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Dell working on Android Netbook

Looks like Dell is moving to the Android OS for its next Netbooks. At least that the rumor after a developer let slip a little nugget of information.


The rumor sprang into life after BSquare announced it had ported Adobe Flash Lite 3.17 over to Android for Dell's upcoming netbooks. Funny thing though, Dell has not announced any netbooks using Android.


Dell has not responded to the PR as of this writing.


Read more here


Dell working on Android Netbook


BSquare says it's porting Adobe's Flash Lite 3.17 technology for Dell's upcoming netbooks, such as the Dell Mini Inspiron 910. Obviously Dell has not commented the press release, published Wednsday.


If Dell is indeed working on Android netbooks, this could be very good news for Google's OS, as at this point very few vendors have embraced it, or said they indend to.


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Asus readies aluminum EEE PC

Asus is prepping an Aluminum EEEPC for release to the general public. Dubbed the 1002HAE this new netbook will have almost exactly the same specs as the 1002HA with the exception of an upgraded CPU (Atom N280) but will be made with aluminum overlays.


The move will shave a cool 50g off of the weight but wont take more from your wallet.


As of this writing the 1002HAE will only be available in Japan. Looks like the rest of us will have to wait.


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Asus readies aluminum EEE PC


The 1002HAE is actually identical to the 1002HA in terms of features, with one exception, the CPU has been upgraded to an Atom N280, and the aluminium inlays of course. The 1002HAE has also managed to shed 50g in weight, so it seems like aluminium is lighter than plastic, at least in this implementation.


Considering the asking price of 49,800 Yen, or €379 (£333/$504) it's actually priced at the same level as the 1002HA in Europe, which makes it a pretty decent deal at the end of the day. The 1002HAE will be available in three colour, red, blue and black. It's still unknown if this model will become available outside of Japan.


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New EEE PC 1008HA Available in the UK

Well the long awaited for Asus EEE PC 1008HA Seashell has finally hit the stores in the UK. The new EEE offering is not much of a departure from the other models in terms of hardware but it is supposed to be slimmer.


The UK Price including the Very Annoying Tax (VAT) is 379 British Pounds.
For that you get a 1.6GHz Atom N280, 160GB HDD, and the stock 10-inch screen powered by GMA graphics.


Read more here


New EEE PC 1008HA Available in the UK


A ASUS is finally ready to start selling the latest installment in the Eee PC family, the 1008HA Seashell that we've seen popping up here and there at various prices. The official, tax-inclusive UK price of £379 is now confirmed, which is perhaps a little steep for this svelte but otherwise identical revision to the franchise, still offering that good 'ol 1.6GHz processor, 160GB hard disk, 10-inch screen, and GMA graphics.


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GMABooster offers graphics boost for netbooks

Just as NVIDIA work its PR machine pimping the ION low-cost, small computer systems (which deliver better graphics performance than pure Intel Atom based systems), a guy by the name of Vladimir Plenskiy comes along to slightly spoil the party.


Vladimir Plenskiy has developed a tweaking tool called GMABooster which is apparently able to boost your graphics performance by 2.4 times, according to the maker.


GMABooster offers graphics boost for netbooks


Take your standard Intel Atom netbook, laptop or nettop with Intel GMA 950 graphics chip - each mobile chipset (945GM/GME/GMS or GSE943/940GML/GU Express) is of the low voltage version kind and hence has the GMA 950 graphics chips' core clock speed is clocked lower than usual.


GMABooster promises to unlock the graphics power of the GMA 950 by adjusting the clock speed from 133MHz up to 400MHz, which is the default GMA clock in a "normal" desktop Intel 945 chipset.


We will attempt to try this tool out first hand over the next day or two and see how it works. Check back for a possible article later and if you want to try it out, go download it here. via Bit-Tech


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First Android Netbook to cost $250

With everyone fighting for a piece of the netbook market it is not surprising to see ARM and Android finally enter the fray.


The Alpha 680, as it will be called is going to have some minimal specs including an ARM11 CPU running at 533MHz this is the same CPU that is used in the iPhone and many other smart phones. The display will be 7-inches and have a resolution of 800x480. RAM ahd HDD space will be in short supply with a maximum of 256MB of DDR2 and only a 1GB SSD for storage.


The Alpha 680 should retail at around $250 and is expected to hit the channel in roughly three months.


Computerworld seems to think this setup has a change to wrest the netbook market away from Intel's Atom but with its extremely low processor power and limited RAM/Storage I personally have my doubts.


Read more here


First Android Netbook to cost $250


The Alpha 680, designed by Guangzhou Skytone Transmission Technologies Co., is going through final testing now, Nixon Wu, Skytone's co-founder, told Computerworld exclusively.


The 50-employee company, located in Guangzhou, a city in southern China, is aiming to have final prototypes ready by June, with manufacturers likely to introduce models to the market one to two months after that, Wu said.


The Alpha 680 caused a flurry of excitement after it was spotted online earlier this week by Computerworld blogger Seth Weintraub.


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Core i7 Laptops out in May?

Well the first Core i7 Laptops might be available in the EU in May. The new mobile behemoth will have a Core i7 920, a GTX 280M with 1GB of DDR3 memory all its own, 2GB of DDR3 1066 memory for the CPU (why they did not go for triple channel I do not know) and a 12 cell battery.


It is going to be a rather thick book as well measuring 397 x 298 x 51-60 mm (15.6 x 11.7 x 2 - 2.3 Inches). Still if you are looking for the most power you can carry around with you, or bragging rights this is the book to look for.


Read more here the page is in German but the details are all in English.


Core i7 Laptops out in May?


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Android netbook at Computex to be displayed by MSI

According to a report by Economic Daily News via DIGITIMES, MSI will display a netbook at the Computex Taipei 2009 trade show, which is due to kick off in about five weeks time on June 2nd.


Android netbook at Computex to be displayed by MSI


Last year heralded in the launch of Microsoft's Windows XP on enough netbooks to sink a battleship. This year it seems like the rage is going to be netbooks with Google's Linux operating system Android installed.


If the report is true, MSI is set to demo new netbooks running the alternative operating system and they are sure to get a lot of attention during the show.


We'll report back with more later on this, but at this stage it should be considered nothing more than a rumor.


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XP Keeps Intel's GN40 Netbooks From Full Potential

It seems the very product that Intels Atom N280 and GN40 chipset is geared for is keeping the duo from showing its full potential.


XP Keeps Intel's GN40 Netbooks From Full Potential


Intel's Atom N280 combined with the GN40 chipset are designed for netbooks and one of their main selling points is hardware video decoding. The problem lies in that for the platform to a show performance increase, DirectX 10 and DXVA 2.0 (DirectX Video Acceleration 2.0) is required.


Most netbooks are still selling with Windows XP and as such can't make use of the enhanced features that Intel's platform provides. HKEPC took one of the netbooks with Intel's platform and confirmed it was an issue with Windows XP when they proved it only worked on Vista.


Interestingly enough, DigiTimes dug into the issue a little bit and contacted some vendors in Taiwan, and they say that the issue doesn't exist. For those that plan on using a netbook for video decoding, keep this in mind when making your purchase.


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Foxconn might be the Apple Netbook maker

The Apple Netbook rumors are gaining traction as Digitimes is now claiming to have found the manufacturer of the fabled mini Apple book.


Digitimes is quoting the Chinese Language paper Commercial Times as the source for the new information. If all is right and well in the rumor world Foxconn will be the maker of the Apple's latest offering.


Previous rumors place the device at 10-Inches with a touch screen and a few other goodies under the hood.


Read a little more here.


Foxconn might be the Apple Netbook maker
Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is in the running to land orders for a netbook from Apple, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report citing sources from the component supply chain.


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Steve Jobs at work on Apple Netbook

After many statements to the opposite it seems that Steve Jobs may have wised up to the netbook craze.


According to a story over at Fudzilla the Patron Saint of Mac is hard at work on designs for an over $500 netbook (possibly with $100 worth of parts) to offer to the Mac fans out there.


Jobs is scheduled to return to work in June which could indicated a launch date for the new product if these rumors of a 10" NetMac are true.


Read more at Fudzilla.


Steve Jobs at work on Apple Netbook
However, he is apparently working on designs and plans for a new ultra expensive netbook. We say ultra expensive because Jobs has famously said that Apple could not make anything for under $500 which was not a hunk of junk.


According to the WSJ the netbook will be larger than the iPhone/iPod touches, yet smaller than any of its laptops. Apple has placed an order for 10-inch touchscreens from a Taiwan distributor for delivery in the third quarter so the idea is that these could be for Jobs' new netbooks. However if this was true then it would kill off another popular rumour that Apple is about to release a tablet. They could be the same thing of course. Apple's netbook would actually be a tablet, but we suspect that the tablet would be a lot more upmarket than a netbook.


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