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UN hacked, details of over 1,000 accounts released

By: Array

Teampoison are reportedly behind an intrusion into the United Nations, in which they gained access to at least one of the UN's servers, where they stole over 1,000 e-mail addresses, usernames and passwords during the hack.


Teampoison posted their hacked goodies online through Pastebin, along with messages explaining the reasoning behind the attack, where they've said:




A Senate for Global Corruption, the United Nations sits to facilitate the introduction of a New World Order and a One World Government as outlined by Brock Chisolm the former Director of UNWHO.

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X-ray body scanners banned in European airports

By: Array

Airport body scanners that use X-ray technology have been banned across Europe. Officials have said in a press release that the X-ray technology is now deemed off-limits in order to not risk jeopardizing citizens' health and safety.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21591_7_x_ray_body_scanners_banned_in_european_airports.jpg


Tiny bits of radiation emits from X-rays and have long since been connected to cancer in rare instances by physically damaging DNA. In a letter to ProPublica from the FDA, the agency claims that the risk of fatal cancer from scanners is 1 in 400 million.


Another report from ProPublica says that anywhere between six and 100 US airline passengers could develop cancer each year from walking through the machines. The TSA has responded to the EU's decision to ban the X-ray scanners, revealing that 300 dangerous or illegal items have been found on passengers by using the X-ray scanners. One would think that over the entire course of years using the scanners that finding 300 dangerous or illegal items, is worth the better chance of not getting cancer from the scanners?

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Intel and MasterCard join forces, want to enhance security and consumer payment experience for online shopping

By: Array

Intel and MasterCard have just shaken hands on a new deal for a multi-year strategic collaboration to further enhance the security and consumer payment experience for online shopping. The new collaboration is set to combine MasterCard's expertise in payment processing and commerce with Intel's strengths in silicon innovation and chip-based security.




The deal will provide more options for a safer and simpler checkout process for online merchants and consumers using Ultrabook devices and future generations of Intel-based PCs. Intel and MasterCard are working together to optimize a variety of emerging payments technologies which include MasterCard's PayPass and Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT). IPT can enable consumers to use strong two-factor authentication and hardware-based display protection.

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Valve confirms Steam hack, credit card and personal details may have been stolen

By: Array

A few days ago I reported about the Steam forums being down for "maintenance", but today Valve have confirmed that a recent Steam hack is the result of this. The recent Steam hack may have compromised users' credit card details and other personal information according to a message sent to Steam users from Valve God, Gabe Newell.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21519_1_valve_confirms_steam_hack_credit_card_and_personal_details_may_have_been_stolen.png


Valve is certain hackers gained access to a database that contained encrypted information, but don't know if they took it or will be able to crack its encryption. The database that was hacked contained information such as user names, hashed and salted passwords, game purchases, e-mail addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card information.


Gabe says that Valve don't have evidence that the encrypted credit card numbers or personal info were taken by the intruders, and the company is "still investigating." He adds that there is also no evidence of credit card misuse, but implores Steam users to "watch your credit card activity and statements closely."

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U.S. calls China the "most active and persistent" country in the world for cyber-espionage

By: Array

The Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive have released a critical report labeling China as the "most active an persistent" country in the world when it comes to cyber-espionage. Oh snapz is what our VGA editor would say, and I would agree with that statement. Russia also slipped into the list, together with China are "the most aggressive collectors" of U.S. trade secrets, overall.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21427_22_u_s_calls_china_the_most_active_and_persistent_country_in_the_world_for_cyber_espionage.jpg


The purpose of the report is to highlight the increasing importance cyber-espionage plays in the undermining of both private and government interests. Robert Bryant, the U.S. Counterintelligence Executive, claims cyber-espionage is a "national, long-term strategic threat to the United States" and that "failure is not an option" when it comes to dealing with those matters. In the report, there is a special focus on the undesirable consequences stolen trade secrets may impart upon the U.S. and partner economies.

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Mac OS X Trojan uses your GPU to mine Bitcoins, also steals data

By: Array

Most people not familiar with IT (and even some who are!) think that Apple's, and more specifically, Mac OS X are impenetrable, Terminator-like machines. But, they are not. Not only can spyware and malware attach to your browser, and not through an executable, but now there's news of a newly discovered malware threat that targets Mac OS X systems.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21383_44_mac_os_x_trojan_uses_your_gpu_to_mine_bitcoins_also_steals_data.jpg


It comes in the pirated copies of image editing software "Graphic Converter". The malware is known by DevilRobber or Miner-D, and attempts to steal personal information and uses your machine's GPU to generate Bitcoins. If you didn't know what Bitcoins were, they are a digital currency that can be exchanged by online by users without the need for an intermediary bank or payment service.

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Evoz intros the next-generation of baby monitoring

By: Array

Have a baby at home and use traditional baby monitors? I feel your pain. They are slow, drop out, have limited options and are usually clunky. This is where Evoz have stepped in with the next-generation of baby monitoring. Evoz use a system that works over iOS and will ship on October 4. No separate receiver is required, all you need is an iOS-based device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and they can function as both the receiver and monitor.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20867_47_evoz_intros_the_next_generation_of_baby_monitoring.png


Alternatively, you could purchase the Evoz hardware monitor and use your iOS device as the receiver. The app alerts you to cries, monitors bubs sleeping behavior to derive patterns and even connects you to a network of experts to help you with your concerns. It works from Wi-Fi and cellular connections because it is based on the iOS operating system, thus it will work anywhere you have Internet access.


In addition to this, the system tracks your child's sleeping and crying patterns, matches the information to the data anonymously collected from others of the same age and shows you where your child fits in. How awesome is that? Evoz has gone as far as partnering with sleep consultants and will be adding additional "baby experts" and behavior specialists to its network, allowing parents to rech out with questions. At first, this will be available over email only, but later down the track over the phone will be added.

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Police arrest 19-year old LulzSec hacker 'Topiary'

By: Array

A member of both "Anonymous Operations" and "Lulz Security", 'Topiary' has been arrested on Wednesday, news coming from the Metropolitan Police Service. 'Topiary' served as the publicist of both hacker groups and often posted press releases and statements via Twitter. He had an apartment in Shetland Islands, Scotland and the apartment is currently being searched. A second 17-year old person in Lincolnshire, England is also being interviewed by has not yet been arrested.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20317_1_police_arrest_19_year_old_lulzsec_hacker_topiary.jpg


The FBI began raiding apartments and arresting a number of people believed to be involved with Anonymous and LulzSec starting on July 19th. The hacker groups have said in response to the arrests that there is "nothing - absolutely nothing - you can possibly do to make us stop." During that time, Topiary is said to have tweeted "Arresting people won't stop us, FBI. We will only cease fire when you all wear shoes on your head. That's the only way this is ending," which is from the official LulzSec Twitter account.

Google now detecting viruses from its end for one form of Windows-specific malware

By: Array

Google just don't stop, they've just announced that they're using their own data to detect viruses and will (as of today) be using Google Search results pages to warn users if their computers are infected with a specific form of malware. If a user has the virus, which is reportedly rerouting traffic to Google and other sites through a proxy will see the warning shown below.


TweakTown image news/2/0/20240_9_google_now_detecting_viruses_from_its_end_for_one_form_of_windows_specific_malware.jpg


A Google blog post titled "Using data to protect people from malware" says:


Recently, we found some unusual search traffic while performing routine maintenance on one of our data centers. After collaborating with security engineers at several companies that were sending this modified traffic, we determined that the computers exhibiting this behavior were infected with a particular strain of malicious software, or "malware." As a result of this discovery, today some people will see a prominent notification at the top of their Google web search results.

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Anonymous now using #OpESR to engage in a class action lawsuit against the Federal Reserve

By: Array

Anonymous is inviting all, Anonymous and non-anons to join OpESR in demanding Federal Reserve accountability. Instead of just hacking random companies and websites like other Lulz-orientated hacking groups, Anonymous are grabbing the Fed by the balls and asking "why?". Obviously this might not end up in any serious court, or even reach the mainstream media, but we're finally seeing a group large enough to make a difference, try.



Trying is better than nothing and we'll see how this one goes. For those who don't want to watch the video and would like the TL;DR, look below or click into the news story for a full read.

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