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NVIDIA working with Warner Bros on PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight

With the PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight being a huge mess, so much so that Warner Bros. pulled it from Steam, good guy NVIDIA is stepping up to the plate to help fix it out. NVIDIA's Tom Peterson talked about the game during his appearance on yesterday, saying that some of NVIDIA's best are on the case.




Peterson said: "We're fixing a ton of things that are not necessarily related to us. Some of it may be related to our driver, some not. But at the end of the day the game is the focus and we're going to make it great". Peterson continued: "We have 200 to 300 engineers that are really visual scientists. They're the best out there. Artists, Ph.D.s. ... We've taken the approach that says let's capture what they've got in their minds, convert it to algorithms ... test it and QA it, and then provide it as middleware effectively to game developers".


Why is NVIDIA helping out? It feels like this is just NVIDIA being a helpful member of the PC community, especially when Peterson added: "I look at [Arkham Knight] as an example of where NVIDIA can help a developer get to market with a quality game. Warner Bros. ... made a few mistakes getting the game out. It wasn't fully performance optimized for PC. So now we're deploying our QA resources and our engineers to make that game as good as it possibly can be".


Now, it would've been better to have had the game working perfectly at launch, but NVIDIA can't be blamed for that. It was lazy work by the developer, and to be honest, both Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios should not have let it out in that state.

Android will get Fallout Shelter on August 13... will you play?

Fallout Shelter will launch for Google Android mobile users on August 13, and will be available for free via the Google Play store. In its first two weeks of release for Apple iOS, the game became a top-downloaded game - and helped generate $5.1 million in revenue.




"Whether you're playing on Android or on iOS, Fallout Shelter will feature new game updates, including Mr. Handy as an all premium reward," according to a Bethesda blog post. "Have him collect resources inside your Vault, send him into the wasteland to collect loot, and defend your Vault from creatures and disasters, including all new Deathclaw invasions and Molerat infestations."


Expect Bethesda to support the game "for a long time," according to Bethesda - as the game studio is overwhelmed with support by iOS gamers.

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Latest images of Need for Speed almost look too good to be true

Electronic Arts is currently working on a new Need for Speed game, with the company releasing four new images. Two of them are from in-game, while the other two are real life photos. We have all four photos below, try and work out which ones are in-game.










Incredible, aren't they? Now if you haven't seen the E3 2015 gameplay footage, you really need to check it out. It looks absolutely incredible, and could be the best looking driving game ever released. Take a look at the E3 2015 gameplay demo below.



Need for Speed will be released on November 3, 2016 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

I watched an eSports documentary at the cinema and it was great

The opening night of All Work All Play in Melbourne, Australia saw a few dozen of us nerds bustle with excitement at our 'full-time hobby' finally getting some mainstream screen time. Although the small turnout was a little disappointing, some familiar faces had woven themselves out of the wood work, these being the types of people you would have seen hunched over a CRT monitor in 2005, wearing baggy cargo shorts and sporting too much gel in their hair.




Although it kicked off with a rough start (technical difficulties), the end result was captivating for us enthusiasts. Following a few champions throughout the entire film, this ESL-led documentary honed in on the former director of pro gaming, Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz and Cloud 9, an underdog League of Legends team.


Following journeys both personal and on-stage, the production quality matched that Valve's 'Free to Play' and poised itself as a film that can educate and capture the imaginations of eSports enthusiasts experienced and new.

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Mortal Kombat X tops US retail sales charts for the first half of 2015

In what should come as a total surprise, Mortal Kombat X has topped NPD Group's sales rankings for video games at the retail level in the US for the first half of 2015. Considering the #2 title is Grand Theft Auto V, this is a huge scoop for Warner Bros., especially after the huge issues surrounding Batman: Arkham Knight.




Most of the games on the chart will be games you either own, or have heard of, but it's quite surprising to see Mortal Kombat X top the list. Here's the top 10 sales rankings for video games at retail for the first half of 2015, according to NPD Group:


  • 1. Mortal Kombat X (Publisher: Warner Bros.)
  • 2. Grand Theft Auto V (Publisher: Take-Two Interactive Software)
  • 3. Battlefield Hardline (Publisher: Electronic Arts)
  • 4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Publisher: Activision)
  • 5. Minecraft (Publisher: Microsoft)
  • 6. Batman: Arkham Knight (Publisher: Warner Bros.)
  • 7. Dying Light (Publisher: Warner Bros.)
  • 8. NBA 2K15 (Publisher: Take-Two Interactive Software)
  • 9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Publisher: CD Projekt Red)
  • 10. Super Smash Bros. (Publisher: Nintendo)

Halo 5's campaign features eight playable Spartans

343 Industries has revealed new info on the importance of teamwork in Halo 5: Guardians' campaign mode, underlining key mechanics and tweaks they've made along the way.




For the most part 343i has kept the standard Halo formula in tact for Halo 5, but this time around the game has a decidedly more strategic co-operative feel. Gone are the days of lone-wolfing it in Master Chief's boots: throughout the missions you'll be accompanied by three other Spartans all with their own attributes, Loadouts, and specialized HUD's.


"Your team is your weapon," reads the developers' new Halo Waypoint update.

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Valve talks about Half-Life 3, says it can't exist 'outside of a game'

While Valve still hasn't confirmed the development of Half-Life 3, rumors have circling Reddit that the script for Half-Life 3 is finished, but it won't be released 'due to fear'.




Well, someone reached out to Valve's Marc Laidlaw, who said: "I can't comment on Valve's internal process, but I can say that it sounds like someone is trolling. Anonymous sources have been posting speculation masquerading as inside knowledge since the Half-Life 1 delay in 1997. If that's any comfort, please rest assured that in my experience at Valve, fear is the last thing that would ever drive a decision about what to work on".


When it came to the question of "If the story is finished, why not release it as a book or a comic", Laidlaw responded with: "There's a misunderstanding that I've always tried to address straight on when this question comes up, which is that a Half-Life story can somehow exist outside of a game. It can't. The story is created through the process of trying to figure out how to best use the features of the engine within the interesting set of constraints it poses".


"The story is a part of the game. It doesn't exist as a separate script that is handed off to game designers which they are expected to somehow make compelling through puzzles and combat", he continued. Laidlaw finished off by saying: "The story develops while trying to solve the problem of how to make a fun game. It's like saying 'Why don't you write a sonnet that's a novel?' The Half-Life story is really only as good as the game that lets you play it".

Biggest issue with Gears of War on Xbox One was maintaining 60FPS

We all know that the little system that could - er, the Xbox One - finds it hard to maintain 60FPS, but even with something like Gears of War? Yes, and that is something developer The Coalition found its 'biggest challenge' when making Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for the Xbox One.




GamingBolt talked with the Lead Designer at The Coalition, who said: "It was fine but just like any other game project there are ups and downs. Technically speaking, the biggest challenge was maintaining 60 frames per second. Maintaining all the visual effects and lighting effects [at 60fps], I mean it looks beautiful when running at 60 fps".


When it comes to the PC version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, we're going to receive Windows 10 and DirectX 12 support, and it reportedly looks "mind blowing" in 4K.

Ex-Witcher 3 developers form new studio, working on UE4 powered game

Some of the developers that worked at CD Projekt RED, the studio behind The Witcher series of games, have moved over to IMGN.PRO. IMGN.PRO is the studio responsible for Kholat and Fool's Theory, with the company joining forces with the ex-CD Projekt RED developers.




IMGN.PRO is working on a new 'demanding, ambitious' title that is powered by Unreal Engine 4, with IMGN.PRO's co-founder, Lukasz Kubiak, teasing: "Evolution is a keyword when thinking both about our business and our new project. Merging our team with the Fool's Theory crew gives us access to the best people in the industry. Since the beginning of Kholat development our goal was to deliver ambitious, high quality games. Nothing has changed in this matter. Despite the fact, that now we want to go even further. With such a talented and experienced team, we intend to create a truly sensational game. The new project we are currently working on will be completely different than Kholat, much bigger and way more powerful".


The former Senior Quest Designer at CD Projekt RED, and Fool's Theory founder, Rokosz, said: "We started working on a game that will be a daring combination of some isometric genres. I don't want to reveal too much details at this point other than we're developing the game on Unreal Engine 4. It was a natural choice for us, taking into consideration how experienced the team is in working with this tool. I can assure you that the game will break some proven schemes and we'll be revealing more information about it very soon".

Gotta catch 'em all: Pokemon teased on Unreal Engine 4

Some of the most popular stories from the last month or so have been our articles on the Unreal Engine 4 powered showcases of Mario and Sonic, but now it's time for Pokemon.



YouTuber'CryZENx' has released yet another video showing what a possible Pokemon game powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 could look like, which you can view above. It's quite astonishing what can be achieved with Unreal Engine 4, but I just want to play a Mario, Sonic or Pokemon game in UE4 already.

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