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Mad Catz unveils new TRITTON Kunai next-gen console gaming headset at E3

E3 2013 - This morning Mad Catz Interactive Inc. has announced the existence of a new universal stereo gaming headset aimed at the next-gen console market. Dubbed the TRITTON Kunai is backwards compatible with the most popular current generation consoles as well as the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30954_1_mad_catz_unveils_new_tritton_kunai_next_gen_console_gaming_headset.jpg


The TRITTON Kunai features 40mm neodymium drivers and in-line remote offering easy access to headset controls. Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, said, "The TRITTON Kunai range has proven popular thanks to its balance of performance, value and aesthetics and today's announcement will allow us to reach passionate gamers on virtually any platform."


TweakTown image news/3/0/30954_2_mad_catz_unveils_new_tritton_kunai_next_gen_console_gaming_headset.jpg


Mad Catz said that the new headset will also work with PC and Mac as well as smartphones and other smart devices. The TRITTON Kunai Universal headset will be available in gloss black, gloss white and gloss red colors. No information has been released yet on pricing or availability.

Mad Catz CEO unwraps Project M.O.J.O, a new Android gaming console, will debut at E3 next week

During next week's E3 Expo, we will undoubtedly see many new games as well as gaming accessories unveiled. We all expected Mad Catz to show off its upcoming line of Xbox One accessories, but what was unexpected was the announcement that it will be showing off a new Android gaming console.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30919_1_mad_catz_ceo_unwraps_project_m_o_j_o_a_new_android_gaming_console_will_debut_at_e3_next_week.jpg


During a recent earnings call Mad Catz CEO, Darren Richardson, announced Project M.O.J.O, the latest so-called micro-console to enter the Android gaming realm. Richardson claims that M.O.J.O. is like a supercharged flagship smartphone without a display. So basically it's like an OUYA.


Mad Catz says that Project M.O.J.O. focuses purely on hardware performance and will be an open platform and will rely on existing Android developers to create content for the console. While no hardware details have been leaked, we are almost positive that M.O.J.O. is the fruit of a recent partnership between NVIDIA and Mad Catz, which means it should be fully compatible with Tegra Zone, and therefore will have a bookstore of games available at launch.

Microsoft: Meet the new Xbox One controller

Microsoft released a blog post today that details the new Xbox controller that will be released alongside the upcoming Xbox One. While the controller retains a mostly-unchanged button layout, the controller has picked up a couple of new features and tricks, proving an old dog can learn new tricks.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30909_1_microsoft_meet_the_new_xbox_one_controller.jpg


According to Microsoft, the new controller "introduces more than 40 technology innovations that make it more immersive, precise, and comfortable." Microsoft says that over 200 prototypes were used across 20 research studies to validate every change that went into the controller. So, just what has changed?


One of the biggest additions is the "impulse triggers." These are two new vibration motors positioned behind each trigger. They can be used to provide additional immersion and feedback. The thumbsticks have also been improved for comfort, accuracy, and performance. Finally, the entire controller has been improved to provide additional comfort.


You can read the rest of Microsoft's blog post over at

Microsoft adds details for used game policies, Kinect privacy, 24-hour online check for Xbox One

Microsoft has provided just a bit more detail in regards to various concerns users have raised against the new Xbox One. First, Microsoft has confirmed that the new Xbox One will need to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours, or offline gaming will be restricted. Live TV, Blu-ray, and DVD movies will still work without a recent 24 hour check-in.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30912_1_microsoft_adds_details_for_used_game_policies_kinect_privacy_24_hour_online_check_for_xbox_one.jpg


Microsoft says that "game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers." Microsoft adds that they don't charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or consumers for transferring these games. It sounds as though individual game developers can prevent their games from being sold as used games.


Users will be able to provide games to friends via the disc. However, this transfer will only allow the game to make one jump and the user receiving the game must have been on your friends list for at least 30 days.


Finally, Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One Kinect sensor will only listen for one command when turned off. "Xbox on" is the only command that will be recognized. Microsoft has confirmed that even this feature will be able to be turned off.

Microsoft teases new Xbox One games in E3 trailer

Microsoft has just released its first teaser trailer for the upcoming E3 Expo. The teaser hints at new games such as Forza 5, Gears of War, Halo, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Splinter Cell, Battlefield 4, Fifa 14 along with revealing images of the new Xbox Live, Xbox One, as well as some updating content for the Xbox 360.



With Microsoft promising "A new generation of games" is no question that the Xbox One will be the star of the show. The only thing that could still under would be the hardware unveiling of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30851_1_microsoft_teases_new_xbox_one_games_in_e3_trailer.jpg


Tweak him will have full coverage of the E3 Expo with our own Trace Hagan on the ground putting in the footwork to bring you the latest and greatest from the gaming world. Stay tuned to TweakTown for all of your E3 and Computex coverage.

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Take Two Interactive looking to capitalize on used games too

There are a lot of mixed emotions over Microsoft announcing it will charge users to play used games. Some people see it as fair, while others are calling it a blatant ripoff. Now one of the large studios is speaking out.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30770_1_take_two_interactive_looking_to_capitalize_on_used_too.jpg


Game developer Take Two is reportedly looking for their slice of the pie. In an interview with Game Spot, Take Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick said, "There's no question that if Microsoft has figured out a way to tax used games, then we should get paid, too. It's hard to imagine why they should and we shouldn't."


It's a little unclear whether he would like to take a percentage off the top of Microsoft's used game tax or if he thinks Take Two should charge a separate used game tax. In any event, Take Two does plan on doing the right thing and offering gamers incentives not to trade in their game such as offering free DLC 3 to 4 weeks after release.

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All PlayStation 4 games will be required to support Remote Play with PS Vita

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Sutdios at Sony Computer Entertainment, has confirmed that all PlayStation 4 games will be required to support the Remote Play feature with the PlayStation Vita. This should be good news for the PlayStation Vita, which has suffered from slow sales.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30680_1_all_playstation_4_games_will_be_required_to_support_remote_play_with_ps_vita.jpg


The requirement was confirmed via a tweet by Yoshia, who added some details to the requirement: "It's true [they will be required to support Remote Play] unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera. It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita."


One of the main causes for slow PS Vita sales is its small library of games. By forcing Remote Play upon all PlayStation 4 games, Sony is effectively expanding the library of the Vita to include all the new PlayStation 4 games. We'll still have to see just how well its implemented, but what we've seen so far looks promising.


Get ready to play the latest PS4 games while laying in bed with a PS Vita.

Microsoft says Xbox One's Kinect sensor can be completely turned off

Several groups have spoken out over privacy concerns and the always-on, always-listening Xbox One Kinect sensor. Microsoft has confirmed that the new Kinect sensor can be completely turned off. Fears were that a hacker could gain access to the system and use it to spy on the console's owners.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30648_1_microsoft_says_xbox_one_s_kinect_sensor_can_be_completely_turned_off.jpg


Thankfully, this shouldn't be the case. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, "It is not always watching or always listening." Microsoft unveiled quite a bit at their press conference, but neglected to spill all of the details, which has contributed to some of the rumors and concerns circulating the web.


The spokesperson added, "Yes, you can turn the system completely off. This would use no power and turn everything off. We'll share more details about how it all works later."


We know our customers want and expect strong privacy protections to be built into our products, devices and services, and for companies to be responsible stewards of their data. Microsoft has more than ten years of experience making privacy a top priority. Kinect for Xbox 360 was designed and built with strong privacy protections in place and the new Kinect will continue this commitment. We'll share more details later.


We still have much to learn about the Xbox One. Microsoft will hopefully spill more details are E3 in a few weeks. Until then, we can all calm down a bit about the new Kinect spy tool.

Mad Catz announces development of new gaming product line for Xbox One

Mad Catz has officially announced that it has started working with Microsoft on developing its new line of accessories for the Xbox One gaming console. The company has not released any information at this point but did tell TweakTown that they will be showing off their "vision of next-gen gaming" at E3.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30639_1_mad_catz_announces_development_of_new_product_line_for_xbox_one.jpg


Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. said:


"We are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming launch of the Xbox One and excited about the opportunity to develop a range of innovative products to support the platform. The launch of the Xbox One adds a new revenue stream and the enhanced performance of the Xbox One opens up additional scope for innovation. Today's announcement demonstrates our continued support of Microsoft's console and entertainment business and is part of our long-term strategy to bring innovative products to passionate gamers."

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Microsoft and BT could shake hands in partnership for Xbox One content

Microsoft was very thorough in showing off the deep integration with ESPN and other sports related content during its Xbox One launch event last week. In fact, the sports stuff took up at least one third of the entire event, rightfully so too as games like FIFA, Madden and NBA games make up a major segment of the Xbox's customer base.


TweakTown image news/3/0/30637_1_microsoft_and_bt_could_shake_hands_in_partnership_for_xbox_one_content.jpg


This morning a spokesperson for BT, the UK license holder of ESPN's content, told TechRadar that the company "will be talking with Microsoft about Xbox One" content. This should seal the deal for the live streaming of both US and UK sports content to UK Xbox One units.


While the deal is not set in stone yet, the fact that the two companies are talking about a partnership means that things are moving in the right direction for our friends across the pond. Other contenders for the Xbox One's UK Sports content is Sky, but no official word has been released about any form of talks between the two companies.

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