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MacBook Pro with 15" screen ships in '2-3 weeks'

At yesterday's WWDC press conference, Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, claimed that the new MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display would ship immediately. It appears that that is now not the case and that could be due to a few reasons and it's not clear which reason it is.




The first reason that they could not be shipping today is some sort of miscommunication or hiccup in the shipping. Although Apple is usually good at avoiding things like this, they aren't immune singularly immune from it. Or, Apple could have sold out the first batch and are now having to make more. This is a bit more likely.


Or, since Apple is all about marketing, this could be a marketing ploy. Apple could be making it look like they sold out to help drive sales. After all, the new PC starts at a hefty $2,199 which makes it unaffordable for quite a large part of the market. But then again, Apple has never been known to make affordable products. All we know is that the website is now quoting 2-3 weeks for shipping time.

Apple updates Mac notebook lineup

Apple today has announced updates to its line of Mac notebooks. First up to receive a refresh was the MacBook Air which will now feature an Ivy Bridge dual-core up to 2GHz. It will additionally sport up to 8GB of 1600MHz RAM and 60% faster graphics along with up to 512B of SSD storage. 11" starts at $999, 13" at $1099, both are shipping today.




The MacBook Pro has also received a refresh today and will now sport Ivy Bridge goodness. The 13" will retain the dual-core version and the 15 will get the quad-core. It will feature up to a 2.7GHz quad with 8GB of 1600MHz RAM, USB 2 and 3, and the 13" will sport a 1280x800 display. The 15" gets a 1440x900 display. Both are shipping today.


Alongside the refreshed MacBook Pro line, Apple announced a new 15.6" model that sports a 2880x1800 Retina display. This model also sports a quad-core, is .71" thick, and under 4.5lbs. It's "the most beautiful computer we have ever made." Comes with up to 768GB of SSD and features a 650M. The price? You don't want to know. $2199. Starts shipping today like the rest.

RumorTT: Apple MacBook Pro set to receive Kepler goodness

Going along with the rumor that the Apple lineup of computers will be receiving an update at WWDC, a blurry picture has hit the webs that is purported to be of the 15-inch MacBook's logic board. We can't promise anything, but we should find out later today if this is the real deal as we are just hours from an Apple Keynote.




The picture seems to indicate an NVIDIA 650M as the next GPU destined to be in the MacBook Pro lineup. It's not unreasonable, but a bit unexpected after last year's high-profile switch to AMD graphics. But, then again, Apple doesn't really have any sense of loyalty or sentiment so this shouldn't matter much.


There have been several juicy rumors ahead of this upcoming Apple Keynote and we will be sure to let you know the full story of what does actually occur at the speech. Hopefully we see a complete refresh of the Mac Line, though I'm suspecting a new iPod Touch in the works since it's been a while since the last version released.

Intel shows an Ultrabook running Diablo III smoothly, just 17 watts of power required

Computex 2012 - Earlier on today we were invited to the invite-only Intel press suite at the Grand Hyatt here at Computex where we were introduced to some of Intel's new technologies and why they think Intel does everything better than anyone else.


That's up for you to decide for yourself if you believe it, but we'll show you some of the stuff we saw.



One of the first demos we want to show you is of Diablo III running smoothly and looking good whilst running on an Intel reference design Ultrabook. That's not overly exciting in itself, but once we tell you that the system only uses 17 watts of power to do so, that is something pretty incredible.




Check back shortly for some more coverage of our visit to the Intel press suite.

MSI's EyeFinity-capable GX60, GTX 670M-powered GT60 stand in front of the camera for us

Computex 2012 - MSI's notebook range expands for what seems every few minutes, and Computex 2012 is no different. Today we checked out their GT60 and GX60 notebooks for a quick peek. The GT60 features MSI's Super RAID design, includes the fastest online gaming response thanks to its Killer Gaming Network card, and is the world's first (and exclusive!) GAMING keyboard by SteelSeries, check it out below. It even crams in NVIDIA's GEFORCE GTX 670M GPU, as well as Intel's third-generation Ivy Bridge CPU.




Next up we have MSI's GX60, which is powered by AMD's APU, the A10-4600M, backed up by an AMD Radeon HD 7970M GPU. Those specs not enough to get you revved up? How about the fact that the GX60 is EyeFinity-capable. Yes, this notebook is compatible with the 3-screen tech from AMD, EyeFinity. Filling out the specs we have the same Super RAID as its brother above, as well as a Killer Gaming Network card.






MSI also had the GE60 on show, which sports an Intel Core i7-3610M, GEFORCE GT 650M, a 15.6-inch Full HD display and some very nice looks.



Continue reading 'MSI's EyeFinity-capable GX60, GTX 670M-powered GT60 stand in front of the camera for us' (full post)

Samsung booth at Computex, Chromebox is here!

Computex 2012 - When I spotted the Samsung booth in Nangang yesterday, I ran up and had a look at their wares. Their latest Series 3 Chromebook was on display where I could see it in person and take a few shots. It's quite a bit smaller in person than what I thought it would be, which is great.




One thing I did notice on the card for it was a bit where it said "zero maintenance", and it lists no blue screens or maintenance, taking a stab at the BSODs that Windows-based users get. It also lists that theres no anti-virus needed, and that there's no data crash/lose worries thanks to its cloud-based service.



Intel reiterates the Ultrabook push, things are about to get incredibly exciting

Computex 2012 - We sat in on Intel's keynote speech today in Taipei, and let me start off with this: I've never been more excited about the PC world than I have today. We kinda knew Ultrabooks were going to be big, but consumer devices are about to get a whole lot bigger, while physically shrinking in size, while offering more features and functions than ever before.




Intel pushed that their tick-tock method is helping, where we're seeing constant pushes in the shrinking of tech, as well as teaming up with virtually every major ODM, OEM and retailer across our planet. We will have more info, and a heap of hands-on over the coming days, but for now let's quickly update you on what we saw today.


Intel had ASUS on stage, where they showed off some Ultrabooks that were very... ultra. Intel and ASUS are pushing the boundaries of security, to touch on just one of the many things discussed today. They showed off an ASUS Ultrabook that sported a camera that would sense you with increased algorithms that detect facial features such as facial hair, eyes and your smile. ASUS had an Ultrabook on show, where if the Ultrabook detects that it has been moved, it will sound an alarm and secure the system. This protects your precious data from anyone who might steal your Ultrabook if you were to turn away from it at work, Uni, or a coffee shop.

Continue reading 'Intel reiterates the Ultrabook push, things are about to get incredibly exciting' (full post)

Acer unveils 27-inch all-in-one PC, Ultrabook, get ready to be impressed

Computex 2012 - We're live here in Taipei and we've just sat in on the Acer press conference where a fair amount of exciting gear was unveiled. Without going into a tonne of details [just yet], what we can tell you is that Windows 8 is a central part of not just Acer's future, but the industry's future. We saw some devices being shown off in the form of a few Ultrabooks, and a 27-inch all-in-one Windows 8-based PC, the Acer Aspire 5600U.




I've got to admit, before this event, I didn't have much faith in Acer going forward into the future, say, 5 years from now, but what they showed off gives me the utmost confidence that they have what it takes to win not just confidence in the industry, but consumer confidence. The all-in-one desktop they displayed was pretty insane, being capable of going into portrait, and swivelling completely horizontal, so it would feel like a super big tablet.


Standing there with our competition winner Roshan (amazing guy btw!), we listened to the presence-bringing J.T. Wang take the stage, where he reiterated how much Windows 8 will change Acer. Normally this would be just press talk, but the room filled with applause when he talked, and his aura took the room into his world. Acer showed off the Aspire 5600U which was very, very impressive, sporting a Full HD display and the ability to tilt completely horizontal. While this may sound unimpressive in text form, it was very cool to see this happen on-stage.

Continue reading 'Acer unveils 27-inch all-in-one PC, Ultrabook, get ready to be impressed' (full post)

Intel to offer sneak peak of the next wave of Ultrabooks at Computex Taipei 2012

Intel is set to show off some new Ultrabooks powered by their third-generation Intel Core processors otherwise known as Ivy Bridge. Intel took to their blog to state this, and have announced there are now 21 Ultrabooks on the market today, and this list will continue to grow with more than 110 designs currently being worked on.




Intel have said to anyone outside of the company, this may look effortless, but it has been anything but. Intel have knuckled down with customers, partners and suppliers all around the world to "re-think and re-design virtually every major component that makes up an Ultrabook". Intel says they can't wait for everyone to see the next wave of Ultrabooks that sport the Ivy Bridge-based processors that are set to be unveiled next week at Computex in Taipei.

Continue reading 'Intel to offer sneak peak of the next wave of Ultrabooks at Computex Taipei 2012' (full post)

RumorTT: HTC, ASUS won't be touching Google's Chromebook

The latest report from DigiTimes is that heavyweights ASUS and HTC will not be making Chromebook's. Even after Google and Samsung unveiled their second-generation Chromebook, which was jointly developed by the latter company, ASUS and HTC are weary.




Why are they staying away from the Chromebooks? Because after seeing Acer's and Samsung's first-generation Chromebook's selling less than 200,000 units, both company's decided it wasn't for them and backed away from cooperating with Google on the second-gen Chromebook. Acer is reportedly still 'evaluating' the project, according to DigiTimes' sources.


DigiTimes cites 'some notebook players' pointed out that the first-generation Chromebook's sales were impacted by its hardware design, and competition from netbooks which have already seen dramatic price drops to $299-$399, as well as users' are more familiar with Windows. The same notebook players have noted that Chromebook's may find it difficult to replace netbooks in the market. On top of this, we also have the ever-increasing size of smartphones, with Samsung's GALAXY S III reaching 4.8-inches, as well as the still-powerful tablets which sell like hot cakes.

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