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Metal Gear Online debuts at The Game Awards, out in 2015 with MGS V

We knew it was coming, but today it's here: Metal Gear Online has been announced. Metal Gear Online is the online side of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and was unveiled today at The Game Awards.



Metal Gear Online is being developed by Kojima Production's new LA-based studio, with an MGS spin on the team deathmatch goodness, kind of. Within the team-based competitive shooter, players can tag enemy locations with their binoculars, teleport, leave toy dogs to distract their enemies, and shoot down fulton parachutes that could steal, or kidnap their friends. There's also an AT-ST style bipedal walking tank, but I'll let you check out the trailer for that one.

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Techland recommends 16GB of RAM for Dying Light

Update: Techland has reportedly updated the PC system requirements for Dying Light, which are much more tame than we reported. Instead of 8GB of RAM being required, and 16GB of RAM recommended, it is 4GB required and 8GB recommended. The GPU side of things is much better - with the required GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD 6870 versus the GTX 670 and Radeon HD 7870. The recommended GPU stays the same, with a GTX 780 or R9 290 recommended for Dying Light.




Techland has revealed the PC requirements for its upcoming zombie shooter, Dying Light. Dying Light will have PC gamers needing, at a minimum, an Intel Core i5-2500 at 3.3GHz, or an AMD FX-8320 at 3.5GHz. Not only that, but you'll need 8GB of RAM, 40GB of free HDD space, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870.




If you want to run the game with Dying Light's recommended PC specifications, you'll need a Core i5-4670K at 3.4GHz, FX-8350 at 4GHz. Something that is surprising, is that Techland is recommending you have 16GB of RAM which isn't super crazy these days, but it's still a damn steep requirement for something that doesn't feature the most mind-blowing graphics. You'll still need 40GB of HDD space, with the GPU requirements scaling up to a GeForce GTX 780 or Radeon R9 290.


A 64-bit version of Windows is required as a minimum, with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 all being supported.

Aussie gamers want the Bible banned after GTA V is pulled from shelves

After a hectic week of Grand Theft Auto V being pulled from Target shelves, and then Kmart Australia following through with the same action, Australian gamers are now petitioning to have the Bible banned. Yes, that Bible.




The petition has reached, where it has secured itself over 35,070 votes, with 14,930 more required. The petition states that the Bible "encourages readers to murder women for entertainment" by "commit(ting) sexual violence against women, then abuse or kill them to proceed or get 'god' points".


It continues, adding: "Target, you pride yourself on being a family company, caring for local communities, and have a strong ethical sourcing policy. How can you do this while contributing to hostile and callous attitudes toward victims of violence and, more broadly, to all women?". The petition finishes by asking: "Please put ethics before profits and make a strong statement that you do not condone sexual violence, sexual exploitation or the abuse of women as 'entertainment'".

What's it like to play GTA V as a pacifist? Hilarious is the answer

After reaching the 4th installment in this series, hilarious YouTube content creator Goldvision is on a mission. His whole aim in Grand Theft Auto online is to play "with the intent to never hurt and never kill other players. He has succeeded thus far." This is a vast contrast to the massive media coverage of the social out lash against Australian retailers by members of the public, claiming GTA to promote misogynist views alongside promoting murder of women and rape culture.




Offering a very Max Payne-eque voice over, Goldvision covers his turmoils, issues, thoughts and triumphs whilst trotting around in GTA Online, with the sole aim of not causing any wreckage, carnage, murder or pillage. Self-quoted as "trying to discern the difference between determination and an experience points bar" this series is likely to leave you in stitches.


Alongside providing videos related to other gaming titles including Planetside 2 reports and Destiny tips, tricks & trouble, the GTA Pacifist series is something that caught our eye.

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Employment in eSports - Azubu TV have been hiring multiple roles

Azubu TV has been on a mission, hiring a plethora of new staff over the past four months in different roles ranging from a Chief Technology Officer to Creative Directors and Social Media Marketing Managers.




As according to their press-release issued just a few days ago, Azubu are aiming to expand "with a clear goal in mind: to be the standout destination to watch, play, and engage in all things eSports."


They've been picking and choosing their staff, bragging acquisitions of people who have worked for big-name studios such as NBC Universal and Warner Bros. This is all in a plight to capture some market share of the now-dominant streaming platform Twitch.TV.

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Kmart Australia acts again - pulling GTA IV from sale

The final nail in the Aussie retail coffin has been hammered, big-name retailer Kmart has joined its brother Target in removing the latest Rockstar Games release, GTA V, off their shelves. But wait, there's more!




In the latest breaking news, GTA IV has fallen victim to the wide sweep against the apparent misogynist, sexist and rape culture values that GTA are allegedly demonstrating through their campaign and free play modes. This was all started through a petition by former sex workers, claiming that GTA V was "sickening" which brought people to ask - why have you waited until now to protest and why only this singular game?

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YouPorn confirms sponsorship of Spanish competitive gaming team

Some months ago, pornography website 'YouPorn' teased that they were interested in entering the wide world of eSports - speaking publicly on their Twitter about this topic which urged multiple big name players, commentators and personalities throughout various gaming scenes to reply in haste, asking for their game of choice to be supported.




Well it's finally happening as YouPorn has just announced their sponsorship of a Spanish competitive gaming team team named Play2Win.


Although it's always nice to see more sponsors entering the scene, many people have expressed negative opinions on this matter - explaining that although having these kind of sponsors in the gaming world may help provide teams with funding in flights and accommodation, having these companies names associated with gaming might further perpetuate the 'basement nerd' stereotype and also bar competitive gaming from different kinds of A-grade sponsors such as seen in the 'real-world' sporting scene.

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Modified Hitman: Absolution engine will power the new Deus Ex game

The 'Glacier 2' engine that powered Hitman: Absolution has been modified, with a new version being rolled out dubbed Dawn Engine. Dawn Engine will be powering the upcoming Deus Ex title, which still doesn't have a name.




The demo screenshot looks like it will be an incredibly perfect fit for the Deus Ex world, but I think we're seeing an incredible amount of detail that will be watered down before it makes it into the game. Eidos Montreal has teased: "We wanted to share a first glimpse of what we aim to achieve, with a screenshot taken directly from the Dawn Engine. Keep in mind - despite any hints you may pick up from this image, this screenshot was only taken in order to display the level of detail and artistic fidelity that is possible with the Dawn Engine".


After looking at the 2.3MB image in full quality, it looks absolutely incredible; a truly next-gen Deus Ex game could be upon us. But, as I said above, I think we'll see it watered down considerably, to be run on the consoles. We've seen virtually every other game debut this year running at much less than 1080p, closer to 720p, with nowhere near the level of intricate detail we see in the screenshot for the Dawn Engine. It's a shame.

New Resident Evil HD remake to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4 on Jan. 20

Capcom says its "definitive version" Resident Evil remake will be released on January 20, running in 720p on last-generation and 1080p on next-generation consoles. The title includes support for both classic controls and new settings so character control is based on the analogue stick. Gamers will be able to switch between 16:9 widescreen and 4:3 ratio.




This is good news for gamers, as the title will be available for $20 and launch on the following platforms: Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.


The original Resident Evil launched for the original PlayStation console in 1996, and was quite popular.

GTA V fans want to be heard, pledging against other offensive material

It's been a heavy three days for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Rockstar Games in Australia. Firstly a petition was made by former sex workers claiming that this blockbuster game release "encourages players to commit sexual violence and kill women", once this project had received around 40,000 supporters, Target Australia decided to remove the title from their shelves, seeing Kmart Australia follow suit less than 24 hours later.




This has sparked major outrage among many 'gamer' social circles, with people citing multiple games that are based around the beheading, maiming and/or murder of males - further claiming that this GTA V fight isn't so much about social justice, as it is about 'radical feminism'.


In order to fight back, one man named Stephen Ogden has opened up his own GoPetition, urging the large Australian retailers to remove other offensive content from their shelves, including some legitimate and also some very 'troll' requests.

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