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nVidia's NV30 to Use DDR-II RAM @ 1GHz

There has been some speculation as to just what the memory specifications will be that nVidia will use in it's upcoming NV30 release. In fact, the crew over at The Inquirer has come across some information that sheds some light on the subject! According to this report, NV30 will actually use DDR-II memory running at 1GHz. ATI Radeon 9700: Look out!


Since many of you still have doubts about the NV30, we are about to disclose the final part of the NV 30 puzzle -- its own, unique memory secrets.


As we previously said, the NV 30 will have only 128-Bit interface which is half the speed of the one used on the fastest gaming card around, ATi's Radeon 9700 PRO.


What we haven't yet mentioned is what kind of memory it sports and what is the actual clock speed of it. That's where the surprise comes in. Assuming that the NV 30 would use standard DDR memory was a big mistake. The NV 30 will use DDR II memory, the (r)evolutionary memory marchitecture. But there's even more.

More information @ The Inquirer


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Micron DDR-II Demo @ Via Technical Forum

Computer and Memory giant, Micron will be demonstrating it's juicy new DDR-II memory at VIA's Technical Forum. The Technical Forum begins today at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taipei, Taiwan. Sporting a 533MB/s per pin, and an acheivable bandwidth of 4.3GB/s, this new memory is sure to please.


In a statement, Micron mouthpiece, Terry Lee said: "While the industry adoption of DDR-II in high volume is not expected until late 2003 and early 2004, our customers benefit from our early system analysis work. Micron will enable our customers to effectively utilize DDR-II memory technology in the same manner as we have DDR-I."
More information @ The Inquirer


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DDR-II Standard in the Works

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the people who develop the memory standards everyone is supposed to adhere to, is reported to be formally working on a new DDR-II specification for graphics cards. While the standard could be released as early as the end of this year, sources believe we should expect it early next year. Following the typical trend, we can expect to see unofficial releases of the technology by ATI and nVidia within the next few months.


Although JEDEC deliberations are confidential, sources from the standards body said the quarterly meeting this month heard presentations for a proposed graphics version of its basic DDR-II standard for PC main memory.


ATI Technology and Nvidia Corp. are expected to introduce graphics cards with DDR-II memory chips even before a new JEDEC standard is approved. Since graphics card memory is point-to-point mounted directly on the board, vendors can validate chips and work out interfaces themselves. The JEDEC graphics standard would be an added benefit by eliminating any of the small proprietary twists memory suppliers now try to add to their DDR-II chips to lock in customers.

More information @ Silicon Strategies


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Overclocking DDR: Truths and Misconceptions

The crew over at have come up with some very important information about the many flavors of DDR RAM out on the market. Anyone interested in upgrading their memory should consult this guide before making their final decision.


With today's technology changing so quickly it is very easy to get behind. But when you hear about the fastest memory or CPU you think to yourself, "I have got to have it." Well, in truth, when looking at purchasing DDR based memory, there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration... one of the more notable questions that comes up all the time is, "What is the fastest memory?" or "What kind of memory should I buy?"... What a lot fail to say are the other interesting points that one needs to know in order to maximize his / her system's performance, and at the same time spend money wisely.
Check it out @ Extreme Overclocking.


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TwinMOS 512mb DDR400 Review @ Mikhailtech

Mikhailtech have posted a review of a stick of TwinMOS 512mb DDR400 memory. We've got a stick currently being tested, from what I've heard - this RAM is fairly fast and reliable.


PC3200 modules have got to have a very good PCB in order to achieve such high speeds, 200MHz DDR, so the TwinMOS PC3200 RAM makes no exception. The PCB is designed with 6 layers instead of the usual 4 layers that other manufacturers use for their lower clocked models. The extra 2 PCB layers ensure the signal traces are cleaner and the memory will perform as it should. The DIMM I got did not come in a retail box, but in an antistatic bag.
More information at Mikhailtech


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"Has AMD lost the Plot?" @ DDRZone

VooDoo from DDRZone has just posted an editorial (rant) questioning if the folks at AMD Australia have lost the plot, as he puts it. I tend to agree with what's being said being an Aussie myself. Although product shortages or delays is not a problem experienced by AMD alone. Click the link below and you decide what you think.


We have all seen the reviews, the hype and the pictures splashed across the internet lately about AMD's new processors the 2600+ and 2800+. We have seen the hype being generated about the new hammer range. At computex this year I spoke at length with AMD. both their staff manning the displays and staff from the Australian offices. We were repeatedly told everything is great, sales are booming etc.
More information at DDR Zone


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Is All DDR400 Created Equal?

The Overclocker Cafe posted up what was originally supposed to be a DDR400 Prizematch between Corsair XMS 3200 C2 512 mb, Corsair XMS 3200 512mb, XtremeDDR PC3200 512mb, and XtremeDDR PC3200 256mb. What they ended up with was a best and worst DDR available.

The last time we had some Corsair in out test box we raved about having a stable ceiling of 176MHz. How does 194MHz for the XMS3200 C2 stick grab you? Someone hand me a paper bag to breathe in. Opening the settings even more to 2.5-3-3 2T gave us some action higher than Tommy Chong. And finally, we see the XtremeDDR break 200MHz. But only for the 512 stick. The 256 stick is left sucking wind as it hits the wall at 191MHz.
More information at Overclocker Cafe


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2 Memory Reviews for September 8, 2002

AusPCWorld is first up this time with their review of Crucial's PC2100 DDR 256MB RAM.

Crucial is known for being one of the industry leaders in PC Memory. The Company provides all types of memory for many different machine types and models. Today we take a look at Crucial's PC2100 256MB DDR module.
More information at AusPCWorld




PC Stats are next with their look at TwinMOS' PC3200 DDR400 RAM.

TwinMOS 512MB PC3200 memory uses Winbond DRAM which has a "5"ns speed rating. As you probably read in our TwinMOS PC2700 DDR RAM review Winbond is making some awesome memory. Specifically, overclockers have been having a lot of success overclocking the Winbond "BH-6" DRAM modules. Well the 512MB PC3200 memory was using "BH-5" DRAM so I was getting pretty excited in terms of overclockability. Would this stick of memory be able to impress us as much as the 256MB TwinMOS PC2700 DDR did? Those are pretty big steps to fill.
More information at PC Stats


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Geil RAM looked at by Active Hardware

We thought Geil memory sucked pretty badly when we first reviewed their DDR400 RAM which we reveled used overclocked chips. We were told by Victor from Geil this was because we were sent an engineering sample. Let's see what Active Hardware have to say about Geil's DDR400 and DDR433 memory modules.


Great Overclocking requires great memory -- memory capable of transferring information at higher clock speed and higher performance. One of the newest companies to offer high-performance memory is an outfit by the name of Geil. Geil has, for some time, offered such products as PC3200 DDR400, and PC3500 DDR433 DDR-SDRAM memory modules.
More information at Active Hardware


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2 Memory Reviews for August 31, 2002

I've got 2 memory reviews here with the first from OCAddiction with a review of GeIL's top of the line performance PC3500 Memory.

Also, one of the largest barriers I have encountered wasn't maxing out my processor speed, it was not being able to run my memory faster. Typically there have been two reasons for this: one, the memory simply wouldn't run any faster; or two, the motherboard couldn't push the memory higher. To solve the first problem, GeIL has released 256 megabyte and 512 megabyte sticks of PC3500 RAM. PC3500 RAM is rated to run on a 216.666 megahertz memory bus or 433 megahertz DDR. That's over 100 megahertz higher than any JEDEC certified RAM!
More information at OCAddiction




3dXtreme follows up with their Corsair 256meg XMS3200 DDR Memory review.

Overall if you are looking to upgrade or if you are looking to purchase memory now I would definitly suggest spending a bit more and purchasing pc3200 like Corsair's XMS3200. Not only will it be usable on the kt400 motherboard but the heatspreaders keep it running cool and you should be able to overclock a bit further making pc3200 a very good investement choice.
More information at 3dXtreme


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