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Razer launches Lachesis viper mouse

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If you're a frequent reader of TweakTown, then you might remember that we wrote about a pre-announcement from Razer last week. Well, the site has now been updated and the new product is here in the shape of the Lachesis, Razers latest high-end gaming mouse. Lachesis or Lachesis Muta Muta is apparently one of two things according to Razer, 1. The largest pit viper in the world and 2. Latin for bringer of silent death. It's good to see that Razer is sticking with the snake names.


Although the Lachesis doesn't have some of the features of Microsoft's SideWinder mouse or Logitech's G9, such as adjustable weights, swappable feet or handgrips, it's got something that one-ups both of these mice, a 4,000dpi 3G laser sensor. This offers twice as high resolution as the competing mice from Microsoft and Logitech, so if you need an extra sensitive mouse, then you know where to look.



Other features include 32KB of built in memory for storing up to give gaming profiles, nine programmable buttons and an ambidextrous design which should make southpaws happy. It's also got on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment and the resolution can be adjusted in increments of 125dpi. The scroll wheel is available in two colours, Phantom white or Banshee blue, but it doesn't look as cool as the metal scroll wheel used by Microsoft and Logitech.


The Lachesis should be available worldwide come October and it should retail at US$79.99.


You can find more information here


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Logitech G9 is real, new G15 keyboard

By: Array

Remember the spy shots of the Logitech G9 that we posted a couple of weeks ago? Well, it turns out they were the real deal and the new Logitech G9 mouse was announced today. It really looks just as weird as the ones on the pictures, but there's a good reason for it, as what wasn't shown on the spy shots, was the fact that it comes with two removable "jackets".


Logitech supplies what it calls a Wide Load and a Precision grip for the G9 to make it fit different hand size and different play styles. The Wide Load grip features a satin finish while the Precision grip features Logitech's DryGrip technology. Logitech is planning to release additional grips for the G9 in the future. The G9 features the highest resolution we've seen on a mouse at 3,200 dpi and it does of course feature laser technology. The sensitivity can be set between 200 and 3,200 dpi.



Another new feature of the G9 is built in memory for storing game profiles on and you can store up to five profiles, including keyboard macros, dpi settings and LED colour on it. This means that you can take your mouse with you and not have to worry about installing any software on a different computer and still be able to use your own profiles.


The G9 is the first gaming mouse from Logitech to feature the MicroGear scroll wheel, although you have to manually set the mode with a button at the bottom of the mouse. As with the G5, the G9 features an adjustable weight system and you can add up to 28g of extra weight. You can also change the colour of the built in LEDs and Logitech claims that you can choose from several hundreds of colours. The only real downer is the US$99.99 retail price and it doesn't exactly look that sexy, but we can live with the looks.


You can check out some more pictures and details here


Logitech also launched an updated version of the G15 gaming keyboard, which now has built in support for several popular games such as World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2142 and the upcoming Quake Wars. It has also been given a new orange backlight and a game mode switch that disables the Windows key.


The display has also been changed and it's not an integrated part of the keyboard, rather than a flip-up unit. Logitech has removed some of the programmable keys to make the new G15 more compact, so now it only has six instead of 18 G keys, although each key has three modes. The retail price remains at US$99.99



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Logitech launches VX Nano notebook mouse

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Logitech launched its latest notebook mouse today, the VX Nano, which is smaller than the VX Revolution. The great news for lefties is that the VX Nano is largely ambidextrous, although the two "side buttons" that are located on the top left hand side are still going to be in the same position as for a right handed user.


It features the same laser technology as the VX and MX Revolution and it also has the same excellent MicroGear scroll wheel and this time you only have to press and hold it to change mode, rather than moving a switch at the bottom as you do with the VX Revolution. It also has a built in battery indicator and it's powered by two AAA batteries which should give about 6 months battery life. Logitech also supplies a protective carry pouch with it.



But what really sets the VX Nano apart is the tiny USB receiver it comes with, hardly bigger than the USB connector itself. You can leave it plugged into your notebook and you won't even notice that it's there as it only protrudes 8mm. The VX Nano is using 2.4GHz technology as all other current cordless mice from Logitech.


The price remains the same as the VX Revolution, US$79.99, which is quite pricey for a notebook mouse, but the predecessor was excellent and we'd expect the VX Nano to be just as good.


You can find out more here


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Logitech Unveils First 'Air' Mouse

By: Array

Update: Oops, looks like I was beaten to the news on this one, with Lars having covered it earlier on in the day.


Though i'll leave this post up, as I think such a cool mouse is worth a double mention.

Logitech being the rather innovative mob that they are, have cooked up something very unique and interesting in the way of an entirely new form of mouse.


Dubbed the "MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse", this thing not only works in the same manner as a normal mouse (using a surface), but if you hold it up in the air and move it around it'll work just as well!


"How the hell?" I hear you all say. Embedded is Logitech's new Freespace motion sensing system, this allows you to treat the mouse as a remote control from up to 30 feet away using 2.4GHz wireless technology. You can set up different types of hand movements to control various aspects of the system such as volume, pause, fast forward etc. - Perfect in a HTPC environment.


Also done away with on this funky new mouse is the traditional scroll wheel system. Instead there is a touch-sensitive control panel which features inertial scrolling by just lightly swiping the surface at your desired speed / direction.


The mouse will hit shelves sometime next month with list pricing set at $149 USD.


For further information on it, check out the press material on Logitech's website.


FREMONT, Calif. - July 12, 2007 - The future of PC navigation starts now. Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI), the world's leading manufacturer of computer mice, today introduced the Logitech® MX Air™ Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse, a versatile laser mouse that works on the desk and in the air. Similar to the way people use a remote to control a television, when holding the MX Air mouse, people can now lean back and relax while navigating the computer and enjoying media content.


For many, the computer is now much more than a productivity tool. It serves as a hub for digital media, demanding a new way for people to control, consume and enjoy music, photos and videos on the PC. To enable effortless in-air navigation, the new mouse combines three important technologies - Freespace™ motion-control, gesture command and wireless - so people can point, select and play media files with just a flick of the wrist.


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Asus kills off PS/2 for the mouse

By: Array

More and more P35 boards are making it onto the web. Although we've known for quite some time that a lot of the legacy intefaces and connectors on motherboards are slowly dying, I was amazed to see that Asus has killed of the PS/2 connector for mice. In its place are a further two USB ports on its new P35 "Bearlake" boards. I don't know how much anyone will miss the PS/2 connector for the mouse, as I can't remember when I last used one on my own machine.


Asus isn't the first company to loose the PS/2 ports though, as Abit tried this some years ago with its first MAX board, but this didn't prove too popular and the PS/2 ports returned to the next model of the MAX series. The picture below is of the Asus P5K which is a mid-range P35 board with support for DDR2 memory.



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Logitech Prepares "Wave" Keyboard

By: Array

Designed specifically with Windows Vista in mind, Logitech are preparing a new wireless keyboard/mouse combo dubbed the "Cordless Desktop Wave". This keyboard will sport a number of dedicated buttons which are specific to Vista.


TGDaily have posted up an early pic of the keyboard along with plenty of info.


After the recent FCC approval for a new wireless keyboard/mouse combination called "Cordless Desktop Wave", Logitech is now preparing Windows Vista keyboard. The new device will be Logitech's first keyboard tailored for use with Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. Compared to the currently available "Cordless Desktop Comfort laser" keyboard, there are now a few dedicated buttons that directly correspond to Vista features. There are four additional buttons that allow access to Vista Gadgets, the Photo Gallery, the Windows Media Player and the Media Center. The Wave also offers keys for Vista's Flip3D feature and a function to put the PC into sleep mode. The enclosed mouse also supports Flip3D by clicking and the scroll wheel. Pricing has not been announced but it should remain around $100.


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ESReality MouseScore 2007

By: Array

Many of you are very fussy about the quality of your mouse no doubt, especially if you're an avid FPS gamer. But when it comes to raw responsiveness, rather then going by the specs or getting a feel for a few yourself, how'd you like to be able to rely on some very accurate figures to distinguish the performance characteristics of all the best mice on the market at the moment? These exist thanks to a very cool dedicated mouse benchmarking method designed soley for an indepth roundup over at ESReality today.


With the launch of the world's first independent benchmarking system for mice, buying a desktop rodent will no longer involve guesswork and luck. Sujoy Roy has been analysing hardcore data and investigating the real world at a fundamental level since entering Cambridge University in 1994. His other passion in life is gaming, so the creation of the MouseScore benchmark makes perfect sense!


If you are serious about fragging the world to death, then you can't afford NOT to read this article and be the first gamer in your team to know the absolute truth in the battle between the massed ranks of the multinational mouse manufacturers.


If you want to read all the technical detail start at Page 1. If you just want the results go straight to Page 21 to see how the different mice compare.


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DEAL OF THE DAY - HOT! - Creative Labs Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse for 1 Penny after Rebate and Google Checkout, with FREE Shipping!

By: Array

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: The Creative Labs Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse is just 1 penny after $30 rebate (expiring 12/3/06) and Google Checkout. Heck, even shipping is FREE. Don't miss out.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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Hot! Amazon - Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse for $86.48 Shipped Free! PLUS, Get a $10 Certificate!

By: Array

Deal of the Day details:


Offer: A long time ago, I dubbed the MX700, the ubermouse. This is the new ubermouse! The Logitech MX Revolution scrolls through long documents at lightning quick speeds with the nearly frictionless alloy scroll wheel. Shift to precise click-to-click scrolling to navigate lists, slides and image collections. A high-resolution sensor inside this mouse makes it the most sensitive, highest performance mouse on the market. The precision laser tracking works on almost any surface. The Logitech MX Revolution uses advanced technology to detect your current application and automatically apply the scrolling mode that best fits the task at hand.


*** For more details on this deal and many more, visit our Deals page - it's the smart place to shop! ***


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Logitech updates diNovo keyboard

By: Array

Logitech have just updated their top of the line diNovo keyboard with the new diNovo Edge. This one gets a face list with several new bang whizz features and other tid bits.


The official press release can be found here, and there's more coverage on it over at The Inquirer.


I HAD ALWAYS liked the look of the Logitech diNovo keyboard, but I stuck to the tried and true Elite and never bought one. Now Logitech is replacing it with the diNovo Edge, new look, new features and new things.


The new look is the most obvious, and three things are immediately apparent. First, it looks really beautiful. It is laser cut from a single piece of black plexiglass and put into an aluminium surround, hard to beat that material choice. The indicators are all flush and backlit orange or green.


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