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Corsair go all out with 24GB triple channel kit

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If you're a power user wanting gobs and gobs of RAM in your X58/Core i7 rig, Corsair delivers today with the launch of a 24GB kit under its Dominator series.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13753_01.png


The kit comprises six 4GB modules which operate at a stock speed of 1333MHz with latencies of 9-9-9-27 (1.65v). Being a member of the Dominator family, the modules also sport Corsair's patented DHX+ heatsinks for superior cooling properties.


Corsair has the kit up for sale over at their online store at a hefty $1349.99.


For further details on this chunky 24GB kit, you can read the official announcement here.


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Corsair dominates with dominator GTX 2250MHz DDR3 memory

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Any enthusiast will tell you they always want more speed. Faster processors, faster storage, and faster RAM is what we are all about. Corsair has announced a new and very speedy RAM kit today that is called the Dominator GTX 2250MHz RAM kit.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13660_1.jpg


The RAM is for systems using Intel X58 and P55 chipsets and operates at latencies of 8-8-8-24 at 1.65 volts. Corsair claims that the new memory is the fastest for overclocking around.


The modules will also operate at up to 1800MHz on CL6 Socket AM3 mainboards for AMD Phenom II processors. The RAM operates at 6-6-6-18 latencies on the AMD platform. The CMGTX2 RAM is hand screened and will be available exclusively on the Corsair online store starting on December 8 at 9am in limited quantities at unknown pricing.


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G.Skill brings out 2200MHZ CAS 7 Lynnfield optimized DDR3

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G.Skill has just hightened the DDR3 desktop memory market with its latest PI Series 2200 CL7 kit. These are the fastest rated DDR3 modules now available with latencies of just 7-10-10-28 at 2200MHz , 1.65v.


The kit comprises 2x2GB modules and it optimized for use with Lynnfield Core i7 870 and 860 processors.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13504_01.jpg


As a part of the PI series, G.skill includes the latest design PI series heatspreader on these ultra high-speed modules along with G.Skill's Turbulence memory fan. The company says this will help give a good amount of overclocking headroom should you want even more than the already highly impressive stock speeds on tap.


The modules are already shipping to distros everywhere, but pricing hasn't yet been confirmed. You can find the official PR on the modules here.


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Kingston and RAMBUS working on 50% more efficient RAM

By: Array

How would you like 50% more efficient RAM? I know I would love some. Right now despite speeds and latency improvements the current DDR technology just does not really give everything it is capable of.


Kingston and RAMBUS are working to change all of that. They have announced a new type of RAM that uses DDR3 modules, but in s slightly different way.


What they are doing is optimizing them for multi-threaded applications and CPUs. These new DDR3 modules will have the ultra-creative name of threaded memory modules. The will use industry standard DDR3 devices and the usual infrastructure (which means no new mainboards to but hopefully).


The new TMMs will be able to run 64-Byte memory transfers at full bus utilization. If all this is truly possible then we could see up to a 50% performance increase. Since the RAM is able to process data more efficiently there is also a corresponding 20% reduction in power usage.


Like I said the other day 2010 and beyond are going to have some pretty impressive technology debuts. Things like this are just the beginning.


TweakTown image news/1/3/13164_100.jpg


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Kingston has DDR3 2133MHz at only 1.65 Volts

By: Array

In the days running up to the launch of the P55 and the Core i5 companies will be vying for attention on their supporting products. This has been seen with the number of previews for P55 based boards that are out right now.


But we are also seeing more memory kits with high OC values and lower voltages coming out. These are going to be perfectly positioned to work with the P55 in Dual channel mode and should see something of a buying frenzy just before and after the Core i5/P55 launch.


One of these comes from Kingston. The new kit is listed as a 2133MHz with a voltage of only 1.65. This puts it under the "danger" range that Intel once stated for the Core i7 and could possibly exist in the Core i5.


The new memory will have some fairly decent latency of 8 for such a high speed. No word on pricing or availability just yet but you can bet they will be out soon.


Kingston has DDR3 2133MHz at only 1.65 Volts


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A-DATA Extends Entire DDR3 Lineup with 4GB Modules

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The gang over at A-DATA has added a nice little update to their DDR3 line. They have added a 4GB single module option for all of their DDR3 products. This includes Desktop, Laptop and Server Memory.


This move matches a few other companies that are increasing the capacity of their single modules, with the exception of making the move across the entire line.


The new modules should start showing up in the channel immediately and if the pricing is in the right area could open up good options for memory upgrades.


Of course there is the small problem of support. While Linux has support for more than 4GB of RAM in a 32-bit OS, Windows 7 and Windows Vista do not. This could make the market for these slightly limited outside the enthusiast and x64 community.


A-DATA Extends Entire DDR3 Lineup with 4GB Modules


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Corsair to stop making modules using Elpida memory

By: Array

There is an unconfirmed rumor that Corsair will stop using Elpida in their High-end dominator RAM.


According to a forum post on the Corsair help pages Corsair has been seeing a higher than normal failure rate of Dominator RAM with Elpida Hyper based modules.


This has lead to a recall of more than a few Corsair products. The TW3X4G1600C6GTF, TR3X6G1866C7GTF, TR3X6G2000C8GTF, TR3X3G2000C7GTF, and TR3X6G2000C7GTF are all listed as affected.


If you have one of these kits and are having trouble you might want to head over to their warranty page and see what they can do for you.


Although there has been no "official" announcement from Corsair on this other than the Forum page, it is very nice to see a manufacturer like Corsair standing behind their products even though the flaw is not their direct fault.


Corsair to stop making modules using Elpida memory


More information here


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Elpida hyper memory deaths reported

By: Array

In a creepy tale better suited to Halloween, we're hearing whisperings that a fair few Elpida hyper memory chips have been reportedly arriving dead on arrival on customers' doorsteps. *Scream!*




Elpida memory chips are thought to be best in class at the moment, being the only chips capable of 2000 CAS7 on just 1.65V, but it seems something is going terribly wrong. Dozens of people are reporting their brand spanking new memory was found dead in its packaging, with the cause a mystery.


The chips apparently work fine when they are tested at the factory, but somewhere between packaging and opening, fatality strikes.


We've heard RMA rates - the percentage of all systems returned under warranty that are suspected of being defective - have shot up by 50 per cent for high end memory kits based on Elpida chips, a problem we're told Elpida has been made aware of.


Elpida has not replied to our queries on the subject but there are rumours the firm is recalling recent batches which have been failing at voltages as low as 1.5V. There is also speculation Elpida is trying to replace those chips as soon as it can with newer DDR3 chips which both clock and perform better.


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G.SKILL Launches World's Fastest 2133MHz Memory

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G.Skill has officially launched the world's fastest memory, Perfect Storm DDR3 2133 CL9 6GB.


G.SKILL Launches World's Fastest 2133MHz Memory


G.Skill's new triple channel DDR3 kit runs has 2,133MHz, pushing overclocking to the limits. It comes in a 6GB kit with its own cooler and a CAS latency of 9. G.Skill says the new addition to the Perfect Storm series "provide overclockers and enthusiasts the best overclocking potential for their Core i7 platforms with affordable price and lifetime warranty."


G.SKILL Launches World's Fastest 2133MHz Memory


They have also announced the retail availability of the Turbulence Fan memory cooler. G.Skill first announced the product at CeBIT this year and since then has received a lot on interest in the product. G.Skill didn't announce a price for the cooler but did say that it will be available in black or grey.


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