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Rival to ASUS' upcoming Eee Keyboard spotted

While we're still waiting for ASUS to officially unveil its long time coming Eee Keyboard, a separate Chinese company has took inspiration from the design and put together the Cross PC U510.




At first glace its quite similar and clearly the idea came from ASUS' design; it features a 5-inch touchscreen but doesn't have multi-monitor support, meaning if you plug in an external display the built-in touchscreen will not work. Apparently it also lacks a battery.


Specs wise, it runs an Atom 1.6GHz CPU with 2GB of RAM, includes a 250GB HDD drive as standard and uses NVIDIA's GeForce 9400 GPU to handle graphics intensive tasks thanks to the use of the ION chipset. It also includes wireless support (I would assume wireless N) and comes with Windows XP installed.




Converted pricing works out to about $570 U.S. Dollars. However, there's no word on whether or not it will become available internationally at this stage.


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Space Bar looks like Apple gear but isn't

Any power user knows that available USB ports on your computer or desktop can quickly fill up leaving you having to unplug gear each time you need to connect something new. You can connect a USB hub to get more ports, but that adds more clutter to your desk.




A new device called the Space Bar has been developed and launched by Quirky with help from the Quirky community. The space bar is designed to add six new USB ports to your computer and hide your keyboard.


The device can hide a keyboard up to 18" long and 1.5" thick. I'm not very sure why you would need to hide your keyboard, but I guess some people like a clean desk. I'd rather see the gizmo be widened so I can sit my LCD on top. The Space Bar is available now for $42 for a three pack.


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Deal of the Day: Logitech NX80 Tilt Wheel Cordless Laser Notebook Mouse for $19.99 shipped

Our Deal of the Day today is the Newegg - Logitech NX80 Tilt Wheel Cordless Laser Notebook Mouse for $19.99 with FREE Shipping.


Offer: I use the previous generation of this notebook mouse for my own laptop when I'm at a coffee shop and it's been one of the most reliable I've had.




Check our TweakTown Daily Deals page for more tech bargains!


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Miniguru keyboard set to hit in Q4 2010

I am very picky about the keyboard that I use. I like a specific layout with keys that aren't too quiet or too loud. The keyboard has to be very flat too, I hate thick keyboards. I prefer the Logitech illuminated keyboard personally, but a new keyboard for the touch typists at there who like click clack is set to hit later this year called the Miniguru.




The keyboard is hugely customizable with a variety of colors for the keys, body, and the track stick. Said trackstick looks just like the one that Lenovo uses on its ThinkPads to me. The keys can be had printed or blank and the thing uses mechanical switches.


The keys can be arranged to the users liking with either a horizontal or vertical enter key. The trackstick replaces the mouse and the entire keyboard is designed to allow the user to always keep their fingers on the home row.


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Mad Catz readies up new Eclipse keyboards & mice

PC peripheral mob Mad Catz has let loose some info (and images) of a new range of keyboards and mice to be officially introduced later in the month.


This new range of keyboards and mice come under Mad Catz' 'Eclipse' family. Beginning with the Eclipse Wireless litetouch keyboard, this is the most expensive in the new lineup with a very sleek design with backlit scissor keys and fancy touch sensitive panel in place of the usual numpad.




It also sports a 360 degree trackball with left/right mouse buttons which helps in the instance it's used for a HTPC etc. - The touchpad has three differing modes; numpad mode, media mode and MyEclipse mode. MyEclipse mode allows for easy customization of the 12 available buttons so that they can be used for the quicklaunch of apps or websites.


The keyboard uses 2.4GHZ wireless for connectivity and a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which is said to give up to 20 hrs sustained use. The price tag for this one sits at $129.99.


Also ready for launch is Mad Catz' standard litetouch which is basically just a wired version of the model above, but uses a metal finish and of course carries a lower price tag at $99.99.




Next up is the Eclipse touchmouse with brushed aluminum finish which uses Bluetooth for connectivity and runs off a single AA battery. It uses a 1600 DPI laser sensor, has three buttons and a touchscroll module with four-way scrolling that also supports gesture. The price at launch is said to be $59.99.




And finally is Mad Catz' new Eclipse mobilemouse which sports a die cast frame, low-profile scroll bar for 360 degree scrolling and 1600 DPI laser sensor. It connects using 2.4GHz wireless and runs off a single AAA battery for power. The mobilemouse can be purchased for the same price as the touchmouse at $59.99.




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Thermaltake launching eSports keyboards with finger coolers

CES 2010 - Back at Computex last year Thermaltake debuted its eSports brand and idea to the world and it looks like we are about to be able to buy the first batch of products designers purely for gamers.


During our visit at CES we were shown a couple of upcoming keyboards that see many of the popular high-end gaming keyboard features, but a price that the average gamer can actually afford.


What is entirely different though is that the keyboard is able to support two cooling fans at front left and right of the keyboard. We tried out the keyboard for a short time and could definitely feel the air flowing through my hands and fingers.



It's always nice to see a company innovating and coming out with new things.


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Smartfish ErgoMotion breaks cover

I type a lot each day and luckily for me I have never had any issues with repetitive motion injuries. Not everyone is as lucky as I am though and injuries like carpal tunnel are common for people who type a lot each day.




An ergonomic keyboard is a good way for typists to avoid or treat injuries from typing. Smartfish has unveiled an interesting ergonomic keyboard at CES called the ErgoMotion. The keyboard has keys angled for each hand and the keys can be moved further away from each other if desired.


The angle of the keyboard can also be changed. The device works with both Mac and Windows computers and connects via USB. The keyboard will ship in March 2010 for $149.99 and looks pretty cool to boot.


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ASUS' Eee Keyboard arrives to market next month?!

ASUS' highly anticipated Eee Keyboard first made its appearance at CES last year with promise to reach consumers several times throughout the year followed by further delays. However, a little birdy says it could well finally see light of day in the market next month.




The Eee Keyboard's specs are confirmed with a 1.6GHz Atom N270 CPU, 1GB memory, 16 or 32GB SSD and GMA 950 Intel graphics. An incorporated 5-inch touchscreen is capable of a 800x480 resolution and the housing is of a sleek, metallic design. It will come shipped with Windows XP Home edition pre-installed. Pricing is said to range from $499 to $599 U.S.


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WarMouse Meta produces an 18-button rodent

This sure won't be for everyone (far from it), but if you want a mouse with buttons, buttons and more buttons, WarMouse certainly delivers with its new Meta.


This crazy looking rodent includes 18 buttons, all of which are programmable with double-click functionality. Further to these is an analog joystick on the side and of course a scroll wheel.




The laser sensor they've opted for is 5600 DPI capable and there's 512kb of flash memory packed inside with 1024-character macro support; this giving 25 modes for well known games and apps.


Practical? - Hmmmmm...... Insane? A-huh a-huh. But hey; if you force yourself to get used to it, customize the button usage to your tastes (and have a daaaamn good memory to remember what they all do), you could potentially learn to make really good use of its abilities and never look back.


WarMouse plans to release it to market early next year at around 75 U.S. Dollars.


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Deal of the Day: Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse for $9.99

Our Deal of the Day today is the Target - Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse for $9.99 plus Shipping in Your Choice of Colors.


Offer: Great price for Logitech's V220 cordless optical notebook mouse! There's a whole cacophony of rainbow colors to choose from too. Unknown expiration date, may expire at any time.




Check our TweakTown Daily Deals page for more tech bargains!


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