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New BlackBerrys leaked online

By: Array

Boy Genius Report has scored some real information as well as some pictures of the upcoming Blackberry devices which have been heavily rumored. The trio of new devise is the updated Pearl (no real name given as yet), the Curve 8310 (already available in Europe) and the 8820, which coincidentally launched in Spain on the Orange network a couple of days ago.


The new Pearl will be available in two different versions, one for GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks and it will have Wi-Fi as standard. However, we can't but feel sorry for those looking at getting the CDMA version, as it won't have Wi-Fi. In its place is a GPS receiver, which as handy as it may be will never replace Wi-Fi.


Other new features include an externally accessible microSD card slot, a 3.5mm headset jack, a 2 Megapixel camera with better flash, twin speakers, a spell checker, better wind noise protection and an improved SIM card holder. Looks like a full on upgrade then and it's expected to be available within the next couple of months. It's just a shame that it's still missing 3G.


The Curve 8310 has been available in Europe for a little while now and it's pretty full on in terms of features with GPS and Bluetooth built in, a 2 Megapixel camera with flash and a microSD card slot. Still no Wi-Fi or 3G to be seen.


The 8820 is apparently the first BlackBerry device with GPS and Wi-Fi in the same device and it features 802.11 a/b/g and as far as we know, this is one of the only handheld devices to support 802.11 a. Again, this is a quad band GSM handset with GPRS/EDGE support, but no 3G. It features the latest version of RIM's software and it allows for VoIP, but only for UMA networks.


UMA stands for Unlicensed Mobile Access and allows for VoIP calls over Wi-Fi, but it's tied in with your network provider's service and it's meant to be unobtrusive as the calls should be able to move freely between the various networks. There's also the possibility of cheaper calls via Wi-Fi, but this would be down to the network provider.


You can check out the full post with a lot of pictures and more info here


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Palm to release WM6 update for Treo 750

By: Array

According to a news post on, Palm is about to release a Windows Mobile 6 update for its Treo 750 and it will be available first in Australia to customers of 3. The update should be available in the next couple of weeks from Palm's Australian website and apparently other customers will be able to download it from next month.


Palm's Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Olivier Rozay said, "Building upon the successful launch of the Treo 750 in Australia earlier this year, Palm is pleased to introduce the new Windows Mobile 6 update to the Treo 750 smartphone. The hallmark Palm experience combined with the Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition on the award-winning Treo 750 delivers a compelling mobile experience to customers."


It's great to see that some things actually come to Australia first, even though this might not be the most important event ever. Then there's of course the question of how many people in Australia own a Treo 750, but I guess we shouldn't complain, no matter how many or how few users there are.


You can check out our guide on how to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 from Windows Mobile 5, although the Palm upgrade procedure might be slightly different from the once we described. You can read the guide here.


You can find Palm's Australian website here


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Prism collection from Nokia

By: Array

Nokia has announced its latest fashion phones today and they're part of the new Prism Series. Both phones are made up of straight geometric shapes and look rather odd to say the least. You'll definitely be noticed if you're using one of these, but if it's because people like your phone or not is a different matter.


Anyhow, onto the technical details, first up we have the Nokia 7500 Prism, which is to the left on the picture below and it has "bright, interchangeable color accents" and a 2Megapixel camera. It has a microSD card memory card slot and will handle 2GB cards. Apparently it has enough battery power to play music for nine hours straight. It should be available some time in Q3 for a price of €210, or US$289.



The one to the right is the Nokia 7900 Prism and this is the slightly more modest of the two and it's also the one with the most features. It has an anodized aluminium back cover which is "coin-stamped and laser-etched in Nokia Prism's signature diamond-cut design". It features an OLED display with a "living wallpaper" that changed during the day depending on time, battery and signal strength.


You can choose between 49 different backlight colours to illuminate the 7900 Prism's keypad. It has a dual band 3G and quad band GSM radio, a 2Megapixel camera and 1GB of built in memory for your pictures and music. It should come in at €400 or US$550, again some time in Q3.


Nokia didn't reveal any further specifications of the handsets, but judging by the Euro pricing, these handsets will hit Europe first. There's was no further information on Nokia's website at press time.


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Samsung SGH-i570 Symbian smartphone

By: Array

Samsung seems to be very busy these days and is apparently working on a new Symbian based smartphone, the SGH-i570. It does look similar to its Windows Mobile 6 based sibling, the SGH-i620. Both phones features a slide-out keyboard and somewhat similar styling, but in all honesty, the SGH-i570 looks like the dogs in comparison in stylish gunmetal black over plastic iPod white for the SGH-i620.


The SGH-i570 will be running Symbian 9.1 and it should feature Wi-Fi, HSPDA, EDGE and Bluetooth. Pretty good specifications in terms of connectivity and the only thing missing is a mini-USB port. It also comes with 160MB of built in memory and it takes microSD cards if that's isn't enough.


It also supports video calls via a front mounted camera and slide it open to reveal a rear mounted 2Megapixel camera with flash. It measures 96 x 60 x 16mm (H x W x D) when closed and weighs 123g. You can also see that it comes with some kind of Google functionality as standard, although we're not quite sure what this is, but our guess is that it has Google search built in and maybe some more features.


Can't wait for this one to arrive, it looks like a real corker of a phone and as long as Samsung manages to tame the Symbian OS to make the most out of, this could be one of the smartphones out there that's worth owning.


More pictures here


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UBiQUiO 503G phone arrives - first look

By: Array

Today from our good friends at eXpansys in Hong Kong, we got UBiQUiO's brand new Quad-Band GSM 503G pocket PC mobile phone in for testing.


This is a high-end Windows Mobile 6 Professional smart phone powered by an Intel 520MHz CPU and 96MB of RAM (normally 64MB) and 192MB of ROM (normally 128MB) for local storage. It also includes HSDPA which is high-speed data access over 3G up to 3.6Mbps. We tested it and it works great here in Taipei but it also includes Wi-Fi networking if you aren't in a 3G coverage area.


And if that wasn't enough for you, it also has a full QWERTY keyboard for quick mobile messaging along with great stylus and 2.4" QVGA 320 x 240 touch screen. Our full review will follow next week by Lars but for now here are some first look shots of the impressive device which has already left us quite happy.






More soon once we get time to finish our full look at the product!


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ThermalTake Mozart iP iPod dock case

By: Array

ThermalTake has released a new case in its Mozart media center range, the Mozart iP. ThermalTake claims that this is the world's first case with an integrated iPod dock and we believe them. The dock is integrated into the fascia of the desktop case and it looks rather smart on the pictures. You can see the iPod screen and access the scroll wheel via a cut-out in the case. The dock will also charge your iPod while it's plugged into the Mozart iP.


What's more is that the Mozart iP comes with a dedicated remote control for the iPod dock and there's a special controller that fits into a rear slot in the case that allows the iPod audio to be easily mixed with the sound from your sound card and then passed onto the speakers.



The Mozart iP is also a media center case, as it features a VFD and comes with second remote control and the iMedian media center style software. Other features include front mounted USB 2.0, FireWire and audio ports, three 5.25-inch drive bays and five 3.5-inch drive bays. The Mozard iP is available in black and silver.


You can find out more information and see some more pictures of the ThermalTake Mozard iP by clicking here


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Eight new HTC handsets revealed

By: Array

Information about eight new devices from HTC has made its way onto the web and it's looking like HTC is packing some serious hardware if this information proves to be correct. First up we have the Kaiser or the P4550 which we wrote about here, although it seems like it has been delayed until August now.


This model will replace the TyTN in the current range and will feature a 400MHz Qualcomm CPU, 256MB ROM, 64MB RAM, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, assisted GPS, a 2 or 3Mega pixel camera, a semi-automatic sliding keyboard (no, this has nothing to do with guns), but sadly it only has USB 1.1 interface for syncing it with your PC.


Next up we have Nike, or the P5500 which is a more classic looking slider with a 2.6-inch QVGA touch screen, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, the same 400MHz Qualcomm CPU, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, a 2Mega pixel camera and again only USB 1.1. This is the first slider without a keyboard from HTC and it looks like an interesting model.


The Volans doesn't have a model number as yet, but it looks like this will be the 3G version of the current S710. It has the same specifications as the Nike, but it lacks the touch screen. Instead it has a keyboard, just like the S710.


The next model will replace the P3350 if the design is anything to go by and its codenamed Polaris. It will get a 3.5-inch VGA touch screen, long overdue from HTC. It will also feature wireless WAN, although it isn't quite clear what this means, but WiMAX springs to mind. The hardware features are in general similar to the Kaiser, although the Polaris will have a real GPS as well as an FM radio and a 3Mega pixel camera with auto focus.


Sedna is the next model and it should be known as the P6550 when it arrives. It will also feature a 3.5-inch touch screen display, but only QVGA this time. This odd beast might feature up to 1GB of NAND Flash memory for storage It should also have wireless WAN, HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps, a fingerprint scanner and 2 SDIO/MMC memory card slots. It might also feature an add-on module that can host a magnetic strip/smart card reader or an extended battery.


The final GSM/WCDMA device is the Shangri-La or the X9500 which looks like a replacement for the X7500. It should have a 7-inch 800x480 touch screen, it might feature a 30 or 40GB hard drive and is meant to be powered by an 800MHz Intel Dothan CPU.


Finally we have to US only models for CDMA, the first one is the Vouge, which simply put is a CDMA 1x-EVDO model of the Touch with built in GPS. The Iris or the S640 looks a lot more interesting as it shares quite a lot of its design with the new Palm Gandolf. It should have wireless WAN as well as GPS, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and a front mounted keyboard.


You can find a PDF with more information about all the models as well as pictures, by clicking here. For now, we'd take most of this information with a huge grain of salt, except the Kaiser as it has already been verified to be a real product.


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Nokia announces two new 6500 handsets

By: Array

Nokia has released information about two new handsets, both labelled as the 6500, but with the Classic and Slide suffixes. The design idea behind these two handsets is ergonomics, big buttons and ease of use and long lasting materials. Both handsets feature third generation 3G technology from Nokia and both are considered mid-range handsets by Nokia.


The 6500 Classic is a rather stylish, if somewhat plain, 9.5mm slim, aluminium, candy bar shaped phone. It has a 2Mega pixel camera with LED flash. It also features a standard mini USB connector, which makes it much easier to connect it up to a computer and charge it, especially when you travel. It has 1GB of built in memory and you can use the 6500 Classic as a USB storage device with your computer. It's expected to retail for around €320 ex sales tax in Europe.



The 6500 Slide is as the name suggests a slider and it is cast in brushed stainless steel with a special coating that is meant to prevent scratches and smudges. It features a 3.2Mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics with auto focus and an LED flash. It's also got TV out, which enables it to display pictures on a TV, but it can also be used for group video calls over 3G. The 6500 Slide is expected to retail for around €370 ex sales tax in Europe.


Expect to see both handsets in Q3


"Nokia is a recognized trailblazer of the 3G revolution and a pioneer in the use of new and innovative materials for mobile phones. With the Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide, Nokia is skillfully combining these areas of expertise to deliver a compelling blend of design and technology at a mid-range price point."


Nokia has set up a site dedicated to the 6500 series here


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HTC to launch Kaiser (P4550) in July

By: Array

If you're into Windows Mobile devices, you've most likely heard of HTC and even if you haven't, it's likely that you've got one of their devices as HTC is one of the biggest manufacturers of Windows Mobile devices. You might be familiar with Dopod if the HTC brand doesn't ring a bell, as Dopod distributed HTC's devices under its own brand until it was recently bought up by HTC. The new handset from HTC has been known as the Kaiser, but it likely going to retail as the P4550. This is an upgraded version of the TyTN which has been out for about a year or so now. The Boy Genius Report has scored some exclusive shots of this new handset and you can check out the rest of the pictures here.



Although the P4550 shares many features with the TyTN, such as a 2.8-inch, 320x240 resolution display and HSDPA, the P4550 is quite a different beast when you start looking at the specs. First of all it's using a different processor, as the TyTN was powered by a 400MHz Samsung CPU, the P4550 has a 400MHz processor from Qualcomm. This is the first time a device from HTC is powered by a Qualcomm processor and it will be interesting to see how this compares to the Samsung and Xscale processors previously used by HTC. It's also been given twice as much memory, 256MB ROM and 128MB of RAM, this might not sound like much, but it's quite impressive on a Windows Mobile device. The P4550 also supports the even faster 3G standard, HSUPA and also offers 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 for connectivity to a wide range of devices, but gone is the IrDA interface of the TyTN. The P4550 will of course be running Windows Mobile 6, which officially launches next month.


Another cool feature of the P4550 is that the screen doesn't just slide to reveal a keyboard, but it tilts in such a way that it looks like a small notebook. How practical this is in real life is something we'll have to evaluate once we get hold of a review unit, but it does look the part. Expect this handset to be available sometime in July, although we'd expect to see the device in action at Computex next month.


You can find HTC's website here


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Creative takes on the iPod Nano

By: Array

Creative has just announced its latest weapon in the battle against Apple and its iPods - the ZEN Stone. A range of color options will be available, although for the launch date on the 14th of May, black is the only option. At 25 grams and measuring 5.3 x 3.5 x 1.3 cm (W x H x D) it's a very pocket friendly MP3 player. In addition to MP3 files, the ZEN Stone will also play DRM free WMA, WAV and Audible books on its 1GB of built in storage.



The ZEN Stone has a 10h battery life, which should be good enough for most users and it charges via its mini USB connector, which is also used to connect it to your PC. A standard 3.5mm audio jack is used for headphones and a basic pair is supplied with the player. But the thing that will sell the ZEN Stone its not one of its features, but rather the amazingly low retail price of US$39.99, as suddendly it's not expensive to get a quality player from a well known brand. We'll just have to wait and see if Apple is willing to compete with this of if it sees its own iPod Nano as a premium product. You can find out more information about the ZEN Stone here


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