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2 Memory Reviews for August 30, 2002

AMDZone comes along first having tested out two 512MB sticks of Corsair PC3200 Cas 2 DDR400.

Corsair is at the top of their game releasing memory that keeps significantly outperforming the last. I notice that in the PDF they say that you can only run two sticks of this memory at CAS 2.5, but again they are being too humble as I was able to do CAS 2 with both sticks at the same time. Possibly not all boards are capable of supporting this speed. With enough voltage and a good motherboard you can easily do 400 MHz at CAS 2 with two sticks of memory.
More information at AMDZone




Then along comes Extreme Overclocking with their look at GEIL's 512MB PC3500 DDR433 RAM.

GEIL recently released their PC3500 modules in the US. They are designed to run at 433mhz and use 5ns chips. None of the other major manufacturers have produced memory modules rated at this speed, so GEIL is the first to release PC3500. Will it run at the claimed speed, and how fast will it overclock to? Read the review to find out!
More information at Extreme Overclocking


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Kingston EPOC Memory Technology Interview

Mikhailtech has posted an interview with Kingston about their new EPOC (Elevated Package Over CSP) memory technology.

4. Are there any performance benefits in terms of stability, reliability and speed?
(Comparing the Kingston EPOC technology to stacked-chip module designs): EPOC technology ensures better thermal performance by keeping the rows of memory chips independently connected to the PCB and without chip layer interconnects. The air channel that separates the two rows of chips aids in cooling the memory chips; the memory chip rows and their independent bonding to the PCB also conducts heat away from each chip through the leads (TSOP) or the solder balls (MicroBGA) and into the PCB. The improved thermals result in better stability and reliability. In terms of electrical performance, the EPOC DIMMs meet the electrical interface timings specified by the memory controller's manufacturer. Shorter leads, reduced signal length and lower capacitance loading have also indicated improved performance.
More information at Mikhailtech


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Corsair XMS 3200 (DDR-400) CAS2 Memory Review have a close look at Corsair's XMS 3200 (DDR-400) CAS2 memory module.

This Corsair CMX256A-3200C2 module does exactly what it states on its specification sheet, and then some. I felt comfortable running the memory at 215MHz (DDR-430) at 2.8v, I'm sure it will go higher once primed in a little. From a pure performance point of view, this is the best memory I have personally used.
More information at


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Tyan Tachyon G9000 64MB DDR GPU (ATI Radeon 9000 Pro)

AusPCWorld takes a look at the Tyan Tachyon G9000 64MB DDR GPU (ATI Radeon 9000 Pro) video card.

Tyan is a company well known especially for its dual CPU motherboards. They are also known for making quality motherboards utilising the latest technologies and features, but Tyan has now entered the Graphics card arena and first of the rank is the Tachyon G9000 Pro based on the ATI radeon 9000 chipset. We take a look at Tyan's first entry into this market today.
More information at AusPCWorld


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Corsair XMS3200 (CL2) Memory Review

DeviantPC has posted a review of the new Corsair XMS PC3200CAS2 memory.

Corsair have recently propelled themselves to the top of the memory performance ladder with their XMS series of products. In a quest for rock solid stability coupled with high performance Corsair have hit a winner with the XMS series for both overclockers and stability seeking users alike.
More information at DeviantPC


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Corsair XMS3200 DDR Review

Tech-PC have just posted a review of Corsair XMS3200 CAS-2 DDR Memory.

In a nut shell, if you are out to get the best overclocking memory money can buy I can't see how you would be disappointed with the CORSAIR XMS3200 CAS2, the speed is excellent, it's rock solid, well packaged, comes with free heatspreaders and a lifetime warrenty, I can't see a bad point about it, it really is that good.
More information at Tech-PC


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A HSF Comparison, A Memory Review And A Water Cooling Article At AMDZone

Seems that they've been bust at AMDZone just lately.
First up is their August 2002 Heatsink Roundup in which they have the Antec Reference CPU Cooling System, Thermaltake Volcano 7+, Thermaltake Volcano 9, Thermalright AX-7, and the Zalman CNPS6000Cu all battling it out.
Next they go and find out how good Corsair's 512MB PC3200 memory really is.
They top it off with an article on building a First Time Water Cooling System.


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Samsung DDR400 Q4, DDR-II 666 next year

The news hounds over at The Inq have seen more of those interesting roadmaps which state we will see Samsung DDR400 in Q4 while we'll see the devlish DDR-II 666 next year sometime. 10 bucks says that we will never see DDR-II rated at 666, it will most likely be 667 - At least history tells us this with the Celeron 667MHz processor. If you want to see how Samsung DDR400 memory performs, read this article which we posted earlier this week.


MEMORY ROADMAPS seen by the INQUIRER indicate that Samsung, at least, will be able to push ahead with DDR 400 in the fourth quarter of this year.


In the meantime it is increasing production of its DDR 333 memory.


The first densities Samsung will produce are 128Mb chips at 2.5 volts, but it will move to 256Mb chips by Q1 of 2003, the roadmaps indicate. DDR 333 memory chips in 1Gb densities are not due until the end of next year.

More information at The Inq


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GEIL PC3500 DDR SDRAM Review has just posted their review on some GeIL pc3500 ram.

Performance. That one word is synomonous with overclocking and you can add GEIL to that list too! Everyone that comes to is looking for the latest and greatest stuff. Motherboards, CPU, Video cards are all listed in this addiction. No need for 12 steps here! No way! Yet again, its time to upgrade your ram. First it was Sdram PC133 to DDR. Now its to DDR PC3500. Lets get on with the introductions. Finally something that can keep up with those blazing P4s with the 533 FSB.
More information at


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DDR400 with i845E: Myth or Reality?

Over at X-bit labs they have just posted an article called "DDR400 with i845E: Myth or Reality?".

At Computex exhibition this year one of the mainboard makers, the Albatron Company, announced an i845E chipset-based mainboard supporting, according to the manufacturer, DDR400 memory. At the same time we know from our previous reviews that i845E does not support DDR400. The explanation of this paradox is in our detailed investigation!
More information at X-bit labs


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