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ASUS' next-gen Transformer primed for the camera once again

As we recently learned thanks to Jonney Shih of ASUS at AsiaD, the next gen Transformer tablet, dubbed Transformer Prime will be officially unveiled on November 9th. But if what Jonney exposed in that sneak peek wasn't enough to satisfy, a bunch more spy photos of the final revision Transformer Prime have just surfaced online.




You can see that lovely brushed aluminum finish in the shots with the device hooked up to its partner dock, offering a chiclet keyboard and large button-less trackpad. There's one shot where it is up and running, albeit just resting at the Android lockscreen.

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Winamp for Android now syncs Macs wirelessly

Winamp for Android is amazing. I love it, I use it all the time and it is wonderful. Today brings Winamp for Android updates that include a bunch of new features such as a Winamp for Mac Sync beta app that brings the same wireless freedom to Mac users that Windows users have enjoyed for a while now, access to Spinner's MP3 of the day from your Android phone, and a new premium version of the app with extended features.




The biggest feature is Winamp for Android now lets users sync their music and videos wirelessly with the Mac, the same as Windows users have been able to do. The Winamp for Mac Sync Beta app is brand new and a available as a free download. The new updated Winamp for Android also includes more streaming music for Winamp's "Listening Party" feature, where you can stream songs and listen together with friends, and more free music from Spinner.


Lastly, we have the Winamp "Pro Bundle" which will set you back $5 but includes extended features such as support for FLAC, crossfading and gapless playback, and a customizable home screen for the player and a 10-band equalizer. The free version does however include more features than before, but the extended features are just extra flavoring on an already tasty product from Winamp.


You can grab Winamp for Android here.

Nokia's "first real Windows Phone", welcome, Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, teased the codename "Sea Ray" phone in the middle of the year, which looked just like a Nokia N9. Today, Sea Ray has been unveiled as the Nokia Lumia 800 and we get to see how Windows and Nokia gel together, according to Elop, it's the "first real Windows Phone".




Nokia's Lumia 800 sports a single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 1.4GHz processor, 16GB of internal storage, a curved 3.7-inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen framed by a black, cyan or magenta case with individually drilled speaker holes, a dedicated camera button for the f/2.2 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, 512MB of internal memory, 12.1mm-thick frame and a 1450mAh battery that is said to be good for approximately 9.5 hours of 3G talk time. Software wise, we have Windows Phone Mango, and the Lumia 800 comes packed with a free 25GB SkyDrive account, as well as Nokia Drive, a free turn-by-turn voice navigation program, a first for any Windows Phone.



Filling out the Lumia 800 we have Nokia Music with Mix Radio, which is a global service with no subscriptions or log-ins required for "hundreds of channels of locally-relevant music", and an ESPN Sports Hub, three programs not found on any other Windows Phone 7-powered device.

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Just how much has the iPhone camera improved over the years? Well, lots!

I remember importing the first iPhone into Australia because we were left out of Apple's circle of power, and I remember the camera being good, for the time. I upgraded to the iPhone 3G on launch day and I remember the camera only being a little better. But, now we have side-by-side shots of the same picture, from all of the iPhone's.


Gizmodo have a news piece where Lisa Bettany has taken the same picture with every iPhone (the original, 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S) to see the differences, and PetaPixel stiched them together to show you just how much the camera has improved from each generation.




As we can see from the above picture, the original to the 3G was not that much of an improvement, but the 3GS is when the iPhone became a serious photo-snapping camera. The iPhone 4 is another step up in quality, but the iPhone 4S... very, very nice indeed. Lots of detail, near-perfect quality when compared to even the 3GS and blows the 3G and the vanilla iPhone out of the water. Back when the original iPhone came out, most people had point-and-shoot cameras, but these days? There's just no real need if you take pictures in a non-serious, I-don't-need-a-DSLR way.

Amazon is making "millions more" Kindle Fires than expected, huge demand is to blame

Amazon is having to put production of the Kindle Fire into severe overdrive after seeing a huge spike in demand, according to Amazon's earnings report. Jeff Bezos said in a statement that Kindle Fire pre-orders are causing Amazon to increase capacity and produce "millions more" tablets than they have originally planned.




It looks like Apple's iPad will have a new, strong, very in-demand competitor. With a name like Kindle Fire, it will surely catch on and with Amazon having to produce "millions" more, this can only be a good thing for both Amazon and consumers. With some estimates pointing at as many as 3.4 million Android-powered tablets in the hands of customers, the "millions more" Kindle Fire's will definitely be causing a dent in Apple's numbers.

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HTC confirms they will offer 5GB Dropbox storage to anyone who purchases a new HTC handset

HTC has partnered up with Dropbox to offer a new deal with all of the latest Android-based handsets that will give a bonus of 3GB storage in addition to the 2GB of free storage offered by Dropbox if they connect to the platform with the new phone - launching in October.




The deal which is set to extend to all Sense 3.5 devices in the futurer, all allow users to save files and photos on their phone and have them automatically synced to their computer at home, or other devices running the Dropbox software. Dropbox currently offers users 2GB of storage, free, with the change to upgrade that by 8GB by getting friends to sign up to Dropbox. HTC's additional deal with 3GB makes reaching the 10GB storage for free, not that hard at all.

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Tablets overtook netbook shipments in Q2

Tablet shipments rose more than 112-percent in Q2 of this year, eclipsing netbook shipments for the first time. Tablet sales reportedly hit 13.6 million in Q2, a decent increase from Q1 which saw 6.4 million sold. Netbooks were the champions of Q1 with estimated sales of 8.4 million, roughly 2 million more than tablets.




The spike in tablet shipments is largely thanks to Apple's iPad 2. 68-percent of all tablets shipped globally in Q2 were iPad models. ABI Research group director, Jeff Orr says why many people are choosing tablets over netbooks:


Media tablets are perceived to be easy to use, compared to the keyboard and mouse interface of a netbook computer. Those who have avoided PCs because they are difficult to use - think the Baby Boomer generation and older - see media tablets as an opportunity to re-engage with Internet access.


Netbooks won't just disappear, though. They're still great value in underdeveloped counties where PC access at home is tougher to come by. Early adopters in the US, Japan, South Korea and Western Europe are expected to continue to drive tablet sales forward.

Nokia should still be given credit where it's due

While certainly not the phone of choice for many in this day and age, Nokia's MeeGo-running N9 still has the ability to gain some love if people gave it a second look. If you need more incentive to spend a few minutes of your time looking at anything Nokia since Symbian pulled them down so far, perhaps this new video Nokia has posted on YouTube will do it for you.



The video will show you how the company uses its Finnish expertise in making the phone and may well be enough to earn some new found appreciation for what Nokia has always done well, produce quality, well built hardware.

Commonwealth Bank unveils NFC iPhone product, Kaching

The Commonwealth Bank has unveiled its near-field communication (NFC) payments product called Kaching. Kaching enables pay-anyone facilities through Facebook, e-mail and MasterCard PayPass. This is a great move by the CBA, as NFC allows data transmission over a range of approx. 10cm. An NFC-enabled chip in a smartphone can interact with a proximity card reader to make mobile payments.




Kaching is set to allow customers (via the app) pay each other via e-mail, Facebook or mobile, and via an iCarte case for iPhone or pay via MasterCard's contact-less PayPass terminals. Users don't even need to be Commonwealth Bank customers to receive payments, with non-bank customers directed to an external collection site.


The App is set to be compatible with Apple's iOS 4.3 and above, with cases designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S. CBA's chief information officer, Michael Harte has said that the Kaching app and the iCarte case have been designed in close consultation with Apple. Dubbed iCarte 420, the case contains an "embedded smart-chip" that can be configured for debit, credit and pre-paid use and also has the ability to read NFC-enabled advertisements and transit systems.

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Ice Cream Sandwich will support game controllers and HDMI

Android engineer Romain Guy has announced via Twitter that Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich will support USB game pads and HDMI. This will essentially turn ICS-powered devices into video game consoles. There aren't many other details to add at the moment, but its clear that you'll require a micro USB adapter in order to use the game pad.




We do have Sony's PlayStation Phone, the Xperia Play, which sports a slide-out game pad complete with directional pad, four thumb buttons and two touch-sensitive joysticks. But, Ice Cream Sandwich is ready to knock it up a notch or five. Being able to use future Android 4.0-powered smartphones and tablets is very, very cool. Especially considering that the upcoming NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core powered chips will rock tablets in the near future, with tablets featuring full-sized USB ports, there would be no need for micro USB, etc.


All you'd need is a USB game pad and you'd be off - it will surely change the smartphone and tablet gaming market with something that Apple just cannot offer right now or anytime in the near future. Galaxy Nexus is set to drop on November 10 if you go by current rumors.

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