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iPad 3G pricing and a cool keyboard accessory unveiled

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I for one am very glad to hear that there will be iPad models with 3G and those without. I see the device for my use being something that is mostly used at home where I won't need 3G. However, if you want a 3G version Apple has landed some exceptional pricing from AT&T for the iPad.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14097_5.jpg


AT&T will sell iPad owners 3G coverage starting at $14.99 per month for up to 250MB of data use. An unlimited data plan will set you back $29.99 and both plans give free AT&T hotspot access. You can activate the 3G coverage directly from the iPad meaning you don't even have to go into the store.


The best news is that there is no contract required for the access. I sincerely wish they had offered a day rate or a week rate. I could see wanting access for only a day or so at a discounted rate. Apple also unveiled a cool keyboard accessory for the iPad. The iPad docks on the keyboard and you can type documents and other stuff without resorting to the onscreen keyboard.


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iBooks looks to corner the eBook market on the iPad

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This holiday season one of the hottest electronics items to give as a gift was a new eReader. The Barnes & Noble Nook sold out very quickly and had long backorder lines. Many of the popular Sony eReaders sold out and the Amazon Kindle was the only eReader widely available.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14095_4.jpg


For a while, analysts have been saying that before magazines and papers could go to digital formats and be popular with readers we needed color screens. The iPad may well turn out to be the most popular eReader on the market with its large color screen. Yeah the thing starts at $499, but I was seriously considering a Nook and for $200 more the iPad does so much more.


I also think that Apple may well go on to corner the digital book market with its iBook service much like it has with iTunes and the App store. Books appear to range in price from$4.99 to about $15 depending on the title.


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Apple iPad full specifications list

By: Array

I already mentioned that the long anticipated, lusted after, and rumored iPad is finally here. Apple and Steve Jobs have unveiled what they expect to be the next great game changing device. The full specs of the machine are going to be listed below for quick perusal.




The iPad is about half an inch thick and weighs 1.5 pounds. Honestly, I was hoping it would be lighter than that, but that is still lighter than a netbook. The screen is a 9.7-inch IPS with capacitive multitouch. The CPU behind the little beast is according to Jobs "our own silicon" specifically called the Apple A4 chip and it operates at 1GHz. Storage will be 16GB to 64GB.


Other specifications include WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, an accelerometer, a compass, integrated speaker, microphone, and a 30-pin connector. Apple promises 10 hours of battery life with over a month on standby. Early rumors say that the battery life drops significantly when you play games on it. There will also be versions with 3G connectivity and they are all unlocked. Pricing will start at $499.


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Apple Tablet is called iPad

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Well after all the long running rumors and the scuttlebutt at each and every Apple event that this was when the Apple tablet would be launched that day is finally here. Steve Jobs whipped the beast out not long after taking the stage at the press event and it's called the iPad.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14091_1.jpg


The thing is said to revolutionize the web browsing experience and promises to do things that no netbook or smartphone can. The iPad also has drop downs for fast access to email and it looks a lot like a larger iPhone. I had hopes to see the ting pretty much have an edge to edge screen like the iPhone but it appears to have a bezel around it about a half inch thick.


Like the iPhone, the iPad has an accelerometer and knows how you are holding it allowing the content on the screen to rotate to the direction you need it to. A large onscreen QWERTY keyboard handles the input duties. The keyboard is much larger than the one on the iPhone, which most users can type on surprisingly fast so it should be easy enough to use. I really want one!


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Heads up on Apple's iPad tablet - press event is nigh

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Information has leaked onto the interweb today regarding the Apple tablet which is said to be presented at a press event tomorrow.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14088_01.jpg


Jason Calacanis is involved in several operations on the web (such as being the CEO of search engine Mahalo, co-founder of TechCrunch50 and founder of Weblogs, Inc.) and has leaked information via his Twitter Account about the tablet, saying that he was given one from Apple ten days ago to tinker with in preparation for tomorrow's press event on cnbc, cnn, etc.


It's believed this isn't just a PR stunt and Calacanis is finding the iPad tablet a total joy in many respects. Here are his first-hand impressions:


- it's "the most amazing device ever"
- it's "really amazing for newspapers"
- video conferencing is "super stable"
- battery life is "great" when it comes to reading ebooks but not so great (2-3 hours) in Wi-Fi mode or when playing games
- tailor-made games are "sick", on Wii level
- the customized Farmville app (which Jobs is going to demo tomorrow with the CEO of the company behind it) is "insane"


Features look well rounded with the highlights being an OLED screen, solar pad for recharging on the back (with primary power being of course by battery), fingerprint verification, HDTV tuner and PVR function and back and front cameras. It is said to be using a variation of iPhone's OS and also allows for a wireless keyboard plus a connection for external monitors.


Verizon and ATT are said to be offering the unit at between $599 and $799 depending on what screen size and internal memory you opt for.


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Nokia unveils 16GB X6 phone

By: Array

Nokia is still the world largest phone maker, even if other devices like the iPhone and Android phones are grabbing most of the headlines. The company unveiled the 32GB X6 music phone with the comes with music service late last year, but the handset was more expensive than many users could afford.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14082_5.jpg


Nokia has now announced a smaller version of the X6 with 16GB of storage and no comes with music service included. The handset has a 3.2-inch screen and will come in black, white, white with pink, and white with yellow colors. The handset is good for up to 18 days of standby per charge.


The phone also has 11.5 hours of talk time and can play video for 4.5 hours per charge. The handset also has a 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash. Ovi Maps GPS navigation is also included. The handset will hit stores this quarter at an undisclosed price.


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Asus to unveil two eReaders in Q2

By: Array

eReaders are a big deal right now and are some of the most popular gadgets online. The eReader promises to help revive the ailing print publishing industry that has struggled with subscribers and sales in the face of online competition.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14081_4.jpg


We already know that Asus has an eReader in the works called the DR-950. The machine has a 9-inch screen and supports HTML and most document files. The first time we heard of the reader it was set for a mid 2010 launch.


Word is now coming in that the launch of the reader has been moved up to Q2 2010. Along with the DR-950 will come a smaller 6-inch version called the DR-57 with many of the same features. Pricing is unknown at this time.


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Kingston releases 512GB SSDNow V+ SSD w/ TRIM support

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Kingston has just added a new higher capacity 512GB solid state drive into its SSDNow V+ series this week which also brings a significant performance boost with read and write rates of 230MB/sec and 180MB/sec respectively.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14074_01.jpg


Further to this, Kingston states that both the new 512GB drive and existing smaller capacity models in the V+ series (256GB, 128GB and 64GB) now support Windows 7's TRIM feature using the latest firmware.


The new 512GB (SNVP325-S2B/512GB) drive is of course a 2.5-inch sized drive and uses MLC NAND flash and supports SATA 3 GB/s and USB 2.0. As shown below, you can also buy the drive in bundle form which includes cloning software plus a bunch of cables (SATA power and data cables + USB cable) as well as some 3.5-inch to 2.5-inch spacers for mounting the drive in a desktop PC and additionally, a 2.5-inch enclosure for portable use.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14074_02.jpg


The drive can be purchased on its own for approx. $1,598 or around $100 more if you want the full bundle.


For further details, you can find Kingston's official announcement here.


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Apple Tablet coming for AT&T and Verizon says Fox News

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With an Apple event being held next week it makes sense that the rumors are at a fevered pitch. Everyone is getting in on the rumor action from analysts to major news outlets like Fox News.




Fox News is reporting that there will be two versions of that long rumored Apple tablet unveiled at the event next week. One of the tablets will be for the AT&T's GSM network and one for AT&T's CDMA network.


Which company will be the carrier is unknown, but having the device for both wouldn't be out of the question. The huge success of the iPhone AT&T isn't likely to walk away from another potentially market making device from Apple over Verizon getting its own version of the device. At the same item Verizon is not likely to say no because AT&T will have aversion either. I will not be surprised to see two versions being sold. Apple really needs its devices on all major carriers if it really wants to build market share. We will have to wait until next week to see what Apple pulls out of its hat.


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