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NVIDIA CEO says 'every new human is a gamer'

NVIDIA posted their latest financial report recently, with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang saying: "I think it is also pretty clear that almost every new human is a gamer".




The NVIDIA CEO continued: "The previous generation before me, very few were gamers. My generation, I would say, probably is 25% gamers. My kids' generation is probably 75% gamers, and the generation after that is got to be 100% gamers. Video games is no longer a niche. Game is really a pop culture now, and we expect that gaming to continue to expand".


Now whether you agree with that statement, teh larger picture is popping up and it's showing that gaming is really mainstream. If we look at the sales of franchises like Call of Duty, which generate over $1 billion with each release, gaming is far bigger than Hollywood. League of Legends enjoys tens of millions of players each day, which is a number that would've been laughed at just 10 years ago now.

The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight teases dual-hero combat

With Batman: Arkham Knight close to release, Rocksteady Studios has released a new community-focused trailer that is detailing the "Dual Play" part of the game, and more details on the story.



The new trailer is embedded above, called "All Who Follow You" and breaks it down to explain everything in great detail. The new gameplay feature Rocksteady has introduced is called "Dual Play" which lets gamers switch between Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman for specific fights in Arkham Knight.


Lead scriptwriter on the game, Martin Lancaster, explains: "It's fantastic, because we're able to build these relationships not just in the cinematic sequences, but right through the gameplay, through every aspect of the game".

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Some stores are selling The Witcher 3 early, be careful of spoilers

The Witcher 3 won't be officially released until May 19, but that hasn't stopped some retailers from releasing CD Projekt Red's latest game early.




This means that some gamers have been playing The Witcher 3 over a week early, with Twitch stepping in and not allowing any broadcasting of The Witcher 3 before May 19, 2015 as it's "subject to DMCA guidelines". So while there might not be Twitch streaming of The Witcher 3, there is plenty of screenshots, videos and details of the game floating throughout the Internet.


If you don't want to be spoiled by anything from the game, we suggest not clicking anything related to The Witcher 3 until May 19.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V will get the Rockstar Editor

After they said that it would be a PC exclusive feature, it looks as though Rockstar Games will be releasing the Rockstar Editor for Grand Theft Auto V on the consoles.




The Rockstar Editor will not be reaching the Xbox 360 or PS3 consoles, but it will be released for the Xbox One and PS4. Rockstar is hoping to have the Editor ready this summer, or as they've put it: "as soon as it is ready", which could mean 2018. Are you excited for the Rockstar Editor? Or have you been enjoying the PC version of the game, which has it baked in already.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter rumored for a remake

One of my biggest memories of being a younger gamer was when Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was released on the Nintendo 64 and PC back in 1997, as it had some of the slickest graphics at the time, with a huge fog of war to hide it all and get the performance up to relatively normal numbers.




Well, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is being remade by Level Designer Samuel Villarreal. Villarreal has designed levels for games like FEAR: Perseus Mandate, Section 8, Aliens: Colonial Marines (I wouldn't want that on my resume...) and he has reportedly been working on rebuilding Turok: Dinosaur Hunter in his free time.


Villarreal talked with TechRaptor, where he said: "I was originally working on remaking N64 Turok (called Turok EX) but it got put off to the side. Since now Night Dive Studios has picked up the rights to re-release it, Turok EX will resume development later this year".


Are you excited about the possibilities of a Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remake?

Nintendo expected to release five mobile games by March 2017

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata says his company plans to release five mobile games by March 2017, as Nintendo tries to expand its business operations.




There is no word what characters will be featured, or which titles gamers can expect, but Nintendo promised it wouldn't simply port content for smartphones and tablets.


"You may think it is a small number... but when we aim to make each title a hit, and because we want to thoroughly operate every one of them for a significant amount of time after their releases, this is not a small number at all - and should demonstrate our serious commitment to the smart device business," Iwata said during a meeting with investors.

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Project CARS is having serious performance issues for AMD Radeon users

With Project CARS finally out, gamers across the world are beginning to feel the pain of owning an AMD Radeon video card. Some have started spreading rumors that developer Slightly Mad Studios were paid by NVIDIA to deliberately gimp the performance of AMD hardware, but this rumor is of course, very wrong.




Slightly Mad Studios boss Ian Bell has come out and talked about the performance of AMD owners in Project CARS, where he said: "We've provided AMD with 20 keys for game testing as they work on the driver side. But you only have to look at the lesser hardware in the consoles to see how optimized we are on AMD based chips".


"We're reaching out to AMD with all of our efforts. We've provided them 20 keys as I say. They were invited to work with us for years, looking through company mails the last I can see they (AMD) talked to us was October of last year". He continued: "Categorically, NVIDIA have not paid us a penny. They have though been very forthcoming with support and co-marketing work at their instigation. We've had emails back and forth with them yesterday also. I reiterate that this is mainly a driver issue but we'll obviously do anything we can from our side".

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Ubisoft to officially unveil Assassin's Creed: Victory on May 12

The last 18-24 months have been quite hazy for Ubisoft, which had massive issues with gamers over Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed: Unity (just to name two) but here we are: days away from the official unveiling of a new Assassin's Creed game.



Assassin's Creed: Victory will reportedly be unveiled on May 12, with the teaser available to watch above. The teaser does a good job of displaying a nice looking glove and hidden blades, with a knuckle duster being worn by the assassin. There is a big message at the end, which displays "Oppression Has To End".


Under that, we see that the "New Assassin's Creed World Premiere Reveal" will take place on May 12, 2015 at 6PM CET. We have heard about Victory previously, late last year, which should have the game taking place during Victorian London.

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3 million World of Warcraft subscribers have left the game in 3 months

It wasn't too long ago that we were reporting that World of Warcraft made over $1 billion in revenue over 2013, but in the last three months, Blizzard has bled out some 3 million subscribers from the game.




For the quarter ending March 31, Blizzard had 7.1 million subscribers to World of Warcraft, a number that is down just under 3 million from its 10 million strong subscriber base at the end of last year. Activision Blizzard does note that while subscriber numbers are dwindling, World of Warcraft is still the number one subscription-based MMO in the world.

After console success, D4 hits PCs on June 5 for $15

Access Games and Microsoft Studios will release D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die for the PC on June 5, after overwhelming calls for the game to be ported. The game, originally released for the Xbox One last September, will be available for just $15.



Gamers play as a young private investigator, tasked with investigating his wife's murder - where he can travel through time to try to prevent the murder from taking place.


"There were a lot of people who played the PC version at PAX and said, 'Please bring D4 out on the PC," said Hidetaka Suehiro, video game director at Access Games, in a statement published by Polygon. "From the very first day, the people who played it seemed to really enjoy it. I think seeing that is what brought me to my decision. I have no choice but to make a PC version now!"

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