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nVidia 40nm Mobile GPUs to have GDDR5

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nVidia might be getting back in the game with their new 40nm mobile offerings. Although they are certainly behind AMD in terms of DX they are making a significant move in terms of memory support for the GPUs.


According to Fudzilla nVidia has opted for GDDR5 on their mobile GPUs instead of the usual GDDR3. This could mean a significant improvement in memory bandwidth allowing for better performance in the mobile segment.


Of course we still have to wait and see if TSMC can improve their leaky 40nm process but it is still a good sign of things to come; at least in the mobile market.


Read more here.


nVidia 40nm Mobile GPUs to have GDDR5


Nvidia's new 40nm mobile generation is getting closer to launch and DirectX 10.1 support is not the only surprise. The new mobile generation is also going to support GDDR5 memory, something that will work very well with notebooks.


GDDR5 can double the memory bandwidth over the GDDR3 and this will certainly result with a nice boost of Nvidia new mobile generation.


GT200 with GDDR5 was rumoured last year and now, it's becoming a reality and without any expectations we even got DirectX 10.1 with it


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G.Skill claims fastest working DDR3 at Computex

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Computex Taipei 2009: We finally managed to stop by and visit the friendly people at the G.Skill booth in Nangang and they had a mighty fine demo on display for all to see.


The highlight product was its Perfect Storm Series DDR3 memory operating at a super fast DDR3-2200. While we cannot be entirely sure, it is probably the fastest true and working DDR3 memory on display at Computex this year.


Get a good look at it working in the video below:



Very tasty indeed!


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Kingston Announce HyperX Fan Memory Coolor

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Kingston has announced their lastest memory accessory, this time specifically aimed at keeping their HyperX memory modules cooled down.



The HyperX Fan is a RAM cooler that packs dual 60mm fans illuminated by eight blue LEDs. The fans run nearly silent between 25dBA and 28dBA. The entire unit is made of annodized aluminum (except the fans) and is color matched to go with Kingston's HyperX memory modules.


Kingston has made the fan available on its own as well as bundled with their 6GB 2000MHz and 1800MHz triple-channel DDR3 memory kits. The HyperX Fan retails for $23, the 2000MHz DDR3 bundle goes for $334, and the 1800MHz bundle will set you back $297.


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ASUS Mars GTX 295 SLI with 8GB RAM + Far Cry 2160p

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Computex Taipei 2009: When you visit a company at a trade show like Computex, there is always one truly standout product for us and for ASUS this year out in Nangang it was its Mars GTX 295 demo.


What's special about the ASUS Mars GTX 295? Well for starters each is a limited edition and labeled as such and each comes with a massive 4GB of onboard video memory. Double them up in SLI and of course you have 8GB of video memory which is much more than the average user has of actual system memory.


ASUS were running a demo showing Far Cry running silky smooth at 2160p, the next big jump up from HD 1080p, to extreme high def. That resolution works out to be 3840 x 2160 - eat your heart out in the video we prepared below:



Wicked? Yes, we think so ASUS! And in case you missed it, this extreme VGA setup managed to recently break the 3DMark world record just before the start of Computex, if they were any surprise. The score to beat is X25057, but as ASUS said, it will be a hard score to beat until the next gen cards come out from NVIDIA and AMD.


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T-RAM and GlobalFoundries enter joint agreement

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GlobalFoundreis and T-RAM Semiconductor have entered into an agreement. The Agreement is a joint development agreement that centers around T-RAM's Thyristor-RAM embedded memory.


GlobalFoundries is excited (as is to be expected) about this as Gregg Bartlett, Senior Vice President of Technology and R&D at GLOBALFOUNDRIES stated "We are pleased to be jointly developing T-RAM memory for 32nm and 22nm technologies. T-RAM's embedded memory technology shows a great deal of potential for use in low-power, high-performance dense cache applications for advanced technology nodes."


The question now is what and whose advanced technology nodes will this new memory go into. There are still rumors that TSMC cannot get the 40nm process working right. So this could mean more business for GF if the persistent rumors are true. The Deal with T-RAM only makes things more attractive.


Read more here.


T-RAM and GlobalFoundries enter joint agreement


Sam Nakib, President and CEO of T-RAM, added, "We are excited about working with GLOBALFOUNDRIES on the next generation embedded memory technology. T-RAM has successfully completed extensive development of the Thyristor-RAM technology and has delivered a fully manufacturable and robust memory solution with proven yield, reliability, and low-cost of integration in earlier technology nodes. We believe that GLOBALFOUNDRIES and their customers' products provide a great opportunity to further develop and show-case T-RAM's significant performance and economic advantages.


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Patriot Announces DDR3 Reg. ECC Line Of Modules

By: Array

Patriot is pleased to announce immediate availability of their now DDR3 Registered and DDR3 ECC Unbuffered DIMMS.


Patriot Announces DDR3 Reg. ECC Line Of Modules


Patriot says that the new kits are designed to compliment the Triple Channel technology of the Core i7 platforms. In total, Patriot is offering 16 new DDR3 kits, ranging in sizes from 2GB to 12GB and speeds of 1066MHz to 1333MHz.


All of Patriot's server memory is supported by lifetime warranties and free tech support. Patriot is hoping that their server memort will help spearhead the transition to DDR3 technology especially for those partners that are focused on servers, workstations, embedded systems and networking applications."


"Compared to DDR2, the transition to DDR3 server memory can reduce the average power consumption by as much as 25% to 35%," says Phil Rombs, Patriot's Senior Applications Engineer. "We understand the significance to our partners for efficient, reliable, cost effective, technology." "Patriot's server memory will help spearhead the transition to DDR3 technology especially for those partners that are focused on servers, workstations, embedded systems and networking applications."


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Corsair Predicts 8GB Memory Kits To Be The Norm

By: Array

Andy Paul, CEO and president of Corsair Memory, says that by the end of the year he expects most dual-channel memory kits will be 8GB.


Corsair Predicts 8GB Memory Kits To Be The Norm


Paul backs his statement by talking about the price of memory continuing to decrease, Windows 7 launching before the end of the year is up, and the push towards 64-bit computing which allows the additional address space for applications to take advantage of. This shouldn't be a surprise to most though. Windows XP popularized the 2GB kits, Vista the 4GB kits, and the next step up becomes the 8GB kits.


Perhaps the irony in Paul's comment is that Corsair doesn't even offer an 8GB kit, but does offer 6GB and 12GB triple-channel kits for Intel's Core i7 systems. However AMD has released the dual-channel supporting Phenom II's and Intel is working on some dual-channel Nehalem chips so there will certainly be a market for such a kit.


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DDRdrive X1 SSD hits 300,000 IOPs

By: Array

If you have been around the computer scene for any length of time you might remember one of the first SSDs out. It was a product that used DDR RAM and ran through a normal SATA port.


DDRdrive LLC, has decided to revisit some of that older technology, but this time instead of using the SATA port they are using a PCI-e X1 connection and they are also using a combination of NAND and DDR Memory.


The new product, called DDRdrive X1 can hit an amazing 300,000+ IOPs and seems perfect for I/O intensive tasks. It is not the greatest performer in read/write speed though; as it can only hit a peak of 250 MB/s read and 150MB/s in writes.

Read more here


DDRdrive X1 SSD hits 300,000 IOPs


The DDRdrive X1 is a PCIe Gen 1-based hybrid SSD, that combines 4 GB of DDR memory and 4 GB of NAND flash memory. Both solid-state technologies work in concert to provide the superior characteristics of DRAM (speed, reliability, and longevity) with the NAND part used for backups. In terms of read/write speeds, the DDRdrive X1 is not that spectacular. Limited by the PCIe x1 interface it can "only" do about 250 MB/s in reads and 155 MB/s in writes. But it's the Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), where X1 really shines. A single drive can hit 300,000+ IOPS Random 512B Reads and 200,000+ IOPS Random 512B Writes. That's a massive bump in operation speed compared to practically all other solid-state drives currently in production. For comparison Fusion IO's enterprise drives are estimated at 200,000 IOPS 512B read, while other consumer SSDs are rated at about 100,000 IOPS 512B read.


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