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Transcend ramps aXeRam DDR2 to 1066MHz

By: Array

The lads at TechConnect have sourced some details of a new DDR2 based memory kit hitting the market from Transcend, this a part of their enthusiast "aXeRam" Series of modules.



This kit comprises 2x2GB modules rated for speeds of 1066MHz at 2.0v with timings of 5-5-5-15. EPP has been added to the modules and they are covered by Transcend's black and gold aluminum heatsinks. Furthermore, the kit is backed up by a lifetime warranty for quality assurance.


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GDDR4 based 3870 X2s coming soon

By: Array

In similar fashion to the GDDR4 based 1GB 2900XTs that popped up soon after initial batches of reference GDDR3 offerings were released, it looks like several ATI partners are planning to use DDR4 memory on select Radeon HD 3870 X2 cards as well.


Fudzilla report that X2s should start appearing in around a few weeks from now, but specific details about how much memory will be implemented or how fast they plan to run it at hasn't yet been revealed.


A few ATI partners have confirmed that they are almost done with their GDDR4 R680 design. Radeon HD 3870 X2 cards are currently selling for around €400, but they are all based on slower DDR3 memory clocked at 1800MHz for the reference cards.


This card should be just a bit more expensive and it should launch in a few weeks, but we don't expect any significant speed jumps with the new DDR4 card.


The point is, ATI can do it and the partners want it, so they will definitely follow up with the new refreshed card.


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G.Skill intros 1066MHz 4GB DDR2 kit

By: Array

G.Skill continue to show strong support for DDR2 based motherboards with this latest DDR2-1066 4GB kit.


The F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK kit uses an 8-layer PCB with its memory chips being rated for timings of 5-5-5-15 at the stock 1066MHz speed. More details here.


Taipei, Taiwan ( -- In consideration of high capacity memory becomes main spec for high end system. G.Skill strives for providing complete product range. DDR2-1066 4GB PK series memory kit fills up the product line coverage in high performance memory.


G.Skill F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK uses 8 Layers PCB which can avoid electronic noise from power line and ground. It also can provide more stable impedance and lower signal distortion.


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TwinMOS unveils TwiSTER DDR3 modules

By: Array

TwinMOS has taken their TwiSTER series of performance memory modules into DDR3 world having just announced some new DDR3-1600MHz and DDR3-1800MHz over-clocking modules under the TwiSTER lineup.


DDR3-1600MHz and DDR3-1800MHz memory modules of the TwiSTER series are made with the original dies from Micron Technology Inc in a 128Mx8 layout and are delivered in 1GB capacity. These dies are packaged with the latest FBGA (Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array) technology. Other specifications of these modules include 240-pin design, working voltage at 1.8V, CL= 8-8-8-21, clock frequency at 1600MHz and 1800MHz, and data transfer bandwidth at 12800MB/sec (DDR3-1600) and 14400MB/sec (DDR3-1800).


You can learn more about the modules within the official PR here folks.


(January 8, 2008 Taipei) The DDR3 has become more popular in the market since Intel's introduction the P35 and X38 chipsets. After introducing the high-level DDR3-1333 module for desktops and the high-level DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM for laptops, TwinMOS would like to introduce the TwiSTER over-clocking series, which includes DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1800 models, to fulfill the hardware requirements of professional game players and overclockers.


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Zaward announce active RAM Cooler

By: Array

A mob by the name of Zaward has introduced a new RAM cooler into the market this week which sports a vertically mounted 30mm fan embedded in the heatsink design which promises to help cool the modules by up to 15 degrees over passive solutions on the market.


You can obtain full details on the new "RAM Cooler" solution from Zaward within the official PR here.


Taipei, Taiwan ( -- Zaward Corporation, a professional thermal provider aims to create best product to user's demand.


Announcing a brand-new product "RAM cooler", special designed for professional gamers, with more powerful performance than any other memory module coolers!


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Chaintech ramp DDR3 to 2000MHz

By: Array

Chaintech has just pushed their DDR3 memory lineup to the 2GHz barrier with some new APOGEE GT "Blazer" series modules, these primarily suited to the upcoming X48 Intel chipset.


The modules use Micron D9G chips and can handle their rated 2000MHz speed with timings of 9-8-8-24. They are to become available as a 2GB dual-channel kit and will include Chaintech's Cool It Smart memory heatsink block.



The folks at TechConnect have the scoop.


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Patriot releases 4GB DDR2 Quad Kit

By: Array

In order to better combat high latencies on DDR2 parts, memory maker Patriot have come up with a 4GB quad kit comprising 4x1GB PC2-6400 (800MHz) modules which operate with lowly timings of 4-4-4-12 at 2.2V. If it's the best of both worlds you want in terms of ultra low latencies combined with plenty of RAM for those memory intensive games, this might be a nice option for you.


Fremont, California, USA, October 9, 2007 - Patriot Memory, a global provider of premium quality memory module and flash memory solutions, today announced the latest addition to their Extreme Performance line of gaming modules, the 4GB Quad Kit.


"The reasoning behind the launch of the 4GB Quad Kit was to provide high density solutions with fast timings," said Les Henry, Technical Director of Patriot Memory.


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OCZ prepare X48-ready 1800MHz DDR3

By: Array

Tailored towards the upcoming X48 chipset from Intel, OCZ have dished up some high-end DDR3-1800MHz memory modules which feature Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP).


The modules are offered as singular 1GB sticks or in 2GB dual channel kits, and at their rated 1800MHz speed they are designed to run base latancies of 8-8-8, with a second XMP Profile allowing the enthusiast to operate them at 7-7-7.


OCZ have the full details here.


Sunnyvale, Calif.-December 13, 2007-OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced new 1800MHz Intel® Extreme Memory modules, a performance solution that implements a specification predefined and specially tailored for the Intel X48 chipset. These top-speed modules are the ideal solution for enthusiasts looking for the extra performance gains optimized memory offers their system.


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HD 3850 with GDDR4 appears

By: Array

A new breed of HD 3850 has been spotted in the wild; Expreview has pictures of a "UNIKA" branded offering which uses a modified PCB with the reference GDDR3 memory replaced in favour of Hynix 16Mx32bit 0.8ns GDDR4 chips. With this significant change comes a non-standard cooler (which looks a little...odd) and superior clockspeeds of 700MHz core and 2200MHz memory; not that far behind the 3870.



Details and more images here.


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TwinMOS jump in early on DDR3 SO-DIMM

By: Array

With DDR3 memory making its way into notebooks in the near future (apparently debuting on Intel's Montevina mobile platform next year), TwinMOS are jumping the gun by introducing a new high-speed DDR3-1333MHz SO-DIMM which operates at just 1.5V, a full 0.3V lower than typical DDR2 SO-DIMM modules; which means (if only slightly) better battery life to boot.


However, what is odd is that TwinMOS fail to deliver in their press release any information relating to what capacities the modules will come in, as well as their rated latencies. Unfortunately their website also lacks any details about them in this regard.


Nonetheless, you can check out the full announcement here.


(December 06, 2007, Taipei) The pursuit of convenience and efficiency has become a new consumer's lifestyle. For this reason, the laptop, or notebook PC, has gradually replacing desktop PC and becoming consumer's choice. Following the launch of the Windows Vista, which has higher memory storage performance requirements, memory modules with higher capacity and speed have thus become the standard requirement for consumers. However, when the speed of memory modules evolved from SDR through DDR to DDR2 and even DDR3,leading wafer manufacturers like Micron Technology, Elpida Memory and Qimonda AG had their DDR 3 chips development certified with Intel, TwinMOS R&D team remain devoted to technological and quality enhancement.


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