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Asus reveals Eee T101MT convertible tablet

By: Array

Asus has promised a pair of tablet computers to fight the iPad. Until those show up, users will have to make do with convertible netbooks like the T101MT.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14856_6.jpg


The machine has a 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 multi-touch display that swivels from netbook mode to tablet mode. The machine has an Atom N450 running at 1.66GHz and will run Windows 7. The netbook can use up to 2GB of RAM.


Storage is up to 320GB and the machine packs in WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, VGA out, and a webcam. The machine weighs 1.3kg and its battery will run for 6.5 hours per charge.


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Nokia unveils C3, C6, and E5 mobile phones

By: Array

Nokia has unveiled a new line of mobile phones that all have QWERTY keyboards and are aimed at users looking for affordable handsets. The new line includes the C3, C6, and E5 devices.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14855_5.jpg


The C3 is a QWERTY device that is in the Series 40 line and has direct home screen access to social networks. It has WiFi, 8GB memory card, and will come in several colors for EUR 90. The C6 is a Symbian smartphone with a 3.2-inch screen and a slide out keyboard set for Q2 2010 at EUR 220.


The E5 is a Symbian device with features for the business and home user. It will land in Q2 2010 for EUR 180. All prices are before any subsidies.


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Pantech unveils Link mobile phone for AT&T

By: Array

Pantech and AT&T have a long history of working together on new handsets with some of the devices being exclusive to the AT&T network. AT&T and Pantech have announced a new device called the Link.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14854_4.jpg


The Pantech Link is a QWERTY keyboard device that will be very cheap at $9.99 after a rebate and new contract on the AT&T network. The handset is built around quick messaging and social networking.


The device is very thin at 10mm and supports AT&T services like Social Net and Online Locker. The Link will come in blue or black colors and the exact launch date is unknown.


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Gigabyte offers driver update to allow charge of iPad while in use

By: Array

Many iPad users have probably realized that when they connect their iPad to the USB port for charging and leave the iPad off things work fine. However, when the iPad is charging and the user tries to use the iPad power demand can be too high for some machines.




If you own a Gigabyte mainboard, the company has announced a new driver update for the device that will allow users to charge the iPad and use it at the same time. The update is called the On/Off charge update.


It can be downloaded on the Gigabyte site now and works with Intel X58, P55, H55, and H57 mainboards. AMD 800 chipset boards are also supported by the update.


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Video demo of Microsoft's Kin 'auto phone content-to-web' feature for the upload compulsive

By: Array

Following the launch of Microsoft's new "Kin" phone entries running their latest Phone 7 OS, the folks at Engadget have published a video showing how the automatic content backup system works.


As is the case with SideKick, Microsoft's new Kin phones are designed to have all your txt messages, photos, videos, music and other content backed up to a Microsoft owned service they call Kin Studio on the fly as the phone is being used/updated. This means the phone content is always accessible through any browser on a PC.


Check it :-



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Google and HP working on Android tablets?!

By: Array

The New York Times has made mention of Google's plans to mix up the tablet world with a slate computer of its own in the near future. Eric Schmidt made some brief comments about it at a party in LA recently in which he stated it would be exlusively based on Android, which doesn't make a great deal of sense considering Google's intensive Chrome project.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14841_03.jpg


It seems Google is trying to go stealth on this one for the time being and is said to be actively searching for publishers at the minute to assist in the delivery of books, magazines and other types of content.


It's also been mentioned that HP is working on bringing another Android tablet of its own to market as well, this a 6-inch sized model that's been nicknamed "the half-pint".


Time will tell how Android fares as the right choice for a tablet device. Google seem to feel confident they can make it work.


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Windows 95 shown running on an iPad

By: Array

Earlier today I stumbled upon this interesting video. It shows an iPad running Windows 95 in an emulated environment. The article that it was attached to was poking fun at Bill Gates and his push for Tablet computing.


The emulator has been shown on other systems like the iPod Touch and the iPhone so it is no big surprise to see it on the iPad. It is still funny to see how slow it is over all though. But on the other hand, if this really does work as advertised I suppose you could finally get Flash and Shockwave running.



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Microsoft releases Twin 'Kin' phones

By: Array

Microsoft has pushed out a pair of social networking phones for the Verizon network. These phones are aimed squarely at the teenage and twenty-something crowd (although I know plenty of 30-40 year olds that are also hooked on Facebook and Twitter).


In a typical Microsoft flare they are being called 'Kin' one and two. The 'Kin' is a takeoff from Knits together Kindred Spirits. I have to say that this is probably one of the dumbest names for a phone, or at least the dumbest explanation of a phone's name that I have heard of.


The phones will be made by Sharp and feature a one-off version of Windows Phone 7. As Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment division at Microsoft said, it will let people 'lifecast' and continue the 'read all about me' trend that is going on.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14835_01.jpg


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Geohot shows picture of Jailbroken iPad

By: Array

George Hotz has what appears to be a static image of a jailbroken iPad up on his Blog. The image shows the now familiar Cydia icon right next to the blackra1n one. This could be the signal that we will see a jailbreak for the iPad very soon.


The last time Goehotz released an image like this the jailbreak was out within a week or so of its posting. Of course the question needs to be asked; are the current crop of apps in Cydia and Rock going to be any good on the iPad? After all in our recent review of the iPad we found that Apps which were developed for the iPhone (and not ported or upgraded for the iPad) did not run that well. This could mean that while we will see things like local file access the apps and themes we have come to enjoy will not be effective. Still, I would rather have a jailborken iPad than one that is not.


Bring on the Ra1n Geo.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14833_02.jpg


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GIGABYTE discusses Motherboard iPad Recharging Capability

By: Array

You may remember that GIGABYTE launched three times USB power with its first batch of X58 motherboards last year with the idea of providing a better flow of power through the USB ports to provide added stability, support and faster charging of devices.


With the release of the Apple iPad, the folks at GIGABYTE took the opportunity to showcase the USB charging capabilities of its motherboards. GIGABYTE noted that most motherboards are unable to charge the iPad while it is turned on and operational since there is just not enough power sent through the USB ports.



Since many new GIGABYTE motherboards in the X58, P55, H55, H57 chipset series as well as current and upcoming AMD 800 chipset series can provide up to 1500 milliamps of power through the USB 2.0 ports, it is enough to charge the iPod while it is turned on.


In the video above that GIGABYTE produced, you can see the iPad is drawing around 1.25 amps of power from one of the USB ports from a P55A-UD5 motherboard.


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