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A HSF Comparison, A Memory Review And A Water Cooling Article At AMDZone

Seems that they've been bust at AMDZone just lately.
First up is their August 2002 Heatsink Roundup in which they have the Antec Reference CPU Cooling System, Thermaltake Volcano 7+, Thermaltake Volcano 9, Thermalright AX-7, and the Zalman CNPS6000Cu all battling it out.
Next they go and find out how good Corsair's 512MB PC3200 memory really is.
They top it off with an article on building a First Time Water Cooling System.


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Samsung DDR400 Q4, DDR-II 666 next year

By: Array

The news hounds over at The Inq have seen more of those interesting roadmaps which state we will see Samsung DDR400 in Q4 while we'll see the devlish DDR-II 666 next year sometime. 10 bucks says that we will never see DDR-II rated at 666, it will most likely be 667 - At least history tells us this with the Celeron 667MHz processor. If you want to see how Samsung DDR400 memory performs, read this article which we posted earlier this week.


MEMORY ROADMAPS seen by the INQUIRER indicate that Samsung, at least, will be able to push ahead with DDR 400 in the fourth quarter of this year.


In the meantime it is increasing production of its DDR 333 memory.


The first densities Samsung will produce are 128Mb chips at 2.5 volts, but it will move to 256Mb chips by Q1 of 2003, the roadmaps indicate. DDR 333 memory chips in 1Gb densities are not due until the end of next year.

More information at The Inq


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GEIL PC3500 DDR SDRAM Review has just posted their review on some GeIL pc3500 ram.

Performance. That one word is synomonous with overclocking and you can add GEIL to that list too! Everyone that comes to is looking for the latest and greatest stuff. Motherboards, CPU, Video cards are all listed in this addiction. No need for 12 steps here! No way! Yet again, its time to upgrade your ram. First it was Sdram PC133 to DDR. Now its to DDR PC3500. Lets get on with the introductions. Finally something that can keep up with those blazing P4s with the 533 FSB.
More information at


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DDR400 with i845E: Myth or Reality?

Over at X-bit labs they have just posted an article called "DDR400 with i845E: Myth or Reality?".

At Computex exhibition this year one of the mainboard makers, the Albatron Company, announced an i845E chipset-based mainboard supporting, according to the manufacturer, DDR400 memory. At the same time we know from our previous reviews that i845E does not support DDR400. The explanation of this paradox is in our detailed investigation!
More information at X-bit labs


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Innoventions Ramcheck Advanced Memory Tester @ PC Stats

By: Array

I got to get me one of these. The guys from PC Stats have posted a review of Innoventions Ramcheck Advanced Memory Tester. It's an expensive device, which you guessed it... test's memory!


Designed and built with the reseller, memory manufacturer and computer service center in mind, the Ramcheck memory tester from Houstin-based Innoventions is a one-of-a-kind portable memory testing platform for the professional. At a cost of just under $2,000 USD for the standard unit, the Ramcheck memory tester comes in fairly inexpensive in a market populated by large desktop testers that can range in price from as much as $8,000-$26,000USD. The basic unit comes in a padded protective case with a serial cable, power supply, desktop software and instructions. Depending upon individual requirements, expansion adaptors can be used to widen the capabilities of the Ramcheck from standard 168-pin SDRAM through to DDRAM, SODIMM, SIMM, and even individual TSOP memory modules. The versatility of the unit is quite unique, though at first glace it presents a more humble impression.
More information at PC Stats


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Nforce 2 to beat Via's DDR 400 by 20%

By: Array

Last month during Computex Taipei nVidia promised us, in no uncertain terms, the nForce2 would be impressive - We didn't think it would be quite this impressive though...


THE NFORCE 2 chipset to be announced in the middle of next week has a claimed advantage over Via's DDR 400 chipsets of around 20 per cent, according to information from a Taiwanese mobo manufacturer who wishes to remain nameless.
More information at The Inquirer.


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Samsung launches DDR-II gigahertz graphics DRAM

By: Array

It's back to The Inquirer again for a story where they are reporting about Samsung preparing for mass production of their 128mb DDR-II memory.


MAJOR MEMORY COMPANY Samsung said it has introduced what it claims is the world's first DDR-II based gigahertz memory, aimed at the graphics market.


The chip will go into mass production during this quarter, comes in 128Mbit densities and Samsung claims it will transfer data at 1GHz "and higher".

More information at The Inquirer.


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Memory Bandwidth VIA's best friend

By: Array

Steven from Legion Hardware has taken an exclusive look at the new P4X400 chipset from VIA for the Pentium 4 platform. Bringing DDR-400 support to the Pentium 4 is certainly a bonus is the memory bandwidth department for VIA.


At this years Computex tradeshow VIA released so many products we had trouble covering them all. Even before Computex VIA were announcing quite a few new products, one of which was the P4X333 chipset. However this chipset will never get the chance to see day light due to VIA's need to keep releasing new gear. SiS beat VIA as the first chipset maker to offer a DDR333 solution for the P4 platform and VIA were not about to be beaten again. That has how it would appear anyway as they steam ahead only a few months after the P4X333 launch and release the P4X400. Well I guess we all knew it was coming but not this soon. Finally, DDR memory will be able to match RD-RAM or at least be on a more competitive level at DDR400.
More information at Legion Hardware.


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Kingmax "DDR-400" Review @ ClubOC

By: Array

Paul over at ClubOC has taken a look at some DDR-400 memory from Kingmax. In their email they said they had been waiting for several weeks to release their review and it still turned out the sample which they tested with used hand-picked DDR-333 chips. After my tour of Kingpak and Kingmax earlier this month, I believe the sample ClubOC tested still won't be the final release - Don't let these results influence you too much, as far as I understand the real DDR-400 from Kingmax is still on its way.


Again, talking to Kingmax, I was told that their DDR400 modules are handpicked DDR333 sticks tested to run at DDR400. This seems a little shady to me. I was also told that the 266 chipsets have a little more "compliant" than the current DDR333/400 chipsets and I would probably have more success running this stick using an older 266 chipset. All of this doesn't really matter. If I pay my money for something that says it will run at 200MHz, it better run at 200MHz. This one does not. Just out of curiosity and to make sure I wasn't screwing up, I searched for reviews on Kingmax DDR400. I didn't find many, but every single one that I found couldn't get it to run at 200MHz. I believe I was the only one that could even get a benchmark at 200MHz. I'm going to leave you with one last quote from Kingmax, "when you want to speed on the highway, at least do it in a Ferrari".
More information at ClubOC.


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