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Xiaomi reportedly banned from selling smartphones in India

An injunction has been served on Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, and the company cannot import or sell its products in India. Ericsson has sent Xiaomi six requests for communications over the past five months, and Xiaomi is now waiting for an official statement from the Delhi High Court.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41849_01_xiaomi-reportedly-banned-selling-smartphones-india.jpg


"Our legal team is currently evaluating the situation based on the information we have," said Manu Jain, head of Xiaomi India, as the company will explore all legal options available. It would be a disaster if Xiaomi cannot resolve any problems with the Indian government and continue to sell its smartphones to a large market.


Xiaomi is delaying wide-scale expansion in the United States and other critical markets, with India one of the company's major foreign markets. The Xiaomi Redmi Note has proven to be extremely popular in India, frequently selling out in retail stores, according to reports.

OnePlus opens up sales to anyone interested in buying OnePlus One

The OnePlus One smartphone is now available to anyone interested in purchasing it, as OnePlus decided to eliminate its bizarre invite system in time for Christmas. The phone will be available for $299 through the company's website for a short time, and orders should arrive before Dec. 25. It's unknown how long the company will run this current promotion.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41826_01_oneplus-opens-up-sales-anyone-interested-buying-one.jpg


The 16GB Silk White model retails for $299, while the 64GB Sandstone Black version can be purchased for $349.


Before OnePlus decided to open up sales, interested customers were required to receive an invite from a current One owner. Since the phone's launch in April, the One has been in extremely high demand - and OnePlus is already developing another smartphone, which will be available sometime in 2015.

Survey: More people would give up alcohol over mobile web access

People love their mobile Internet access! A new survey found 58 percent of respondents would prefer to give up alcohol consumption over leaving behind mobile Web access for one week, according to the Boston Consulting Group survey. The survey also found almost 50 percent would leave behind coffee or movie viewing instead of their mobile technology - a strong indication of how important mobile has become in our daily lives.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41815_02_survey-more-people-give-up-alcohol-over-mobile-web-access.jpg


Many smartphone owners would feel lost - and potentially depressed - if they were to lose their smartphone, while using devices continues to suck up time throughout the day.


The shift towards mobile technology, including Internet access, videos and social media, has put consistent pressure on PCs and laptops. The industry will only continue to grow even higher, as prices of smartphones and tablets continues to drop.

Mobile price war driving sales, with decreasing price for consumers

It's a great time to be a consumer looking for a new smartphone, as handset prices are dropping and wireless carriers are providing appealing plans. This is the first time in a few years that consumers have strong subscription options, analysts noted, with Verizon Wireless feeling pressure from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41805_01_mobile-price-war-driving-sales-decreasing-consumers.jpg


For wireless carriers and phone manufacturers, sales are increasing as more consumers embrace hardware-rich phones - and there is an evolving price war currently underway. Verizon remains the No. 1 wireless carrier in the United States, but must become more aggressive to respond to rival carriers.


"The question now is, 'Is Verizon going to risk losing business or keep following the crowd?" pondered Jeff Kagan, wireless industry tech analyst. "We're watching the wireless industry transform itself because No. 1 right now is customers want to pay less for service."

Tablet ownership fastest growing connected device, NPD Group says

Even though the tablet market is extremely saturated right now, ownership among US consumers is increasing further, leading the connected device market in sales, according to The NPD Group. There were 109 million tablets in use as of Q3 in 2014, a 35 million unit increase year-over-year.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41804_01_tablet-ownership-fastest-growing-connected-device-npd-group.jpg


"Now that the tablet market is unmistakably past the early adopter stage we are able to gain visibility into what the user base is still doing with their devices, and in this case it's often video focused activities," said John Buffone, NPD Group Connected Intelligence Executive Director.


There is increased interest in using tablets to watch online videos, record, upload and post videos, and utilize video calling - and that is something content providers will take advantage of in the future.

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Consumers will enjoy powerful smartphones for $100 or less by 2020

Smartphone prices are continuing to drop, and 75 percent of consumers will be able to choose full-featured smartphones for $100 or less by 2020. It might be hard to believe there will be such a wide variety of choices for such a low price, but that will be an appealing reality, according to a report written by Gartner mobile analysts.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41784_01_consumers-enjoy-powerful-smartphones-100-less-2020.jpg


"You're going to see really powerful devices for under $100," said Ken Dulaney, Gartner mobile analyst. "You're going to see the Android market flush with beautiful, outstanding phones."


The current generation of smartphones are packed with powerful hardware - and mobile software is still developing - while many consumers end up overpaying for features they simply don't use.

Trying to break the mobile payment market open is proving difficult

The mobile market is expected to boom in the next few years, with 700 percent estimated growth rate over the next two years - evolving from a $3.5 billion industry in 2014 up to a $27.5 billion market by 2016, according to eMarketer. However, many US consumers are refusing to leave behind cash, debit and credit cards in favor of mobile payments - and providers need to find a way to convince them to embrace mobile payments.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41779_02_trying-break-mobile-payment-market-open-proving-difficult.jpg


"No one has hit on the magic combination of features that will make people migrate their payment behavior," said Bill Maurer, dean of University of California, Irvine's Scool of Social Sciences and director of the Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion. "Folks are used to the idea of pulling a card out of their wallet. That's a behavior established for over to 30 to 40 years, and it's not going away overnight."


Apple Pay and CurrentC are the front runners in the mobile payment system - and consumers likely don't care about the companies involved - and just want a reason to try mobile payments.

Opera: Mobile users enjoy shopping online the most on Sunday

Mobile shoppers tend to spend the most on Sunday, with November through February not surprisingly the most active months for shopping. Retailers have created mobile versions of websites and online stores, trying to woo users to spend money while browsing the Internet on their smartphones and tablets.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41774_01_opera-mobile-users-enjoy-shopping-online-sunday.jpg


"Online shopping has become a major force in global markets," said Larry Moores, Opera Software VP for Consumer Mobile Reporting and Analytics, in a statement. "And, with the holiday shopping season upon us in the United States, we see mobile's share of that market accelerating."


Desktop traffic to e-commerce sites peaks on Mondays and remains popular throughout the week - and drops on weekends - as people are enjoying their time off, spending it out and about. It's possible customers also browse for items on Saturday and Sunday, and then make purchases at their desktop on Monday.

Chick-fil-A restaurant rolls out mobile payment app for customers

Chick-fil-A has rolled out mobile ordering and mobile payments, so customers can pay for meals without the need for cash or debit and credit cards. Once the free app has been downloaded, customers can preload funds, providing them with more flexibility. Mobile ordering allows customers to choose entrees, side items, sauces and beverages - with full customization allowed.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41750_01_chick-fil-restaurant-rolls-mobile-app-nationwide-restaurants.jpg


The app is now available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Android Play store.


"This literally puts the ordering process in the customers' hands," said Khalilah Cooper, Chick-fil-A digital order strategy leader. "Mobile ordering is all about giving customers the flexibility and choice to order what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. It's perfect for any customer who is short on time, and it's also convenient for families with children who want to customize a large order and avoid standing in line at the front counter."

Freescale promises 15W of wireless charging technology for devices

Freescale Semiconductor is teasing some very impressive next-gen wireless charging technology, which is capable of delivering up to three times the power that current wireless charging standards provide.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41749_03_freescale-promises-15w-wireless-charging-technology-devices.png


The new technology can provide up to 15W of power according to Freescale, which is up from the 5W found on current wireless charging technologies. The company adds: "This targeted solution includes two 15 W ICs: the WPR1516 receiver chip and accompanying MWCT1012 transmitter chip. Developers can get to production quickly by using available corresponding firmware libraries, which provide the core functionality required to implement state-of-the-art wireless charging systems. The solution also includes an advanced application programming interface that can be utilized to modify or adjust library functionality, allowing for the addition of custom application code and a highly tailored and differentiated end-product".


Freescale's 15W wireless charging solution will be made available in Q1 2015, but it will be up to device manufacturers whether they support Freescale solutions in their upcoming products.

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