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KeySonic launches another HTPC friendly wireless keyboard w/ trackball

PC peripheral maker KeySonic has just added the KSK-5200 RFM wireless keyboard into its lineup this week which will attract many HTPC owners looking for a compact keyboard/mouse solution in the lounge.


This unit includes a scroll wheel and couple mouse buttons on the left, whilst on the right is a trackball, doing away with the need for a separate mouse.




Measurements of the keyboard come in at a tidy 388 x 42 x 185 mm, quite a good size considering the additional mouse functions on the sides. KeySonic has also implemented its SoftTouch membrane technology to give silent strokes on all keys. There are 12 hotkeys on the keyboard for multimedia and internet related tasks.


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Logitech intros Wireless Desktop MK710 keyboard/mouse combo

Logitech as added a new Wireless Desktop keyboard/mouse combo into its lineup this week dubbed the Wireless Desktop MK710. The biggest highlight of this combo is the far improved battery life. Logitech reports its the first in the industry to give up to three years of battery life for both the keyboard and mouse.


Logitech includes its Unifying receiver with this combo; a very tiny little thing that allows for up to six compatible Logitech wireless mice and keyboards to be connected to it at the same time.




Other features of the Wireless Desktop MK710 include a low-profile keyboard with Logitech's Incurve keys and cushioned palm rest, small LCD dashboard that gives status for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock and battery life and a bunch of handy multimedia shortcut buttons.


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Kiwi U-Powered solar charger debuts

Keeping devices powered up if you use them a lot can be a big challenge. Thankfully, there are a number of cases and external batteries on the market to increase the run time of all manner of devices from GPS to smartphones and cameras.




KiwiChoice has unveiled a new solar charger called the Kiwi U-Powered that has three solar panels that rotate out to gather up power from the sun. The charger has a 2000mAh internal battery that is a lithium polymer unit.


The device can charge the internal battery from USB in 3.5-4.5 hours. The internal battery can be charged from sunlight alone in 17 or more hours. You can pick the gadget up for $49.99 right now.


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Solar battery packs in lots of power and works with notebooks and more

I have used large external batteries to keep my notebook going before. The downside is that that things tend to be heavy and often won't work for a wide range of devices.




A new solar batter from Chinavision has turned up that sells for $148. The thing is very large and packs in a battery holding 20,000mAh of juice. The beast has 29 different adapters that lets it work with all kinds of notebooks, cameras, and phones.


The battery can be charged fully in three hours from an AC outlet or in about ten hours using the integrated solar panel. That means you can set the thing outside for a full day and power your notebook for a long time.


Eton Scorpion green power charger debuts

I am far form a green person, I have a computer that eats more power than two or three other machines might thanks to the hardware inside. I also have an obscene amount of vampire power thanks to my low-tech power strips. Eton has a new green gadget for generating power that I would like to get my hands on though.




The device is called the Scorpion and it has two ways to generate power for all manner of electronic devices that charge from USB. The thing has a crank to generate power and a solar panel.


Other than the charging capability, the Scorpion also has a flashlight, AM/FM radio, Weather band tuner, and the entire rig is splash proof for ruggedness. This might be the perfect way to keep your iPod charged on camping trips this summer. The Scorpion is available now for $50.


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Art. Lebedev still planning to bring Optimus Popularis to market

As far back as 2008 we heard about Art. Lebedev Studio's plans to bring another version of the Optimus keyboard to market in the Popularis, but it unfortunately got thrown by the wayside not far beyond prototype stage (concept pictured below).




However, the Russian design house has just let everyone know they have decided to continue working on development of the Optumus Popularis and it being planned to enter production this year, with availability sometime next.


We don't know any specifics about the keyboard this early on, but apparently it won't be using a tiny screen for each key; rather, it will be a single large screen with each of the transparent keys sitting above.


We should know more about it (and hopefully get some updated images of how its coming along) as early as next month; a promise made by Art. Lebedev themselves.


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Asus finally ships the Eee Keyboard

We have been hearing about the Asus Eee Keyboard for a while now. We first saw the device back at CES 2009 in Las Vegas and expected it to hit market a long time ago.




The Eee Keyboard went up for pre-order on Amazon not too long ago and as of today the device is finally shipping. This may well be one of the better HTPCs out there considering you need no space to cram the thing into inside your entertainment center.


The Eee Keyboard features a 5-inch touch sensitive screen where the number pad typically sits and uses UWB to send wireless signals to the TV. The CPU is an Intel Atom N270 and the machine has 1GB of RAM and runs Windows XP Home. The Eee Keyboard sells for $599.


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iPad hack allows use of Bluetooth Magic Mouse

I have wished on more than more occasion that I could get a mouse to work with my iPad. I would like to be able to move around the iPad with a mouse when I am using it in the keyboard dock, it would make things easier.




A hack has turned up that has been able to get the Apple Magic Mouse to work with the iPad via Bluetooth. The catch is that the iPad has to be jailbroken.


Once your iPad is jailbroken you can use the Magic Mouse by installing the BTstack Mouse app from Cydia. Apple should have let us use any Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with the iPad from the get go.


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ASUS EeeKeyboard gets officially announced

After a full year of broken promises on a highly anticipated product from ASUS, could we be so lucky that it's finally reached the end of development and final retail EeeKeyboards are about to enter the market thick and fast?


Judging by this official press release from ASUS having just gone up, it seems very likely. Though even with this, we're still yet to be given the final and most important piece of the puzzle; an official release date for the product...




Amazon started listing it for pre-order a short while back, but it isn't able to give an exact date of availability either.


Anyhow, if you brush over the specs in the press release, like what's packed in for the $599.99 U.S. price tag and happy to hold out for a short while longer, you might like to lock one in now for pre-order.


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ASUS' Eee Keyboard gets full hands on treatment

As you may have read earlier this week, ASUS' EeeKeyboard looks to be finally on the home straight to reaching the market with Amazon now listing it for pre-prder.


Following this news, Sascha of Netbooknews has managed to not only confirm that mass shipments will commence as of today, but also got hold of a final production unit in advance and shares both a separate unboxing video along with a full hands-on and software walkthrough.


Unboxing :-



Hands on :-



As mentioned, shipments of the ASUS' EeeKeyboard begin today with the 16GB SSD version costing $549 U.S. and the 32GB one $599.


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