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Earn extra coin in World of Warcraft the easy way - farm Cataclysm

Thanks to a recent guide by YouTuber 'Bellular Gaming' you no longer have to spend hours grueling over the Auction House or implement bot-farming to make sufficient gold advancements in World of Warcraft.



The raid is your friend, with Bellular explaining that Cataclysm expansion Blackwing Descent, Firelands and Bastion of Twilight raids should be targeted. These runs will see you gather 12,000 gold after selling your collected items to vendors. As they are subject to a weekly lockout, with each dungeon gathering you 4,000 gold a pop, you'll be rolling around laughing at your 12,000 take-home each week - especially as these raids are easy to solo for almost any class.


Good luck and have fun players, we'd love for you to show us screenshots of what you've done with this new-found cash.

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A fan-made mod means Kojima is brought to life in Metal Gear Solid V

Fan-made mods are simply breathtaking in this age of gaming. We've recently seen things such as the Skyrim Enderal mod adding a whole new game within a game, another Skyrim fan-update offering 4K resolution textures, bug fixes and more and various community made Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive maps and add-on's. All of these additions are what help keeps a title active, strong and relevant for months, or years, to come.



Thanks to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes coming out on PC, some modders have taken to the model of developer Hideo Kojima that is on offer - adding him as the main playable character of the campaign. Thanks to the game engines capabilities, multiple models can be implemented as the main character on offer.

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American CS:GO League ESEA opens up to the Asia Pacific region

Known globally for their massive $78,000 season 17 incorporating American and European teams, ESEA have decided to further expand to the Asia-Pacific. This inclusion will see the prize pot increase to a sum of $100,000.




European teams being included in ESEA's online league and finals is still a rather new addition, seeing this competition gain massive global respect as many of the top CS:GO teams are located in European nations. It seems that the inclusion of Asia-Pacific is helping ESEA solidify their place as one of the world's largest tournament providers.


Along with this new region inclusion, ESEA are offering up a new recruitment section to assist teams and players in joining together for tournaments in preparation for their season 18 signup closure, set to happen on January the 5th next year. Over the next few weeks ESEA will be announcing further rule sets, map rotations and other essential tournament information. If you're interested in competing in this event, you'll have to head to their registration page before the cut-off date.

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Some of the best Steam sales on right now

If you're not already aware, the Steam Sales Tracker is a brilliant tool, offering up an easy-to-see list of the current sales on offer, their time left of sale, the communities verdict on the game and also a handy extension to help link it to your personal steam account.




Steam are doing what they do best, churning out yet another sale period and drying up many other-enthusiastic gamers wallets. We've had a quick browse and consolidated some of the coolest game specials on offer right now.


As according to the Steam Sale tracker 'Community's Choice' section, the hottest titles available today include a 66 percent saving on Mercenary Kings, the indie side-scrolling puzzle game Gunpoint for only $4.99 USD and the addictive and simply designed LUFTRAUSERS game for half price.

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A Finnish programmer gets Quake working on a super-old oscilloscope

My memories of playing Quake are some of my fondest memories, when the transition to 3dfx was taking place and getting it working with OpenGL and Glide. Oh boy, were those the days. But, I never did play it on an oscilloscope...



Engadget is reporting that a Finnish programmer/artist has converted 'Tennis for Two' that was made by a bored physicist at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, into something that kind of resembles Quake, on an oscilloscope. Enough talking, this is something you need to see with your own eyes, so check out the video above.

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The founder of Xbox Live has left Microsoft

Boyd Multerer, the engineer who was responsible on leading development for Xbox Live and the XNA game development tools for Xbox, has left Microsoft after working with the Redmond-based giant for 17 years. Multerer announced he was leaving the Xbox team on Twitter, where he said "Goodbye Microsoft. It was a good run. Xbox was Great! Time to do something new."




Multerer joined the company in 1997, where in 2000 he was hired to lead development on the online side of the original Xbox console, which was called Xbox Online at the time. Multerer then hired the Xbox Live development team, leading the design of what would soon become Xbox Live. He not only lead the design, but the direction and implementation of Xbox Live, too. Multerer was the very first person to use Xbox Live, where he emphasized security and anti-cheating measures to be installed.


The engineer would later turn into the product manager on XNA, in order to meet "the pent-up demand of independent game developers" and build "the first open marketplace on a console." The all-rounder engineer eventually becvame the director of development for Xbox, where he was part of the Xbox One team and overlooked technical design and development of Microsoft's then next-gen Xbox. During a technical roundtable discussion, Multerer said "The last one, the box was fixed," explaining that the Xbox One can access "a growing number of transistors that are not that far away" that will allow the console push out "bigger world's, and take some of the things that are normally done locally and push them out."

Sony continue to experience problems on the PlayStation Network

Sony can't catch a break lately, with their internal servers being breached by North Korea - well, at least the United States government and FBI is claiming they did - while their PlayStation Network was slammed down on Christmas Day by hacking group The Lizard Squad.




Sony's PSN service still experiencing "intermittent connectivity issues," something the company has taken to its PlayStation Knowledge Center to talk about. Some are able to sign onto their PS3, PS4 and PS Vita devices, but aren't able to sign into, or access the PlayStation Store, or get their Friends list to display.


The company is now asking gamers to attempt tweaking their MTU settings in their console's network configuration options, which could fix the problems they're having accessing the PlayStation Network.

Captain America stars in the latest Call of Duty live action trailer

The last person I expected to see star in a live action trailer for Call of Duty is Captain America himself, but Chris Evans has lent his talent to the Activision franchise, as you can see in the short 15-second clip below.



He doesn't say much, apart from bringing a rocket launcher and saying "Are you guys ready?" but there you go.

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Despite Kim Dotcom intervention, gaming networks still struggling

The misery for console gamers stretched into a second day, following a suspected distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched by the Lizard Squad hacking group. Microsoft Xbox Live is working, sort of, with some gaming functionality still limited - and Sony PlayStation's online service is still reportedly down.




As frustration continues to mount, especially towards Sony, it would appear the Lizard Squad's efforts to disrupt Christmas - with millions of console gamers expected to boot up their Xbox One or PS4 consoles for the first time, or load new games - was a success for the hacker group.


Despite Kim Dotcom providing lifetime vouchers to his MegaPrivacy cloud storage service to Lizard Squad members, Microsoft and Sony still struggled to resolve network problems following the DDoS attacks.

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