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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City announced

Capcom confirmed yesterday that they will ship the new Resident Evil title, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City this Winter. The game will ship on all three major platforms, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.




Operation Raccoon City is being developed by Vancouver-based Slant Six Games, Capcom have said that the new Resident Evil title will take the series in a "completely new direction" and is set to offer a style of gameplay "yet to be seen from the franchise". Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be a third-person, squad-based shooter set in the year 1998, during the events of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 titles.


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"Color" Commentary: $41 Million, Angry Reviews



The internet is very, very angry.


An media sharing application named Color that just received $41 million in funding is pissing everybody off. Color promises the user the ability to share photos and videos with everyone in the general area. The caveat is that everyone has to also be using Color, one of the many sources of complaints on the user reviews on the App Store. Users are also very unhappy about the user interface, which they claim is very counter-intuitive and does not have any sort of tutorial explaining its various functions.


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Crysis 2 to not get Direct X 11 patch, yet its listed on NVIDIA's site advertising it as a DX11 title, what the?

After posting some news yesterday about Crysis 2 rumored to be getting a DX11 patch any second now, I've woken up this morning to see Kitguru are reporting that the DX11 is not coming. I read more into it and Kitguru state "we have no information as to how, or where this "Crysis 2 Direct X 11 patch is coming" was sourced from.




Well, I did some digging and found a great little picture on NVIDIA's own website. I've posted this picture above and the tag for it says:


Built for DirectX 11 - Enjoy all the visual glory of the latest DirectX® 11 blockbuster games like Crysis 2, HAWX 2, and Civilization 5. With massive geometry processing power of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti lets you enjoy incredibly detailed environments and characters.

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Duke Nukem Forever gets reviewed, Duke is allowed to throw feces around in game - come... get some?

Duke Nukem Forever has had one of the best development sagas, ever. But, it's nearly here and there are some lucky SOB's that have already played it and the verdict? "It's worth it". DNF allows players to go into bathrooms and piss into a urinal, in the same bathroom you're able to pick up faecal matter from a toilet bowl and throw it around... yes, throw it around.




When picking up the faecal matter and throwing it around Duke is heard saying "what sick motherf***er picks up wet faeces" and "what am I? A monkey?" Of course, most people will laugh their asses off at this, as it's not something you take seriously.


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RumorTT: Crysis 2 DX11 patch, any second now?

Rumor has it that Crysis 2 is set to finally get its DX11 patch any second now with rumors flying out of Germany. A thread on the Crysis-HQ forums have an alleged Tweet from Crytek staff member Tiago Sousa who has reportedly said:




Cooking some great DX11 tech bits for C2 fans, be patient guys. All I can say, is that we have 16 ms or more to have fun with pc hardware...

The problem with that is this Tweet doesn't show up on Sousa's Twitter feed. However, there is a separate thread on the MyCrysis forum that is suggesting that Sousa's Tweet was pulled as well as the threads discussing DX11 additions to Crysis 2.


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Attention FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Players: Aid Japan Tomorrow



Following up on their first support initiative the week of the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami, EA will be donating all of the proceeds from FIFA Ultimate Team pack sales for tomorrow only. The FUT packs are virtual "packs" of trading cards that translate to players you can manage and add to your team. You can also trade items and actions with other players, much like actual trading cards. EA hopes to utilize the international passion for Football (re: Soccer for all you Americans) to promote and provide further aid to Japan after the series of tragic events that befell the country last less than two weeks ago:


We know that football is a unifying force around the world, and we hope that our fans will join us in harnessing this positive force to help raise money for those that need help.

The promotion begins at 00:01 GMT Saturday March 26 and will continue for the following 24 hours. You can see the original post and learn more about how to give back with FUT on EA's blog.


Nintendo To Host Manhattan Midnight 3DS Launch Party



New Yorkers: if you're partying around the Union Square area of Manhattan tomorrow night, you would be remiss to not consider video games and food trucks.


If you've been following us, you know that we had a chance to check out the Nintendo 3DS at both the 2011 Game Developer's Conference and the Pier 39 Nintendo Pod.


At midnight tomorrow, the 26th of March, Nintendo will go live with its brand-new hand-held game system and its active 3D engine. To celebrate the event, Nintendo is hosting a gigantic party at the Best Buy in Union Square in Manhattan, starting at noon tomorrow. Nintendo will be set up in Union Square Park during the day, providing the crowds with live music and even more opportunities to test out the 3DS before it becomes available for sale that night. Players will have the chance to play nintendogs + cats, Pilotwings Resort, Steel Diver, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Madden NFL Football, LEGO Star Wars III, and Asphalt 3D. Nintendo has also said that they will be featuring their augmented reality games like Face Raiders. Be assured that lots of Nintendo SWAG will be given out, and I imagine even a few raffles. Who knows? Also, the first 300 people to buy a 3DS once the clock strikes midnight receive a "special" carrying case.


Food trucks? Live music? Video games? Free stuff?


I smell a cheap date night...




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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Raptr Stat Breakdown



The good folks over at Raptr have designed a cool info-graphic to inform you of some nifty stats regarding everyone's favorite fighting game. I love seeing how many hours it takes on average to complete a certain task, especially if you've been playing for the past few weeks and haven't really kept track of how often.


Excited you unlocked all the achievements? It probably only took you 40 hours. Then again, I've certainly logged 3x-4x more on certain SNES & PlayStation Original RPG's. (That's right kids, RPG's existed before World of Warcraft, and you didn't play them online).


Unsurprisingly, the top played team is Wolverine, X-23 and Deadpool. Wolverine has been the easiest and most efficent Marvel fighter character since the days of Marvel Superheroes (Also PSOne); Deadpool is the coolest character ever, medium notwithstanding; X-23 has a certain novelty, and she rounds out the "Weapon-X" theme.


My personal preference is Deadpool, Sentinel, Dante. What about yours?


I digress; here's the infographic (after the break):


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Duke Nukem Forever delayed, now has a June release

Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed. Again. Yes, after a 15 year development period, Gearbox then taking over the development, it has been delayed a month.



The above video features the Gearbox man himself Randy Pitchford talking about the release and then someone coming in and changing the release date. Tears, absolute tears. But, one month shouldn't be too bad. Let's hope that month is filled with polish, polish, polish.


Seriously awesome GTA4 machinima - Hard Charger: Wide Open

Today I bring you a seriously in-depth machinima in the world of Grand Theft Auto 4, the video goes for around 15 minutes but is one of the best machinima clips I've ever seen. It's a hectic car chase scene where the laws of physics are completely torn apart, but hey, it's all in the name of fun!



What surprises me more is the guy behind it says he did it all from single player gaming, no mods or multiplayer - quite the achievement!!


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