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The latest The Witcher 3 patch reduces performance on Xbox One, PS4

The latest v1.07 patch rolled out to The Witcher 3 a couple of days ago, and while there are some improvements and bug fixes for the most part, there seems to be lowered performance on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, when compared to v1.05.



In the video above from DigitalFoundry, you can see that the frame rate dips into the (in my opinion) very unplayable levels of around 20FPS. Eurogamer explains: "Essentially, gameplay on Xbox One now appears to rely on a similar double-buffer v-sync set-up to the PS4 game, locking its frame-rate to 20fps during these lulls in performance. This means that the reading on our graph is consistently lower on patch 1.07 as compared to 1.05, where it was free to waver between 20-30fps freely. On a matching route through the bog, frame-rate can be up to 8fps slower on the latest version of the game".


They continue: "That said, patch 1.07 comes with an exhaustive changelog that impacts more than just frame-rate, but overall image quality remains static. A cursory glance suggests the visual settings remain the same between the two, up to and including foliage and shadow LODs. Xbox One's curious dynamic resolution also shows no gains in holding a genuine 1080p during open-world travel or combat - it continues to upscale from a lower resolution".

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Forza 6 will not be utilizing DX12 on the Xbox One

It looks like there are some very exciting things to expect from DirectX 12, but Forza Motorsport 6 on the Xbox One will not be making use of Microsoft's next generation API.




Executive Producer on Forza 6, Ryan Cooper, said during a chat with Gaming Bolt: "Yes, we're really excited about DX12 and I think there is going to be a ton of potential with that. However we're not utilizing Dx12 in Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One. We're always looking to push the boundaries. Take our Forza Tech engine for example; that's an engine that has been in development for over 10 years and with every version of the game we're always trying to push the technology boundaries of what that engine can do. With the addition of night racing and racing in the rain and the ability to present that to players at 1080p/60 fps is really a technical achievement we're proud of".


Interestingly, Forza 6 will be running at 1080p 60FPS without DX12. But, with the Forza Tech engine being in development for 10 years now, Turn 10 Studios must know all of the optimizations required on the Xbox One to hit 1080p 60FPS, without DX12. We should see a DX12-powered version of Forza 6 in the future, but what could it deliver over the DX11-powered version? Prettier graphics? With 1080p 60FPS, we shouldn't see any increased performance, so it could just be eye candy.

Remastered versions of Prototype are much faster on PS3 than Xbox One

There's a big reason why the remastered versions of Prototype and Prototype 2 launching on the Xbox One and PS4 didn't get much marketing, because it seems like the remastered versions of the game are piles of crap, that run worse than their previous generation counterparts.




Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has done some digging, discovering that the Xbox 360 version of Prototype and its 2012 sequel runs better than the new Xbox One version. The remastered versions of Prototype and Prototype 2 run at 1080p, but the in-game performance is quite subpar, especially in combat sequences, according to Eurogamer. The cutscenes even feature lowered performance, but the in-game performance reaches just 20-25 FPS, which a bunch of screen tearing, and in battles it gets even worse.


Eurogamer notes: "Worse still is the fact PS3 completely overshadows Xbox One in playability. Throughout our tests, Sony's last-gen machine runs with no tearing at all, and yet still manages to consistently best both Xbox machines in frame-rate, both old and new".

NVIDIA will bundle the new Metal Gear Solid game with GeForce cards

Something that first leaked onto Reddit and was later confirmed by Newegg, is that NVIDIA will soon be bundling Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with various GeForce video cards.




MGS V will replace Batman: Arkham Knight as NVIDIA's new GeForce promotional deal, and rightfully so, since Arkham Knight won't be back on the PC until later this year. Newegg support confirmed the deal, saying: "Hi everyone! We had a little slip up and posted this deal ahead of schedule. It is not currently available, but stay tuned, it will be soon!"


We should see NVIDIA bundle Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with its GeForce GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti and Titan X video cards.

Star Citizen's FPS module will be in 'three, four, maybe 5 weeks'

We have now got a more precise release window for Star Marine, the first-person module of the ambitious Star Citizen. During an interview with Gamers Nexus, Star Citizen's mastermind Chris Roberts said that Star Marine would be out in "three, four, maybe 5 weeks" from now.



Roberts talked about the work required for the first-person module in deeper detail, which adds another dimension of personal combat and piloting space vessels, into a playable state. Roberts added: "We made a conscious decision very early to do it correctly. The proper third-person animations drive the first person. It makes things harder because you can't cheat in a lot of different ways".


It was the bigger quote about Star Marine has me excited, where Roberts explained: "The arms are [normally] right in front of the eyes. With Star Citizen, it's different than a normal FPS because it's essentially a whole world simulation. It's not just running around with a gun; it's interacting with stuff, flying ships, and interacting with people cooperatively. If someone is sitting next to you in the Constellation, you need to see what he's doing with the controls". He continued: "We don't separate between first and third person. It's all unified. The third-person animations drive the first-person; when you're looking around in first-person, you're looking through the eyes. [...] It makes things harder because you can't cheat in a lot of ways".

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Project CARS update for PC is out today, with a huge changelog

Project CARS has received yet another update, bringing the game to v2.50, delivering a bunch of improvements and fixes along the way. The developer has worked on the various game-stopping crashes, but there is a fair bit of fixing under the hood for Project CARS with this patch. The full changelog for v2.50:




Game Crashes

  • We spent a lot of time working directly with a number of users who were struggling with game crashes, and resolved as many of these as we could. The various fixes in this patch should help a great deal in making the game more stable for those of you who were experiencing these instabilities.

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Top CS:GO player says eSports has a doping problem

Hearing of professional athletes taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to get an edge on the competition isn't a shock anymore. However, you may be a bit more surprised to hear about PED use among eSports competitors.




Kory Friesen (a.k.a SEMPHIS), a former Cloud9 team member and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player, recently said the entire team used Adderall. Friesen made his comments after discussing in-game communication between Cloud9 teammates (via Mohan "Launders" Govindasamy):


"The ESL comms were kind of funny in my opinion. I don't even care. We were all on Adderall. I don't even give a f**k. It was pretty obvious if you listened to the comms. People can hate it or whatever."

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Nintendo releases touching memorial address for Satoru Iwata

The gaming world was turned upside down after it was announced Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, 55, died earlier this week. Nintendo senior managing director Genyo Takeda delivered the memorial address during Iwata's funeral, which was posted online by Polygon.




In the eulogy, Takeda spoke of Iwata's personal and professional successes, and vowed to support Iwata's legacy.


"As we gather here today for a joint funeral with Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Mr. Iwata's family, I would like to share my heartfelt condolences. President Iwata, allow me to call you Iwata-san, just as I always used to.

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The Witcher 3 patch v1.07 arrives, weighing in at a huge 7GB

CD Projekt Red is pushing out an update for The Witcher 3, bringing the RPG up to v1.07. The new patch will fix a bunch of issues that have been plaguing the game for a while now, but it will also provide gamers with an alternative movement scheme for the protagonist, Geralt.




The new patch has already floated out to the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game, with the other versions of The Witcher 3 to be updated any hour now. The new v1.07 patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a hefty 7GB, something that adds new stash locations for storing your loot, improvements to the in-game inventory system, and re-organization of books, as well as many other improvements.

Fallout 4 voice acting took 2 years, 13,000 lines of dialogue

Fallout 4 has kept voice actors Brian Delaney and Courtenay Taylor quite busy, with more than 13,000 lines of dialogue recorded over the past two years. There is a large amount of hype and gamer excitement regarding Fallout 4, and it's great to see Bethesda apparently taking things seriously.




It's an interesting addition to Fallout 4, as it's going to be fully voiced, with gamers able to choose a male or female character. It has been a logistical process for Bethesda, but will offer unique playability for gamers. Here is what game director Todd Howard recently told the Telegraph:


"We were lucky to find two great voice actors. And it's interesting because she may read things or act things differently than he does. So scenes play out differently depending on whether you are playing the game as male or female."

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