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Samsung begins mass producing "industry's most advanced" DDR4 memory

Today Samsung announced that it has began mass-producing what it says is the most advanced DDR4 memory being made for enterprise servers in next-generation data centers. Designed run a 20nm-class process the modules facilitate demand for 16Gb and 32GB capacities.




"The adoption of ultra-high-speed DDR4 in next-generation server systems this year will initiate a push toward advanced premium memory across the enterprise," said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics. "After providing cutting-edge performance with our timely supply of 16GB DDR3 earlier this year, we are continuing to extend the premium server market in 2013 and will now focus on higher density and added performance with 32GB DDR4, and contribute to even greater

growth of the green IT market in 2014."


Samsung says that the new 4Gb-based DDR4 has the fastest DRAM data transmission rate of any other module available. At 2,667Mb/s, they represent a 1.25-fold increase in performance while lowering power consumption by more than 30-percent. Samsung remains committed to advancing the development of next-generation green memory devices and solutions in IT markets. With innovative developmental approaches directed at systems, solutions and software the company will continue to reinforce its green memory strategy and maximize the creation of shared value for its customers, while facilitating further expansion of the green IT marketplace.

G.Skill unveils Ripjaw series high-performance DDR3 SO-DIMM modules

Today, G.Skill announced the launch of a new addition to its Ripjaws series of RAM. Dubbed the G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 SO-DIMM, the new addition is designed for users who want to get the most out of their laptops. G.Skill says the new SO-DIMM Ripjaws modules are built using only the highest quality components and that every module is validated using G.Skill's rigorous burn-in test.




These new SO-DIMM modules are designed with performance and power efficiency in mind. Requiring only 1.35V, the new SO-DIMM Ripjaws consume less power, which in turn causes them to generate less heat than typical, higher voltage SO-DIMM memory modules. This allows your laptop's battery life to increase while its operating temperature lowers, which increases system stability.


G.Skill says that their 1.35V SO-DIMM Ripjaw kits are compatible with laptops and PCs that are equipped with Intel's 3rd and 4th generation Core i3,i5, and i7 processors that support 1.35V DDR3 SO-DIMM memory. Like all other G.Skill RAM, the Ripjaw SO-DIMM modules feature a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

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ADATA busts a move with their new 3100MHz DDR3 memory

Just when we were thinking 3000MHz DDR3 RAM was quick, ADATA had to add another 100MHz to the table. ADATA's new XPG V2 DDR 3100 memory under the XMP Profile 1 runs at 3100MHz with CAS latencies of 12-14-14-36 at 1.65V.




Not too bad at all, eh? This will give users 24,800MB/sec in bandwidth, too. The kit comes in 8GB (2 x 4GB sticks) and features Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT) thermal technology for heat dispersal. With its huge bandwidth, it could be the right choice for video and image editing professionals who need some seriously high RAM bandwidth.

Apacer shows off new ARES DDR3-3000 series RAM

Today, Apacer introduced us to some new RAM that they say will "once again bring overclocking techniques to a new level." The new ARES DDR3-3000 series is the same APACER RAM that broke records at Computex Taipei 2013 with a pair of modules reaching 3225MHz. The series includes 2800MHz, 2933MHz, and 3000MHz modules that are available in two different capacity packages. A 2x4GB and a 2x8GB kit are available to bring extreme overclocking to extreme players.




In order to achieve the most excellent and stable effect of overclocking, Apacer's ARES series overclocking memory adopts professional cooling system specially designed for overclocking which uses pure copper with thermal conductivity to conduct waste heat. Highly efficient cooling liquid would be vaporized after absorbing heat, and conduct waste heat to the large cooling fins through capillary action and the phase change principle of function. ARES series' advanced cooling system not only provides outstanding and permanent cooling effect, with no need to clean and no operating noise, thereby creating a perfect overclocking environment for game players!


Apacer says that every module of ARES RAM has been thoroughly checked to ensure that they conform to the highest standards. The ARES series features an 8-layer PCB that was specifically designed for overclocking efficiency and to provide better noise and interference reduction which can otherwise prevent world class overclocks from happening.

Samsung moves onto 3GB low-power DDR3 RAM for smartphones

Just when you thought having 2GB of RAM in your smartphone was great, Samsung have gone and moved the goal posts, yet again. The South Korean company have just announced they are mass-producing 3GB LPDDR3 packages.




These new 3GB LPDDR3 packages are just 0.8mm (0.03-inch) thick, and can be slid into virtually any smart device. The first smartphones rocking this new 3GB LPDDR3 RAM should arrive later in the year, something I didn't expect until 2014. Samsung will unveil which smartphones will rock the new, thin, super-fast RAM in the near future.


I'm guessing we should expect it to be built into the Note III and maybe an upcoming Galaxy S5?

Avexir Blitz II Memory Module Development - from Conception to Final, kick ass RAM lighting

Computex Taipei 2013 - We stopped by the Avexir booth today where we finally had a chance to bump into Hans Cheng, the General Manager, of this fast growing enthusiast memory company. He briefly introduced me to their new Blitz II memory that will hit the market soon.



In the video embedded above you can see Avexir had a nice display that shows the development of Blitz II from conception all the way up to final design, well really close to the final design.




The effect of the Blitz II lighting atop the RAM was quite simply amazing. While we haven't had a chance to test Avexir RAM yet for its performance numbers, if the lighting is anything to go by, we're quite excited. We'll have some reviews up of Avexir in the next few weeks - stay tuned for those.

GeIL spice things up with their new Haswell ready DDR3 RAM

Computex Taipei 2013 - Following the trend of most memory companies; GeIL had some new Haswell ready memory kits that are due to hit soon. While information on the modules was a little scarce; we know that the new EVO POTENZA memory modules will offer speeds of up to 3000MHz DDR; a number that we're seeing a lot of companies offer.




Outside of 3000MHz DDR we'll see the company offer the modules in a number of other speeds but as we mentioned the exact numbers weren't on display at the moment. Looking above, though, you can see some of the color combinations the new kit.






As soon as the kits are available we'll be sure to get some samples and let you know how GeIL is going with Haswell memory in the coming weeks

G.Skill ramp up DDR speeds with new Haswell memory kits

Computex Taipei 2013 - Memory is pretty big this year at Computex thanks to the new Haswell platform which is offering us some truly insane speeds out of the box. G.Skill was showing off its new 3000MHz DDR with a 12-14-14-35 setup. What's really impressive, though, is not just the out of the box speed but also the fact that we're dealing with a 16GB kit instead of an 8GB one.








Showing that the memory was more than capable on multiple boards we saw the new kit running on both the GIGABYTE Z87X-OC and ASUS Maximus VI Extreme with both boards of course running the new Haswell-based Core i7 4770K processor.

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ADATA show color changing RAM heat spreader and more

Computex Taipei 2013 - ADATA had some cool new memory modules on show but none where as cool as the new Chameleon series from the company. While only being shown off at lower 1600MHz DDR, the new Chameleon series has a new heatsink design like nothing we've really seen before.








Depending on the heat being generated by the modules we can see that the heatsink design color changes; much like a chameleon, hence the name. On the left you can see what the kit looks like normally while when we're up and running a little warmer you can see the difference on the right hand side. This is something very cool and we're looking forward to taking a closer look at the kit.

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Crucial and Micron give us the low-down on the current state of DDR4 memory, with nice pictures of course

Computex Taipei 2013 - One of our meetings at Computex today was with Crucial and Micron who not only had some of its new RAM to show off to us, but also we had a good chance to sit down and talk about its current state of DDR4 memory, among some other interesting topics.




While pictures of Crucial's DDR4 memory is nothing new, during our meeting we were updated on the current state of affairs for Crucial and Micron memory. Crucial is already producing DDR4 memory in limited quantity at the moment with what sounded like no issues in the yield department, even though that wasn't specifically disclosed. They are producing DDR4 memory at this moment for their own internal validation tests and to hand out to companies like Intel who are using its memory for validation of upcoming platforms that will support DDR4 memory next year on future chipsets.




As for the DDR4 memory itself, while it's not a hard and dry fact at this stage of the game, Crucial sees its DDR4 memory coming in at clock ranges anywhere from 2400MHz DDR all the way up to 3200MHz, at launch. Crucial pointed out that they are quite pleased with the extra performance users will get from jumping from current DDR3 based systems to DDR4 systems, the jump from 1600MHz DDR to 2400MHz is rather positive.

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