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ASRock unveils four X79 motherboards

ASRock have come out swinging today with some Sandy Bridge-E flavored teasing. ASRock shot off e-mails all across the world announcing they were showing off some X79-based motherboards. No list of specifications or features were included, but we do have some delicious photos to show you.


First up, we have the X79 Extreme9 which sports eight DIMM slots, five PCI Express x16 slots, dual auxiliary 12V power connectors, 12 SATA ports and network connectivity/audio are powered by what looks to be Creative's new Core3D audio chip. The Extreme 9 features a hot-as-hell color scheme and fills out along the rest of ASRock's X79 line.



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MSI releases mATX sized Z68 motherboard with PCI-E Gen 3 support

While most attention is now on Sandy Bridge-E with the mid November launch date closing in fast and Bulldozer having left a trail of despair, that doesn't stop Z68/LGA1155 remaining with a super firm hold of the market thanks to its characteristics in providing a brilliantly balanced, high performance platform for all types of users.




That said, it's worth mentioning that MSI has just outed another Z68 offering in m(icro)ATX form - the Z68MA-G43 (G3). The highlight of this particular offering is, as its model name denotes, the inclusion of PCI-Express Gen 3 via a couple PCI-E (3.0) x16 slots.


Apart from that, it gives much of what you'd expect from such a board - four DDR3 DIMM slots, a couple SATA 6.0 Gbps ports, four SATA 3.0 Gbps ports, a couple USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit ethernet, 7.1 channel audio and for video output there's D-Sub, DVI and HDMI on tap. MSI rounds the feature set out with its OC Genie II overclocking facility and of course, that lovely UEFI BIOS we've all quickly grown to love.


Unfortunately we don't yet know the price tag on the Z68MA-G43 (G3).

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ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard video preview

Yesterday we attended an ASUS motherboard technology seminar in Taipei where we were introduced to its range of upcoming Intel X79 Express chipset based motherboards. These motherboards will support second generation Intel Core i7 processors for high-end desktop systems using the new and larger LGA 2011 socket.


Intel has super tight restrictions on what can be said about these new products and as we are bound by an Intel NDA, we need to stick to the rules. That is one of the reasons why the video below might seem a little cryptic at times - we both had to be very careful what we said. The man in the video below is Jack Cheng who is with the ASUS motherboard R&D team and was kind enough to tell us some ASUS ROG driven features of the Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard.



Some of the big ASUS features with this board include the OC Key for simple on-screen and very much on-the-fly overclocking, subzero sense for finding out temperatures under extreme cooling conditions and VGA hotwire for putting your video card through hell and back. There is also the X-Socket which allows you to bring along your old coolers and they'll work on the new 2011 socket - it will also be good for extreme LN2 overclockers and their pots. Besides just the video above, there is a selection of pictures below in the gallery which we took.



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ASUS Sabertooth X79 motherboard video preview

Yesterday we attended an ASUS motherboard technology seminar in Taipei where we were introduced to its range of upcoming Intel X79 Express chipset based motherboards. These motherboards will support second generation Intel Core i7 processors for high-end desktop systems using the new and larger LGA 2011 socket.


Followers of ASUS will know the Sabertooth motherboard from previous generations and some will also be happy to know that it is back again with the X79 Express chipset. Impressive cooling is a big part of the Sabertooth and Jack Cheng who is with the ASUS motherboard R&D team and was kind enough to go on video and tell us about some of the ASUS driven features of this motherboard.



It's not just cooling though, with the included software powered by the impressive Digi+ VRM power control design you get really good monitoring (12 different parts of the board are digitally thermally monitored) and control over the board and all the different aspects of it using the included Thermal Radar software. There are no real big single handed massive features that will take the crown for the Sabertooth, but the message being sent is that it's "tough".



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ASUS to bundle Battlefield 3 with next-gen Rampage IV Extreme motherboard

We just got back from an ASUS motherboard technology seminar in Taipei today where we were introduced to its upcoming range of next-gen Intel motherboards.




Right at the end of the presentation, ASUS announced that it will be offering a full game bundle of Battlefield 3 with its upcoming next-gen Rampage IV Extreme ROG motherboard.


ASUS were not prepared to release any details on pricing at this stage, but they did mention that you would save a lot of money by selecting the bundle version. ASUS will also offer normal versions of the motherboard without BF3 bundled.


The BF3 ROG bundle will begin selling at the same time as the rest of the ASUS next-gen Intel boards begin shipping, which shouldn't be too far in the future.

GIGABYTE unveils X79-based boards, even includes Halloween colors

GIGABYTE has unveiled their X79-based boards on their Facebook page, and boy do they look good. There's four boards on show, the G1.Assassin 2, X79-UD7, X79-UD5 and finally, the X79-UD3. All four boards feature totally different color schemes with the G1.Assassin 2 sporting a green PCI-e slot look, with that sexy as hell looking chipset heatsink in the shape of a pistol.




Next up is the X79-UD7 that features an orange and black scheme, just in time for Halloween in just under a week! The X79-UD5 features a very nice looking blue and black combination and finally, the X79-UD3 features a gun-metal grey and black combo. All of the boards look very hot indeed.




The boards all sport different looks and specs when compared to their first unveiling at IDF 2011, now featuring Digital PWM's. GIGABYTE are calling it 3-Way Digital Power, 1 CPU Digital PWN, and 2 Memory Digital PWMs. The PWNs in the picture seem to be based on (from what I read on Xtreme Systems) IR/Chil's newest PWM technology as the controllers seem to be VRD12 and VRD 12.5 certified. Interesting time ahead for enthusiasts! Not only do these boards look sweet, but they now use International Rectifier Digital PWM's!

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ECS know how to capture one's attention w/ X79R-AX Black

It's not surprising we're sighting so many X79 boards with their final trimmings in place so close to the big launch we're all eagerly anticipating. But on all accounts, not just with launches, it's nice when someone does that little something more to help stand out and ECS have certainly pulled that off with some images they've pumped out of their upcoming X79R-AX motherboard.




Okay, all eyes to the left... the LEFT! Ummm, hello? Is anyone reading this? ....Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the girl doesn't come with the motherboard....


Now that I have your attention again, here's another image without any evil distractions so we can get down to business.

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EVGA tease SR3 Super Record 3 motherboard, dual LGA2011 socket

EVGA have slapped the performance/enthusiast world with a shocker: the SR3, dual-socket LGA2011 2P enthusiast desktop/workstation motherboard in the E-ATX form factor. Socket 0 is wired to eight DDR3 DIMM slots (two DIMMs/channel) while socket 1 to four slots (1 DIMM/channel).




In LGA2011 2P systems, the processor residing in socket 0 is wired to the PCH, while the processor sitting in socket 1 is wired to the one on socket 0 using two QPI links, closing the daisy-chain. Socket 0, apart from its 4GB/s DMI link, sports a PCI-Express 2.0 x4 (another 4GB/s) link to supplement the DMI link, this is so the storage controllers don't get bottlenecked with just DMI.


Both processors contribute to the PCI-Express lane budget of the motherboard. The board features seven PCI-Express x16 slots, which four are capable of PCI-Express 3.0 x16, every slot is PCI-Express 3.0 x8 capable. NVIDIA 4-way SLI support is there, and the motherboard is set to support Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon processors.

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MSI lifts lid (slightly) on X79-based board, check it out!

Shane has been teasing us for a few hours on Facebook today with some MSI X79 board shots, but now we have the skinny to give you some much needed news on MSI's LGA2011 board. MSI has provided a few board shots of their upcoming Sandy Bridge-E board, MSI X79A-GD65. The board sports the usual LGA2011 gear like quad-channel memory and includes CPU power circuitry above the DIMM slots, as well as a decently large heatsink.




The board also features on-board power buttons, one touch overclocking, on-board POST display and on-board USB 3.0. PCI-e slot wise we have five full-size PCI-E slots as well as a 1x PCI-E which is in the middle. CrossFire and SLI support is of course included, eight SATA ports total with a split of 4/4 for SATA 2/3.

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GIGABYTE X79-based board, G1. Assassin 2 - if looks could kill, well, you'd be dead already

GIGABYTE has just walked into a room and they've got their latest board on them, as they've walked through the metal detectors, a security guard has asked them "Do you have any metallic items, keys, loose change", and just as they've whipped their trench coat open to not reveal an arsenal of weapons as Neo did in The Matrix, they've shown a gun against their thigh underneath their stocking.




Enter, GIGABYTE's X79 series motherboard, the GIGABYTE G1.Assassin 2. Just look at that heatsink array... it is shaped like a damn pistol! GIGABYTE, why have you done this? It just makes you even more awesome than you were before. The G1.Assassin 2 sports the X79 chipset, which is set to support the upcoming LGA2011 socket CPUs. The board itself features Bigfoot Networks' Killer E2100 platform, as well as an on-board Creative Soundblaster X-Fi digital audio processor.




But its the revised 'Locked and Loaded' heatsink array that will attract people to this motherboard. You can't call the board an Assassin if its not deadly. The previous Assassin board sported an AK47-themed clip, and now this one takes it up a notch to a pistol. 'Locked and Loaded', GIGABYTE surely are ready, taking aim at the competitors motherboards, literally.

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