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Google Voice ported to Cydia

By: Array

We told you this morning how Apple rejected Google's Google Voice app.
Apple's reason was that the Google App mimicked features already present on the iPhone. Well, this has not prevented it from existing.


It has been ported and out up on Cydia for download. That is right; once again the jailbreak crowd has found a way around Apple's iron fist.


To get this you will need a jailbroken iPhone (either using Purplera1n or redsn0w) once you are finished with that make sure you have the MMi repository. From there just grab the App and be happy with your new freedom.


The people over at Mod My I have been careful to note that this is not a product of Google but it will allow you to use the features of Google Voice.


Of course there is a downside; Google Voice is not available to all areas. According to Google's site it should be up in a "matter of weeks".
But for those that already have an account this is good news


Google Voice ported to Cydia


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Samsung confirms Tegra based Smartphone

By: Array

Well, well, well. The Smart Phone war could be heating up very nicely. For the last two years Apple has ridden on top of the consumer smart phone market with the iPhone.


This has been due to its impressive multi-media experience that has over shadowed some of its more glaring missing features (like copy and paste multi-tasking etc). Apple has been working to add these in as they upgrade hardware such as adding Copy and Paste with OS 3.0 and the launch of the iPhone 3G S.


But Apple might find their loft height very unstable; it seems that Samsung is going to drop an nVidia Tegra SoC into their next smart phone.


This would put an extremely capable and powerful chip inside a competing device. It would also mean that Google and even MS could produce a multi-media experience that would surpass the iPhone. After all we know that Tegra works with Android, Windows CE, and more than likely Windows Mobile. We also know that Tegra has extremely good battery life and is capable of producing HD graphics.


2010 could be a very troublesome year for Apple if Samsung, Google, and nVidia have their way.


Samsung confirms Tegra based Smartphone


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Simple Installer for Palm Pre Home Brew

By: Array

The Palm Pre is catching up to the iPhone in more ways that just iTunes. The new Pre now has a simple Home Brew installing similar to Cydia or Icy for the iPhone.


This comes as Palm re-enabled iTunes syncing on the Pre. Some have stated that the Pre just cannot keep up with the iPhone due to the number of Apps that the iPhone has and the ease of install.


Now that the Pre is getting easier installation for Home Brew, we should also see some nicely useful applications made by users that really do know what people want and would like on the Pre.


Should be interesting to see how quickly the third party developers get on board and get their apps up for install.


Simple Installer for Palm Pre Home Brew


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More Rumors of an Apple Tablet Popup

By: Array

Yeah, more Apple rumors! We have been hearing rumors and denials about Apple's plans to make a tablet for about two years now. Ever since the netbook came out people have been speculating that Apple will have to release their own version to compete in the small, low-power and inexpensive market.


However, when anyone has asked Apple they have always replied that they cannot make an inexpensive device that is not junk. (Which is actually funny when you really look at the cost of the parts though.)


All that aside, there has been some rumblings again about a possible new Apple tablet. First is was Apple buying small 10-inch multi-touch screens, then is was a large flash memory purchase, after that it was a carrier saying they would subsidize one if it were made. Now we have a financial paper claiming that Apple might release one in September.


They cite Apple's recent deals with recording labels for new interactive features for purchased music and movies as a sign of this happening. They also claim the new tablet will run the iPhone OS, and connect through WiFI only (just like the iPod), and could have an e-book market place.


Rumors are fun, but I am not sure about this one. It is possible that Apple is trying to enter the e-book reader market. And some signs point to this, like the Kindle App for the iPhone. Time will tell if this is another fairy tale or if there is truth in this.


More Rumors of an Apple Tablet Popup


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iPhone 3G S encryption hacked in 2 minutes

By: Array

Apple might have gone a little overboard in their description of how secure their iPhone 3G S is. I know this will come as a shock to no one (except a few very hardcore Apple Fans). After all Apple continuously claims that OSX is not vulnerable to crashes, viruses, hacking etc.


The rub is that on Apple's website they state


iPhone 3GS offers highly secure hardware encryption that enables instantaneous remote wipe. You can even encrypt your iTunes backups


This highly secure encryption was hacked in 120 seconds. Bear in mind this is supposed to be hardware level encryption, not simple password.


The encryption was so weak that it was described as being "useless". Now no encryption is perfect or unbreakable; that is not the point of this type of encryption. What you want strong encryption for is to allow you time to wipe the phone if lost or stolen.


Apple has done a terrible job on their attempt to court business users with this feature. Although the currect hack requires physical control of the device it is entirely possible that a Bluetooth or WiFi hack for this could be created. After all how many people run around with their WiFI on all the time and Bluetooth left in discoverable mode.


iPhone 3G S encryption hacked in 2 minutes


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Deal of the Day: Apple iPods! Shuffle from $39

By: Array

Our Deal of the Day today is the Apple Store - Apple iPods! Shuffle from $39, Nano's from $99 and Classics from Only $209 with FREE Shipping.


Offer: If you must have an iPod, you can get it Apple refurbished and know that all of the latest firmware is in there along with it being tested (unlike, much to the discussion of some, the new ones in the box). Stock is limited to what they have so if you fancy one of the previous generations, you can also check to see if they've got a few of those here.



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LG Watch Phone makes it through the FCC

By: Array

If you live in the US and have been dreaming of talking to your wrist, or simply wearing your phone like an accessory your long wait may soon be over.


According to a recent filing with the US Federal Communications Commission LG's new GD910 watch phone may soon see life in the US.


This little device brings back memories of the old Dick Tracy watch communicator (without all the yellow. From what I have seen the GD910 will be pretty cool but will have all the style of the old Casio Calculator watches and will probably act as a female repellent for any trendy geek sporting one.


No word on when these will popup nor how much they will run you but I am sure they will do some good business in the gadget crazed US once they do hit.


LG Watch Phone makes it through the FCC


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Amazon deletes books from users Kindles

By: Array

Amazon can take back your content without your consent. That is the message that is perfectly clear with the recent removal of George Orwell books from their new Kindle platform.


According to numerous reports around the internet the Book Animal Farm and 1984 were deleted from users' accounts and books after the publisher decided they no longer wanted to offer them through the Kindle service.


Now in the world of print this would mean that the book could no longer be purchased from the store. If you bought one before they pulled it would still be yours.


On Kindle, Amazon deleted the book and refunded the money. This is an amazingly disturbing trend. I will give Amazon full marks for the refunds but the idea that they can remove content at will from someone is not good at all.


So far Amazon has not responded to requests for comment on this and there is nothing (that I have found) that shows that they have this right to being with.


Amazon deletes books from users Kindels


Upon your payment of the applicable fees set by Amazon, Amazon grants you the non-exclusive right to keep a permanent copy of the applicable Digital Content and to view, use, and display such Digital Content an unlimited number of times, solely on the Device or as authorized by Amazon as part of the Service and solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Digital Content will be deemed licensed to you by Amazon under this Agreement unless otherwise expressly provided by Amazon.


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New iTunes update kills Palm Pre Syncing

By: Array

The latest version of iTunes (8.2.1) will disappoint many Palm Pre owners.


Apple has included "patches" to prevent music syncing with the competing device. Palm users were in a happy mood when they found that they were able to sync the Palm with their iTunes library. However I am sure that everyone knew that this day would come.


After all Apple is known for its fierce control over their products. What is funny when you look at it is that while Apple (and many of their fans) accuse Microsoft of controlling and monopolistic behavior; when they are the ones in control they show the same tendencies.


It is not likely that Palm will really care about this, but Apple iTunes consumers might as they are the ones that are going to be hurt in the end.


New iTunes update kills Palm Pre Syncing


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iPhone OS 3.1 to remove MMS and Tethering Hacks

By: Array

So you have your new iPhone with OS 3.0 and have been enjoying tethering for the last month due to a couple of handy little hack out on the web.


Not wanting to take the plunge and dive into jailbreaking you just made a slight modification in order to get what has been advertised from Apple.


It should come as no surprise then that Apple is working very hard to take this option away from you. After all they do not feel you should have it without paying (a ridiculous amount) for the service. According to testers of the new iPhone OS 3.1 Beta the trick that allows for tethering has been removed as has the MMS hack.


The reason they are working to pull this? Well it seems AT&T has not been able t work in a fee schedule for tethering on the iPhone just yet. This is the same problem they are facing with MMS. I mean come on; you are only paying for "unlimited" data. But that unlimited is really limited in the minds of AT&T. They feel that despite being marketed and sold with a data plan (that you cannot opt out of) you should pay more to experience things that are available on even mundane phones.


So while the new OS 3.1 that is supposedly due out this month will bring some fixes for real user issues it will also tighten the noose on users in the US where exclusivity is still a cool thing and carriers (much like Apple) get to control what "unlimited data" really means.


iPhone OS 3.1 to remove MMS and Tethering Hacks


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