1866 RAM slots, and between five and eight SATA 6.0 Gbps ports depending on the board. All boards carry four USB 3.0 ports (boasting ASRock's XFast USB technology) with the exception of the Extreme6 which has six ports. Both D-Sub and HDMI outputs are resident on all models.

Continue reading 'ASRock follow suit with a lead on AMD's APU Revolution' (full post)

ASUS announce F1A75 Series motherboards, designed for AMD APUs

By: Array

ASUS have today announced the launch of the AMD A75 chipset-based F1A75 Series motherboards. The F1A75 Series are specifically designed to optimize performance for the AMD Llano APUs, the F1A75 Series boards also sport overclocking capabilities for the APU with a variety of integrated graphics built directly into the same die.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20030_169_asus_announce_f1a75_series_motherboards_designed_for_amd_apus.jpg


The new series is also sporting the latest ASUS-exclusive technologies and features such as Dual Intelligent Processors 2 (DIP2) with DIGI+ VRM for precise power control, a graphical and mouse-controlled UEFI BIOS and easy-to-use auto tuning for better performance.

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