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Australian's first hands-on with the Xbox One will be at PAX Australia next month

Because Computex is so close to E3, it made it hard to attend both events so I chose the former and missed out on checking the Xbox One out in person. But, we'll be covering PAX Australia next month, where we hope to get some hands-on time with the Xbox One.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31301_01_australian_s_first_hands_on_with_the_xbox_one_will_be_at_pax_australia_next_month.jpg


It was announced by the organizers of the event that Microsoft's next-generation console will make it's first Australian appearance. Right now, there's no confirmation on whether the Xbox One will be on the show floor - something I'm disappointed to hear. Microsoft will be holding three separate presentations going into detail regarding Microsoft's "vision for the Xbox One and the future of gaming".


These three sessions will be on a first come, first serve basis, and will be at the following times:


  • Friday 19th July 2013. 6:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Saturday 20th July 2013: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
  • Sunday 21st July 2013: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

RumorTT: Sony readying new PS3 models, files for certification for two new models

Sony appears to be readying two new PS3 models, though the degree to which they have been changed isn't clear. Sony has filed for certification for two new PS3 models in South Korea. New models have also been seen on a webpage for Japan's Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, indicating that they could be releasing region-specific models for Japan and South Korea.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31296_1_rumortt_sony_readying_new_ps3_models_files_for_certification_for_two_new_models.jpg


The models, "CECH-4200" and "CECH-4205", are likely just small hardware changes rather than a major overhaul. Based upon the model number, it's suspected that they are of the Super Slim PS3 variety with updated CPUs using a smaller lithography or some other small update.


We've seen no new model numbers for the US, though it's possible they are coming. We'll keep our eyes out for any additional references to these, or new, model numbers.

Hey Ouya, where's my console? Retail launch is upon us and I'm still without my Ouya!

I remember last year when Ouya first reached Kickstarer, it was all the rage and I backed it to buy a Limited Edition console to have my username etched into the controllers - and because it looked like a neat little Android-based gaming console.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31263_01_hey_ouya_where_s_my_console_retail_launch_is_upon_us_and_i_m_still_without_my_ouya.png


But, it's June 24 here in Australia and my Ouya console is stuck in Hong Kong. I've recently moved house (again, second time in 5 months) and I e-mailed them to change my address, which hasn't been acknowledged or replied to. If my unit is still in HK, then I won't be getting it for at least a few more days at the minimum.


The units are being shipped through DHL, and the last update for my Ouya console is 6/15 where it was "received & dispatched". There are still four more steps on DHL's website until it gets to me, unfortunately.


I'm not the only one that seems to be waiting, from what I've read there are plenty of other early backers who are still waiting for their Ouya console. So, I ask you Ouya - where is my console? I'm ready to play it, review it for TweakTown and invite some friends over to have some fun!

Sony to release firmware update to fix bricked PS3's from last week's firmware debacle

Sony tripped over last week, releasing a firmware for their PlayStation 3 console which led to a number of them being bricked (inoperable). But, never fear, there will be a new update to arrive shortly, that will fix the issues that update 4.45 caused.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31252_03_sony_to_release_firmware_update_to_fix_bricked_ps3_s_from_last_week_s_firmware_debacle.jpg


People updating their PS3's to update 4.45 caused some problems with being able to access their cross-media bars, with those who tried to fix the issue formatting their consoles, but this just bricked their console. Sony ripped the update from the Internet, and launched an investigation to find out what exactly caused the issue. PlayStation Plus users that have the auto-update feature enabled may have inadvertently downloaded it automatically. If this is what you've done - you might want to disable automatic updates until Sony fixes the issue.


Morgan Haro, Sony's community manager, pinned a post on the PlayStation forum stating that they've found the issue. There's a new PS3 software update arriving on June 27 which will hopefully solve the issue from version 4.45.

Sony to fix bricked PS3 units on June 27th via software patch

Earlier this week, many PlayStation 3 owners were shocked when an official software update bricked their console. The software update caused the system to hang on startup and locked the device from turning off. Owners had to physically unplug the device to simply power it down.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31224_1_sony_to_fix_bricked_ps3_units_on_june_27th_via_software_patch.jpg


When word began to spread, Sony quickly pulled update version number 4.45 offline and began telling customers not to update their systems until further notice. This morning Sony has released an update on a fix for the broken systems.


On their Twitter account, the company said that they have identified the culprit and are working on a new system update to be released on June 27th that should resolve all issues including the bricked consoles.

All of the negative Xbox One news did nothing to stifle sales at Amazon

If you think all of the negative news surrounding the Xbox One did anything to hurt pre-order sales, then you are horribly mistaken. This morning, told us that last week during the height of E3, the company saw more than 2500 Xbox One and Playstation 4 console pre-orders being sold per minute.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31221_1_all_of_the_negative_xbox_one_news_did_nothing_to_stifle_sales_says_amazon.jpg


Last week accounted for Amazon's Game Store's biggest pre-order week ever. The E3 week pre-orders of the two wildly-anticipated gaming consoles brought a year-over-year increase of more than 4,000 percent compared to consoles ordered during E3 week last year. Day-one pre-orders for the two consoles was nearly two times that of all video games sales on Black Friday last year.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31221_2_all_of_the_negative_xbox_one_news_did_nothing_to_stifle_sales_says_amazon.jpg


This falls right inline with what I have been saying all along; The next-gen consoles will sell in record numbers despite any bad news that is posted. Gamers are a dedicated bunch who tend to stay loyal to their favorite brand. Even those who were most vocal on Reddit and social media sites still purchased the consoles, they just didn't make it publicly known. Now time for a prediction; with Microsoft pulling the bait and switch on DRM, the Xbox one just may outsell the PS4 if it has not already. It will be months before those numbers are released though.

Microsoft's 180-degree turn on the Xbox One sees it top the Amazon best-seller chart

You spoke, they listened - Microsoft pulled most of the crap that made people hate the Xbox One, something we've written countless pieces on now. The PS4 from Sony was at the top of the Amazon best-seller chart, but it has now been replaced by the Xbox One.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31213_06_microsoft_s_180_degree_turn_on_the_xbox_one_sees_it_top_the_amazon_best_seller_chart.jpg


Last week we reported Amazon's poll, which the PS4 demolished with 38,984 votes leaving the Xbox One with a piddly 2,162 votes. The 180-degree turn from Microsoft has obviously helped, and now gamers are pre-ordering the Xbox One like its hotcakes on sale for 10c each. I still haven't pre-ordered an Xbox One, but I'll be pre-ordering a PS4 shortly and I think that will do me for now.

European retailer posts sign that says Sony PlayStation 4 is coming November 13

While far from official, one European retailer has outed November 13 as the day the PlayStation 4 will be available in Europe. The only official launch date we've received from Sony is that it will launch for $399 sometime in 2013, likely towards the holiday season.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31201_1_european_retailer_posts_sign_that_says_sony_playstation_4_is_coming_november_13.jpg


According to some user reports, Media Markt employees actually confirmed the November 13 date with customers. While it is possible the store knows when the console will launch, it probably is more of an educated guess simply because Sony wouldn't be too happy with them posting the date up.


The Wii U launched last year in November and November makes a great time for a launch as it is 4 to 8 weeks before Christmas. This would allow time for parents to shop for their children. As with all unofficial reports, take this date with a grain of salt.

NVIDIA SHIELD gets pre-release price drop, will hit shelves on June 27th

NVIDIA's project SHIELD has been one of the most talked about handheld gaming consoles of the year as well as possibly being the most anticipated handheld of the decade. Unfortunately not all of the talk was as good as NVIDIA had hoped. Many reports were good, but issues with ergonomics arose frequently.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31186_1_nvidia_shield_gets_pre_release_price_drop_will_hit_shelves_on_june_27th.jpg


During the last few months, NVIDIA has put SHIELD in the hands of the professional press as well as thousands of gamers at events like PAX East and has taken their feedback and went back to the drawing board. The result is a handheld Android gaming console that is nothing short of amazing.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31186_2_nvidia_shield_gets_pre_release_price_drop_will_hit_shelves_on_june_27th.jpg


They've helped us build a better product. Feedback from gamers is why SHIELD's triggers have the perfect throw length. Why SHIELD's buttons have just the right amount of give. Why SHIELD's thumb sticks are so satisfying to flick. Why playing games on SHIELD's pure Android software feels so slick.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31186_3_nvidia_shield_gets_pre_release_price_drop_will_hit_shelves_on_june_27th.png


This morning NVIDIA announced that SHIELD's price has been dropped to $299. This pre-release price drop is the direct result of thousands of gamers telling NVIDIA that "if priced at $299, Shield will be a homerun!" The company says that if you pre-ordered SHIELD at a higher price, you will only be charged the new $299 price.

Continue reading 'NVIDIA SHIELD gets pre-release price drop, will hit shelves on June 27th' (full post)

Sony pulls PlayStation 3 update that bricked some consoles

Sony has pulled the PlayStation 3 update 4.45 after it caused a "small number" of machines to be bricked. Sony is unsure of why this happened but is investigating the issue. Meanwhile, Sony encourages users to wait for an official fix rather than trying to fix it themselves.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31176_1_sony_pulls_playstation_3_update_that_bricked_some_consoles.jpg


This could put a damper on the positive press that Sony has been receiving after E3 from the media and gamers alike. One gamer wrote, "You'd think they test these things out, right?" Unfortunately for gamers, Sony has limited resources and time to test updates. Considering it has only affected a "small number" globally, it's unlikely they would have caught it, even with extensive testing.


Sony will hopefully find the problem--and a fix for those affected--quickly. Until then, Sony asks that you wait for an official fix and adds that it "apologizes for the inconvenience."

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