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Avago Technologies announces LSI acquistion for $6.6 Billion

Avago, a leading designer and developer of compound semiconductors, has announced their intention to purchase the smaller LSI for $6.6 Billion. Avago, with its market cap of $11.3 Billion, is much larger than LSI, with a cap of $4.32 Billion.




Stocks of both companies are skyrocketing in early trading, with LSI up 38% in the first 6 minutes of trading, and Avago is up 11.7% and climbing.


Avago turned to Silver Lake for partial funding for the venture. Silver Lake, a technology investor, is a common player in the storage space. Silver Lake actually owned, and sold, Avago last year. The Avago deal was the largest payoff for Silver Lake, they received a 5X return on their investment, and have a seat on Avago's board.


Times are busy for Silver Lake, they also owned SMART Storage Systems and recently sold them to SanDisk.


Avago will pay $11.15 per share, which was 41% above LSI's closing stock price on Friday. That is sure to change with the stocks of both companies skyrocketing in early trading. LSI is up 38% in the first 6 minutes of trading, and Avago is up 11.7% and climbing.


The acquisition of LSI, with 32 years in the semiconductor business, will significantly expand Avagos portfolio. LSI makes an attractive target, with $2.5 Billion in revenue and $196.2 million in profit last year. The terms of the deal are still subject to approval from regulators and LSI shareholders. There isn't much doubt that the acquisition, six months in the making, will be approved. Stay tuned to TweakTown as we will cover any news as it develops.

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Everspin and Buffalo lead the way with new ST-MRAM technology

The future of memory storage took a big step recently with the announcement from Everspin Technologies and Buffalo Memory that an ST-MRAM cache layer has been incorporated into Buffalo's SS6 industrial SSD. This is the first commercially available SSD to utilize persistent MRAM as a cache layer.




MRAM (magenetoresistive random access memory) is a disruptive technology that looks to change the landscape of memory technology, with many predicting that MRAM will supplant other forms of memory in the near future. In fact, over 20 companies are currently working to develop MRAM products, and mass production from these companies is slated for the 2018 timeframe.


While the industry 'heavies' are 4 years from production, a frontrunner has emerged in Everspin Technologies. They actually have working MRAM in production already, products in the field, and a whopping 600 active patents in their portfolio.

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Exclusive: LSI outs new unannounced Nytro 7000 Series at AIS 2013

The LSI Nytro display case at AIS continues to hold unannounced treasure for those with a quick eye. In previous years, other 'secret' products have appeared in the case, so we made sure to head directly to the Nytro display case before the doors were open to the public.


We had prior briefings on the Nytro 6000 Series, so we knew to expect working Nytro 6000 Series silicon, but the unannounced 7000 Series also just happened to be on display. Through some investigative journalism, and common sense, we were able to find some details on the 7000 Series. A word of caution, however, there are no official LSI specifications or information on these products. Time for some wild conjecture!




This card features an original take on heat sink design unlike any we have observed on a PCIe flash accelerator. The row of capacitors at the top of the PCB provide power fail protection, and the long heat sink to the bottom right likely hods the ROC that ties the four banks of NAND, hiding under the large black heat sinks, into one large volume. We can also likely expect the use of the same ROC's utilized in the new 12Gb/s MegaRAID products.



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TweakTown interviews Justin from Serial Cables at AIS 2013

Serial Cables is an LSI Channel Alliance Partner and SandForce Trusted Partner that specializes in cabling products for storage applications. The transition from 6Gb/s to 12Gb/s SAS has necessitated the use of higher quality cabling to deliver the full capabilities of the 12Gb/s specification.



Serial Cables is known for their high-quality products and service before and after the sale. Serial Cables is currently expanding into the validation market and also offering storage enclosures.




Look to our page for an upcoming evaluation of Serial Cables' new 12Gb/s SAS JBOD with 8 of the fastest HGST 12Gb/s SSDs.

Toshiba's Don Jeannette displays Toshiba offerings at LSI AIS 2013

Toshiba's Don Jeannette took us on a quick walk-through of the storage offerings from Toshiba at LSI's Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) 2013. Toshiba also had an SSD on display with the new SF3700 LSI SandForce controller.



Toshiba also offers HDD's in both SAS and SATA flavors with 10,000 and 15,000 RPM's.




Here we can see a pairing of Toshiba's A19nm 64Gd MLC die with the latest LSI SandForce controller.

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Cisco demonstrates UCS Common Platform Architecture at LSI's AIS 2013

At LSI's Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) Scott Ciccone, with Cisco' products and marketing division, was demonstrating their UCS Common Platform Architecture. The UCS platform enables the management of of all compute nodes via the network, and scales Hadoop up to 160 servers.



Cisco uses Nytro MegaRAID controllers to accelerate the underlying HDD arrays with 200GB of flash per card.




Cisco was also displaying the Nexus 7700 Series switches which feature LSI ASIC's.

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LSI reveals Nytro XP 6000 Nytro 7000 Series - Exclusive 7000 coverage

It isn't often that we travel to trades shows and find unannounced products hiding in plain sight. At AIS, however, this has become a trend with the Nytro products. Our own Chris Ramseyer spotted the original Nytro MegaRAID, and with no publicly available name he affectionately dubbed it the "WarpCache".

Fast forward a few years and the Nytro case still holds a few surprises. Instead of creating a name for the new drives, we will hand it off to Tony Afshary, the Director of Marketing at LSI.



While Tony doesn't provide us with performance specifications, he does reveal that these new Nytro products implement a DRAM caching layer into the solution. This satisfies the need for ultra-low latency performance in bleeding edge applications. Adding another layer of caching to the mix provides enhanced performance, but also introduces numerous challenges we will cover in another article when we go in-depth with each of the three new Nytro 7000 Series products.



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LSI's Nytro products have several uses but today we look at big data

LSI's Nytro data acceleration products have many uses. Nytro technology is utilized in direct attached storage products as well as servers using iSCSI or FCoE. Today at AIS, Rob Callaghan talks about using Nytro products to extract value from Big Data.



Big Data may sound like a broad term, but that's because it is. Big data consists of massive amounts of unstructured content that can be valuable when coupled with the power of analytics. The use of flash-based components helps to boost performance and speed the process, but addressing these challenges in a cost-effective manner is paramount. LSI aims to deliver an ecosystem of products to solve the Big Data puzzle at a palatable price point.

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LSI demonstrates performance advantage of 6Gb/s v 12Gb/s SAS SSDs

Alan Johnson, LSI's Customer Manager, outlines a demonstration that pits 6Gb/s SAS drives head-to-head with 12Gb/s drives. One of the greatest benefits of the jump to 12Gb/s SAS is the enhanced throughput enabled by the protocol. However, a doubling of throughput doesn't always equate to a doubling in performance. In this test, the performance enhancement adds up to a whopping 5x improvement.



Testing with a MySQL database and the TPC-H benchmark yields a 15 user workload, but the use of 12Gb/s HST SSD800MM (Product evaluation here)creates a large jump up to 80 users. This increase also comes along with a noticeable decrease in latency, while also preserving data protection within a RAID 5 configuration.

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