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More information on Possible Apple Netbook

We told you yesterday that Digitimes was flogging a rumor about a new Mac Netbook. Well it seems that Dow Jones has gotten a hold of the story and gotten more confirmation on it.


This does not make it a certainty but it would make it more likely. As Digitimes claimed Apple will be using touch screens from Wintek and Quanta will build them.


While none of the companies would comment on this news it does seem rather odd after Steve Jobs made his statement "we don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." That Apple would build a netbook.


This could mean that it will still be a cheap product with the usual Apple price tag or it could simply mean that all the fuss is over a different product altogether.


Read more here.


More information on Possible Apple Netbook

Apple's entry may come in what is expected to be a very tough year for computer sales. Desktop-computer shipments in particular are expected to fall by nearly one-third globally in 2009 as consumers increasingly shift to laptop computers, according to projections released by research firm Gartner Inc. earlier in March.


While netbook computers have become a major sales driver for computer companies, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs last year dismissed netbooks, even going so far as to suggest Apple's third-generation iPhone - a smartphone device that offer multifunctions - could serve as a netbook. Jobs told analysts in October Apple isn't "tremendously worried" the slump will drive customers to less-expensive PCs and added, "we don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk."


Jill Tan, a spokeswoman for Apple in Asia, declined to comment Tuesday. Wintek spokeswoman Susie Lee and Quanta Computer investor relations officer Carol Hsu declined to comment.


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Apple could be working on touch screen netbook

Now that we know the rumors about the new MacMini were true we are starting to see a whole new crop of rumors. According to DigiTimes Apple may be gearing up to release a touch screen netbook in the near future.


According to the DigitTimes report Wintek will be supplying the touch screens while Quanta will build the new iToy. The new netbook, if real should start shipping in Q3.


Read more here.


Apple could be working on touch screen netbook

Taiwan-based Wintek will supply touch panels for Apple's new netbook, and shipments will start in the third quarter this year, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.


Wintek revealed that it is currently working with Apple to develop some new products, but it said it does not know what applications the new products are for. Wintek added that no shipment schedule has been worked out yet, but shipments are likely to begin in the second half of the year.


Quanta Computer will be the maker of Apple's new netbook, the Commerical Times report said.


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Have your laptop shout for help when stolen

This is something that while not new is a new twist on an old idea. The folks over at Front Door Software have developed an application that can help in the recovery of stolen laptops.


The way it works is pretty simple; you install the software and setup an online account. After this if someone steals the laptop, you simply logon to your account and report is stolen. From there the laptop will display owner contact information and can also play a loud recorded message indicating it is stolen. There is also an IP tracer function that can allow you to track the stolen laptop as well as a lock down feature.


The application is available as a 90-Day trial while purchasing a full 3-year license is only $29.95.


Read more here.


Have your laptop shout for help when stolen

The main concept behind the software is that simply by displaying owner information, with full details on how to contact them, most individuals will be honest and return a laptop if found. On its website the company claimed that this data will increase chances of recovery from three per cent to 97 per cent, though it provides no evidence for this.


Once a user finds that the laptop is stolen, the user logs into their online account and can then send a message to the computer, or even get it to play a message out loud repeatedly at intervals from either five minutes to every four hours. A lockdown code can be sent to prevent its use, and owners can even try and track the laptop using an IP location feature.


This software is one of many attempts from technology companies to protect laptops. At the end of last year, Lenovo revealed a system that would remotely deactivate laptops via an SMS message, while Intel announced that it was working with Ericsson on putting a 'kill switch inside' laptops.


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OCZ enters the Netbook fray

OCZ is jumping on the netbook bandwagon with a DIY product of its very own.


Named the Neutrino, it will be covered under OCZ's DIY blanket that means users can upgrade or change memory and HDD without voiding their warranty.


The Neutrino will sport an Atom N270, 945GSE and ICH7M chipset, 10-inch (1024x600) led screen. You can stuff up to 2GB of RAM into the Neutrino and there is support for up to a 250GB 2.5-inch drive.


Read a little more here at Fudzilla.


OCZ enters the Netbook fray

The rest of the specifications are basically identical to most netbooks on the market. It comes with Intel´s N270 Atom processor, 945GSE+ICH7M chipset, and a 10-inch 1024x600 LED backlit screen.


It also supports up to 2GB of DDR2 memory and up to 250GB of 2.5-inch hard disk drive at 5400RPM. It will also be available pre-equipped with OCZ´s memory and OCZ´s 250GB SSD drive. It will be available with either Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux OS.


The Neutrino netbook should be available in next two or three months


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ASRock to enter Note/Netbook market

AsRock is about to enter the Note/Netbook market and is showing off two new notebooks and a new netbook.


The notebooks with be dubbed the M12 and the M15 in conjunction with the names the M12 will be a 12" model and the M15 will be a 15"


The two notebooks should use Intel CPUs (Core 2 or Celeron) with prices starting under $500. There is very little information on the netbook but it should fall in at under $300.


Read more here at Digitimes.


ASRock to enter Note/Netbook market

ASRock plans to launch two entry-level notebooks in late April this year - the12-inch M12 and the 15-inch M15, which wil be equipped either Intel Pentium or Celeron processors and multi-touch pads, while the company will also launch an Intel Atom-based 2.5-liter nettop along with the notebooks, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report.


All three PCs will be manufactured by Pegatron Technology, the paper said.


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GIGABYTE To Show Off Three New Netbooks at CeBIT

Engadget has the scoop on three new netbooks that GIGABYTE will be showing off at this year's CeBIT.


M1022, S1024, T1028 make their debut at CeBIT 2009


While it is said that all three of the new portables will be specced out the same as most standard netbooks, each differentiates itself from the other two quite well in style. All three will utilize the Intel Atom N270 processor and pack 1GB of DDR2. The Touch Note T1028 will also be available with the slightly faster N280 Atom processor.


M1022 vertical docking station


(Click the above image for the large version)


The M1022 "Booktop" has a doc that holds it vertical, similar to that of the Nintendo Wii. The T1028 looks to double as a tablet, and the ThinNote S1024 goes slim and thin while having a bit more business-like look to it.


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ASUS Supports Breast Cancer Research, Pink Eee PC

ASUS has announced a special edition Eee PC by parnering with the Austrailian National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).


ASUS S101H Pink Eee PC


(Click the above image for the large version)


The Pink Eee PC S101H supports the Pink Ribbon cause by donating a portion of each special edition Eee PC sold to the NBCF. The new netbook features 170GB of hybrid storage, b/g/n wifi, Bluetooth, and Windows XP Home.


The Pink Eee PC S101H is available in Austrailia through selected Meyer Stores and will set you back AU$1,099. Unfortunately ASUS has not stated how much of each purchase will go to the NBCF.


The full press release can be found here.


Sue Murray, CEO of the NBCF, encouraged the public to go pink with their next PC purchase. "We are thrilled that ASUS is continuing its support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Funds raised through sales of the Pink Eee PC S101H will go towards the prevention, detection and treatment of this disease, which currently claims the lives of more than 2,800 Australians each year."


Ted Chen, Managing Director of ASUS Australia and New Zealand, said, "ASUS is happy to be supporting the NBCF and its commitment to finding a cure for breast cancer. We are proud to partner with the NBCF once again and have the utmost respect for the organisation - ASUS will do what it can to assist this worthy cause."


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Lenovo may be first to use ION in Netbooks

Is it me or has the netbook become its own monster? When the concept was first pushed out it was all about small, light, portable internet and basic office/school tasks. Now everything has changed.


If rumors are to be believed Lenovo will be dropping the new HD capable nVidia ION under the hood of its new netbooks. The new Lenovos won't be your typical netbooks, they will run in 11.6 and 21.1 inch flavors.


This could be good for Lenovo if they can get it to market before everyone else and very good for nVidia. If the Lenovo netbooks are a success it means further adoption in the market and more revenue for nVidia.


Read more here at Electronista


Lenovo may be first to use ION in Netbooks

The PC maker is reportedly asking local contractor Wistron to build 11.6- and 12.1-inch IdeaPads for the spring that would combine the much faster, GeForce 9400M-level graphics of Ion with an Intel Atom processor. The company is also said mulling a 13-inch model using the same technology.


A 12-inch system based on VIA's Nano platform is also an option, according to the purported leak.


The news suggests that the desktop mentioned by NVIDIA as the first Ion system will be quickly followed by a netbook and that PC makers may better Microsoft's own official expectations, which would have Windows systems using Ion appearing by summer.


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ASUS to soon ramp up prices on net/notebooks

As another sign of the grinding times, a report has come in that ASUS is soon looking put price hikes on its notebook and netbook products to help offset increased material and manufacturing costs.


ASUS to soon ramp up prices on net/notebooks


Prices are expected to jump up by as much as 20% from March 1st onward, so if you're eying off an Eee PC or another of ASUS' note/netbook offerings, you'd better make up your mind quickly.


Details here.


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Samsung NC20 netbook available for pre-order

Samsung's new NC20 Netbook has shown up for pre-order on
The new thigh-top has a 12.1" display and a Via Nano under the hood.


The NC20 as it will be called sells for 390.98 (GBP) and is available in both white (ala Apple) and a sleek glossy black. The availability dates are listed as Feb 09 for the white model and March 09 for the black.


There is no news on when these might show up elsewhere in the world.


Pre-Order yours

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