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Bethesda: Fallout 4 on consoles: 1080p/30fps, no PC restrictions

When Fallout 4 hits the market later this year, Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 gamers can expect to play it at 1080p and 30 fps, according to Bethesda. There was initial confusion - and a bit of panic - when it sounded like PC gamers would also have to endure restrictions, but that has been clarified by Bethesda.




The game studio also noted that gameplay on the PC will not be limited:


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Activision discusses news that Call of Duty is now 'home' with Sony

Microsoft wasn't shocked when Activision announced Sony would become the new 'home' of Call of Duty, giving PlayStation 4 gamers the chance to receive all content first.




Not surprisingly, Activision wants to make sure its games have a good playing experience, regardless if a gamer is using a PC, Microsoft Xbox One or PS4 - however, now is the time to partner with Sony, as the company has "a lot of momentum" with the PS4.


"Maybe Sony's the one that made an interesting switch? The thing behind it, it was the right partnership at the right time, for the right reasons, for all parties involved," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision, in a statement to GamesBeat. "I'd rather not talk about the inside baseball stuff. Both platforms matter to us. We want to create great experiences on both platforms. We're going to do that. No matter where you play Call of Duty or Destiny or any of our games, we'll deliver the best possible experience on each platform as we always have. In the case of Call of Duty, everyone gets all the content as well."

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Treyarch actually made AI in Black Ops 3 too good, had to limit it

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will feature extremely developed artificial intelligence, so gamers will get to enjoy a more unique playing experience.




Ideally, AI is able to pose a challenge to gamers, and be a bit more dynamic - but the studio had to be careful not to make the AI too difficult to overcome:


"The enemies make a reasonable, intelligent choice at all times," said Jason Blundell, Black Ops 3 campaign director at Treyarch, in the latest issue of Edge magazine. "One soldier may have an SMG, but his mentality could be 'I want to keep my distance,' 'I want to protect this point' or 'I need to flank.' The problem was reining that system in so the AI agents weren't too good."

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Ukrainian CS:GO powerhouse team Na'Vi takes home $22,000

With a 3-1 map score in the grand final, Natus Vincere toppled EnVy Us in a four map spectacle across de_cbble, de_dust2, de_overpass and de_inferno with the last map going into overtime and finishing at a 25-23 round score.




This close match saw powerhouse player GuardiaN finish up with a 34-17 score on de_cbble and ensure NaVi was to take home $22,000 in cold hard cash for its efforts. The overall star of this series was counter-strike long-time legend 'Edward', with a +14 kill death ratio, a headshot percentage of 44% and a rating of 1.12.


Ranking in the other top spots were GPlay and Flipsid3 in 3-4th, Gamers2 in 5th and HellRaisers in 6th place.

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Konami assures gamers: No pay to win option in Metal Gear Solid V

Konami has released a 40-minute game play video of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, after screenshots and details about the game were published earlier this month. Although gamers are excited, there has been concern regarding how the game will support microtransactions.



Microtransactions have been included to assist gamers "who might not be able to spend as much time with the game," according to Konami. Here are some additional details about microtransactions in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:


"While it is true that a few microtransactions options do exist, the entire game has been carefully balanced to be fair and enjoyable with or without using these options," Konami said. "There's no pay to win option. Rest assured that every single item, weapon, and mission in the game is available to all players without paying a single cent."

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IGN and Ubisoft want you to jump into the Rainbow Six Siege beta

Want to be a beta tester for Rainbow Six Siege? It doesn't matter if you're a PC gamer or Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 console owner - you can throw your hat into the ring right now. Visit the sign up page.




"Come join IGN and Ubisoft for the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta event and put your wits and combat skills to the test. Uniquely skilled Operators, the thrilling Siege gameplay, and destructible, intimate combat arenas await in a playable first-person shooter gaming experience you can't miss," the signup page says.


The signup page recommends users sign up sooner rather than later, as the beta access codes will be distributed using a first-come, first-served basis. You can also opt in for a chance to win a few prizes, including a Samsung 65" 4K UHDTV, an Xbox One console, or Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition and standard game copies.

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Fallout 4 editions with Pip-Boy is selling out at retailers

The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition that includes a real Pip-Boy has proven to be a complete hit among gamers. It looks like Bethesda is having a difficult time keeping the Pip-Boy Edition on store shelves, and it remains unknown which stores - and in what locations - will be restocked.




"The Pip-Boy is important part of Fallout, and we love it so much that we made a real one," said Todd Howard, game director at Bethesda Softworks, in a statement published by Forbes. "Yes, you can put your phone in it, and yes, we made an app for it so it works with the game, and yes it's a second screen experience. Usually I find second-screen experiences to be stupid gimmicks, but as far as stupid gimmicks goes, this is the best f---ing one I've ever seen."


Bethesda also said it will ask its sales team and stores to address those folks purchasing multiple copies and reselling them on Ebay. Some Fallout fans are frustrated already, but Bethesda is doing its best to sort out logistical issues in a timely manner.

Fable Legends director discusses decision to support DLCs

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Studios are preparing for the launch of Fable Legends, built on the Unreal Engine 4, which will be a free-to-play game. Gamers won't be initially required to pay to play, but can purchase downloadable content (DLC) if they want additional content to play.




"We launch the game later this year with a certain amount of content but then we're going to continue to release new content every single month, new quests, new stories to play," said David Eckelberry, director of Fable Legends, in a statement to Newsbeat. "Some of that you can purchase, some you can unlock in the game and some you just get for free."


Even though so-called freemium games appear to have some popularity, gamers have shown frustration when they must pay to essentially complete the gaming experience. However, it's a thought that is not lost on Eckelberry and said game developers have to "be responsible" and it "would be wrong" to build half a game and then charge gamers.

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Batman: Arkham Knight on the PS4 will have a 3.5GB day-one patch

Batman: Arkham Knight drops on June 23, with PlayStation 4 owners to get hit by a day-one patch that weighs in at 3.5GB. The patch will introduce in the "Rival Points" feature, as well as the original Batman skin, support for future DLC, and an Improved Performance and Stability Fixes.




We don't know if the Xbox One or PC versions of Batman: Arkham Knight will be slapped with 3.5GB day-one patches, but we should expect something very similar for these two platforms, too. With the game dropping on Tuesday, and with Polygon already giving it a perfect 10 and saying that Batman: Arkham Knight is "the best game of this console generation" the hype is real.

Grand Theft Auto V 'ENBSeries' mods look absolutely mind blowing

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a while now, with some modders taking to it quickly, but the release of the ENBSeries beta mod is a cut above the rest. I'll let the images talk for themselves, with the first batch from 'dpeasant'.







The additional detail is absolutely mind blowing, with GTA V effectively coming to life... some more screenshots for your eyeballs to enjoy, and for your PC to cry in pain from.






What an upgrade, don't you agree? Want to download it? Click here.

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