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TomTom Navigation coming for iPhone OS 3.0

By: Array

Ok this is really cool, TomTom has decided to go toe-to-toe with Garmin and has launched TomTom for iPhone.


That is right - the real TomTom navigation application right on your iPhone. You can even purchase a car mounting kit for use on the road.


I can't wait to get this setup once the iPhone OS 3.0 hits. It is honestly the first truly new thing they have talked about with the new iPhone OS so far.


Read more here.


TomTom Navigation now available for the iPhone OS 3.0


TomTom Navigation now available for the iPhone OS 3.0


11:26AM "It will dock the iPhone, you can use in portrait or landscape, and thanks to the accessory framework, we can enhance your GPS data. Finally, we'll power your iPhone as you drive, so you're fully charged when you arrive."


11:25AM Wow, the app is very slick, and very fast. Switching to landscape mode. Go figure, it's got a robot voice. Text to speech sounds surprisingly clear. "We've also created an accessory, the TomTom car kit."


11:24AM "We've worked hard on this. We've delivered real TomTom navigation on the iPhone. Here's an example." About time on this, guys!


11:23AM "The first GPS unit I purchased was a TomTom -- here's the CTO and Co-founder of TomTom, Peter-Frans Pauwels."


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Next-Gen iPhone Gets Pictured

By: Array

MacRumors has posted a new picture of the upcomming iPhone update.


Next-Gen iPhone Gets Pictured<br>


The new picture shows that not much has changed, assuming that the photo is genuine. It could just be a PhotoShop job or even a cheap case for the iPhone.


As always, there is nothing official from Apple on the subject so we are going to have to wait and see if Apple will confirm the rumor sometime in the near future.


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Nokia's Ovi Store has issues at Launch

By: Array

Nokia opened its very own App store on Tuesday and already it is feeling the same pinch that got Apple at the launch of the iPhone. According to an article at the Ovi store is having some technical difficulties and is not being accepted as well as would be hoped.


Users are complaining that to access the store they have to login on their phones browser as there is no direct application to allow them access just yet.


But the worst issue came as the servers were overloaded and could not fill all the requests that were coming in from Nokia owners. At the time of this writing Nokia has added additional serves to handle the extra load but the damage may already have been done.


Read more here.


Nokia's Ovi Store has issues at Launch


The company on Tuesday launched its virtual Ovi Store, where users can download games, videos and other applications on their mobile phones. The store is available in five languages, including English, Spanish and Russian.


Many users have left comments on the Ovi Store blog, expressing their disappointment because the website was too slow and they could not install applications on their mobile phone.


"We have apologised to users on the blog and we encourage people to carry on giving us feedback as we develop the service better," Nokia spokesman Andrew Flowers told AFP.


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New iPhone Could Come Next Month

By: Array

Although Apple has kept a tight lid on almost everything associated with the upcoming new version of the iPhone, a source close to Apple's hardware development team says that the third-generation iPhone will be coming on Friday, July 17.


New iPhone Could Come Next Month


Many are eagerly awaiting the new iPhone and the new features that it is rumored to be bringing along with it. Some of the more notable features include double the RAM and processing power, a 32GB model, 3.2MP camera with video capabilities, a compass, and an FM transmitter. Unfortunately it is also very likely that the $199 and $299 prices will remain the same.


Of course Apple has not verified any of the information yet, all of this is from various leaks that have popped up over the last few months. As always we will have to wait to hear from Apple for the official word and confirmation, however many of the changes would fit the iPhone quite well and are all very plausible. Confirmation could be right around the corner as VP Schiller will be opening the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 8th with a keynote address.


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Apple Says iPhone/iPod Is Totally Shocking

By: Array

Apple is warning users of the iPhone and iPod that they might get a shocking experience when they go to use their earbuds.


Apple Says iPhone/iPod Is Totally Shocking


The "small and quick" shock that people are getting is coming from a buildup of static electricity, similar to that of what you would experience dragging your feet across the carpet and touching someone.


Apple of course says that this is not just limited to their hardware and is not assuming any fault at all on the issue. Instead apple recommends using a humidifier to increase humidity in the room, using anti-static spray, or limiting your wardrobe to clothes containing natural fibers only, proving once again that Apple products are targeted towards the hip and trendy. Seriously Apple?


People listening to one of the devices in extremely dry air are most at risk of receiving a static electricity shock through the ear buds, according to a warning posted on Apple's Web site. The post likened the condition to the discharge that occurs when a person drags his or her feet across a carpet then gets a shock by touching a door knob.


"This condition is not limited to Apple hardware and static can potentially build up on almost any hardware and could be discharged using any brand of earbuds," Apple said.


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New iPhone Specs revealed...Maybe

By: Array

It has been a little while since we have heard new iPhone rumors so I was not shocked when a couple popped up today.


The one that caught my attention was this little bit over at Wired. It seems that the rumor mill went into overtime churning out this one.


The rumor says that the next Gen iPhone will hit the streets on July 17th. But there is more than that, if the "source" is correct the new iPhone will have an OLED,a 3.2 MP camera (and can capture video), 1.5 times the battery life, and will have a 32GB version.


Of course it will have all the goodies from iPhone OS 3.0 as well.


Read more here.


New iPhone Specs revealed...Maybe


Overall, if these claims are true, this is a relatively minor upgrade. The most notable new features would be the built-in compass (which appeared in earlier rumor reports), the video recorder and editor (the current iPhones don't support video recording unless you Jailbreak them), the built-in FM transmitter and the OLED screen (which would improve battery life).


One of the features that sticks out to me is the built-in FM transmitter. I see no compelling reason for Apple to put this in the iPhone, as it is not a feature that users have been demanding, and it hasn't appeared in other iPods.


Another specification I find strange is the OLED screen. That would be a welcome change because it would look nicer than the current LED screen. But OLEDs are generally pricey, and if the current price points are maintained, I'm not sure if I believe this one.


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Deal of the Day: Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

By: Array

Our Deal of the Day today is the - Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with Full Pull out QWERTY Keyboard for $199.99 with FREE Shipping!.


Offer: This internet appliance with 4.1" 800 x 480 color touchscreen LCD panel, built in GPS, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 802.11b/g wireless, MP3/WMA, Real Audio capabilities, and more is just $199.99 with FREE shipping, half off of it's original $399.99 price.



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3rd Gen iPhone Specs Leaked

By: Array

While Apple hasn't confirmed much on the 3rd generation iPhone, the leaked specifications sure seem like they would fit right with the healthy increase in performance that most are expecting when the new phone hits.


3rd Gen iPhone Specs Leaked


Dubbed the iPhone HD, the processor will get a 200MHz increase over the 3G iPhone bringing the CPU up to 600MHz. Storage and RAM will both be doubled, giving the iPhone HD 256MB of memory and 32GB of strage.


The camera is also getting an upgrade, bringing autofocus with the 3.2MP camera. Other features new to the iPhone HD will include an FM radio and a digital compass. Nobody is saying when the iPhone HD will hit the market but some are saying that it could come as soon ad next month's WWDC convention.


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iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 Avaiable

By: Array

Hot on the heals of last week's revision of the iPhone OS 3.0, Apple has let loose beta 5.


iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 Avaiable


The new update comes about twice as fast as previous updates, leading one to believe that there was either a serious flaw that was fixed or that the Cupertino team is really getting into the groove.


Little is known as to what the new revision entails, however it seems that MMS support can no longer be turned on and the tethering ability seems to have been nixed as well. To apply the new update, make sure that you have iTunes 8.2 installed.


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iPhone OS 3.0 enters Beta 4 stage

By: Array

The iPhone OS 3.0 has entered the BETA 4 stage. But according to people that have the new OS there is not much new to see.


One thing they do talk about is that the formerly empty store settings pane now has some information in it. The problem is there is nothing exciting there and only seems to link you to a bland web page that allows you to edit your account information.


To get OS 3.0 working you will also need to upgrade to the new iTunes, 8.2 (which is not out just yet.)


Read more here


iPhone OS 3.0 enters Beta 4 stage


We've toyed with beta 4 for just a few quick moments now, and naturally, the first thing we had to check out was that previously-empty "Store" settings pane. It's now populated, and it's mega-boring; all it does is allow you to sign in and out of your iTunes account, and while signed in, there's an Account Info button that lets you get booted out to an unstyled web page where you can view and edit your credit card information and the like. On the iTunes 8.2 side of things, we noticed that we were explicitly warned that the app would verify that our phone was activated for use with the beta firmware.


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