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Nehalem DDR3 clockspeeds crippled?!

The folks over at Nordic Hardware have scooped up a bunch more interesting information in relation to the behaviour of Nehalem's memory system and how DDR3 will perform on it under overclocked conditions.


Nehalem DDR3 clockspeeds crippled?!


As has been mentioned previously, the Nehalem platform has been said to only carry official support for DDR3-800 and DDR3-1066, though some sources are indicating that DDR3-1333 memory support will also be included. Nordic explain that although there has been some confusion as to why Intel Core i7 would not support DDR3 memory clocked at higher frequencies, the first thing you need to be aware of is that it is not the frequency of the memory that is the culprit.


The problem is rather that the memory and the processor internals are fed synchronized voltages. Previous reports have stated that anything above 1.65V would fry a Nehalem processor and it would certainly be hard to get any of today's DDR3 memory modules to any kind of decent speeds at this voltage. But, these stories are exaggerated, but the fact remains that Nehalem processors are not going to like voltages above 1.7V.


So, it would appear the limitation comes from not being able to make use of higher voltages without potentially overheating/killing the processor. For this reason, the memory will not be able to be pushed as much as on a current-day Core 2 platform where the memory controller is seperate, thereby having its own voltage circuit.


Hopefully as DDR3 further matures, we will see modules hit the market with extreme speeds at low voltages to counter-act this problem.


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Corsair launching 8GB low latency RAM kit soon?

In a report over at HEXUS, it is begin suggested that Corsair is set to release an 8GB DDR2 kit later this month with low latency.


Corsair launching 8GB low latency RAM kit soon?

Since DDR2 memory pricing is still good, Corsair clearly reckons that there is a market out there for users wanting 8GB. The report says that Corsair guarantees that the modules will operate together at 800MHz with a low latency of 4-4-4-12.


The kit is set to consist of four matched CM2X2048-6400C4DHX DDR2 modules and also feature Corsair's Dual-Path Heat Xchange (DHX) technology.


And here I was thinking 4GB was plenty enough...


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Memory hots up with new challenger, Gingle

There appears to be a new competitor ready to get a foothold in the, increasingly competitive, memory marketplace.


Memory hots up with new challenger, Gingle


Gingle, is throwing its hat into the ring with a 4 GB DDR3 kit offering, claiming 1800 MHz speeds on an Intel P45 platform and, 2000 MHz speeds on an NVIDIA 790i solution.


The modules are endowed with, what the company believes are, lower latency timings of 8-8-8-24 and feature striking black heatspreaders, with gold accents and trim.


Circa 1.84V on an Intel P45 platform and 1.94V on an NVIDIA 790i platform are the power requirements stated, with Gingle hedging its bets on this one by comparing the attractiveness of its product, on a like-for-like basis.


With an 8 layer PCB forming the foundations, will Gingle gets its competitors quivering in their boots?


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Gainward puts 0.8ns memory on Golden Sample HD4850

Alongside the launch of its Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics card earlier today, Gainward has also introduced its own design HD 4850 "Golden Sample" edition which boasts a very nice overclock thanks to the 0.8ns memory used on the PCB.


The core comes clocked at 700MHz (up from the stock 625MHz) whilst the memory operates 200MHz faster than stock models at 2200MHz DDR. Stability is ensured with the inclusion of a superior heat-pipe cooler.


You can find the official announcement on it here.


Gainward HD 4850 Golden Sample

August, 2008 - Gainward, the world's highest quality graphics company, announced it's own design graphics card of HD4850 chipset, the Gainward HD4850 graphics cards to the market. From performance point of view, the GAINWARD HD4850 Golden Sample brings a 700MHz core clock and 1100MHz memory clock, designed with higher efficiency heatpipe and special cover for better protection and air flow. Designed with 512MB, DDR3 memory and 256bit memory bandwidth, supports PCI-express 2.0 interface and 800 units of stream processors.


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Shuttle freshens XPC lineup with X48/DDR3 offering

It's been a while since we've seen Shuttle expand on its XPC lineup with anything new. Today brings a refreshing adjustment to its range with the new SX48P2; based on the Intel X48 chipset with DDR3 memory and 1600MHz FSB support. It also sports two PCIe 2.0 slots for Crossfire goodness, though the cards would of course need to be using single-slot coolers and I can't imagine the temps looking very pretty with a pair of HD 4850s wedged into such a small space.


In any case, the SX48P2 is an attractive XPC with stacks of features and a solid base for powerful portable gaming. You can get the full rundown on it within the official PR here folks.


Shuttle SX48P2 Deluxe X48 XPC

Shuttle Inc., market leader in the mini-PC segment and manufacturer of Multi-Form-Factor solutions, today unveils a new XPC Barebone from the P2 model series building on Intel's X48 Express chipset. Specially designed for high performance systems, the XPC Barebone SX48P2 Deluxe is ideally suited for Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors with up to four cores.


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Overclocked HD 4870 with 1GB GDDR5 from PowerColor

The lads at PCGamesHardware have become the first to lay eyes on PowerColor's HD 4870 PCS OC, with the interesting aspect of this card not so much being the superior Zerotherm cooling solution and higher clock speeds, but the choice to go with double the memory at 1GB GDDR5.


Powercolor HD 4870 PCS OC 1GB Graphics Card


It will be interesting to see what the extra memory does for the card, though it's pretty much a given we should see some big increases from it at the higher resolutions. Hopefully we can get hold of a sample for review in the near future; we'll do our best!


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PowerColor boosts the HD 4850 with 2GB GDDR3

All the partners' HD 4850 cards we've seen hit shelves thus far tend to be much of the reference design, but PowerColor have taken a huge step away from the same ole' approach by whacking on 2GB of GDDR3 memory. This is a huge leap from the usual 512MB, and although probably overkill, it should certainly help the card under higher resolutions where the memory buffer is more likely to be filled.


PowerColor HD 4850 2GB


Further to that, PowerColor has also cranked up the memory frequency to 2000MHz and the core to 665MHz out of the box. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of a superior full-copper cooling solution from ZEROTherm.


PowerColor HD 4850 2GB


Pricing and availability hasn't yet been disclosed, but thanks to Expreview for the pics and info on the card.


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HD 4870X2 set to offer staggering 2 GB GDDR5

Contrary to conflicting reports, AMD's eagerly anticipated HD 4870X2 will indeed ship with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, according to confirmation received by Fudzilla.



Refreshed AMD, is clearly holding no punches, with the HD 4870X2, codenamed 'Spartan', heading for a late-August debut, according to reports.


The company is either undecided, or, holding final clock speed information very close to its chest, but as excitement builds, rival NVIDIA undoubtedly has something or the other up its sleeve.


The HD 4800 solution hoping to eclipse all others, is definitely on its way.


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A-DATA launch world's fastest CF memory card

Are you the type of person that wants the fastest of everything? Sure you are - and you will love this. A-DATA has today launched what they are calling the world's fastest Compact Flash memory card at a remarkable 350x.


A-DATA's Compact Flash 16GB Ultra cards sport read speeds up to 52MB/s and write speeds up to 47MB/s.


Previously the fastest CF cards on the market were 300x but A-DATA managed to find the chips to get its 350x product out onto the market. It uses SLC (Single Level Cell) flash memory.


We will be testing this CF card next week along with a whole bunch of others using an uber l33t industrial flash testing machine in Taipei - stay tuned!


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G.Skill demos DDR3-2000 running at CL8

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 G.Skill showed us the new cooling solutions like the passive and active clip on that fit over the DDR slots.


Their new SSD is ready to roll out with the other companies who were also showing their products in Taipei this week.


And their DDR3 running at some nice speeds and the kicker is... its 2000MHz DDR at CL8.


Most companies who make decent RAM had memory operating at around or near 2000MHz during the show this week but most were running CL9, so this is impressive.



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