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TwinMOS launches DDR333MHz

With Intel, VIA, SiS and other major chipmakers launching DDR333MHz-supporting chipsets, TwinMOS Technologies today announces the DDR333MHz CL2 Unbuffered DIMM module to meet the demand for more powerful and stable DDR products.


The memory module is compatible with all DDR333MHz platforms and includes CL2 (CAS Latency 2) capabilities, which shorten the column address strobe latency and make browsing through multimedia content a more enjoyable experience for gaming enthusiasts, enterprises and home users.
More information in our New Products Forum


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First Dual-Channel DDR P4 Board From SiS

The AOpen AX45-4D Max will be the first motherboard which will ship with the SiS 655/963 chipset that allows Dual-Channel operation similar to Intel's Granite Bay chipset.

What is Dual Channel? You might be wondering what kind of enhancement would this new technology do to your system, right? Simply put, we used to have 64-bit memory bandwidth for memory access. No matter how many memory modules have been installed, though capacity added, the speed of access remains the same! From now on, with 128-bit dual channel introduced, it doubles the memory bandwidth up to 5.4GB in advanced 128-bit mode!
More information @ AOpen


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DDR II: Memory of the Future

X-bit labs has posted an article about DDR II's inovations, current status and where it'll fit in the future.

The market needs something that would be faster than DDR, but at the same time most compatible with it in the already built infrastructure, so that the transition would be most smooth and costless. In this case we have got a name that is showing the gist: DDR II.
More information @ X-bit Labs


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JEDEC finally behind DDR-400, PC3200 memory!

X-Bit Labs are reporting that JEDEC held a committee meeting last week in Hawaii which indicated a move to support the DDR400 standard which they continue on to say is probably due to Intel's desire to utilise this type of memory in future.


For us end users, it means we will have the option of choosing more PC3200 modules from other memory manufactures that produce largely by what JEDEC say.


Samsung Electronics added that sales of Samsung's high-speed Double Date Rate (128Mb and 256Mb DDR333 and DDR400) DRAMs surged to more than 10 million units (128Mb equivalent) for the month of November as demand increased for high-speed memory in high-performance PCs and work stations. Currently, Samsung is using a 0.13 micron design rule for its DDR333 and DDR400 devices and is producing a variety of modules in capacities of 128MB, 256MB and 512MB.
More information @ X-Bit Labs


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OCZ, GeIL pushing RAM limits to the extreme

DDR-2 memory technology has been delayed well into 2003 with the only exception being nVidia and their NV30, which won't be readily available till next year anyway. To compensate for this delay, companies such as OCZ and GeIL are leading the way in pushing the limits of regular DDR memory chips further than we could have ever imagined, much to the delight of overclockers around the world. You must wonder how JEDEC feel about all of this when DDR-400 memory has not even been officially approved as an industry standard yet - maybe a little like NATO, with all the war happenings around the world at the moment.



Last week OCZ Technology announced their 466MHz and 500MHz DDR parts and Victor from GeIL just let us know about their 466MHz DDR memory products which will be available from next month. GeIL will release their PC3700 466MHz DDR Golden Dragon series with funky looking gold PCB coloring as well as their PC3700 466MHz DDR Platinum Series with equally funky looking tin coated platinum copper heat spreader, as pictured above.


How much faster can they go? I think, and according to our talks back in June at Computex Taipei with memory manufacturers such as Kingmax, DDR-500 is about as far as we can go with DDR-1 technology - only time will tell though, I guess.


More information @ OCZ Technology and GeIL USA


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Corsair vs GeIL vs XtremeDDR @ OC Addiction

Things have been a little hectic today, sorry for the lack of news posts. There's another DDR-400 roundup available for your viewing pleasure, this time by the guys from OC Addiction. They test out PC3200 memory sticks from Corsair, GeIL and XtremeDDR.


For those of you that read my review of Geil's PC3500 you already know how I feel about the importance of using quality RAM. For the rest of you I don't care how good your motherboard, processor or cooling is your not going to be able to overclock much or maybe not even at all if you buy the generic cheap stuff. Only with the name brand stuff will you be able to get the kind of performance your looking for. So, now you may be asking yourself which brand of RAM will give you the best bang. Well today we look at three of the most talked about brands of memory out there and by the time you finish this article you might have an idea of which one will help you get those kick ass 3DMark2001 scores you crave.
More information @ OC Addiction


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nVidia's NV30 to Use DDR-II RAM @ 1GHz

There has been some speculation as to just what the memory specifications will be that nVidia will use in it's upcoming NV30 release. In fact, the crew over at The Inquirer has come across some information that sheds some light on the subject! According to this report, NV30 will actually use DDR-II memory running at 1GHz. ATI Radeon 9700: Look out!


Since many of you still have doubts about the NV30, we are about to disclose the final part of the NV 30 puzzle -- its own, unique memory secrets.


As we previously said, the NV 30 will have only 128-Bit interface which is half the speed of the one used on the fastest gaming card around, ATi's Radeon 9700 PRO.


What we haven't yet mentioned is what kind of memory it sports and what is the actual clock speed of it. That's where the surprise comes in. Assuming that the NV 30 would use standard DDR memory was a big mistake. The NV 30 will use DDR II memory, the (r)evolutionary memory marchitecture. But there's even more.

More information @ The Inquirer


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