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Apple's patent covers new iPhone camera technologies

Last week, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a set of patent applications from Apple that reveal another series of iPhone camera technologies. Patently Apple covered this, as they're a site dedicated to Apple patents and have said:




One of Apple's latest inventions relating to a next generation auto exposure algorithm may have actually slipped into Apple's latest iPhone 4S. The second invention revealed this week relates to "Automatic Tone Mapping Curve Generation." Apple has made a number of great advancements in their latest iPhone 4S camera that now makes it even easier for consumers to capture those great at-the-moment photos that make everlasting memories. Other patented technologies that made it into this year's iPhone 4S include video stabilization and face detection. If you happen to be a camera aficionado, then you might just want to delve into an overview of Apple's latest goodies.

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ASUS Padfone will be Tegra 3-powered, debut in early 2012

This is something we knew was coming, after the success ASUS have enjoyed with their Transformer line of Android-powered tablets, we now hear the news of the ASUS Padfone which is set to debut early next year.




ASUS' Padfone is expected at MWC 2012 in February and is reportedly going to sport NVIDIA's Tegra 3 SoC. This should mean it should be just as fast as ASUS' other Tegra 3-sporting Eee Pad Transformer Prime, which if you remember, is a quad-core (with a fifth companion core) rocking device.


Does this mean we're headed into quad-core smartphone territory as early as February 2012? Exciting times ahead for not only ASUS, but Google, NVIDIA and every single one of us tech heads!

RumorTT: LTE-powered iPad 3 in summer 2012, LTE-powered iPhone 5 in the fall

Could it be? According to Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple is heading toward a 2012 release of both a 4G LTE iPhone and iPad on NTT DoCoMo, the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan.


If we have a fall arrival of the iPhone 5, it would make sense as it would've been twelve months since the release of the iPhone 4S. NTT DoCoMo's president, Koyoyuki Tsujimura and vice president Takashi Yamada have allegedly met with Apple CEO Tim Cook in mid-November to discuss the deal.




At the meeting, they reportedly "agreed in principle" to sell both the next-generation iPhone and iPad, and the executives apparently agreed to "the rules of the game", including order commitment. Apple have shot down talk of the 4G LTE chipsets before, deeming them not fully optimized for low power consumption on mobile devices. Apple's chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer said on an April 2011 earnings call:


The first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises with the handset, and some of those we are just not willing to make.

ASUS Transformer Prime release in US on December 12 online, December 19 retail

ASUS' awesome looking Eee Pad Transformer Prime is set to be released in just under two weeks from now, with a release date for online purchases on December 12, and retail shelves one week later on December 19.


ASUS could change these dates slightly, depending on how pre-orders go, but if you're after one, you should be able to get your hands sticky with some goody Ice Cream Sandwich before Santa arrives.




In regards to price, the 32GB version is $499, 64GB will sell for $599 and if you'd like the keyboard dock, it will set you back $149. Quick and nice news on the Prime today, hopefully ASUS send us one or thirty to review, keep and rub against our faces making lovey sounds against.

Samsung announces Exynos 5250, Cortex-A15, 2GHz, dual-core

Samsung have today announced their first Cortex-A15 System-on-a-Chip (SoC), the Exynos 5250. The chip is clocked at 2GHz and is built on a 32nm process, which should offer competitive per core performance as the Qualcomm and TI designs that will come out in 2012.




Compute performance is set to be doubled over the current 1.5GHz Cortex-A9-based Exynos processors, and memory bandwidth is quoted at 12.8GB/sec. Samsung haven't mentioned the on-board GPU, where performance is expected to be four-fold over their earlier Exynos models, which should kick some ass against Apple's A5 SoC.


New power-saving technology involves a low-power frame buffer for static screens, which should allow the GPU to be fully powered down when displaying just the home screen or another static image. Next-generation tablet screens are expected to hit WQXGA (2560x1600), which means the GPU will have to be suped up to handle it.

Lenovo set to launch Windows Phone-powered smartphone in 2H 2012, LePhone is not a reddit joke

Le news of today is LePhone S2 which has been teased as a Windows Phone, but Lenono have confirmed this news yesterday that an upcoming product will be released powered by Microsoft's mobile OS.




LePhone was released in May 2010 and enjoyed 700,000 sales, nothing to brag about, but better than nothing. Product manager Chen Yue told iMobile that Lenovo is now aiming to release a Windows Phone in the second half of 2012.


But that's it - no other information. No specs, no prices, no mention of an international launch. LePhone. It has a nice ring to it.

Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablet arrives, in China

If you want an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device, Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is your only real choice. Well, so you thought. An Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablet has surfaced in China, and looks to be a Xoom clone.




It uses dated hardware, but still runs Android 4.0.1. The device is a 10.1-inch tablet, and sports an NVIDIA Tegra 2 SoC, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, dual cameras, GPS, HDMI, a 7000 mAh battery, and a 3G SIM card slot.

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Google Maps 6.0 available on Android, adds indoor navigation for retail and transit

Google has updated Maps for Android to version 6.0, and has been released into the wild that is the Android Market in the U.S. and Japan today. Included with it is retail and airport floor plans for indoor navigation.



The indoor maps aren't as good as the outdoor navigation, so there's no turn-by-turn navigation, but it does provide layouts for the nearest shops, bathroom or elevator. The information is pulled from the same spot it is now "My Location", but it has been optimized to detect movement along the z-axis.

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Apple iPhone spontaneously combusts aboard flight in Australia

This is not something you'd expect from the can't-do-anything-wrong Apple, but during a flight in Australia, an iPhone spontaneously began smoking and emitting a red glow. Passengers aboard Regional Express flight ZL319 were welcomed to their destination in Sydney, Australia by a somewhat frightening ordeal.




Regional Express said that a passenger's iPhone began "emitting a significant amount of dense smoke" shortly after the flight landed, and the smoke was accompanied by a red glow. The device was extinguished by a flight attendant with no passenger's or crew injured. The phone itself was an iPhone 4, and not the new iPhone 4S model.

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RumorTT: Apple prepping a 4-inch iPhone?

Rumor has it that Apple are planning to release a new 4-inch iPhone, if reports on MacoTakara are to be believed. They claim that both Sony and Hitachi have already begun preparing 4-inch LCD screens for a new iOS-based device which will be released in early 2012.




According to an Asian source, Hitachi Display, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started shipping 4-inch LCDs for a new iOS device and LCD for the iPad 3. These 2 companies will merge their business with Toshiba Mobile Display Co. Ltd., as "Japan Display" in spring 2012.

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