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Cisco demonstrates UCS Common Platform Architecture at LSI's AIS 2013

At LSI's Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) Scott Ciccone, with Cisco' products and marketing division, was demonstrating their UCS Common Platform Architecture. The UCS platform enables the management of of all compute nodes via the network, and scales Hadoop up to 160 servers.



Cisco uses Nytro MegaRAID controllers to accelerate the underlying HDD arrays with 200GB of flash per card.




Cisco was also displaying the Nexus 7700 Series switches which feature LSI ASIC's.

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LSI reveals Nytro XP 6000 Nytro 7000 Series - Exclusive 7000 coverage

It isn't often that we travel to trades shows and find unannounced products hiding in plain sight. At AIS, however, this has become a trend with the Nytro products. Our own Chris Ramseyer spotted the original Nytro MegaRAID, and with no publicly available name he affectionately dubbed it the "WarpCache".

Fast forward a few years and the Nytro case still holds a few surprises. Instead of creating a name for the new drives, we will hand it off to Tony Afshary, the Director of Marketing at LSI.



While Tony doesn't provide us with performance specifications, he does reveal that these new Nytro products implement a DRAM caching layer into the solution. This satisfies the need for ultra-low latency performance in bleeding edge applications. Adding another layer of caching to the mix provides enhanced performance, but also introduces numerous challenges we will cover in another article when we go in-depth with each of the three new Nytro 7000 Series products.



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LSI's Nytro products have several uses but today we look at big data

LSI's Nytro data acceleration products have many uses. Nytro technology is utilized in direct attached storage products as well as servers using iSCSI or FCoE. Today at AIS, Rob Callaghan talks about using Nytro products to extract value from Big Data.



Big Data may sound like a broad term, but that's because it is. Big data consists of massive amounts of unstructured content that can be valuable when coupled with the power of analytics. The use of flash-based components helps to boost performance and speed the process, but addressing these challenges in a cost-effective manner is paramount. LSI aims to deliver an ecosystem of products to solve the Big Data puzzle at a palatable price point.

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LSI demonstrates performance advantage of 6Gb/s v 12Gb/s SAS SSDs

Alan Johnson, LSI's Customer Manager, outlines a demonstration that pits 6Gb/s SAS drives head-to-head with 12Gb/s drives. One of the greatest benefits of the jump to 12Gb/s SAS is the enhanced throughput enabled by the protocol. However, a doubling of throughput doesn't always equate to a doubling in performance. In this test, the performance enhancement adds up to a whopping 5x improvement.



Testing with a MySQL database and the TPC-H benchmark yields a 15 user workload, but the use of 12Gb/s HST SSD800MM (Product evaluation here)creates a large jump up to 80 users. This increase also comes along with a noticeable decrease in latency, while also preserving data protection within a RAID 5 configuration.

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LSI demonstrates shareable DAS solution with new D-RAID technology

Steve Johnson, who works in storage architectural strategic planning with LSI's Corporate CTO office, leads us through the use of a new 12Gb/s SAS 40- port expander in development. The use of SAS expanders will help enable flexible and shareable storage volumes within a scaleable SAN-like architecture.



The use of switches to connect all storage in a DAS environment allows for more complex RAID schemes to significantly reduce RAID rebuild times. Utilizing the 12Gb/s MegaRAID controllers in tandem with a new LSI technology, dubbed 'D-RAID', will provide a massive reduction in RAID rebuild times, from a week to within roughly 20 min per volume.

LSI announces Nytro XP products for the datacenter

LSI has gained significant traction with their Nytro line of products, becoming one of the world's largest suppliers of PCIe flash cards in a very short time. In fact, they are already shipping into 6 of the top 10 Hyperscale companies. This success has given LSI a deep understanding of the market and the needs of their customers.




One of the fastest growing segments of the flash market are the value-oriented mainstream users. These users aren't in need of solutions with extreme performance specifications or ultimate endurance; they require a solution friendly to the bottom line.


Hyperscale deployments require the most value per dollar, low power usage, scalability and the ability to extract value from their data as quickly as possible. The Nytro XP 6209 and 6210 are designed to meet the needs of the mainstream user. These cards both feature proven LSI SandForce controllers in tandem with the LSI 2308 Falcon SAS I/O controller.

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LSI Introduces 12Gb/s SAS MegaRAID Controllers and DataBolt Expanders

LSI has announced the release of their new 12Gb/s SAS MegaRAID controllers and their revolutionary new DataBolt expanders at their annual AIS summit. AIS (Accelerating Innovation Summit) is LSI's yearly meeting that plays host to the brightest minds in storage technology.




The needs of the datacenter are constantly expanding, and the move to the 12Gb/s SAS specification is required to keep up with the ongoing flood of data. The ability to use faster interconnects, along with lower latency, helps to allow the acceleration of big data and cloud computing.


In a recent TPC-H test, LSI found they were able to sustain a 60% increase in performance and userload during the test. The speed hike also enabled a big reduction in job completion time and better resource utilization. This is just one of many applications the new 12Gb/s SAS controllers will excel in.

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LSI Announces Axxia 4500 Product Family

At LSI's annual AIS (Accelerating Innovation Summit) LSI announced the release of the Axxia 4500 family of communications processors for enterprise and datacenter applications. The switch from 40nm Power PC processors to a four-core 28nm ARM Corex A15 brought power efficiency and expanded functionality to bear. The series gains a 20% power advantage from the move to the ARM Cortex A15 architecture, along with a bump from 1.3 to 1.6ghz.




The CoreLink CCN-504 coherent architecture, along with the QoS aware interconnect, allows the addition of the LSI Virtual Pipeline technology for quick reconfiguration of the processors for optimal configuration on a packet-by-packet basis.

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Percona Server 5.6 released, includes many MySql Enterprise features

Percona is set to launch its latest Percona Server tomorrow morning at 8AM. The new Percona Server 5.6 is based off of MySQL 5.6 and offers all of the improvements featured in MySQL 5.6. Making things even better, Percona Server 5.6 features many of the exciting new features found in the enterprise edition of MySQL 5.6, for free!




Percona has built Percona Server 5.6 off of the MySQL 5.6 community edition and has taken the liberty of creating its own solutions for scalability, availability, backup, and security features that are only found in MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition which requires an expensive support contract with Oracle to access.


"Percona Server 5.6 is the best free MySQL variant for demanding applications. It includes many features, which are only available to MySQL 5.6 Enterprise Edition users. We also built upon the traditional strength of Percona Server to provide Percona Server 5.6 users with the best available performance for demanding workloads," said Vadim Tkachenko, Co-founder and CTO for Percona. "The powerful features and high performance of Percona Server 5.6 plus its full drop-in compatibility with MySQL 5.6 Community Edition are all important reasons why Percona Server has been downloaded over 700,000 times since its launch."

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New Technologies for Server and Storage Solutions by Supermicro

In the server market Supermicro is beginning to pick up market share with its new line of server and storage solutions supporting Intel's new Xeon Processor's E5-2600 v2 & 1600 v2 family of CPU's.




"Intel's Xeon processor E5-2600/1600 v2 families push performance and efficiency to new levels with greater density and feature integration thanks to Intel's 22nm Tri-gate transistor technology," said Shannon Poulin, vice president and general manager of Intel Datacenter Marketing Group. "Intel works closely with partners such as Supermicro to ensure their latest computing solutions offer increased performance with higher frequency and core counts, lower power consumption and more features such as security and PCI-E acceleration. With Supermicro's rapidly expanding product lines and worldwide presence, our combined technology innovations can get to market quickly and contribute to a greener, more secure computing environment."


"Once again, Supermicro leads the industry with the best and most innovative green computing solutions supporting Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors," said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. "Our architecture advancements in FatTwin, TwinPro² and SAS3 12Gb/s solutions deliver the highest computing performance and energy efficiency with maximized PCI-E, memory and storage I/O bandwidth for unrivaled performance per watt, per dollar, per square foot. Our new server, storage and workstation solutions, combined with full integration and support services worldwide, help organizations minimize TCO and maximize ROI as they scale their business."


Supermicro also announced extreme-density 6U, 112 node MicroBlade systems featuring ultra-low power 8-core Intel Atom™ Processor C2000.

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